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The Pdf and Prc files are sent as single zips (and naturally don't have the file structure This is a book about white magick and witchcraft as sources of wisdom, this source of power, we may create a ritual or use certain crystals without. mystical power force. This book is filled with true case histories of how others – no smarter nor wiser than you – have used Universal Magickal Energy principles . This is the most comprehensive book on the subject of modern practical magick to date. Practical magick is magical work that makes real and observable.

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power of magick for yourself. Cast the spells. Cast and learn your craft. Watch your life become the magickal experience it was always meant to be. You deserve. astrology name pisces horoscope cancer virgo aries libra calculator leo scorpio number reading kundli chart signs name calculator reading hindi compatibility. This PDF ebook may be distributed freely, on condition that it is distributed in this form, . way to shut down your magickal power, because coincidence is.

Write your name at the tip of the uppermost arrow. The circle is covered with golden bricks that appear to be the source of the brilliant streaming light. Enki walks through the doorway. Once your name is written, each writing must be covered by a red candle. This means that Ra can also be of use to us and can help us get richer.

Coming toward the end of summer, this day marks the beginning of the harvest festivals. Celebrate and honor the faeries and be sure to give them gifts of a few of your finest harvest foods. Use the power of this day to move your magickal pattern forward to fruition. It is the time to reap what you have sown through- out the year. Also, they appreciate gifts of flower garlands, special dances, and beautiful songs on this eve.

This is a good eve for asking the faeries for protection, family harmony, and good fortune. Remember, the relationship with the faeries is always one where they do something for you, and you, in turn, do something for them. The balance of give and take is standard fare, espe- cially when exchanging gifts with the faeries. Samhain, Halloween This holiday comes at the beginning of November when the veil between this world and the faery world is at its thinnest, thus making it easier for contact with the faeries and working with them when doing magick.

Faery lore states that if you want to see them, you should visit their hill on the eve of Samhain, and walk around the mound nine times counterclockwise. This will open a door into the hill. Through the door you can see the faeries all dancing together and playing sweet music. In Western culture, Santa Claus, that jolly old elf, is very faery-like with his sleigh filled with gifts and his magickal reindeer that fly through the sky.

Ginger cookies and milk are a favorite of the faeries, especially the gnomes on the eve before Yule. This Sabbat marks the beginning of the Cycle of Life and offers a time for reflection on the past and present, and into the future. It is also the faery festival of the spirits that guard blackthorn trees, a favorite of faeries. Times During the Day Just as the Sabbats and Esbats act as faery portals, there are specific times of the day when faeries are more accessible.

Within shadow and light exist an interplay that bleeds over into every aspect of life. In the movie Ladyhawk, the evil wizard makes it so that during the day the man appeared as himself, but the lady appeared as a bird, and at night the lady was herself, and the man was a wolf. These are also the times you can most easily see and communicate with the faeries.

Just before and just as the early morning light dawns, before the rays of sunlight break through the prevailing darkness, the energy of the faery is especially strong and ever-present. If you venture out at this time of morning, or at dusk just as the Sun sets, your chances of encountering faery energy is much greater because these are the times when the mortal and faery worlds have more of a proxim- ity.

Most faery activity ends before midnight. The faery world is one step away from human reality, and often you only catch glimpses of these magickal beings out of the corner of your eye. When you do catch them in your sight, if you blink, doubt what you are seeing, hesitate in your thoughts, or look away for any reason, these magickal beings vanish. The faeries make themselves known in many subtle, not always visible, ways.

For example, animals will often sense the presence of a magickal being by staring fixedly at a particular spot. Animal companions such as cats, dogs, and birds are particularly adept at this. Magickal Times for Faery Magick 53 Faery Magick Locations Because the faeries were originally Nature spirits, the places where they are most likely to be found are forests, meadowlands, near streams and brooks, glens, hilltops, caves, and other natural settings.

Different types of faeries can be found in particular places in Nature because of their fond- ness for a particular type of Element.

For example, undines, merrows, and Water sprites can be found in creeks, water- falls, fountains, and ponds, whereas dryads, gnomes, and sidhe draoi are more likely to be in places like forests, groves, glens, and heavily wooded areas. Keep in mind that every type of faery and magickal being is different. Their habits, likes, and dislikes, provide clues as to where you can find them. Whether searching for a particular type of faery or just wanting to experience faery energy in general, it is impor- tant to get outdoors.

It is there that the spirit of the faery resides. From the immense strength and endurance of a giant oak or cedar tree to the bright, delicate blooms of wild poppies and fragrant roses, the world of Nature is alive with the beauty of the faery. The further out in Nature you get, the more the chance of encountering faeries. Even so, every Nature setting, no matter how small, with plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds, bees, butterflies, and other insects, has the spirit of the faeries in it.

Their energy dwells there and can be used in Faery Magick. Go to these kinds of locations, and see if you can find traces of faery energy. Do this at least seven times before trying another faery location.

Then when you look around, you find that no one is there. You may smell a wonderfully fragrant aroma that seems to come from nowhere, or you may suddenly hear whispers, breathing, or hushed giggling.

You may see objects glowing in the distance. Also, as you become more sensitive to how it feels, it will be easier for you to identify when faery energy is present. Natural occurrences, such as four-leaf clovers and Faery Rings, have long been associated with the spirit of the faeries. The rarity of a four-leaf clover makes it a magickal find. Children seem to find lucky clovers with ease.

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Folklore holds that when you find a four-leaf clover, you will be incredibly lucky, clairvoyant, and suddenly able to see the faeries. Faery Rings Another gateway into the faery world is the Faery Ring, usually consisting of mushrooms, grasses, or rocks in a circle a Faery Ring can also be a Natural, circular-shaped meadow surrounded by blackberry or other bushes, or even a small hilltop with grasses growing in a circular pattern.

These are places where the faery celebrate and dance, often in circles holding hands, when no one is around. One story says that the hobgoblins create the circles when they steal the horses and ride them around and around until a magick Circle is created.

Whether or not created by dancing faeries or hobgob- lins, a Faery Ring is one of the ideal places to observe the faeries and other magickal beings. Do not step into the Circle. What seems like only minutes may indeed become three to seven years, or more.

If you get trapped in a Faery Ring, a friend can help get you out of it by reaching in and pulling you out without stepping into the circle. Instead, position yourself outside of the Ring where you can see it easily, but in a safe and protected place, such as behind a group of trees, bushes, rock outcroppings, or behind a small hill.

Faery Rings are also among the favorite meeting places of leprechauns. If you put one foot or hand, in the Ring while they are invisibly gathered there, you will be able to see them clearly.

If you put both feet or both hands in the Ring, you may become their prisoner and have to obey their every command. Unless you have somehow offended them, you will probably come out of the experience unharmed. They will have a laugh at your expense, a pastime the leprechauns, as well as faeries, find especially amusing.

Always remember to respect the ways of the faeries, and in turn, they will help you rather than hinder you. When you remain authentic and respectful when dealing with all faeries and magickal beings, your magick will be more powerful, and you will have more fun and fewer problems.

Creating A Faery Ring To attract faeries and other magickal beings to your door, you can create your own version of a Faery Ring by drawing a circle in the dirt where you want your Ring to be. After you have drawn out the Ring, gather together enough stones to line the parameter of your magickal Faery Ring. One by one, set the stones on the outline of the Ring so they all touch together. Take your time when doing this, fitting the stones together while thinking about the ring you are creating and its purpose.

Once you are done outlining the circular ring with stones, sit or stand back for a few minutes. Imagine light weaving the stones together in a clockwise motion, around and around the circle at least seven times. As a finishing touch, plant flowers and herbs that at- tract the faeries in and around the Ring.

Select your favor- ites and the faeries will be pleased. Faeries and other helpful magickal beings are attracted to all beautiful things con- nected with the living spirit of Nature. Optimally, your Faery Ring should reflect the passing of the seasons. For example, plant some narcissus, which bloom in early spring, and perhaps some daffodils, tulips, irises, all of which bloom shortly thereafter.

Add a few daisies or annuals, and a rose bush or three or seven minia- ture roses are great in Faery Ring flower pots. These plants keep on blooming until autumn, and in some milder cli- mates, they bloom continuously.

Be sure to snip all spent blooms back, and water the plants regularly. Creating a Faery Ring is one of the simple and enjoy- able ways in which you can get in touch with Nature, and in turn, the magickal energy of the faery. The next section further explores the ways in which you can work with Nature to bring the energy of the faeries into your life in order to do magick.

Getting In Touch With Nature You can create places in your immediate environment that are more conducive to faery energy. By growing magickal gardens, you not only create a place for the faery to come but also a place that you have a personal connection with. When you garden, part of your energy becomes imbedded in the soil, seeds, and plants you tend. The soil, seeds, and plants also become part of you through your skin, and, when you eat the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs that you grow.

There is a constant exchange of energy. A magickal garden is a place where you can connect with Nature, and as such, draw in the energy of the faery. Plant flowers and plants that express who you are. Roses are fragrant, gladiolus are showy and elegant, and can- dytuft have delicate, snowy flowers that eventually spread everywhere. No matter how large or small your garden is, the most important thing is that it is a place you want to be, a place where you and the faery can communicate.

The idea in faery magick is to make it all work towards the object of your desires. With intention, you can make your dreams come true in ways traditionally reserved for faery tales. Faery tales can come true. They have been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years.

These stories are all glowing examples of the endur- ing quality of the faeries and other magickal beings. The Celts were careful not to build on the trods because they believed it would bring bad luck.

There are plenty of accounts that describe houses or barns that were built on the trod that either burned or suffered other misfortunes.

These accounts support the notion that they are harmful energy fields. These harmful fields or lines of energy are the opposite polarity of the powerful ley lines that crisscross the countryside. As such, they are harmful to people and to animals, suggesting they can be used as a protective field to keep mortals away from the faeries and their dwelling places.

The Otherworld is always here or there, depending upon where your awareness is at the moment. Needless to say, most mortals are not normally aware of the Otherworld of the faeries. What usually happens is you get glimpses, often- times out of the corner of your eye. This also forms the basis for remote viewing. Doing so often causes you to remain trapped in the Otherworld. Re- member that what seems like very little time in the faery world can be a long time in the mortal world.

This is also true when you are in a merged state while meditating, praying, or doing magick; time almost seems to stand still. Magickal Times for Faery Magick 59 It may become a problem if you spend too much time in faeryland. When you come back, you find that things have changed be- cause so much time has passed.

The golden rule of the Otherworld is: If you are given a faery gift, you need to repay it. In turn, if you give a gift to the faery, one will be given back to you. You must always be respectful of the faery energy, including your actions toward plants and animals. It is because of this that they stay away from people, and if contacted, they can be hostile. Like some animals, they have learned to fear and be wary of the human attitude toward Nature.

They have plenty of reasons to feel and act in this way. Humans use chainsaws to cut through trees without thinking of the life they are ending. The chainsaw may be mightier than the tree in a physical sense, but it is ulti- mately the tree deciding whether people continue to live on this planet. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, and humans breathe in oxygen and convert it to carbon dioxide.

If we keep cutting trees down at the present day rate, eventually the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide will be so off-kilter and the air quality so poor, we will most likely cause the extinction of the human species, not to mention just about everything else living on the planet Earth.

With faeries that are beneficial and helpful to humans, it is important to stay in their good graces. I strongly suggest leaving offerings, especially of food and drink. Make offer- ings to the faeries by going out and planting something in Nature or giving an animal companion affection.

These are things the faery consider good and repay in kindness. Always remember that the faeries can be a source of unlimited luck or limitless frustration. Begin today to make offerings to the faery to get in their good graces and stay there. At the same time, by working with Nature, by nurturing animals, and by plant- ing seeds, flowers, trees, and bushes, you help heal and strengthen the Earth, not to mention beautify your imme- diate environment.

They are always swimming, boating, or bathing. At the core of our physical reality, everything is energy, energy that is moving and interacting with other energy. Energy moves in certain patterns like waves and fields, and these patterns are influenced by the elements as they inter- act with one anther. Harmony is the blending of different Elements while at the same time decreasing their conflict. This Elemental harmony is an essential part of your Faery Magick because all of the faeries and magickal beings are keyed into either one or more Elemental energies.

This represents the original faeries that came from the Earth including dwarfs, gnomes, and the sidhe. Spiritually, it is the grounding of your life, and metaphysically has to do with your ability to be pretty much stable and solid in your being. This represents the faeries that are connected to Air, such as the nymph-like sylphs or the sprites who resemble dragonflies and butter- flies.

This represents the faeries that enjoy Fire and light, such as salamanders. Spiritually, it is the creative Fire of your life, and meta- physically has to do with your ambition and drive to get what you truly desire. This represents the faeries that reside in the Water, such as nymphs and undines. Spiritually, it is the Water of your life, and metaphysically has to do with emotional flow and feelings as well as your ability to flow with life.

It existed long before there were human beings on this earth and will continue to exist for millions of years to come. Through the flower, I talk to the Infinite, which is only a silent force. This is not a physical contact. It is not the earthquake, wind, or fire. It is the invisible world. It is that small voice that calls up the fairies. Entering Faeryland From my garden, I walk down the earthen path toward a magnificent ash tree.

Its many branches stretch out like arms, in the chill of the late afternoon sun. As I move closer, I see that the base of the tree is about 30 ft. I take another deep breath and continue on. The brittle leaves covering the ground beneath the ash crunch and crackle as I walk under the canopy of the massive tree. I sit down between two gnarled roots, sinu- ously growing out from the base of the tree. Like the ever-changing ash tree, the shadows have no permanent pattern.

The shadows dance over my skin and I merge with them. The play of shadows shows me the essence of the ash. Supple strands of light and darkness weave in the wings of the wind, their canorous voices merging into one.

Immersed in the whispering shadows, my eyes travel from the ash to the ground. I focus on my surroundings and notice a large circle of wild mushrooms in the grass directly to the left of the massive tree. Within the circle, a clump of brightly colored marigolds grow.

Their orange and gold heads bob slightly, to and fro, in the gentle wind. This is the wrong time of year for marigolds to be blooming. The yawning chasm in the ground continues to expand and break away until the entire circle is a deep hole. Recovering from my initial surprise and fright, I stand with my hand resting against the ash tree and I crane my head to look down the gaping crack.

I hesitate and move closer, more out of curiosity than caution. As I look down the opening, I see a path descending into the depths, leading to a land beyond.

As if being guided by an unseen hand, I enter the hole. Instead of being surrounded by darkness as I first expected, the underground cave is illuminated with a crepuscular light whose source emanates somewhere behind the distant shad- ows that stand before me.

For the first 90 feet, two sheer granite walls stretch out on either side of the narrow earthen path. Soon the walls give way to a grassy meadow covered with wildflowers of every color.

As I move closer to the source of light, I see that the tall, distant shadows are actu- ally two giant oaks, standing side by side, about 9 feet apart.

They form the gate to the enchanting land of the faeries. The Magickal Ways of the Faery 65 I glide through the oak gate and a blinding golden light forces me to shade my eyes as I look around at dozens of exquisite earthen houses crowned with thatched roofs. My eyes adjust to the light, and I notice the finely crafted houses dotting the perimeter of a bright golden circle in the center of town. The circle is covered with golden bricks that appear to be the source of the brilliant streaming light.

I notice a procession of small people riding white ponies approaching. The people wear green, hooded cloaks and their diminutive features are soft and pleasing to the eye. The braided manes of the small horses hang with tiny silver bells that tinkle as the procession moves closer.

In front rides a young woman with luminous skin, emerald green eyes, and long, flowing golden hair. Behind the young woman rides a green-haired, golden-eyed man playing a small harp. The melody from the delicate faery harp, intermingled with the tinkling silver bells, creates an enchanting symphony of sound. The young woman smiles as they ride by and the young man nods his head as his nimble fingers continue to stroke the strings of the sweet singing harp.

I follow the procession through the village. Everywhere around me the faery folk celebrate, dancing, arms linked, singing ancient songs. Their beautiful voices join together in a perfect cadence. I watch the singing and dancing for a long time, but eventually close my eyes and drift to sleep. When I wake up, I find myself, once again, under the massive ash tree where my adventure began. I look at the Faery Ring in the grass.

To my amazement there are now twice as many mari- golds blooming as there were before. I touch the blossoms gently for a few minutes, smiling and remembering the enchanting land of the faeries. As the afternoon light dims and the air grows colder, I stand up, stretch my body, and follow the earthen path back to my garden. This includes the Sabbats, Esbats, and other faery times. The faeries represent Natural powers that can either make your life flow or make your life a total struggle.

Giving offer- ings to the faeries is a way of helping the energy in your life flow and come together. One of the ways to ensure faery goodwill is to leave the first and last fruit of any harvest out for the faeries. In addi- tion, it is a good idea to leave a small portion of any of your Sabbat feasts for the faeries. In Cornwall, the cus- tom is never to scold a child who has spilled milk, because the spilled milk is perceived to be a gift to the faeries, and scolding would make it appear to be given grudgingly.

In England, people traditionally left offerings of sweet milk and bread on their stoves for hobgoblins and other house faeries to encourage the presence and protection of these magickal beings.

Other foods that the faeries are fond of include ground ginger, barley, sugar candies, butter, milk, and honey. If you like, you can put your faery offerings on your pentacle platter or in a consecrated basket that you can put in your garden or backyard. Also, compost is a form of faery offering in that the food is given back to the Earth home of the faeries in order to enrich the soil so that more things can grow.

Following is a list of Faery Magick food and brew offerings: The Magickal Ways of the Faery 67 Beer This is made from fermented barley, a favorite grain of the faeries. Cakes and Candies Like children, the faeries have a sweet tooth that is satiated by cakes and candies. Dairy Products Because of their association with farm animals and the first milking at Imbolc, faeries appreciate offerings of milk, butter, cheeses, and so forth. Because milk is associated with the Mother, it is a favorite of faeries.

If milk either goes bad or is spilled, it is seen as an offering to the faeries. Fruit Traditionally, the first and last piece of fruit on a fruit tree is left as an offering to the faery energy. The faeries are fond of all kinds of fruit is left, such as apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, and pears. Offering wild honey is best. Spices The faeries are attracted to spices that are aromatic, such as ginger, bay, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, and basil.

Various teas have a soothing and healing effect on them. Vegetables As with fruits, oftentimes the first and last part of a harvest, such as the last corn stalk, is left as an offering to the faeries. Besides corn, other vegetables that the faeries especially enjoy include carrots, summer squash, beans, toma- toes, and sugar peas. When chopping vegetables, take the last piece and put it in the compost as an offering to the faeries. Water Being one the basic Elements, faeries prefer water that is pure and natural, with no chemicals.

Wines and Spirits Certain house faeries were usually given the task of pro- tecting the cellar, the storehouse of beers, wines, and spirits. Wine-making, like beer-making, is a process the faeries can help or hinder. The faeries are always appreciative of an offering of wine and spirits to enjoy in their celebrations.

Faery Magick Color Correspondence Different colors evoke different emotions and moods. Because of this, colors can be used as powerful focals in Faery Magick. The beauty of flowers in your garden, home, and workplace naturally uplifts you and those around you. The Magickal Ways of the Faery 69 Both cultivated and wildflowers appeal to faeries, as do flowers that might be considered garden weeds. When you use cut flowers in your spellcrafting, make every effort to select freshly cut ones.

Refer to the following color correspondence list for more information on the magickal qualities of color and corresponding faery flowers: White Magickal Qualities: Positive communication with the faeries, divine inspiration, guidance, and protection, uniting power, motivation, purity, illumination, lunar power, inno- cence, love, peace, oneness. Faery Flowers: Faery Magick communication es- pecially with faery nobility such as faery queens and kings , second sight, higher wisdom, spiritual healing, heightened awareness, psychic powers, ancestral lore, sacredness, protec- tion, Faery Dream Magic.

Petunia, tulip, verbena, coneflower, pansy, violet, lilac, lavender, wisteria, anemone, iris, crocus, monks- hood, chive, bellflower, fushia, hyacinth, hydrangea, blazing star, purple sage. Faery Magic healing, loyalty, divi- nation, psychic power, learning from the faeries, higher wisdom, purification, protection from harmful faeries, flex- ibility, introspection, sensitivity, flow, harmony.

Faery Magick love, romance, friend- ship, family, balancing emotions, kinship, kindness, compas- sion, charm, glamour, enlightenment rose pink. Rose, petunia, stargazer lily, tulip, holly- hock, balloon flower, begonia, clematis, cornflower, foxglove, geranium, aster, carnation, impatiens, gladiolus, sweet pea, tu- lip, Cerise Queen yarrow, azalea, anemone, dahlia, dianthus, hydrangea, camellia, purple basil.

Use caution when ingest- ing roses, as some are poisonous. Green Magickal Qualities: Healing, growth, abundance, good luck, shapeshifting, fertility, money, creativity, birth, heal- ing, ambition, prosperity, regeneration, renewal, Nature. Faery Magick communication, un- derstanding, teaching, learning, intelligence, mental agility, comprehension, creativity, solar power, wealth, expanded cog- nition, attraction, imagination.

Orange Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick happiness, fair play, justice, healing, meditation, joy, generosity, success, friend- ship, productive action. Lily, marigold, chrysanthemum, poppy, butter- fly weed, canna, feathered-amaranth, fuchsia, gazania, gerbera daisy, black-eyed Susan, Mexican sunflower, tulip.

Red Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick love, romance, pas- sion, sexuality, creativity, vitality, action, courage, focus, en- thusiasm, power, animation. Rose, verbena, dianthus, petunia, canna lily, gladiolus, nasturtium, Oriental poppy, petunia, snapdragon, stock, tulip, dahlia, zinnia, columbine, blanket flower, scarlet sage, pansy. Faery Magick Flowers and Herbs All of Nature, in its wild and splendid beauty, is home to the faeries. They frequent fields of wildflowers, grassy meadows, and wooded forests, as well as gardens, fountains, and lakes.

If you plant, and lovingly care for, the flowers, herbs, bushes, and trees in your garden, the faeries will most certainly come.

The easiest and most practical way to do this is to plant a flower and herb garden. Garden faeries have a fondness for thyme, clover, and foxglove. To attract faeries to your garden, plant pansies, snapdragons, foxglove, roses, sunflowers, honeysuckle, yar- row, lilac bushes, and petunias, as well as verbena, daisies, cosmos, rosemary, thyme, and lavender. Always leave at least a small section of the garden uncultivated and wild to pleases the faeries.

Bach Flower Remedies, for example, are potent flower healing formulas you can use at home. They were formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the s, and remain popular today. There are also certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioners. The mother tinctures for the Bach Flower Remedies are still made from Dr.

Refer to the following alphabetical listing for more helpful information on the magickal qualities of flowers and herbs. Barley Add to magickal brews and potion, for protection, heal- ing, and empowerment.

Scatter it around an area such as your garden or other sacred space to rid the area of un- wanted energies. Basil Awakening your second sight, instilling passion, and good luck, as well as attracting prosperity, strengthening love spells, and bringing happiness into your home. Blackberry Protection, healing, and to attract wealth, and an offer- ing to the faeries. They enjoy the berries, jam, and the wine.

Blessed Thistle Expands your awareness, repels negative energies and harmful faeries, and empowers Faery Magick spells. The Magickal Ways of the Faery 73 Bluebells Making and wearing a crown of bluebells on your head on Beltane Eve will help you see the faeries. A ring of bluebells is a favorite gathering spot for garden faeries. Catnip You can always find faeries, and your feline friends, at the catnip patch in your garden.

Plant some catnip to entice a faery pet companion. Catnip encourages feelings of peace, love, playfulness, and happiness. During a full moon, com- bine catnip with chamomile and mint to make a faery dream tea, and drink it before you go to sleep to dream of the faeries.

C arnation Carnations draw healing and helpful faeries to your garden, especially winged ones. Plant carnations next to your house, for example, in a flowerpot next to your front door, to protect, bless, and bring good health to you and your family. Chamomile Chamomile attracts money and love, and is used for purification, meditation, and protecting the home from harmful energies.

Plant chamomile as a garden ground cover to entice tiny flower faeries. When walked on, it smells delicious! Sprinkle the flowers around your home to get rid of unwanted energies, or drink chamomile tea before you go to sleep to dream of the faery.

Clover Faeries traditionally love clover. When you are in the woods or the garden and you find a four-leaf clover, hold it in your hand, and then carefully put seven grains of wheat or barley on the clover. Grasp the clover and grains in your hand to see the faeries. Finding five-leaf clover represents treasure, but only if you give it to someone you care about. Cowslips To discourage unwanted visitors and to attract wanted ones, plant cowslips in front of your house or grow them in flowerpots tied with colorful ribbons on your balcony.

A ring of cowslips indicates a doorway to faeryland and may point the way to faery treasure. Daisy On Beltane Eve, make daisy chains and wear them around your neck to see the faeries.

Use them to decorate your altar, and scatter them around the edge of your magick Circle to invite the faeries in. Plant plenty of hardy daisies, such as Shasta and English daisies, in your garden and around the yard to encourage frequent faery visits. Dandelion Dandelion wine is a favorite of faeries. Drink dande- lion tea to heighten your psychic abilities.

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Pick a dandelion puff ball on the night of a full moon, call in the winged faeries of the Air, make a wish, and then blow the puff ball. As it floats away, your wish will float to you. The Magickal Ways of the Faery 75 Foxglove A beautiful, favorite flower of the faeries, its florets are reportedly worn by faeries as hats and gloves. Plant foxglove near your front door to attract helpful faeries. Tie three sprigs of foxglove together with a white ribbon and put it under your bed to encourage divine dreams of the faeries.

Heather Associated with faery queens and otherworldly adventure, a Faery Magick love flower that instills passion, expands aware- ness, and makes the ideal offering on Beltane Eve to the faeries.

Hollyhock Use hollyhock to attract wealth, abundance, success, and for healing. The white and pink blossoms are particular favorites of the faeries.

The tiny leaves that shoot up at the base of the blossoming plant are incredibly potent in magick- making. Plant several hollyhocks around your home to bring material gain and prosperity to your family.

As a healing herb, gather hollyhock blossoms when they are freshly bloomed and eat them to promote good health. They are deliciously tender and taste like mild green onions. Honeysuckle The sweet scent of this sacred flower uplifts your senses and promotes second sight and otherworldly adventures. To see the faeries, make honeysuckle crowns during a full moon and wear them on your head with the flowers touch- ing your forehead.

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Plant plenty of honeysuckle around your garden, for example, letting it weave up a trellis. Honeysuckle attracts honeybees, helpful faeries, and wealth. Jasmine Jasmine is used in love spells to attract sacred and spiri- tual love. Dream pillows stuffed with jasmine encourage dreams of the faeries and faeryland.

Use it in sachets and love charms to attract love and prosperity. Lavender Snip off a lavender flower and stem, roll the flower in your fingers, and then hold it up and inhale its scent. Do this for several minutes before doing Faery Magick spells to expand your awareness and promote a harmonious state of mind. An herb of love, purification, and protection, tie col- orful ribbons around the sprigs of a lavender bush in your garden or in a flower pot to attract helpful faeries.

Use lavender oil for anointing and in ritual baths, and use the flowers in sachets and charms. Lilac The fragrant scent of lilac brings helpful flower faeries into your garden. Use lilac in magick spells for protection, to strengthen memory, and to encourage a sense of peace and harmony. Marigolds A favorite of the faeries, use marigolds for protection and to strengthen psychic abilities, such as second sight. Create a ring of marigolds in your garden to sit in and meditate, or put a flowerpot of living marigolds next to your bed to encourage dreams of faeryland.

The Magickal Ways of the Faery 77 Marjoram A Faery Magick love herb that can be used for fertility and marriage magick, especially love potions. When grown in your garden, it invites joyful and happy faeries. Meadowsweet A sacred herb of the faeries, used for love spells, to warm the heart, and to promote passion, peace, and joy. Milkweed Faeries and butterflies, especially monarchs, like milk- weed, so plant plenty of it in your garden. Add milkweed tassels to dream pillows to encourage dreams of faeryland.

When milkweed pods open up in autumn, use them for wish magick on a windy day by catching the blowing seeds, making a wish, and then releasing the seeds again into the wind.

Mint Use mint in a dream pillow to dream about winged Air faeries. Sprinkle mint, marjoram, and rosemary around your home to protect it and rid the area of unwanted energies. Drink mint tea to expand your awareness, increase your focus, and strengthen your concentration. Mistletoe An herb of the in-between times of dawn and dusk, and a favorite of Fire faeries. Faeries hold mistletoe in their hands or carry it to keep themselves eternally beautiful and youthful.

Use the wood to make a powerful protec- tion and healing talisman, amulet, or wand. A sacred herb of the goddess of love, it is especially useful in love spells and for getting rid of unwanted energies. Hang three sprigs of mistletoe in your bedroom to bring faery dreams of prophecy. Never ingest the berries of the mistletoe, as they are poisonous. Mugwort Use this herb for protection from harmful faeries, to promote prophetic dreams. Mugwort tea can be used to wash Faery Magick crystals and gem- stones.

Do not drink the tea. Pansy A favorite flower of Oberon, king of the faeries. Used in Faery Magick love spells. Passion Flower Sprinkle the flowers on your doorstep and in your home to bring peace and harmony and to attract protective and happy faeries.

Tie small bundles of passion flowers together with colorful pink and red ribbons and put them in your bedroom to attract your beloved. Peony Used for protection and to attract helpful faeries, plant peonies close to your home. Rose The apple of the flower kingdom and a faery favorite, plant roses in your garden and dedicate them to the flower faeries to assure that helpful faeries visit often.

But also we need to hold in mind how long it lasted and there were many dynasties of the ancient Egyptian world. Earth and in fact everything.

Gaining in wealth using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open. This is testament to the true power of Ra. But there is more to Ra than people think and although the ancient Egyptian civilization is still remembered. This will then allow us to talk to Ra and get Ra to help us. This means that Hecate can be used to open a gateway to allow Ra to come through and be contacted by us.

I will now show you how to utilise both these entities to gain in net worth. Hecate open an opening here and now. It also helps many of us free ourselves from our limited view of money and wealth and also from our view of which entities can help us because few people would think about asking Ra for help with wealth and yet it is quite within his range of expertise. Ra is an Egyptian deity and a powerful one and people even use the symbol the eye of Ra for protection.

Ra come through here. Gaining in income using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open. I know that when you perform this magick that you will feel its power. But also I feel that you should be prepared to really see these entities. Ra come through the gates. Hecate close the gateway so that the way is sealed and all is as it was. Ra agrees and walks back through the gates. Ra step through the gateway to this world.

I really do feel that using these entities is something which has incredible power. I know it is difficult to keep our heads at such times but it is in truth just a matter of working through the ceremony. I therefore will now show you how to work this. You may see either or both of them and this may be through the corner of your eye. Close the gates. But I also am aware that income is also importance and these entities can also be used for magick for this too. Ra steps through the gates. It is also true that you may simply feel their presence.

Let the gateway open. The gateway is closed. Hecate close the gates. Ra I ask that you use your power to increase my wealth: Ra come through here and be with me. But I also feel you should know that although this is in modern words and I have not directly sought many historical sources that I feel that this magick is as ancient as it can be. Ra I ask that you use your power to increase my income so that wealth shall continually flow to me: Ra do this for me.

Protecting our wealth using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open. Ra I ask that you use your power to protect my wealth and let it not reduce in value. Work the magick and get rich it is that simple. But I will help you with this by showing you some magick to help you keep money and not wish to spend too much. I hope that you embrace the power which you have gained because knowing this allows you to know that you have an advantage and through this to be stronger and to know what to expect because this magick will help you have more wealth and this is never a bad thing no matter what other people say.

But I also know that although wealth can change our lives for the better how it alters our life depends on what we use it for and what we ask of it. I also ask that I not need or desire to spend wealth. This magick works but for it to work you have to say it aloud and truly intend it to work.

I know that this magick will give you the tools that are required for you to increase in wealth considerably but do make the best of what opportunities this magick and the wealth gives you.

Use the magick within and it will work for you. We need to keep the wealth we have because otherwise gaining more will became much more difficult that it need be. Ra come through here be with me.

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It is one thing to use wealth but quite another to fear it and to let it run through our fingers. It is better to look for opportunities which can make our lives better than to wait and hope that something happens. Since the Morrigan has been linked to aristocratic families for a long time and since such families have long enduring wealth then these entities when used to gain in wealth will create a most comfortable financial situation: But to contact the Morrigan I think that it is necessary for us to summon this entity and to do this we should use an entity which can open gateways between worlds and so allow the Morrigan to come to us and be seen by us.

This understanding will help and because of this I can move onto the great power this magick has. But the Morrigan also is linked to war. It is. However I know that sometimes people worry about what doorway entity to use and so I choose to use Janus and think that they both will work well together.

In fact I hope that as many readers will skip as many steps as they possibly can: For instance many Irish and Scottish aristocratic families are linked to the banshee and this means that when a family member dies the banshee cries warning them of the death. This means that the Morrigan can be used by us to gain wealth. There are some entities which are directly connected with the aristocracy and some of these are those which were thought to be upon their land.

This means that Janus: This is the magick described. But realise that when using this magick that it is perfectly fine to skip levels if they are not required due to your level of wealth.

The Morrigan has such great power that everyone who needs magick should use the Morrigan. This is most likely because the banshee lives upon the land of the laird and so this is the price paid. But there are other entities too. High income magick Janus god of doorways you who see the future and the past I ask that you open a gateway to the other world.

But I do want you to have the millionaire lifestyle. Therefore I will show you the correct method for this here and this magick I present here. Morrigan do this for me. But also I want you to have a good income because otherwise you would simply have wealth and would have no choice but to spend your way through it. The Morrigan steps through the doorway to this world. Janus opens the doorway to the other world. In fact income is at least as important as wealth: Morrigan come through the doorway to this world.

Morrigan come through. Open up the doorway do this now Janus. The Morrigan step through the doorway to this world: I ask that you step through here and now. But magick can help with this too and this means that it will be able to help provide you with a fittingly large enough income. The Morrigan is powerful and has domain over war. Open the doorway to the other world. The Morrigan agrees and walks back through the gates. Janus you have power and I ask that close the doorway to the other world.

Close the doorway that you create. The doorway is closed. This millionaire magick which is here for you to use. Having a high income is a good way of getting richer because all we need do is to not spend the income and it will increase although we may choose to invest the money. The doorway. The Morrigan agree and walks back through the gates. It can give us peace of mind to know that we have a lot of savings and investments if needed and that we are earning money even when we are asleep.

But also your money needs protecting from other people and other things so that its amount will not reduce Protecting the wealth from reducing Janus god of doorways you who see the future and the past I ask that you open a gateway to the other world. Investing money is a good way to get the advantages from the wealth you have: Close the doorway that you created. This also shows that we do not always need to work for money because it can work for us and this is a much better thing to do than to work for money and then spend it.

This is quite different because all the other levels below this would be considered poor if they were in the company of someone worth five hundred million dollars. One thing that is known is that few people get to this level of wealth through only what they do or did because usually a person of this. Simply reach out to this magick and you will find that reaching out for wealth is easier. But a person with five hundred million dollars of wealth will also have a good knowledge about money and investment and have good ways of protecting themselves from financial and other losses.

You will have incredible wealth and also power and your importance in the world will be huge. A person worth five hundred million dollars is rich wherever they are in the world.

There is no way around the fact that in modern life money is necessary and with this one simple aid most everything is better. This does not mean that they are less of a person or even less valuable to society. You have already learnt to command many entities: But security of wealth can also give us greater security of income and a way of helping our lives be easier.

But at this level there are secrets. This means that these people will invoke the most powerful magick to gain in wealth to grow their wealth and also protect it. You are now so much better prepared than you would have been: However I know that you are learning more than about wealth you are also learning about the power of the different entities and what they can do for you. Bohemian Grove is actually a place and a private club where some of the most powerful men in the world meet and one entity which features prominently is a large thirty foot owl.

But one place where you can find the use of magick to gain in wealth is Bohemian Grove. I will now show you how to use this entity to gain in wealth. But since the very wealthy at Bohemian Grove use the Owl for wealth. However among other things the owl has been linked to the underworld: I know that this may seem infuriating for many readers but people at this level of wealth do not always know for sure what they have.

This means that the owl can be linked to demons or devils. However the owl is also linked to death: Person of this level of wealth may also have a problem putting an exact figure on their wealth and many of the assets they own may be approximately valued and so think of five hundred million dollars as a middle value of their wealth.

This does mean that by using the owl for wealth we would seem to be drawing on other things. It is simply that five hundred million dollars is such a large amount that many people will need to be involved in looking after it and working what tax to pay and many other things: I say this to define further the type of wealth that we are talking about and how the wealth is probably spread out.

Getting greater wealth from the owl Oh great owl at Bohemian Grove. You come from the underworld. Maintain the value. This I ask from you. And yet I ask for your help. Protecting wealth with the owl Oh great owl represented at Bohemian Grove. It will increase your wealth but part of the reason why it works so well is that it is designed to work for those which already have a million dollars. Great Owl. I know that many people will think this strange but really unless you already have a million dollars net worth or more then this magick will not really work and you would be better using the other magick from the appropriate step.

But do use this magick because it will work for you and will give you the most powerful magick available for you. One important point is to protect the wealth we have and we do this by magick and other means and so I will now show you how to work magick to protect the wealth you have and stop you from losing money.

Stop me from losing money. The most important point however is that this magick is for your net worth to increase.

Make me rich. Great Owl protect my wealth. This magick although simple is powerful enough to make you very rich.

Let me know when others are deceiving me or seek to do so. I hope that you use this magick because although it is not to make you richer it does stop you from getting poorer. Knowing if anyone is trying to deceive or trick you out of wealth Oh great owl represented at Bohemian Grove. Great Owl help me. Nine red candles are to be positioned along the central vertical arrow as shown in the diagram. Do everything exactly the same as indicated above, then add the writing of your name at the tip of the central vertical arrow.

It is totally captivating, but be warned, it is not longlasting. Although it will bring the person to you that you desire, the enthrallment will last for only a few months-a year, at the best. Once the bewitched begins to come out from under your influence, there is no putting things back the way they were. Be prepared to get out of this relationship when the cracks begin to appear-quickly!

This ritual is to be drawn on wood with chalk. At the tip of the central, vertical arrow, write the name of the person to be entranced. A picture of this person works better. If you were to write a description of the person their moods, feelings, personality, et cetera as well as their name, or on the back of their picture, the spell will work even better. Your name must go at the tops of the crossed, diagonal arrows. Two white candles must be burned.

Three days after the white candles burn out, three pink candles must be burned. As always, see the diagram for positioning.

This ritual has many uses. It has been employed to break up conspiracies, to dispel rumors, to confound brutal and imposing foes or simply to get annoying people off one's back. It must be drawn on wood with chalk.

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Your name must go at the tip of the left-leaning, diagonal arrow. The name or names of those to be confounded must go at the tip of the spiralling arrow at the center of the drawing. You must light the white candle first. Then, immediately, light the black candle second with the same flame with which the white candle was lit.

This order must be maintained. The candles must both be lit with the same match. If a lighter is used, the flame must remain constant. You can not light the lighter twice, once for each candle. Besides, lighters should not be used, anyway. For all lighting of candles, wooden matches are best. Looking for the correct business to start? Want to start an acting career? Thinking of the convent?

This ritual will help clear your mind and not only direct you to your proper pathway, but open doors that might bar your immediate entry to your best future. To be drawn on wood with white or purple chalk. Your name must appear three times: What it is that you desire what kind of career you are looking for [note: See diagram for the exact positions.

One white candle is to be burned. It is to be placed in the exact center of the signature. Again, consult the diagram for the correct position. As with so many, this ritual must be drawn on a wooden surface with chalk. At the tip of the central, vertical arrow, you must write your name. Not the name of your business or your problems or anything else. Just your name. Six green candles are to be burned. They are to be positioned within the angles of the two large triangles.

One white candle is to be burned within the center of the single small triangle. As always, see the diagram for the positioning of the candles. As one might imagine, when toying with such primal forces, one must beseech Ellegua.

This always means that there is danger involved, so be certain everything you do is by the book. This ritual can be used to save the life of a friend or loved one, or it can be used personally. This must be drawn on wood which has been previous cleaned with rum. Chalk must be used to make the drawing. The name of the person to be saved from death must be written in the middle of the center-most circle of the ritual.

Five candles in all must be used: The candles must then be lit in a clockwise right-to-left manner. Each candle must be lit with a separate flame. One match per candle. Do not use a lighter. Do not have any metal present on your person when performing this ritual remember, zippers, buttons, chains, nails in one's shoes, hairpins, belt buckles, et cetera.

As with many rituals, this can be translated loosely. You might desire to take away a rival's clients. Or take away his entire business.

You might wish to steal another's mate to be your own. You might want to get your hands on another's apartment. This ritual can be drawn on either wood or paper in any medium. When the drawing is completed, you must write your name three times, once each at the tips of the three, leftward-pointing arrows. Then, you must write the name of that which you desire three times, once each at the tips of the three, rightward-pointing arrows.

Then, you must place three white candles over the three places where you have written your name. Afterward, you must place three black candles over the three places where you have named that which you desire. The three white candles must be lit by a single match. The three black candles must be lit by a single match. The white candles must be lit first. The black candles must be lit second.

To relieve the pressures of debt: Then, your name must be written once, wide, across the tips of the three, leftward-leaning diagonal arrows and once, wide, across the tips of the three, rightward-leaning diagonal arrows. Afterward, three white candles must be placed over both places where you have written your name in other words, three white candles on the left, three on the right [again: Then, you must write the name of your creditor at the tip of the central, vertical arrow.

A yellow candle must be burned atop this name. To ensure good health: The only change is to write nothing at the tip of the central, vertical arrow. It is known as "the blanket of joy," and it ensures that a cheating husband or boyfriend will be able to get away with his shenanigans and never get caught. Not just by his wife or girlfriend, but by anyone.

To be drawn on wood with purple chalk. Once this is done, your name must be written at both the tips of the single, horizontal arrow. After this, a red candle must be burned over both places where your name has been written. Then, the name of your girlfriend or mate must be written at the tip of the rightwardleaning, diagonal arrow. Next, a yellow candle must be burned over this name. Next, the name of the woman with whom you wish to cheat on your girlfriend or mate must be written at the tip of the leftward-leaning, diagonal arrow.

Next, a yellow candle must be burned over this name as well. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure it does not backfire on you. This ritual is used to hunt and either harm, or kill, your enemies. It is not to be used lightly. The drawing can be made on either wood or paper, in either chalk, ink or crayon.

Once the drawing is completed, write you name at the tip of the central, vertical arrow. Afterward, place a red candle over your name and burn it.

Then, carve the name of the person to be harmed or killed into a black candle with either a pin, knife or pencil. Afterward, place the candle in the center of the drawing as shown in the diagram and burn it.

If death is your goal, here is the one variation that must be made. Before using the black candle, you must turn it upside down and carve it to where you have exposed the wick.

Then, place the candle where it goes as per the diagram and light it. In effect you are burning the candle "upside down. Of course, be sure to carve the name of your enemy into the candle in either case.

It is used to allow one to conquer a situation. Again, you must think "outside the box," as they say. Do you want to conquer a lover? A business rival? Do you want to conquer all challengers at a sporting event?

Your bookie? Or, perhaps you have a fear of something you want to conquer? In any of these cases, this is the ritual you want. To be drawn on wood or paper in chalk, ink or crayon. After the drawing has been completed, the name of that which is to be conquered person, fear, goal, et cetera must be written at the tip of the central, vertical arrow. Then, a single red candle is to be placed in the center of the circles as shown in the diagram and burned.

Think law firms, the I. The drawing is to be made on wood with chalk. It is to be pointed out of the front entrance to your dwelling. Your name is to be written at the tip of the two vertical arrows. The name of the organization that is your enemy must be written at the uppermost point of the triangle that rests between these two arrows. Your name must be covered in both places with a white candle.

The name of your foes must be covered by a black candle. The two white candles must be lit with a single flame. The black candle must be lit after the white candles.

A separate flame must be used for the black candle. You must be present when the candles or at least, the last candle finish burning. Immediately after the last candle black or white does not matter extinguishes itself, the wax must be scraped from the wood.

The wood must be washed clean in rum. The wax must be buried outside, in the dark, away from moonlight. It can be used to ask for defense, help in matters of seduction, or to cheat death. It is not as effective as some others with the same results, but it is far safer to use, especially in the case of trying to avoid the Grim Reaper.

This ritual is to be drawn on paper in ink, chalk or crayon. The name of the person to be affected yourself or another must be written at the tip of the central, vertical arrow. The name of that which is being asked for is to be written at the tip of the leftward-leaning, diagonal arrow.

Two white candles are then to be placed at the tips of the wavy, horizontal arrow at the bottom of the signature as shown in the diagram. Burn the candles, then, burn the signature itself. The ashes and wax are to thrown into open water of a natural design the ocean, a stream, lake, et cetera. In other words, do not throw the remains into a swimming pool, a reservoir, et cetera. If you are looking to be perceived as more macho or more feminine, this is the signature you should begin working on immediately.

Interestingly, this is one of the few signatures that can be used in either or two ways. A It can simply be drawn and carried at all times no candles necessary. If this is desired, it should be drawn on paper, with ink, crayon or chalk. Your name should appear at tip of the central, vertical arrow. B If you don't want to carry the ritual everywhere you go, draw it on wood with chalk. Write your name at the tip of the central, vertical arrow.

Then, a green candle must be placed over your name and burned. Once this ritual is completed, you can dispose of the signature, or you can slide it under your bed or mattress. The more times one sleeps on this ritual, the greater its effect equal to carrying a paper version everywhere one goes.

Creating this ritual in your home is a way to quell all disagreements with one's mate. It brings the user obedient, quiet children. It also blesses one's home with an aura that makes every guest glad to be invited and craving those invitations.

Once you draw it, it must remain in the home forever. One draws this in chalk or for a stronger effect paints it with white paint. It must be made on wood which can be kept anywhere in the home.

The front door is the best place for it to be displayed. Its powers are strongest when displayed here. But, for the timid, it can be kept anywhere in the home. Remember, however, the more it is hidden, the less faith and respect one is showing Chango. The harder a god has to work for one, the less inclined they are to do it. Ladies, use the signatures designed for you. This one has severe consequences in store for women who dare to try and invoke its powers. Specifically, it is to be used by men who want to initiate a romance.

Also, note that this is not to be used simply to grab some quick sex. It is for beginning a relationship. This one can be drawn on wood or paper. It can be drawn in crayon or chalk. It can be drawn in red, white or green. Once completed, the man's name must be written at the tip of both the leftward-leaning, upwardpointed diagonal arrow, and the rightward-leaning, downward-pointed diagonal arrow.

Then, the name of the woman being chased must appear at the tip of the leftward-leaning, downward-pointed diagonal arrow. On top of the woman's name, some personal item of hers should be deposited. This can be a hair, a napkin they have used, change obtained from them "can you change a dollar? Once the signature is complete, three pink candles must be burned. See the diagram for proper positioning. It does this through causing your enemies to harm themselves.

This ritual is to be drawn on a piece of wood in white chalk. Once completed, it must be faced out the front entrance of your home. Your name must be written three times, once each over the tips of the three small arrows at the base of the signature.

Once your name is written, each writing must be covered by a red candle. After this, the name of your enemy must be written at the tip of the arrow extending from the circle at the top of the signature.

Once their name is written, it must be covered by a black candle. The candles should be lit, red first, black second. Each should be lit with a separate flame. Unlike most of the signatures collected here, the wood this ritual is completed on must not be used again.

It must not even remain in your home. After washing in rum, it must be thrown out immediately. You should place it in someone else's garbage. They should not even live in the same place as you. Driving a few blocks, or even a few miles away is better. Understand that this ritual must be taken away.

You cannot bury it. You will know where it is and thus it will still be in your possession. You cannot throw it in a river. It will, essentially, be in the river, you will know it is in the river, and thus it will still be in your possession. You must have it taken away by a stranger. Since you will not know who the sanitation engineer is who collects the garbage on some far away street, you will not know where they are taking it and the ritual will be complete. It helps one avoid all obstacles, whether they are people or situations, which can possibly put you in a bad mood.

This ritual is to be drawn on either a piece of wood or paper. It can be drawn in ink, chalk or crayon. Once completed, it is to be placed under one's bed or mattress. The longer you leave it there, the longer it works. That's it. No candles, no muss, no fuss. Like a smoke detector, you simply put it in the house and let it do its job.

But, unlike the smoke detector, there are no batteries to check. This one is to be drawn on wood only. The drawing may be made with white chalk, or purple crayon. When completed, your name must be written at the tips of the two large, diagonally crossed arrows.

After this, two white candles must be placed at the tips of the two vertical arrows to the right of the main drawing. Then, two more white candles must be placed at the tips of the two horizontal arrows which cross the vertical arrows in that same drawing. As always, consult the diagram for the positions of the names and candles. This one is to be used when you want to turn up the heat in a relationship.

It is for those within a relationship who feel that their partner is not infatuated with them to the desired degree. It makes the partner targeted more clinging, unable to see others in a romantic or desirable way. It also fans the flames of their sexual desire.