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Crysis - Escalation - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. To tie in to the massive new game CRYSIS 3, coming in February from EA, Gavin Smith has been signed up to write a selection of connected short stories. Start by marking “Crysis: Escalation” as Want to Read: A team of nanosuited soldiers led by Major Barnes, codename Prophet, were sent in to the Lingshan Islands. Gavin Smith was born in Dundee in the same year that Iron Butterfly recorded Inna-Gadda-da-Vida.

They seemed to take a particular pleasure in wind ing up US special forces personnel. Then those closest to T started dying. Had we gone in now, we would have ended up getting shot at by both sides. Lists with This Book. It was tempting because it sounded like a life. You can call me Sir. The compound itself was a hive of activity, with trucks and fourbyfours laden with heavily armed mercenaries coming and going.

The cartel, however, had overextended itself when it blew up an airliner to kill the new Columbian Minister for Defence.

The Minister had been in the pocket of the Norte del Valle cartel and their rightwing AUC guer rilla allies further to the south. The airliner had been American and had been in British airspace, en route to London from Bogot, when it had exploded. Conspiracy theorists were already blaming the CIA for the bombing of the airliner, claiming that they wanted to use it as an excuse to eliminate a leftwing threat on Americas doorstep.

Barnes had heard the theory, and felt that the theorists vastly underestimated how much the US government didnt want to be involved in a South American Vietnamstyle asco.

Barnes moved towards a small stream on the edge of the clearing to wash the blood off. T grabbed his arm. Someone might see the blood in the water down stream.

Use the water in your canteen and then re ll it in the stream. Barnes nodded and followed Ts suggestion, adding a couple of water puri cation tablets to his canteen. He also decided that hed made his last mistake of the day and, if he had his way, the last mistake on Operation Scarface. Barnes crawled to the cliff edge.

T was watch ing their back. Do you want to lase and Ill call it in, LT? Chavez asked during a lull in her radio conversation. Barnes nodded. He used the scope on the M4 to look down into the valley at their target.

Their target had once been a ranch house. Now it was a heavily forti ed compound belonging to Diego Ramiraz, the Antioquia Cartels chief enforcer and thought to be the mastermind Crysis Escalation P2. He was also believed to be directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of over ve thousand people in gang violence, bombings and assassinations worldwide.

This is going to be fun. Just like fucking Afghanistan. Chavez was always angry and pretty foulmouthed. She talked street but Barnes knew that she came from a respectable middleclass family who lived in Harlem. He could, however, see her problem. When Barnes had rst looked at maps and satellite imagery of the area he had thought that the Ferranto Valley was a suicidal place for Ramiraz to use as a base. He thought that the cartel enforcer and his people had basically trapped themselves in there.

However, the compound was all but built under a rocky outcrop in the valleys opposite cliff wall. That and the narrowness of the valley meant that it was going to very dif cult to hit with airstrikes. It would be even more dif cult if the rumours that intel had picked up on, about a bunker complex within the cliff side itself, were true.

Barnes removed the boxy laser designator from his webbing and got ready to paint the compound. The compound itself was a hive of activity, with trucks and fourbyfours laden with heavily armed mercenaries coming and going.

The Ferranto Valley might have seemed like a trap for Ramiraz but if this didnt work then the American, British and Columbian forces would have to go in there the hard way, and then it was going to be a vicious ght. Two fast movers inbound, Chavez told him.

Barnes Crysis Escalation P2. This is Venom twofour to Vulture leader: New in service, they were derived from F22 Raptor air supe riority ghters. You got to come in low and slow, you hear me? Get tight in on the deck or this shit just isnt going to work, over. Barnes couldnt hear the response but he had heard that a lot of the alphamale jet jockeys didnt appreciate Chavezs style of forward observation.

Chavez couldnt care less. After all, they werent down here in the shit with them. They heard the ghterbombers before they saw them. The thunder of their approach echoed down the valley. Barnes caught a glimpse of them banking hard and then dropping altitude as they headed down into the valley.

He turned his attention back to lasing the compound. The beam from the designator was mostly invisible except for where it touched the compounds main building Too fast, Chavez muttered under her breath.

Attack run aborted. Barnes turned to look up the valley. He could see the missile contrail against the blue of the sky. Both Wyverns were climbing at ninety degrees. Burning hard, outdistancing the missile easily. It looked like it was raining chaff and countermeasures as the missile detonated far from the two ghters.

Barnes asked. Chavez nodded. Venom twofour to Vulture two. That wasnt a fuck ing SAM emplacement, it was a peasant with a tube. Barnes knew that she would get reprimanded for that. Hed do what he could to shield her.

Pindago asshole, how fucking dif cult is it to deliver smart munitions? Take it easy, Chavez, T said quietly from behind them. Im going to nd this puta and beat his bitchass to death with his own joystick. She went quiet, listening to incoming comms. She handed Barnes the handset for the satuplink. They want to speak to you. Barnes took the handset and listened. Venom leader to Broadsword Actual, received and understood.

He passed the handset back to Chavez and then depressed the send button on his tac radio so that Earl would hear what he had to say as well. Okay, the missions scrubbed. Chavez muttered. Barnes gave her a look to let her know that was enough. He knew she felt that the air force had let them down but she was going to have to deal quietly.

Pdf crysis escalation

Weve been retasked. Were exposed here, so were heading ve klicks in country and Ill brief you there. Earl, youre leading the way. Barnes took a moment to check the map whilst Chavez and T kept a lookout. He gave Earl a grid reference and the three of them headed into the rain forest. Somewhere ahead of them Earl was leading the way. Major Harold Winterman was staring at the newcomer like hed just tracked dog shit into his command post.

He turned back to look at the order he had just received from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and looked at that like he was holding dog shit.

Wintermans people knew him to be a consummate professional. He had to be, to be entrusted with com mand of all special operations on Operation Scarface. They had never seen their commanding of cer so close to losing his temper. They also had the feeling that his temper would be something to behold. The focus of Wintermans ire was stood in front of him in some crisplypressed, newlooking jungle fatigues, but the man carried himself like he was more than capable of handling himself, and the way hed spoken to Major Winterman suggested hed better be.

Who or what the fuck is CELL? Winterman demanded. Crynet Enforcement and Local Logistics, the tall, brownhaired, wellbuilt man told him, part of Hargreave Rasch.

Youre military contractors? Winterman asked, barely containing himself. The man in the new fatigues nodded. Then what. Are you doing? Coming into my CP and giving me orders? Winterman was thinking about having this person shot. Actually, he was thinking about shooting him himself and then Crysis Escalation P2. Im not. The Joint Chiefs, that would be your employers, are. They are also commanding you to extend me every possible courtesy. In effect, I am in command here. Im not sure thats my reading of the orders.

Winterman started angrily. I dont give a fuck. The newcomer snapped. There was a sharp intake of breath from Wintermans people. Winterman actually took a step forward, as did the Delta operator who had been assigned to him as close protection. You dont like your orders, remove yourself from the CP and go and have a cry somewhere. Weve measured cocks, mines bigger.

Now, are we getting on with the matter at hand or do I have you arrested for disobeying a direct order? Winterman was shaking with fury. He badly wanted to hurt this man. Nobody had spoken to him like that since hed been a junior of cer. The vein on his fore head was pulsing with barely controlled rage. I know you, dont I? Winterman managed. He had de nitely seen the man somewhere before, probably Iraq at a guess. Ive got no time for you special forces cowboys, but youre the best Ive got for the job in hand.

My name is Commander Lockhart. You can call me Sir. He turned and gestured to a group of civilians who had been standing by the entrance to the CP and gestured for them to enter. The Rangers on guard halted them and then turned to look at Winterman. Reluctantly, Crysis Escalation P2. The ve civilians were looking around for a place to set up their equipment but every inch of the CP seemed busy and in use and none of the military personal were very interested in helping out the newcomers.

Winterman, slowly mastering his anger, leant against one of the desks. Youve just scrubbed a mission that could have sig ni cantly aided our operation, not to mention the fact that youve wasted a lot of manhours and resources and spoiled the air forces opportunity to actually con tribute.

Winterman glanced angrily at the air force liaison of cer, who looked away quickly.

Crysis: Escalation

This had better be good. I dont give a fuck about Operation Scarface, and neither does anybody else in this room until I say oth erwise. Venom got a camera with them? Yes, Winterman said through gritted teeth. One of the civilians, a sweaty, balding, piggylike man with glasses, whose very presence in his CP offended Winterman, gave Lockhart a piece of paper and handed him a tablet.

Lockhart studied the tablet, looking less than pleased, shook his head and handed it back to the piggylooking man. Lockhart handed the CPs communications of cer the piece of paper. Task Venom to head to these coordinates. I want them to shoot footage and transmit it to me and me only. The freqs are on the paper. The communications of cer turned to look at Winterman. Lockhart did the same. No, actually, you dont.

He seemed to be giving the situation some thought. He glanced down at the comms of cer and then back to Winterman. I will have you arrested if you do not follow my order. You will be court martialed for disobeying a direct order from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

That is assuming that you are still a serving of cer in the United States Army. Wintermans face was a mask of barely controlled rage as he turned to the communications of cer and gave her the nod. Ooo, hark at the pair on this one, a decidedly not American voice said. Lockhart peered into the corner of the tent where the voice had come from. He saw a squat, heavilybuilt man with a shaved head lean ing back on a chair, his combat boots up on a folding table.

Lockhart looked at the Major. Winterman just shrugged. The Major was reasonably sure that the SAS had in icted the obnoxious cockney on him out of spite. They seemed to take a particular pleasure in wind ing up US special forces personnel. At least this time they werent rolling homemade bombs made from cola bottles into tents and showering the sleeping operators with soda.

Name and rank, soldier, Lockhart commanded. The British soldier shook his head apologetically.

Im sorry mate, thats classi ed and, unlike your Crysis Escalation P2. Winterman was grati ed that the SAS trooper was evenhanded with his obnoxiousness. Lockhart glared at the British soldier. The British soldier met the glare and just smiled. Get the fuck out of my CP, Lockhart growled. Fraid I cant do that either. See, my orders has me here, and Im a good boy. Lockhart took a deep breath. Now it was his turn to try and control his anger.

He turned to the ranking NCO of the Ranger security detail that was guarding the tent. Have this man escorted out of the CP. If he resists shoot him. The British soldier just laughed. The Ranger sergeant didnt seem particularly interested in escorting the SAS trooper anywhere. He looked over at the Major.

I tell you what, why dont I escort meself out. Save anyone getting hurt straining themselves. Ill go back and tell my bossman that Ive failed in my mission, God knows what hell say.

Ill probably get a proper bol locking. Mebbe even get court martialed. There was some laughter from around the CP. Even Winterman had to suppress a smile. The British soldier got up and headed towards the tents entrance. He paused right in front of Lockhart. You should bring your toy soldiers and come over and visit us.

Try your cock measuring bullshit there, see how far you get.

Escalation pdf crysis

Lockhart said nothing; he just Crysis Escalation P2. The British soldier turned and headed out of the CP, nodding to Winterman on the way out. Well, its as close as any of that lot ever get to a salute I suppose, the Major thought. The retasking the mis sion, shooting footage and transmitting it, encrypted, to new freqs stank of them, as did the paperthin mission brief and distinct lack of intel. The three of them were deep in the rainforest now, in theory far away from anywhere useful, in a bid to avoid cartel gunmen and FARC guerrilla ghters.

Chavez and T were keeping a watch out. Earl was still hidden. Barnes was studying the map. That it? T asked despite himself. Barnes felt like apologising to the rest of the patrol, the brie ng had been so light. Uh huh, Barnes mumbled quietly. Both of them were too professional to call bullshit on their new orders. This is bullshit, Chavez muttered. Is there even anything there? A plantation and a small village. I guess they work the plantation.

T asked. No, Barnes muttered. Thats the weird thing, according to intel its one of the few remaining coffee plantations in the area. Chavez suggested. T chuckled. Okay thats enough, Chavez, T told the combat air craft controller.

In theory they control the area but theres nothing there for them. Maybe a cache, arms or drugs, but its not a good place. The transport links are for shit, Barnes told the sergeant. He could tell the more expe rienced operator was having serious misgivings about this mission. Itll be a walk into nothing, T, you know that. Were just chasing ghosts for the Company, Chavez told the sergeant.

Earl, you know where were going? T asked over the tac radio. Even with just the one word over the tac radio it was easy to pick up the laconic snipers thick Missouri accent. The sniper came from rural folks who when the double dip hit and the bottom fell out of farming turned to cooking crystal meth. Earl had chosen to join the Rangers instead. T had told Barnes that Earl was such a good sniper because he made every shot like his next meal was relying on it.

T looked at Barnes. It was a courtesy, nothing more. Okay Earl, lead us out of here. We dont want to see you. The Missouri sniper didnt answer.

T and Earl had been working together for a long time now. They waited for a couple of minutes and then Barnes took point, Chavez the tail, as the three of them headed Crysis Escalation P2. As an exmarine he was disgusted that anyone could let themselves go physically as much as the other man had. He also thought that the scientist smelled of milk gone off and the hotter the clime, the worse he smelled. Lockhart was at a loss to explain the stench.

His dis gust had been further magni ed when hed seen Ashers personnel le and read about some of the fat mans pro clivities. A microbiologist by training, Asher had crosstrained in enough disciplines to become very useful to the biomedical multinational when it came to situations like this one.

Lockhart was looking over the scientists shoulder at satellite thermographic imagery of the suspected incur sion area. There was a surprising amount of blue on the laptop screen for a plantation in the middle of a rainforest, even at this elevation.

He had a pronounced and educated English accent that Lockhart thought sounded whiny.

Youve noticed theres a full scale military operation underway here? He hated explaining the Crysis Escalation P2. We didnt have time to get clearance for that kind of operation but its being worked on at the highest levels at the moment. Had we gone in now, we would have ended up getting shot at by both sides. As much as he was loath to admit it, the CELL special operations team werent capable of operating at this level. If they nd anything then well be putting boots on the ground. Oh, theyll nd something, Asher said, somehow managing to sound patronising and whiny at the same time.

Even a man of your limited education must realise that those heat readings arent right, not to men tion the tectonic activity weve seen. Lockhart turned from the laptops screen to stare at the scientist. Asher was oblivious to Lockharts look of utter hatred.

He had no idea how close he had come to having his neck snapped. Lockhart straightened up and turned around, eager to be away from the repellent little man. He turned around to nd Major Winterman staring at him. Lockhart couldnt make out the expression on the JCOS commanders face. Earls accent made hell sound like hail in the earpiece of Barnes tac radio.

Barnes signalled for them to halt. The three of them went to cover, making Crysis Escalation P2. Barnes noticed that it had gotten cold. Despite the alti tude he was still surprised to see his own breath mist. What you got, Earl? The experienced Delta operator was perturbed to hear the normally emotionless sniper express surprise. Ice, Earl said. Barnes assumed hed misheard, or it was an acronym he was unfamiliar with. Say again, over, T instructed over the tac net.

Naw, you heard me right T. This time T was genuinely looking to Barnes for guidance. Earl, were moving up to check it out, nd a pos ition to overwatch us. The sniper didnt answer.

Barnes glanced over at Chavez and T. T had his game face back on but Chavez was looking unsure. It wasnt an expression he was used to seeing amongst operators. He had been briefed on it, but it had still come as a surprise to him. They were receiving grainy footage over the satellite uplink shot by Senior Airman Chavez. Asher was looking at Lockhart with a smug impression on his face.

The rainforest was frozen. Everything was encased in ice. So, commander? Freak weather, perhaps? I want proof. Youll end up with some illiterate monkey with a Crysis Escalation P2. Im telling you the ice is the byproduct of an energy release. They have initialised a piece of their tech here. And youve seen this before? Lockhart demanded, knowing the answer. Asher sighed. Nobody alive today has ever seen this before, he said, as if explaining something very simple to a par ticularly stupid child.

Im sending them in. Asher just sighed and shook his head. Barnes clipped the sat uplinks hand piece back onto the main unit at the top of Chavezs pack. Were to make our way to the village. We are wearing entirely the wrong sort of fatigues for this bullshit, Chavez muttered, looking around at the winter wonderland the rainforest had become. It was freezing here, and the thin tropical fatigues they had on were doing little to keep them warm.

There was no snow, just ice. The air was surprisingly dry, as if the moisture in the air had coalesced into the ice that encased the jungle. To Barnes mind, when he saw the plants, owers, fruit and trees in the ice it made him think that a god had chosen to preserve this little bit of rainforest.

The ice was like a prism when the sun caught it. Very little of it had started melting yet. It was quite beautiful, if very, very strange. Layer up if youve got anything with you, Barnes Crysis Escalation P2. Chavez and T had already put sunglasses on to combat the glare.

Earls ghillie suits going to be worse than useless, T told the lieutenant. Earl, sorry to cramp your style but fold in with us. Two of them kept watch whilst the other layered up. Barnes had a eece top and a eecelined hat with him that he was thankful for. A little while later Earl warned them over the tac radio that he was about to appear and then did so. The tall, rangy snipers ghil lie suit made him look like a living part of the jungle.

Amongst the ice it just made him very conspicuous and he removed it whilst the others kept watch. Okay, we dont know what the fucks going on, so lets assume the worst, Barnes told the other three members of the patrol.

Earl, youre on point but dont run away from us, T youre tail. Rules of engagement? No change but lets err on the side of caution, yeah? Chavez and T agreed, Earl said nothing, which Barnes took as assent. They advanced though the frozen jungle in a dia mond formation with Earl at the point. Every so often the sniper would point at an area that they would use as an initial fallback point in the event of a contact.

There were few clouds in the bright blue sky above them and the sun was causing them problems with the glare, despite their sunglasses. As it heated the ice they could hear a steady dripping noise as it started to melt. Barnes had rarely felt so exposed. Anywhere they went in the icescape they stuck out like a sore thumb.

This must be Earls worst nightmare, Barnes mused. They were on a dirt track. One side of the road was frozen rainforest, on the other side of the road were frozen, cultivated coffea arabica. The small, spiky trees must have been part of the plantation, Barnes guessed.

Crysis: Escalation & Reggyy pdf Literature

The trees had owered before they were encased in the ice. All around them now the sun was heating the ice and it was dripping, making the ground more and more treacherous underfoot. Ahead of them Earl stopped by a bend in the track. He was looking up at something. He gestured to a fall back point and then moved ahead. Barnes and the others, weapons at the ready, fol lowed the sniper round the corner. Barnes looked up and froze for a moment. Earl had gone to ground and was covering up the road.

Want me to go ahead and check it out LT? Earl asked over the tac radio. We stick together. Because this is just getting weirder and weirder, Barnes left unsaid as he looked up at the strange structure towering over the frozen trees ahead of them. It was some kind of spire but the architecture was all wrong. There was something organic about it.

The spire looked like it was made of cracked, blackened, Crysis Escalation P2. Barnes swallowed hard. He was aiming the M4 at it almost despite himself.

He forced himself to look away from the strange spire. You getting this, Broadsword actual? Chavez asked over the sat uplink. She had attached the DV camera to the mounting rails of her M4 carbine and linked it to the sat uplink so she could broadcast back to the CP.

They want us to investigate, Chavez told the rest of them. Ill bet, Barnes thought. Gonna tell us what that weird fucking thing is, Broadsword actual? Chavez lis tened. Thats a negatory on actual information, she told the rest of the patrol.

It looks like some kind of drill machinery, T suggested. What are fucking coffee farmers doing with mining machinery? Chavez demanded. Maybe FARC are using it? T didnt even sound like he believed what he was saying. Mole people, Earl said over the tac radio. Barnes was so surprised that he turned to glance at the sniper. Nobody seemed quite sure if the quiet Missourian was joking or not. Can you hear something? Hed become aware of a low noise coming from the direc tion of the spire, which according to Barnes map was where the village was supposed to be.

Chanting, Earl said over the tac radio. What are they chanting? I can only swear in Spanish. Lockhart asked as he watched the grainy footage of the strange spire.

This is so much more, Asher said. There was a hunger, or a need, in his voice that made Lockhart very uncomfortable. The fat scientist turned to Lockhart and the commander grimaced as he caught a whiff of the offmilk smell that seemed to accompany the other man everywhere.

It seems inert. We need to get in there, full biohaz ard protocol. Lets see what they nd rst. The biggest building, if you ignored the strange spire, appeared to be some kind of combined of ce, truck yard and police station. The trucks were for transporting the coffee beans, Barnes guessed. The chanting was louder now. Hed asked Chavez what they had been saying and, after she had angrily pointed out that shed grown up in New York, shed tried to interpret.

It sounds like gibberish, to be honest. The only words I can make out are light and white ower. T said quietly over the tac radio. The SAW gunner was on the other side of the street between two houses, his weapon aimed up the road towards the spire. Barnes had been similarly concealed between two iceencrusted houses but covering their back. See the weapons? Barnes glanced up the street, where he saw there were a number of weapons, mostly old fashioned assault ri es, just lying in the middle of the road.

Maybe theyve embraced peace, Barnes mused. The weap ons looked like the sort of thing that some of the less wellequipped FARC units would be armed with. I like unarmed people, Chavez muttered.

Barnes had to agree with her. They were close to the spire now but still could not see the base of it. Okay, lets move up and get eyes on, Barnes told them over the tac radio. He reckoned they would see the base of the spire around the next corner. T had said it quietly but Barnes had still heard his exclamation. Barnes looked across the road. There was a gure in the doorway of one of the frozen houses.

T had let his M drop on its sling and was holding his Mk 23 in one hand and pushing the gure back with the other. Earl cover our six, Chavez our twelve, keep shoot ing footage and eyes out all around, Barnes said and, glancing up and down the street to make sure that there was noone in sight, he quickly crossed the road.

Barnes stomach churned as he caught a good look at her. She was clearly sick, very sick. She was repeating something in Spanish that he didnt understand but it sounded similar to what they had all heard being chanted.

The woman looked old, but Barnes knew that it could be dif cult to judge age in parts of the world where life was hard. She wore a long skirt and a lthy tshirt. There were seeping growths around her nose, her mouth and her eyes, which were milky and blank. She was obviously blind. The growths looked like exter nalised tumours to Barnes. Seriously, maam, you need to stay back, T said.

The woman wasnt listening. She kept on reaching for him as he pushed her back. Barnes saw that she had bleeding holes in her palms.

They looked selfin icted. He glanced down at her feet and saw that they were bloody as well. She was smearing her blood on T. The medic pushed her back hard and then brought his leg up and used that to gently kick her back even further into the house. Then he closed the door as far as he could with the ice covering it and held it there.

Did you see her lymph glands? Barnes shook his head. They were swollen. Theyd gone hyperbubonic. Barnes asked, his heart sinking. What the fuck have we been dropped into? Barnes thought, trying to suppress his anger at command. Barnes could see the medic was ghting to control his fear. Can you do anything for her? The woman tried to wrench the door open. T had to yank it closed again. For someone old and sick she seemed very strong. Give her something for the pain. Put her out of her misery.

She didnt look like she was miserable or in pain, Barnes said as he drew the Mk 23 and began screw ing the suppressor on it. T watched him. Both of them knew that the woman would give away their position, compromise the patrol.

It is my medical opinion that there is nothing we could do for her and she attacked us, T said, letting Barnes know he had his back. This is on me, understand? Barnes told the medic. Time to commit a war crime, he thought. Open the door. T let go of the door handle and it was wrenched for ward.

The top of the diseased womans head came off as Barnes red. For a moment both men thought that she wasnt going to fall over. Finally she swayed and fell back. Barnes stepped into the house and put two rounds into her chest. Watch our six, Barnes told T as he slung his M4. He wanted the suppressed pistol in case there were any more.

T nodded, but Barnes knew the other man was worried about contact and infection. LT, Chavez said over the tac radio. Youre going Crysis Escalation P2. Barnes glanced up and down the dirt track that passed for a street here. He saw a dog cross behind them but nothing else moved. Chavez was lying down by the bend in the road, using one of the iceencased houses as cover.

She was looking around the corner, the DV camera on her M4 shooting foot age as she did so. Barnes made his way over to her and glanced around the corner. Shit, Barnes said. The ground was broken and had then frozen over where the spire seemed to have pushed up out of the earth. It looked like it had par tially destroyed some of the houses as it had risen from the ground. Around the base of the spire were people. Many of them looked like peasant farmers, but others had on the uniform of FARC guerrillas and others were better dressed, or didnt look Hispanic, suggesting cartel gunmen and mercenaries.

All of them showed signs of the external tumorous growths and many of them were bleeding from what Barnes suspected were selfin icted wounds. They were chanting gibberish and bits of Spanish as they swayed backwards and for wards towards the strange spire. Barnes was beginning to wonder if the spire, which seemed somehow inert to him, was some kind of delivery device for a biologi cal weapon.

Though whose, he couldnt even begin to imagine. Barnes ducked back behind the house. Theres easily more that a thousand people there. They must have come from all over the local area. Whats wrong with them, LT? Venom twoone to Broadsword actual, requesting an immediate medevac and quarantine, we have clear signs of a biological contagion here. Chavez turned around to look up him.

She looked scared and angry. Negative, Venom twoone. Make contact with the villagers. We need to know whats happening. The voice giving the order was the same that had replaced Major Wintermans when theyd been retasked, except the background noise was different. It was clear that whoever was giving them orders was no longer in the CP. He was obviously transmitting from a helicopter in ight. I dont think you understand the situation here on the ground, Broadsword actual, I cannot risk further exposure of my people to whatever this is.

Venom twoone, one of the things about being a soldier is sometimes we have to risk death. One of the interesting things about orders, particularly ones like this, that come down from the Joint Chiefs like it had been written on stone by God almighty and handed to CharltonfuckingHeston himself, is that they are non fucking negotiable. You dont do what I am telling you to do and I will not only have you and your men court martialed for disobeying a direct order but for coward ice as well and I will try very hard to make sure that the consequences are just as bad for you as if youd caught the BlackfuckingDeath itself.

Do you under stand me, soldier? Fucking asshole, Chavez muttered, having heard most of the conversation. I think hes going to have an accident if we get out of here. I dont want to hear that, Chavez, Barnes told her, though he was having similar thoughts himself. Lockhart spat as he threw the radio handset on the ground. Asher was strug gling into his NBC suit in the cramped con nes of the Sikorsky S92, a civilian derivate of the militarys Black Hawk helicopters.

There were only two of the CELL military contractors with Lockhart in this chop per, not counting the door gunner. The rest of the per sonnel in the chopper were Ashers scientists.

How contagious is the virus? Lockhart asked Asher. The scientist was sweating heavily, which made it very unpleasant to be in an enclosed space like a helicop ter with him. Lockhart was looking forward to Asher being fully encased by the protective NBC suit.

Unless they are caught in the initial sporeing they should be ne, Asher told him. Then why the suits? In case this time its different. After all, weve only seen this once before and the resources to research the virus at the time were very rudimentary indeed. Barnes had explained the order. If they just wanted to bug out he would understand and claim that he had given the order to hang back. It wasnt an unpopular suggestion, he could tell, but they were soldiers. Barnes had told them that he was prepared to try and make contact with the infected on his own.

T had told them that if the virus was airborne then they were all already infected. If not and it was from contact then he was probably infected, so it would be best if he made contact with them.

Also he had the best medical training out of the four of them. The cowardly part of Barnes had wanted to let T do it. Chavez had said that she was lming it anyway and command seemed to want intel. She had sworn a lot more, but that had been the crux of what she had said. Earl had said nothing, just waiting for the others to make their decision. That was how Barnes had found himself, anked by Chavez and T, walking down the middle of the street trying not to slip on the now wet ice.

They were walking towards a very large group of very sick people who seemed to be worshipping the strange spire. Earl was nowhere to be seen. He was watching over them through the scope on his M Barnes felt envy for the Crysis Escalation P2. Barnes and T had their weapons slung diagonally across their front. They had their hands on them but werent pointing them at the sick people. Chavezs M4 was pointed at them but only, she told herself, because of the camera.

Barnes had no real idea what he was supposed to be doing. T was looking all around but all the people seemed to be at the spire. The sick people were ignor ing them. Not only on one certain game, but on all of them together in this case artwork from Crysis 3 on cover may be a bit misleading. Keep all that in mind. Escalation is some sort of collection of the short stories that interact with each other and with some events from the original video games series at the same time.

As I already said, it is really cheap reading with nothing really special about it. Just your usual cheap Sci-Fi. Smith was able to achieve. Legion official Crysis 2 novelization. Smith was able to make a reason for us to read his work. I mean, in Crysis: Legion there was literally nothing.

Just poor and boring retelling of video game events. Just running and shooting. Nothing else.

Crysis - Escalation

Escalation , on the other hand, offers much more. And it was a right thing to do, because Crysis: Legion felt like there was no need for it to be pages long. All in all Crysis: Escalation is not much shorter, but the idea about short stories makes it much more exciting. It works perfectly and, unlike Crysis: Legion , Crysis: Escalation is really easy to read. All that plays in favor of this book. Gavin G. Sep 21, Ben O'Brien rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Escalation by Gavin Smith, is a well written and well rounded book. When I look for a book, I look for 3 major components: Crisis covers all 3 of those attributes. In the first third of the book, Crysis covers action. On many different occasions, the protagonists face dangers such as military contractors, and entire villages of disease riddled residents. In the second part of this thriller, we walk in the shoes of the antagonists, CELL.

In this post-apocalypt Crysis: Army, U.

However, they find some of their crew decimated, by an unknown killing machine. After this, the begin an all-out manhunt, in order to find this monster. Finally, they have more contact with the mysterious killer. Soon, they find out that this murderer is not an alien, but a nano-suited warrior. Ceph Stalkers a type of the alien kill 2 of the crew members then set out to kill Chino, who was at this point the last remaining crew member. Chino desperately searched New York for a decent last standoff.

He finds a submerged van, and then fires a flare to begin the final resistance. All is well until he runs out of ammo. Ceph swarm him until Dane, the super soldier, saves him.

Crysis is a well rounded book with lots to get excited about. Feb 26, Nikola rated it liked it. Good short stories in the world of Crysis.

This novel consists of several short stories that take place between the games Crysis 2 and 3. The stories take place years apart and flesh out the world of Crysis.

Some of the stories are sort of origin stories for a couple of the characters, so those stories obviously take place before the Crysis games. You get to know where characters like Prophet, Psycho and Alcatraz came from and you also get to know the corrupt organization CELL and the resistance g Good short stories in the world of Crysis. You get to know where characters like Prophet, Psycho and Alcatraz came from and you also get to know the corrupt organization CELL and the resistance group fighting them.

I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys the games and would like to flesh out the characters and world of Crysis. Since it mostly takes place between Crysis 2 and 3, its recommended that you have played the the games leading up to Crysis 3. I just started playing the third game before I started reading this book, kept the gameplay on hold until I finished the book and now I feel that I understand the world allot more. So, playing the games up until the third one, then reading the book and then finally playing the third game is a good way to go.

Jun 17, Shane Kiely rated it liked it. Solid collection of short stories, much better than a video game tie in should be, though it does seem aimed at those who've played the previous games. Fans of Gavin Smith's other work should enjoy this. Jul 20, Chris rated it it was ok. It was okay at best.

Not great. You certainly won't remember it after you've finished it. The one thing that really annoyed me though, was that how every time someone picked up a gun, the make and model had to be listed. It just got tedious constantly reading MK. Jerome rated it it was ok Jul 22, Michael Morrow rated it liked it Jan 31, Fearlie rated it did not like it Feb 10, Johnathan rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Ken McWilliams rated it really liked it Sep 17, Tom rated it liked it Oct 13, Tony Halik rated it liked it Oct 04, Lucas St.

John rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Karol rated it it was ok May 27,