Insight test series 2015 pdf

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Download PDF Here. INSIGHTS > New Articles > July 8, ; Posted by : INSIGHTS. 0 Comments Download PDF Here. insights test series timetable. Vajiram and Ravi Prelims Test 11 With Solutions · Insight IAS Prelims Test 29 With Solutions · Vajiram and Ravi Prelims Test 10 With Solutions. Here, All major institutes Prelims Test Series are available for Download Career Launcher Prelims Test Series · Insight IAS Prelims Test Series .

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Insight Test Series,, Insight Test Series. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF. You can download PDF copy of the same HERE. The Timetable is HERE. Insights Mains Offline Test Series GENERAL STUDIES – 2 Mock Test – 28 [ ]. Our Pasts - III (Part - I). 4. Our Pasts - III (Part - 2). Current Events (October 30 to November 9). Questions based on UPSC past year papers.

Hope this helps you to improve your mains score. I sent my DAF to different institutes for making questions and by myself I tried to dissect probable questions or recurring themes from previous year interview asked question compilations. However, I will request the team that, if possible, please provide questions and other stuffs in hindi also. This proficiency in using data is evident in high-performing firms across industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, hospitality, and consumer packaged goods. The exam of upsc is not just an event but a complete process. I also use to write whatever i knew about the question in my first two attempts that probably was the reason behind low marks in GS. A typical request might be:

Our approach is to empower you. To get to the top, you must work hard. Solve as many questions as possible and be ready for any kind of challenge that UPSC might pose to you. Resorting to shortcuts will cost you dearly. Role of luck in this exam is minimal, even negligible. The more you sweat, the more rewards you will reap.

Revision requires you to understand the topics you have read; commit them to your memory and enable yourself to solve questions on these topics by practicing as many questions as possible.

Test pdf 2015 insight series

You must read current news related to ecology and environment to update your knowledge and to stay competitive. Again for economy part current event part is important.

This too we will post in timetable. We will add new sources in such a way that they will not burden you, instead they empower you. As you know, you have less time with you. Therefore, you need to push the limits.

Building an Insights Engine

If you have already the sources, then revision will not consume much of your time. If you are going to read these for the first time, then you have to push hard and try to complete the targets. You must enjoy next two months to the fullest. Only by enjoying you will be able to study more.

As stated above, while revising, try to understand and remember what you daily read. Next day take up the Quiz on what you have read and assess how much you are able to recollect.

UPSCPDF: Free E-Book Study Material for IAS and PCS Preparation

The Plan: We are giving you a complete timetable for next two months. It include what you should study on daily basis. We sincerely believe that, when you prepare for prelims, you shoud not completely neglect Optional and Mains General Studies papers.

Hence, we have included this in timetable. However, depending upon your confidence levels, you can stop Optional, Secure and entirely focus on Prelims. But spending hours on them will not affect your prelims preparation even if you are too good in Optional or in GS papers as you know, scoring highest Marks in Mains is sure way to Top Rank. In first round, revise as much as possible.

If something is left over, you can cover the same during Second round of revision. Try to be as intense as possible during the first round. Try your best. You can also skip Optional and Secure if you are going to read below sources for the first time, or if you are a slow reader.

Give more importance to prelims preparation. If you really want to experience how real exam preparation should be, try to achieve the targets given in the below timetable On Time, Every Time.

Wish you all the best. We hope this year you will get a very good rank and end this UPSC journey. Timings given in the Timetable are indicative. Please modify it according to your convenience. We look forward to your valuable comments and feedback. Thank you. General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change — that do not require subject specialization.

Chapters Chapters 5. The Earth Our Habitat — Chapter —8 9. SL NO.


Unit — Council of Ministers. Chapters on PM. Chapter 18 India and the World Laxmikanth: Indian Polity.

Indian Constitution at Work. Vice President. Chapters 1 to 4 Laxmikanth: Chapters on President. Subordinate courts. Chapters on System of Government [Chapters 12 to 16] Laxmikanth: High Court. Fundamental Duties. Parliamentary Committees.

Chapters on Citizenship. Suddenly earthquake surface waves! I was so much scared that day as many things were revolving even in dreams but nothing was concrete. After that instance, I realised that I should analytically compare everything to find the solution. Thus, after that, no matter which subject I was reading, I tried to attach with every single subject. If I was reading apprentice and skill development in economy, I attached it to guilds of ancient period and thus societal issues.

Pdf series 2015 insight test

I wrote for complete year. Insights helped me a lot and gave me confidence. After prelims, I came across iasbaba. I wrote many answers on it but the maximum I could get was 4. There were many who got more than me. I never lost hope but one day sat down, thought for an hour and made my own strategy sharing those points as it is. My only request to you is that you kindly write.

Test 2015 insight pdf series

People behind this website are doing great work. I have learnt a lot from internet and this website is one among them. They are latent teachers to us. However, I will request the team that, if possible, please provide questions and other stuffs in hindi also. I only suggest you to attach yourself with spiritualism to certain extent. It gives a lot of inner strength. Last but not the least, I know that everybody listens to the topper and not more deserving candidates if they failed.

You can opt for any other means to reach this end. After all, its just an exam and not a passport to reach heaven. Thus, ending with two images in the good hope that you will balance between them. If any personal doubt, mail me on agam gmail.

If anything is left out, I am ready to make another write up with iasbaba. Just let me know. Credit — my complete credit to my family best thing was they never expected anything from me , my friends from mangalayatan I share bonding of years with them and no one know me better than them , saka group I sometimes felt that girls of this group want success more than me, they were more nervous and more happy during my exams and result respectively , friends of my hostel who are more of mentor than friend.

My Daily Schedule January- December I went to delhi in August, and came back home after nearly days in august, In , I covered optional and following was my Time table for and followed it inch by inch.

Following is just to give idea that how much time management is important -.

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Agam Jain (Rank 133) CSE – 2015

It can only be neglected if there comes any test or exam on the deal to complete selective part later.. Avail our expert help by enrolling with us to keep your knowledge updated and stay ahead of your competition. Daily Current Affairs. Email Address. Me too is a movement, not a moment — Tarana Burke In , Tarana Burke was consumed by a desire to do something about the sexual violence she saw in her community. She took out a piece of paper, wrote …. Liberation of the individual: