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This excellently designed Atlas of Acupuncture is easy to access and provides clear information on the full range of acupuncture points and main channels in a . Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points: The Cooperative Group of Shandong Medical College and Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ANATOMICAL ATLAS OF CHINESE. ACUPUNCTURE POINTS. The Cooperative Group of Shandong Medical College and Shandong College of Traditional.

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Tsun or cun is the measurement of one “body inch” used locate acupuncture points. Measurement is always taken from the patient's hand. The width of the. The goal of this atlas is therefore to help acupuncture students and therapists find the correct location of acupuncture points. Ultimately, the. BL GB Axis (C2). Atlas (C1). Occiput. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 . Trigger and Acupuncture Points of the Pronator Teres Muscle.

Theothertwopoints are3and6fenfromthefrstpoint. Clive Hewat Pro The frst part of the book will give a general view of the meridians, withadescriptionofthetendinomuscularmeridian,themasterme- ridianwithitsinternalbranchesandtheLuovesselsandfnally,the distinctmeridianandthepointsofthemastermeridian. LU4 Xiabai Squeezethewhitenessbetweenthem. Thefrstsectionprovides ageneralideaofthewhole ofthemeridiannetwork, includingthemarvellous vesselsandchakras.

Thesecondis1Cundistaltothe metacarpophalangealjoint.

Thehandbeingprone,drawa linepassingmidpointofthemiddle-jointofthe ring-fnger. Thepointsareonalinetwofenfromthemidline, onthecubitalside. Thefrstpointisatthecentreofthatsecondline, Theothertwopointsarethreefenaboveand below.

Thelowestpointis1Cunfromthe metacarpophalangealjoint. Theothertwopoints are3and6fenfromthefrstpoint.

Anatomical atlas of Chinese acupuncture points

LI 15 Jianyu Ontheshoulder,superiortothedeltoidmuscle, inthedepressionanteriorandinferiortothe acromionwhenthearmisabductedorraised ontheleveloftheshoulder. LI 16 Jugu Ontheshoulder,inthedepressionbetween theacromialextremityoftheclavicleand scapularspine. TH TW 10 Tianjing Onthelateralsideoftheupperarm, inthedepression1Cunproximaltothetip oftheolecranonwhentheelbowisfexed. SI 8 Xiaohai Onthemedialsideoftheelbow,inthedepression betweentheolecranonoftheulnaandthemedial epicondyleofthehumerus.

Acupuncture atlas pdf of

SI 9 Jianzhen Posteriorandinferiortotheshoulderjoint, 1 Cunabovetheposteriorendoftheaxillaryfold withthearmabducted. SI 10 Naoshu Ontheshoulder,abovetheposteriorendofthe axillaryfold,inthedepressionbelowthelower borderofthescapularspine. SI 11 Tianzong Onthescapula,inthedepressionofthecentre ofthesubscapularfossa,andonthelevel ofthe4ththoracicvertebra.

SI 12 Bingfeng nthescapula,atthecentreofthesuprascapular fossa,directlyaboveTianzong SI 11 ,inthe depressionfoundwhenthearmisraised.

SI 13 Quyuan Onthescapula,atthemedialendofthe suprascapularfossa,atthemidpointoftheline connectingnaoshu SI 10 andthespinous processofthe2ndthoracicvertebra. LU2 Yunmen Gatewaytotheclouds. LU3 Tianfu reunionofthecelestialQi. LU4 Xiabai Squeezethewhitenessbetweenthem. LU5 Chize Marshoftheelbow.

Photographic Atlas of Acupuncture

LU6 Kongzui OrifcecontainingthedeepestQi. LU7 Lieque Abreakintheline. LU8 Jingqu Aconstantlyfowingrivulet. LU9 Taiyuan Deepsourceoflife.

LU10 Yuji Limitofthefshbelly. Shou Yang Ming meridian: LI5 Yangxi Yangrivulet. LI6 Pianli Swervesfromitscourse.

Photographic Atlas of Acupuncture | Health Movements | Naturopathy

LI7 Wenliu Keepstheheat. LI8 Xialian Undertheridge. LI9 Shanglian Abovetheridge. LI10 Shousanli ThreeDfromthehand. LI11 Quchi Pondofthecurveoftheelbow. LI12 Zhouliao Depressionneartheelbow. LI13 Shouwuli FiveDfromthehand. Box Eldora, IA dcntonCnndhornprcss.

ISBN Rcst of thc world sales contact: Etcnsivc photographs arc providcd with thc bonc, musclc or organ systcms supcrimposcd to hclp practitioncrs nnd thc prccisc locations of acupuncturc points.

Thcsc photos makc it casicr to undcrstand thc ovcrall cncrgy nctwork in thrcc dimcnsions. Thc nrst scction providcs an ovcrall introduction to thc nctwork of channcls and vcsscls. Thc sccond scction prcscnts thc channcls within thcir anatomical zoncs, whilc thc third scction has a highly dctailcd indc to nnd any point or mcridian quickly.

All of thc main mcridians, sccondary circuits, and intcrnal branchcs, Jing Jin, Luo and Jing Eic circuits arc all covcrcd, making this rcsourcc book not only casy to usc but comprchcnsivc as wcll. Whcthcr rcfcrcnccd in a classroom or during a consultation, this guidc, which has bccn approvcd by thc Frcnch Collcgc of Chincsc Ncdicinc, is thc go-to rcsourcc for thc study and practicc of this hcaling art.

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Antoine Bereder is a fully trained medical doctor as well as acupuncturist. He has practiced extensively in Central America and now lives in Spain. Photographic Atlas of Acupuncture Uploaded by Ellisgo. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. Carmen Bucea. Esther Falardeau. Hannes Hatje. Renugadevi Dinakaran. Filip Nikoloski. Arellano M Victor. Tomas Mascaro. Aishwarya Neelamohan.

DrRudresh Sajjan. Ruth Manel. Judy Tognetti. Diagnosis by Palpation in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Athos Gomes. Colour Atlas of Anatomical Pathology.

Pdf atlas of acupuncture

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