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Manga Naruto Gaiden 3 - Un Encuentro Casual (PDF).pdf. Download [DNI] Manga Naruto Gaiden Chapter 4 Bahasa IndonesiaDocuments. Komik Naruto Gaiden Chapter 05 Bahasa Indonesia Sarada ngambek ama Sasuke dan lalu siapakah pria botak yang Tersedia dalam bentuk rar dan pdf. Untuk Komik Boruto Chapter 14 Bahasa Indonesia akan rilis pada tanggal for the funeral of Yuko's sensei. pdf NARUTO GAIDEN CHAPTER 13 FULL COLOR .

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Defeated, the older man commends Sasuke's skills and reveals himself as Shin Uchiha, possessing the same name as his son. After revealing that he was once a test subject of Orochimaru 's, he begins to explain his philosophy of how conflict is essential for human evolution and his views on the role of genetics, which Sakura vehemently refutes. During the surgery, Shin explains to Sakura that his son was just one of many clones of himself that he had created with his own teeth and nerves. Together, they come to an agreement that the boy is not an Uchiha survivor , but more likely another one of Orochimaru 's experiments. Pulling out the larger picture of her father, she sees him with the rest of his team Taka and, to her horror, Karin — a girl with glasses similar to her, causing Sarada to further question her own parentage. Eventually, Shin learned about and became fascinated with Itachi Uchiha , leading to him abandoning Orochimaru and taking all but one clone with him.


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