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INDIA SINCE INDEPENDENCE BY BIPIN CHANDRA. This volume, a sequel to the best-selling India's Struggle for Independence, analyses the challenges India has faced and the successes it has achieved over the. Politics in India since . As India completes sixty years as an independent and democratic country . Bipan Chandra, Mridula Mukherjee and Aditya Mukherjee.

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Bipan Chandra was born in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. First published as India After Independence, – in Viking by Penguin Books India India after Independence by Bipan Chandra Click here to Download Sir, please try to upload PDFs because we can't download that because it is not a PDF it. Read "India After Independence " by Bipan Chandra available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. This volume.

Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. It's just a pity that large parts of the book read like blatant propaganda Politics in India. Thanks a lot! Post independence years are glorified by the works of various leaders from all corners of country which one fails to see here. Showing Remarkable journey of India to become world's largest successful democracy despite the pluralism of religion, caste,class, language and ethnicity is fluently and lucidly narrated by Guha is this page manuscript.

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[PDF] India Since Independence By Bipan Chandra Book Free Download

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After pdf india independence bipin chandra

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India Since Independence

Indomitable will and spirit put forward by Patel and Ambedkar for national integration and constitutional improvisation fertilized the soil for generations to come. Attempts to promote common Hindu nationalist movement by right wing organisations to the ilk of VHP, RSS,Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Jana Sangh failed initially but proselytization during late 's which lead to demolition of Babri Masjid followed by instigation of mass riots and minority massacre led to precipitation of discontent among Indian Muslims.

Ambivalence on Kashmir Issue by successive central governments led to waxing-waning conflicts on the fate of the Valley. Mass Rigging of ballots in local assembly polls inflicted local democrats to join separatist movements like JKLF and Harkat Ul -Mujahedeen with Azadi or subordination to to Pakistan respectively. See-saw emotions credited to the fortunes of Indian Army due to loss of and against China and LTTE followed by victories during and Kargil conflict was further cherished by progressive improvised ingenious missile and nuclear test by DRDO emboldened the Prime Minister to demand permanent seat in United Nations Security Council.

Integrity and self rightenousness of Civil servants retained by Patel displayed exemplary charisma and authority in controversial yet fruitful missions of refugee resettlement , integration of Princely States and State Re-organising Committee in Turbulent clouds due to military insurgents in Nagaland since by Phizo followed by Isac Su and T.

Muviah , Punjab and Kashmir and armed rebellion by Maoist in Central India ,Assam and Bihar gave nightmares to national integration. Credit to Rajiv Gandhi for settling these precarious issue of Nagaland and Punjab, though Kashmir conflict is still large to get negotiated. SO called federal democratic nation India, which is anti-Imperialistic,non- Communist but socialist unlike Anglo-Saxon, with plurality did have unfortunate blot of 'mass pogrom' such as and riots against Punjabis and Muslims respectively by Hindu Chauvinists.

But to see the greener side.


Howard- Harrington theory not withstanding, India stands tall among nihilistic view of Western philosophers despite being a secular multilingual community. Liberalization of economy with abolition of 'license permit raj quota' led to acceleration of socio-economic denominators of well being among Indian middle class. As long as regular demographic elections with intact socio-political framework are faithfully exercised, India will sail peacefully to prosperity despite encountering turbulent sea.

It takes a special talent to eulogise IndiraG's economics, and exonerate RajivG and co for riots and hence this book has been like a textbook for civil services: P There is a pro-Congress bias but a good read nonetheless and some sections r brilliant. Also, my respect for Guha and his superb 'India after Gandhi' keeps growing.

Atleast he hates every1 except Nehru equally: Als It takes a special talent to eulogise IndiraG's economics, and exonerate RajivG and co for riots and hence this book has been like a textbook for civil services: Also started with the authors' book on India's freedom struggle.

An excellent work from celebrated authors who authored most of the textbooks for India's academic curriculum. It can be considered as the bible for UPSC preparations if you can stay away from the strong biases.

It gives a clear picture of political, economic, social and constitutional scenario and struggles faced by the leaders in making today's India. Informative but biased reading of history.

Maybe because of all JNU writers. Heavily biased towards left of center ideology.. Feb 05, Jeeva rated it it was ok. Dull, uninspiring and lackadaisical narrative. The author's commitment to his Congress leanings are not properly substantiated and hence the bias looks too apparent and unacceptable.

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A few chapters on land reforms and agriculture are well researched but the style is too dull and off putting. I am not sure how a great historian like Bipan could write such a mind numbing narrative. Please don't waste your time on this book if you want to learn Indian history post independence. Guha is better.

After bipin india pdf independence chandra

You Dull, uninspiring and lackadaisical narrative. You can try Kuldip Nayar too. The story of the forging of contemporary India, the world's largest democracy, is a rich and inspiring one.

This book was recommended as one of the best books for Indian contemporary history. I too agree that this give you information about various events that shaped up Indian politics but not a holistic picture. After going through this book, one can conclude that it is so biased towards congress and predominantly Nehru family. According to the author, the policies by congress government are the best and designed for development of poor then why this huge disparity between poor and rich?

He highlig This book was recommended as one of the best books for Indian contemporary history. He highlighted elegantly the failures of opposition parties but not the congress leaders one can observe this two sided face from the author's tone.

I recommend this book if someone looking to know various events that shaped contemporary India but urge the reader not to frame any opinion based on this.

I request the contemporary historians not to provide this biased information as it will have an impact on coming generations. Though author clearly tries to sideline from those policies but still at time it seems that he was trying to give them justification and that too vaguely absurd; which is surely not expected from a history book.

The author even neglects some of the prominent issues of time and barely touches them. It seems he was trying to influence our consciousness subtly and tries to prove that only a particular ideology as the most essential for overall development of a nation. It is highly recommended to read the book in case you still do with a critical mindset or be cautious else reading such a hefty book might surely influence your critical thinking due to the biased character of the book.

The authors' obsession with left-leaning politics and an apparent Nehruvian bias, makes the book lose its charm. The book has been painted in a single colour which is so different from Chandra's previous work ISFI in the series. History, after reading this book, appears like, no facts and only opinions. Although, the book was penned down some years ago, it would have been interesting to read their comments on the right-wing party coming with full majority at centre.


Nevertheless, Bipan Chandra' The authors' obsession with left-leaning politics and an apparent Nehruvian bias, makes the book lose its charm. Nevertheless, Bipan Chandra's genius remains unparalleled with his objective analysis of Modern Indian planning and economy. The book doesn't flow like a story, like Guha's India after Gandhi, but is divided in separate phases and topics.

Overall, for its size and not-so-fluid content, this book is probably, not the best one for reading the Indian history since independence. This is an academic covering history of Independent India. Author has gone into details of foreign policy formulation, different changes in Economic scenario throughout the time period, specific details of green revolution and cooperative movement like White revolution.

Author has also covered details of wars like Indo-China , India - Pakistan. This is an authoritative work covering every detail of Indian history. But the problem with books lie because of its political leaning towards Congress. Author has tried to justify the emergency and devoted very few pages to emergency. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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