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Eastman/Rochester Studies in Ethnomusicology.. University of .. I contributed a program-book essay— “Herculanum: Opera Grand and. Clinic Trace Metal Laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota, where I performed the bone chemistries. My appreciation to the National Geographic Society for financial. Pdf mile pierre metzmacher portrait of f licien david, Herculanum j. w. rochester parte 1. Glyph list for the font herculanum. Download a printable sle of.

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Herculanum (Psicografia Wera Krijanowskaia - Espirito J. W. Rochester) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. algas. Uploaded by. Roseli De Araujo Gomes. Herculanum (psicografia Wera Krijanowskaia - espírito J. W. Rochester).pdf. Uploaded by. Roseli De Araujo Gomes. Print Friendly, PDF & Email The performances of David's Herculanum at Wexford Festival Opera .. Ralph P. Locke is a professor emeritus of musicology at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music (located in.

This multiple. The greater than dark respiration rate. Constructing the Oriental Other. Relative to the producer 0. Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts: In the late s.

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Faculty Library Advisory Committee , , chair Faculty Handbook Committee Educational Opportunity Program Committee chair Search committee for French position in Humanities Department Search committee for Piano position and department chair Search committee for Director of Opera Program Search committee for Director of the Eastman School Search committees for vacancies in the Musicology Department present.

Review of applications for admission and financial aid in the Musicology Department present. Decanal Review Committee The final wording was approved and publicly released in May Committee to evaluate Teaching Assistants Spring Committee to plan the celebration honoring Robert S.

Further on AMS, see directly below. American Musicological Society: American Musicological Society study-group membership: Society for Ethnomusicology: Institute for Gounod Studies, founding member of the advisory board and program committee, with large responsibility for the first annual symposium March , featuring papers by Andrew Gann, Hugh Macdonald, Lesley A.

Cobb, James Parakilas, and others. The list ceased operating in , but is fully archived at https: Member, Committee member for book prize, Committee chair for dissertation prize, , and committee member, American Music journal of the Society: Member of the Reading Panel University of Chicago Press, This is a revision of the Ph. Favorable reviews have appeared in leading scholarly journals e.

Chapter 9 of the book contains abbreviated versions of articles nos. A special issue vol.

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The Introduction discusses novel and traditional scholarly approaches; the articles are by Steven Huebner, Lesley A. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, Contains studies and essays by eight musicologists incl. Joseph Horowitz, Carol J. Oja, and Ruth Solie on individual patrons e. Prominent reviewers included Marcia Citron, Susan C.

An excerpt from the book has been published in Music in American Society available from the publisher of sociology books Kendall-Hunt. Special issue of Journal of Musicological Research, vol. My introduction is accessible password-free at http: Musical Exoticism: Images and Reflections Cambridge University Press, The book incorporates —revises, condenses, extends—articles nos. Half-hour podcast-interview with RPL about the book with musical excerpts on the local public-radio website.

A very listenable 7-minute version, with brief musical excerpts, is at: Details at http: Only one substantial segment of this book has appeared as an article: Exoticism in Italian-Language Baroque Opera. Others that relate to the topic of the book but will not appear in it are in progress see Articles below. The Middle East in Western Music in progress ; alternative title: Evoking the Middle East in Music: Lully, Mozart, Verdi, Stravinsky, and Beyond. A word about all three books listed immediately above The original plan was a single book on musical exoticism, with specific attention to portrayals of the Middle East.

The scope grew wider than the Middle East, and the resulting manuscript, increasingly unwieldy, has now been divided into three books that do not overlap or only minimally. Each book also contains much additional new material—beyond what was in the original massive manuscript—to help it stand on its own. Entire chapters remain to be written for the second and third books.

Preliminary versions of certain chapters in the third book have appeared as articles: Fenway Court, [without volume number], Berlioz et les saint-simoniens.

Expanded English-language version in preparation. Larry Todd, eds. Mendelssohn and Schumann: Duke University Press, , , Bloom, ed. Pendragon Press, , Italian translation: Centre of Intellectual Ferment []. Alexander L. The Man and Music series consists of eight volumes, unnumbered, general editor Stanley Sadie. Macmillan, , and Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Extended excerpts are published in an anthology: Music, Culture, and Society: A Reader, ed. Derek B.

Scott Oxford: Oxford University Press, , pp. Finally, a shortened and somewhat altered version of the whole article including a new introductory section appears in Richard Dellamora and Daniel Fischlin, eds. Columbia University Press, , pp. The full COJ version of the article is currently readable online, without password, at http: A slightly altered version four added illustrations; two extra musical examples; no parentheses in the title; fuller notes appeared in Opera Quarterly 10, no.

Translations of the Madrid version: A condensed version of this article appears in the first half of no. Facts and Questions about Patronage.

Rochester pdf herculanum

PDF online at http: Much of this article reappears, in somewhat altered form, in no. A condensed version appeared in Fame Notes no. TORST, , , , and Kern Holoman, ed. Schirmer Books, Artistry for Progressive Social Change. Geburtstag, ed. Hanns-Werner Heister, 3 vols.

Four chapters two of them co-authored and three short documentary Vignettes in Locke and Barr, eds. Vignette B. Chapter 1. Chapter 3. Vignette D. Gardner Alone: Vignette J. Chapter Incorporates much material from Articles nos. Musical Images of the Middle East. Northeastern University Press, , pp. A fuller version though heavily trimmed in the footnotes appeared in Nineteenth-Century Music 22 Nicholas Cook and Mark Everist. Oxford University Press, Forthcoming in Portuguese, in Per Musi Brazilian journal , vol.

In Musicology and Sister Disciplines: Past, Present, Future: Cambridge University Press, Problems for the Worldly Critic. Speaking Truth to Power, ed. Paul A. Duke University Press, Getting Romantic with Romantic Music. A Journal of Musical Romanticism 1, no. Published under the pseudonym Scrivens as a response to an invitation by the editors for pseudonymous essays; I revealed my identity three years later in other articles. Correspondence about the article appeared in vol.

Ashgate, Symbols, Parallels and Discoveries in her Honor, ed. Hillsdale, NY: Pendragon Press, Won the H. In recognition, Cambridge University Press made the article openly available online at no charge for a year.

Essays in Honour of Julian Rushton, Woodbridge: Boydell, , The shortened version has appeared in a translated by Fulvia Morabito: Brepols, , A more drastically shortened and reworked version appeared in Spanish in the program book of the Bilbao Opera Festival Spain ; see sect.

V below Brief Writings. The festschrift appeared in as a triple issue vols. Reprinted in shortened and lightly revised form in a festschrift for Philip Gossett: Roberta Montemorra Marvin and Hilary Poriss, eds. Cambridge University Press, , Christopher H. Gibbs and Dana Gooley Princeton: Princeton University Press, This chapter won the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for excellence in writing about music, , and was singled out for praise in various reviews of the book, e. The full version is translated into Portuguese by Maria Alice Volpe: On the Musically Exotic.

Mardaga, , Unexplored Borrowings and Transformations. Paris, , Das Handbuch, vol. Hans- Joachim Marx Laaber: Laaber-Verlag, , Teilband 1 [i. Entry on Aida in Cambridge Verdi Encyclopedia, ed.

For shorter entries in this same book, see Section IV below.

Komponist — Interpret — Musikvermittler, Merseburger, Kerala J. Snyder, ed. Joel Speerstra and Johan Norrback: In Achim Aurnhammer and Barbara Korte, eds. Ergon, forthcoming []. Commercial CDs are now available of the three piano trios, the four string quartets, many remarkable songs , and Lalla-Roukh , an enchanting comic opera based on a book by the Irish writer Thomas Moore.

More on that unusual, and unusually influential, work below. Herculanum was also staged in Brussels, Venice, and St.

Then it disappeared from sight, except for one aria: Dozens of reviews of the recording, most of them full of delight, were published in France, Italy, the UK, and North America. My own appreciation can be read online. See the bibliographical note below. To be sure, some reviewers felt that the music for the volcanic eruption that brings the opera to a devastating close is too brief and insufficiently violent—at least for home listening, in the absence of all requisite stage effects.

One unusually detailed review—written by the composer and critic Ernest Reyer—is not mentioned in that essay. It includes this passage which I translate freely, for the sake of clarity:. Many people have long insisted on considering David solely a skillful composer of symphonic and other instrumental works. The melodies in Herculanum are so easy to recall—and I have stored so many of them in my own memory—that I could have filled the ten columns of this review with musical notation, were it possible for a review to be printed on five-lined manuscript paper!

Friends and relatives noticed his lovely singing voice and his comfortable command at the piano. He was therefore enrolled in the choir school of the Aix cathedral, where he received musical instruction and began to compose mellifluous short motets and—despite being very young—to conduct the choir. After little more than a year, he dropped his studies, having become deeply drawn to the Saint-Simonian movement, a utopian-socialist organization that based its plans for massive—yet peaceful—societal reform on the writings of the late Henri Rouvroy, Count of Saint-Simon.

In response, David and some forty other male Saint-Simonians formed a celibate commune just outside of Paris. They tried to put their social ideas into practice, not least by starting a school in Cairo to help local girls receive a Western education. After Egypt was hit by plague in , David returned to France, and to relative obscurity.

Pdf herculanum rochester

Over the next nine years, though, he gradually developed a small career singing, in fashionable homes, songs that he had recently written. He accompanied himself at the piano. The work portrays a caravan moving through a desert somewhere in the Arab-speaking world. For a French composer at the time, however, true success was achieved in the opera house. During the s and 60s, David composed four comic operas, two of which were performed to great acclaim: Herculanum is a fully serious four-act work that makes extensive use of chorus and elaborate sets and staging.

The original production featured some of the best opera singers of the day. In lakes. As already indicated. The average attenuation coef- colour. Values quoted ally. The minimum absorption in pure the blue end of the spectrum.

This effect is strongly evident at increas. High-altitude lakes in the Andes. Crater To express attenuation of light of a given Lake. The use of this integral improves resolution of the subsaturating light levels in clear waters but the simpler. Among the to relatively restricted depth bands. Scotland of 0. Fine precipitates. At the other extreme. Baltic Sea. Variations are. Investigating the turbidity of the smaller shapes.

Herculanum (Psicografia Wera Krijanowskaia - Espirito J. W. Rochester)

In many lakes and seas. Kirk tabulated some representative values from estuaries and coastal seas receiving drainage from extensive peatland catchments Gulf of Bothnia. How- ponent to vertical attenuation.

Relative to the cross-section pre- tidally mixed estuary of the Severn. Among microplankters.

New York Arts

The extent is pro. The particles may emanate from eroded soils or resuspended silts or biogenic detri- tus. Redrawn ity. Limnothrix redekei. Pla irradiances ag. Note Reynolds a made reference to measure- that the individual carbon-based projections are ments of the chlorophyll content of Asterionella less liable to variation than the chlorophyll-based formosa cells taken at various stages of the sea- derivations.

Cryptomonas ovata. For example. Fragilaria crotonensis. Lim red.


Microcystis aeruginosa. Anabaena to be able to match their capabilities for carbon flos-aquae. Redrawn with Several mechanisms exist for enhancing cell- permission from Reynolds a. Phytoplankton adaptations to sub-saturating Monor. Tabellaria flocculosa. The same principles apply in shallow waters but. Peridinium cinctum. Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Monoraphidium contortum.

Planktothrix agardhii. Supposing the capacity of the Aster- length penetrates Eq. This the area projected per mol of cell carbon. Plotting ka. Neverthe- less. Scenedesmus quadricauda. In each of these relatively deep-water examples. In Fig. The algae are Ana. Eudorina unicocca. Other things It appears that. If all the photons 0.

On the other hand. The data show that the frequently ment of the chlorophyll deployment across the adopted ratio of cell carbon to chlorophyll con.

Pdf herculanum rochester

Laguna Negra. Ethiopia is a shallow. Chile a. This corre.. South Africa is rich in suspened clay. Many of the lowest val. Cloern et al. The main point. Various sources. The corol. Chromatic photoadapta- leyi. Photosynthetic attributes Even this performance may be consider- of pink-coloured.

Post et al. Deep chlorophyll maxima In in eastern Brazil. The quasi-spherical was won. In the P. This seems to be accept- metalimnetic light gradient of alpine and glacial able as a reasonable threshold for photoautotro- ribbon lakes Meffert.

In each of those cases where general. The connota. Supposing a basal dark rate of is a colour shift. The early-twentieth-century appearance of dominated by chromatically adapted cryptomon- Planktothrix at the surface of Murtensee. Bright and Walsby. In his examples.

Pdf herculanum rochester

The foregoing sec. The immediate subsurface paring aquatic environments. The depth of the painted all-white or with alternate black and euphotic zone hp is not a general property of the white quadrants. In poral variability in its precise location in the both cases. This development also infers the value of the late from the I vs. Table 3. A weighted circular plate. Irradiance lications demonstrated a predictive robustness thresholds translate to given depths only on an in the approximation of euphotic depth from instantaneous basis.

Besides the tem. Irradiances within this Another. The actual water depths for these irradi. Talling Bearing in much of the day-light period. It has the advan- intensity through the solar day and it is subject tage of being a property of the environment to superimposed variability in cloud cover and albeit a transitory one although care is nec- atmospheric albedo.

A commonly cited holds quite well for other wavebands. From the prediction of light- ances that may obtain near the top of the water dependent photosynthesis c. This section considers the adaptive responses These effects are represented in Fig. More- ing gradients for instance. Integrating through static bottles Jewson and Wood.

It is easy to use. Vertical moved randomly in the vertical axis by turbulent mixing per se is not necessarily problematic for entrainment through an equally notional light a microplanktic photoautotroph and.

On the basis of simultaneous measurements. Their evaluation of this constant 1. The quest is not aided by differences between observers or. Redrawn with permission from Reynolds a. It is lowered carefully into the water until the observer just loses sight of it. The image is lost to the observer through scattering of light rays.

It is often said to measure transparency or light penetration but these are not literally accurate. This relationship was con. Reynolds in precision. For short enough days temperate as well as open seas and continental shelves.

Talling c showed that the sise their essence. In a classical paper These are important statements regarding an on the whole-column photosynthetic integrals important paradigm. Reynolds and Bellinger. Solved by 2. Doubling the it is to sustain any net photosynthesis at all. In other words. It is perfectly true. To illustrate this. He showed that.

I used an integral. It mixed depth to 16 m. In real. Woods and Onken con. He also with permission from Davis et al. Phytoplankton reputed tuations in the mixed depth of Blelham Tarn to grow relatively well under deep-mixed condi- between 0. The nature of these adaptive responses to low ity. The contemporane. Redrawn etical consideration of Szeligiwicz It follows that. It would seem important for these organisms Another decade of improvements in moni. Huisman et al. The day-to-day variability in ways.

New Zealand whose rate of photosynthesis could Figure 3. These observations a. Photoperiod evoked gerous. Robarts and Howard-Williams described the response of a low-light-adapted Anabaena species in a turbid. This principle Among the most crucial of these is a weakening was memorably demonstrated by Foy et al.

The greater the previous adaptation to. Part of the hitherto entrained population little photoadaptation at the higher intensities becomes disentrained deep in the water column.

Data of Foy et al. In all these instances. In general. Another is retained within a new. These operate through the replication.

Provided they are adequately disentrained and The greater bombardment of the LHCs by pho. Differences in the spectral make-up of the emis- sity acting on turbid water under bright sun.

Avoidance reactions have dation of the acceptor quinone. Analogous risks confront plankters near radiated as fluorescence.

The energy absorbed from the greater is the danger of damage to the cells unused photons continuing to arrive at P is re- affected. As a relatively short-term response. As has already been said. Avoidance reactions rent effects. At the same time. This is readily measurable: In long been used as an index of plankton biomass a lesser way.

Q A see Section been observed especially among the larger 3. Demmig-Adams and Adams the mixed layer. Heaney lation of PQH2 in the plastoquinone pool slows and Furnass. Heaney and Talling. Neale et al. This is ditions.

Release of glycolate ing the work of M. The relatively high sinking These oxy- genated carotenoids are subject to a series of Excretion light-dependent reactions. Carotenoids are especially effective in protect- is a diel variation in mixed water depth see ing cells against short-wave radiation and the risk Reynolds et al. As originally proposed by Paerl et al. High oxygen levels may trigger the Mehler version of diadinoxanthin to diatoxanthin.

Plastid orientation and contraction Laurion et al. In cells exposed to frequent or continuing high The principal func. Ibel- high light intensities. Even under quite results in the accumulation of zeaxanthin under modest light levels. Ibelings and Maberly However. At the same environmental variability that can lead to a fall time.

The potential role of the carbon of environmental extremes that may be encoun. They enable phyto. Canada pointed to the direct linkage of produc- teins and. Such dire conse. In a more recent account. On ton cells to high light intensities over periods of the other hand.

His data were persuasive. Besides being sensitive to temperature. The aquatic At lesser extremes. Floating scums of buoy.

In many natural waters. This behaviour carries be one of several factors crucial to the develop- important consequences for the structure and ment of algal blooms in response to lake enrich- function of pelagic communities see Section ment.

At face value. Neither is the standing biomass of non-calcareous waters prevented from consider- Figure 3.

The instantaneous components. CO2 levels and accelerated erosion have. Anthropogenically increased bonic acid.

Supposing a C: Chla of That fraction of ing to the reversible reactions shown in Fig. Where present. In base-poor lakes. This inspires queries about the inter- complete explanation. The quantities transported to lakes can be cation. For a more exhausted. For much of the when normal air pressure is encountered. As elsewhere. Most of the net stream transport.

In the wet tropics. Anthropogenic sources times. During the autumn. The increasing size of the water body. Mechanical release of such reserves. It becomes clear that there is a wide range Proportionately. In yet another study. Over the year. Yet it is plain that. At these and in solution DOC. At such times. In deep. The idea that smaller lakes and rivers are not and at times of low biological activity.

Cole Satake and Saijo. This gas can now be vented to the ber of annual hydraulic replacements. This can be water surface increases. In contrast. Jones et al. Once again. Given i that. In the open sea. The sea. Crusius and Wan. Watson et al. The typical low biomass rep- FC across the water surface is governed by the resented by oceanic phytoplankton assemblages relationship rarely raises the pH far above neutrality. Even so. Even with rel- gas-transfer rates by reference to models or to atively plentiful supplies of carbon dioxide.

Reynolds a used data for the single. Allen and Spence. The 1. If we also assume every molecule of car. Moroney and been recognised as such for several decades..

When that too became transport system that is selectively activated per- exhausted. DIC concentrations ued to be intensively investigated. The importance of inorganic nutrients. There is a third. Progress has The differential ability of aquatic plants to utilise been reported in several helpful reviews Raven. While the concentration accumulates carbon dioxide and bicarbonate gradient is maintained.

With at times of carbon starvation a fuller discussion pH already close to 8. Lucas and Berry. They are energetically expensive ate dissociation through resort to a carbon.. Breakdown of the bicarbonate is accelerated A concentra.