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Rory Vaden knows this and teaches you the timeless truths of achieving In his book "Take the Stairs" Rory Vaden provides a timeless message with a. Take the Stairs – 7 Steps to Achieving True Success by Rory Vaden The last time you came up to a set of stairs and an escalator, did you Take the Stairs?. Take the StairsRory Vaden, MBACo-Founder ofSouthwestern Consulting™ Self- Discipline Strategist featured on Oprah radio, in SUCCESS.

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Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success and millions of other books are available for instant access. Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success Paperback – December 31, Popular speaker and strategist Rory Vaden presents a simple program for “taking the. They often choose to “Take the Stairs” while the rest of us stand around looking for an escalator. These principles of self-discipline worked for. Rory Vaden told attendees that success option of walking up stairs or tak- ing the escalator. “We are naturally programmed to take the shortcut, to look for the.

But another author I was already familiar with and deeply respect lent her praise to this book so I decided I should keep going. Karen Salmansohn. It not only shows you how to make self- discipline more sustainable, it will reignite your passion to achieve. Rating details. Return to Book Page. Rory Vaden's Take the Stairs isn't just a book. Maria Shriver.

Apr 16, Loy Machedo rated it did not like it. Let me tell you a secret. The good. The bad. And The ugly. The Good. Instead he was given a pitiful second place. It was not fair. It was not right. Being a competitor myself, my heart went out to Rory Vaden. He should have won that championship. Rory deserved to win it. It was sad to see a worthwhile candidate being stripped of what was truly his. From that moment onwards, I became his fan. I followed him on facebook and he accepted me as his friend.

I checked his website and googled about him regularly. He was someone worth emulating and being followed. I know without a doubt, this young man will achieve the stars. He will achieve his dreams and he will become someone really great. The Bad Secret. When I found out Rory Vaden was coming out with a book, I was the first to email him a request. I wanted him to send me a copy of the book for free so that I could put up reviews about his book on my website and on my other blogs.

I wrote to him. Guess what? He responded. But the response he gave me was rather lame.

Rather he would send me a pdf copy. Seems his publisher told him something or another. Reluctantly, I agreed for a pdf copy. Then I never heard from him. I send him a reminder email again. I was a wee bit peeved. Ignoring me? The great? But then, I thought to myself, why should he even bother to respond to my request. After all — who am I? So what the hell. So I decided to swallow my pride and purchase the book. The Ugly. The way and manner Rory promoted and marketed his book was truly unbelievable.

He created a website. He used every possible Social Media Tool out there. He had a marketing and promotional tour. He had press releases, recommendations from top notch speakers and trainers and he even made it to the New York Times Best Sellers List. To say I was eager, was truly an understatement. That my friend is exactly the problem. I brought the book. I read the book. And now I have to review it.

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

And before I review it, I will profusely apologize to Rory because I will have to do what I always do — Be honest and give my truthful opinion.

And he may not like it. So here goes the student killing his master. In as much as I admire and appreciate the hard work and dedication he has put into building his brand and his work, this book is by no means what most of the authors and speakers have painted it out to be. Here is a summary of the book: The Good: Book with stories and examples.

Simple easy to understand analogy. Principles anyone can relate to namely: Waking Up in a ProcrastiNation Sacrifice: The Paradox Principle Commitment: The Buy-In Principle Focus: The Magnification Principle Integrity: The Creation Principle Schedule: The Harvest Principle Faith: The Perspective Principle Action: The Pendulum Principle Final Note: Time to Climb The Bad: Over-hyped book.

Many a times too simple, stupid and silly as if the reader who would purchase this book lack common sense. The Ugly: The book does not match all the hype and brouhaha that it created for itself. It is a book you would not miss even if you lost it. The content is crap. If there was any story worthwhile reading about — was what happened at the International Speech Contest where he placed 2nd and the emotional war he went through because of it.

It is an absolute achievement for Rory to have come out with a book as this is a dream many people have, but few achieve. It is my dream as well — but I am a long way off as I want to give something of value and I want a book that becomes a timeless classic. But as stated by my idol — Jeffrey Gitomer, You can come out with a book, have you, your friends, uncles, aunties, family members and all your buddies purchase the first , copies and push yourself to the New York Times Best Sellers List for the 1st week.

However, after the first week, the book needs to have a solid foundation, or else it would eat dust very soon. Rory came out with a book for the masses. However it fails to create the impact it should have. So sadly, to someone whom I admire, well, it is a good 1st attempt.

Rory Vaden's Take the Stairs Full Keynote

However, the end result was not as expected. In as much as I admire Rory and I always will — this is a worthless piece of hard work that achieves nothing. In one of the most painful book reviews, I have to give this book a sad, 2 out of Better luck next Rory.

I sincerely hope you make it the second time round. Loy Machedo loymachedo. View all 7 comments.

Sep 25, Janette Fuller rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rory Vaden believes we live in an "escalator world" Mr Vaden shares seven steps to achieving true success in this book.

These steps are; Sacrifice Commitment Focus Integrity Schedule Faith Action The author uses case studies and experiences from his own life to explain how these seven steps can help you develop the courage, character and determination to succeed in anything you attempt.

Vaden states in the Introduction of this book that there is a great chance that you won't finish reading the book. I read the book from cover-to-cover and I am glad I did. This book does a good job explaining why the words "sacrifice" and "commitment" are not popular topics in our society today.

The book offers inspiring case studies about people who have found success by "doing things they don't want to do. I love the analogy of the escalator and the stairs. I will think about this book each time I see an escalator crowded with people getting to their destination in the easiest and fastest way possible.

My very favorite part of the book is the chapter on commitment. Vaden shares the following thoughts on the subject of decision making and commitment; "There will never be a perfect time, there will never be a perfect person, there will never be a perfect situation to start doing the things we need to get us where we want to go.

We need to stop spending so much of our time trying to make the right decisions and instead start spending our time making decisions and then making them right". This book will inspire and motivate you to take action.

Recommended to all who have a dream and want to know how to make it come true. Aug 21, Emily rated it did not like it. Do you ever read books, knowing full well that you'll dislike everything about it? I call it hate-reading, and that's definitely what I did with this poorly written little volume of self-help advice.

I received this from a leadership workshop I attended recently and was skeptical from the start. Rory Vaden's book is founded on a number of assumptions that are very frustrating to any reader that favors concrete evidence and data over gross generalizations. Rory doesn't have a single citation or f Do you ever read books, knowing full well that you'll dislike everything about it?

Rory doesn't have a single citation or footnote in the book despite the random stats he spouts out. That made them unbelievable from the start. After that unsound foundation, we move on to hear about Rory's young adulthood selling educational programs and products from a company called Southwestern.

It begins to sound a little bit like a sales pitch for Southwestern. I wasn't into it. Ultimately, Rory's earth-shattering advice is: Maybe I wasn't the target audience for this book. I already take the stairs literally. I already work hard. I already read books that are more nuanced and thought provoking than this little volume of fluff.

Would not recommend this book. Feb 06, Laura Thompson rated it really liked it. What I love most about this book is that it reinforces what we all know and that is that hard work, persistence, and sweat equity is and always will be the key to success.

There is no magic pill. There is no 4 hour body. There is only self discipline. Nov 17, Cindy rated it liked it. Common sense book on "taking the stairs" - that is, doing what most will not do to achieve success. It can be summed up as the Law of Inertia.

A body in motion stays in motion - take action! Sep 21, Sean Goh rated it it was amazing Shelves: The kind of book you should buy and put into practice a principle every week to maximise value.

Successful people have all had to do things they didn't feel like doing in order to get where they are. We will always continue doing the things we want to do. So then the only real question is: Do we have what it takes to do the things we know are good for us even when we don't feel like doing them? Procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors who charge us interest. A sacrifice isn't The kind of book you should buy and put into practice a principle every week to maximise value.

A sacrifice isn't a sacrifice, it's a down-payment on a rich future blessing. We need to stop spending time on making decisions and instead spend time making decisions and then making them right. A life of average comes from having an average attitude. Join Optimize and get instant access to all PhilosophersNotes and over 25 Optimal Living master classes.

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The most transformational Big Ideas from of the greatest personal growth books at your fingertips and eyes and ears. Apply these ideas diligently, patiently, persistently, and playfully and happy dances are guaranteed. Easy access and support giving you all need and more for personal success. The Notes, et al, are brilliant. I am a crazy reader, so getting into your Notes is like a trip to the sporting goods store when I was a kid.

Have an account? Sign In! The author doesn't sugar coat anything to make you feel good, but uses his life experience as a testimonial that if it can work for him, it can work for you.

This is also what makes this read authentic because the methods he's implemented on these pages have been proven to work. Audible Audiobook Verified Purchase. The first time I read Take the Stairs, I read the hard cover edition and was blown away. Years later, I listened to the audio book during a road trip and had to keep pausing the recording so I could make recordings of my own -- little audio messages to myself about ways to better prioritize, how to implement new processes and efficiencies in my business, and more.

Every day, I am presented with ways to achieve more if I'll only take the proverbial stairs. And remembering Rory's practical tips and inspiring stories helps me to know that doing the hard thing gets easier and easier, and that life and my career are what I make of them, with no limits or ceilings on my potential.

I intend to read or listen to this book every year for the rest of my life -- it's more powerful than a rejuvenating vacation and more action-packed than most strategic planning exercises. Rory Vaden's conversational style, approachable humor and vulnerability make this a book unlike any other -- a business book that's as inspiring as it is practical, and as full of epiphanies as it is full of "I've always known that but needed someone to hold me accountable to that knowledge.

It is awesome and yes, life changing! Paperback Verified Purchase. Life changing material? It sounds terribly cliche but I am going to have to say Amen to that! I was stuck in a rut and had no idea how to pull myself out until my husband gave me this book. It literally slapped me awake and now has me pursuing my dreams that I had thought were basically impossible and all because I hadn't had certain things explained to me in such a simple yet penetrating way. Rory really makes you feel like he understands everything that has held you back in a very friendly way, yet he shows you how by simply changing your way of looking at things, how you can actually be the person you want to be.

I could write a review for days on this book and how it changed my life but I don't want to bore you. I basically started telling everyone around me to read it.

Rory vaden pdf the stairs take

I even told the 22 year old kid that worked at the genius bar at a Mac store to please pick it up. Had I read this book back in college I would be in such a different place right now! It's like a cliff notes of all of the best selling "How to be successful".

There is a second book that follows, "Procrastination on purpose", but keep this one on your night stand and reread the parts that you need to work on. I heard the author speak on the Art of Manliness podcast and thought this book sounded great.

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It has valuable suggestions that have been culled from other sources. Ideas are repeated multiple times although not always defined. It was a thin book without a lot of content. The writing was sometimes sloppy and could have used a good editor to clean up the grammar in spots. The writer seems to be a better speaker than writer and he seems to have tried to coin phrases and repeat them ad naseum in order to market himself a la 7 Habits, Chicken Soup, etc. My passion is to stamp out normal, e.

This book helps confirm and direct accomplishing that passion. Here are some of the book's highlights: The Myth of the Invisible Finish Line I'll be happy when I get the promotion to general manager.

The feeling we seek never actually exists. When a storm forms in the western sky, cows run east in an attempt to outrun it, yet don't. Buffalo run west, into the storm, and as a result, the storm passes over quickly. Page provides a method to tell someone they need to improve. I won't cover it here. The Lord's Prayer is only 66 words, so most people can remember it and gain from the wisdom contained in its words.

Stairs pdf the vaden take rory

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