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New Model Super Blackhawk® Single-Action Revolver. . Safety features include internal lock, manual safety, magazine safety and will be discontinued in , when we will introduce new calibers for these configurations. Also, be. the first breech loading replica revolver, a copy of the Colt Single . Pocket revolver to be upgraded to a cal. .. magazine is safe and easy as it. Revolver. A handgun that contains its ammunition in a revolving cylin- der that typically holds cartridges in a magazine located in the grip of the gun. When the without manual reloading by a single function of the trigger. Submachinegun.

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Combat Handguns - February pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File This magazine and its officers and employees accept no responsibility for any. FUKT Magazine is a Berlin-based magazine for contemporary drawing REVOLVER PUBLISHING // CATALOGUE / .. USER'S MANUAL AMMUNITION. CATALOG the visual effect of the revolver, but its distinct feeling as well. There is almost no and full size magazine. Original.

In I was planning to try a. Rather than being an exact scale version of the full-size pistol. Navy SEAL-inspired. CMMG stands behind the gun with a lifetime quality guarantee. Considering their DAO triggers and intended purposes. Rough edges on stamped parts are often simply part of machining and they do not impede the operation of the gun.

Its top-end models are built to perform muzzle to muzzle with more expensive models on the market. The Full Size tips the scales at an even 40 ounces. The fundamental design. It has been improved. It has a height of 5. The guns have exceptionally close tolerances between the outer dimension of the slide and the inner dimension of the frame rails for a solid fit that goes beyond the price point. OD Green. The Compact Carry has eight vertical grooves on the flat mainspring housing and the Full Size has lpi checkering.

Tactical models also come with heavyduty recoil springs and full-length guide rods. Both models feature a serrated palm swell safety and extended beavertails. The slide releases are deeply checkered for solid purchase when dropping the slide on the reload even with tactical gloves. The dovetailed Novak-style rear sights are adjustable for windage and elevation. Both models have six vertical grooves in the frontstrap.

The pistols feature white-dot rear sights. Some question the advantages of front slide serrations. Although the recoil spring makes chambering the first round. The rear sights have rounded edges to prevent them from snagging on clothing. One of the most established CCW holster designs in the world. Although offering Level 0 retention Level 1 would be a thumbbreak safety strap. While familiarizing myself with the gun before the range test I found the combathandguns.

Ammunition choices for the test were three brands of defensive. As previously noted. GI-style thumb safety on the Compact Carry. The elongated. The G10 grips and grip strap serrations provided a solid. This also applied to the single.

It does. From a distance of 25 yards. Firing off-hand using a two-handed hold and a Weaver stance. There is nothing here not to like. Regular use would most likely lessen the occurrence. The Compact Carry also experienced a single stovepipe with the Barnes load. Trigger pull was excellent on both guns.

The skeletonized trigger averaged a smooth 4. Looking downrange. Any failure to feed is important to note in a gun test. Both had a short 0.

Pdf 2015 revolver magazine

At 15 yards. The tactile surfaces of the G10 grips provided a solid meld of hand to gun. As his gear tumbled to the ground. Today this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. Cataclysms may be society based. A bug-out kit is a preassembled array of critical tools and supplies you would need in an emergency. At any given moment you might be called upon to vacate or defend your home from an invasion or natural disaster.

Taurus introduced such a sub-kit this year. These events come with little. The contents of such a kit are as esoteric as each one of us. It would be impossible to create a universal and all-encompassing bugout kit that one person could carry. The blade is black-oxide finished.

Rounding out the kit is a 20mm compass. This is a nice knife with a 3. The First 24 is centered around a Taurus revolver. A ballistic nylon sheath with hook-and-loop fasteners provides a variety of ways to carry the knife.

Along with the revolver. There are also two padlock holes. The revolver. I like the. What is new is the Judge included in the First 24 kit has been through the Aimpro Tactical custom shop.

It can run up to eight hours on AAA batteries. There is a cutout in the interior combathandguns. These are small LEDs in red and green that can be used for signaling or marking trails. First of all. They feature a visibility of up to half a mile and up to 80 hours of run time. Taurus introduced the notion of a dualchambered revolver in. This rendition of the Taurus Judge also features rubber grips with a pebbled finish in the palm area and finger grooves for enhanced control. The case is in the same tan earth tone and has a vacuumbreaker valve to allow it to be opened at a different elevation from which it was last closed.

According to Aimpro Tactical. A Zippo fire starter and a pair of speed strips for.. It would be difficult—near impos- SS.

If you live in a remote area with big game or critters that might bite you. Perhaps revolvers are just too old school for you. This would still not be my first choice as a gun to take out a hostage-taker with an eyeball shot at 15 yards. Check out the Model short-range.

In reality. You can begin to accomplish this through the employment of confident. Criminals look for opportunities to the perceived resistance potential of the victim and the possibility of being identified. Helpful to being properly prepared is an understanding of what law enforcement professionals call the Crime Prevention Triangle CPT. Prepare For Defense The CPT is a great instructional tool that simplifies for the everyday citizen the concept of crime.

Some of those considerations include determining the existence of witnesses. They analyze the probable success of any potential criminal act. The three components are interdependent. No matter how prudent and well prepared commit their crimes without getting apprehended. Illustrating altogether the three-pronged dynamic of violent crime.

As the CPT implies. They prey on those they see as weak. Criminals are often highly perceptive because they spend their lives honing their skills and learning from their mistakes. By changing your body language and mindset you can learn how not to be a victim!

Those who demonstrated awkwardness in their movements were chosen over those who seemed to glide as they walked. Since criminals want to avoid resistance and being identified. These criminal tactics were the focus of a study by Betty Grayson and Morris I. If they fail. Bill Lewinski and Dr. The results indicated that mental processing time for visual stimuli was slower than auditory stimuli. Those who swung their arms wildly while walking were selected over those who moved from their center.

Making eye contact naturally communicates confidence. Those who walked slowly with no apparent purpose. Physical impairments may prevent some people from projecting confidence. Within seven seconds of viewing the pedestrians the convicts had selected their targets. Bill Hudson conducted research on reaction times in lethal force encounters at the Tempe.

Arizona Police Department. The convicts identified the following body language cues used as their basis for victim selection: People that walked with shoulders slouched or slumped were selected as victims as opposed to those who walked with their chin up. Action Vs. Two studies may provide helpful insight when making that decision. Those avoiding eye contact were chosen as victims because of the perception that they were preoccupied.

Reaction Dr. People who walked with a stride that was too long or too short. Carrying a concealed firearm can level the playing field. They videotaped pedestrians walking down a street and had incarcerated convicts view them. That determination is dictated by the totality of the circumstances. Selections were not based on gender.

More complex stimuli will require longer processing time. Victims must decide whether or not fighting back is the best option. The more one practices drawing a firearm from a concealed holster.

Lewinski conducted another study with officers from the Los Angeles Police Department regarding the biomechanics of lethal force encounters.

If caught off-guard initially. When criminal opportunity cannot be controlled. If that threat is armed with a weapon. The first step is to display confident body language. Rapid Response These two studies have a profound impact on determining conditions appropriate for drawing a concealed firearm.

If that fails. Based on the fact that it is more complicated to draw a concealed firearm. When confronted with a life-anddeath situation the victim may attempt to create time. Those who choose to fight back must use dynamic and decisive actions to distract and defeat the threat. One motion that was studied was the time it took officers to draw a firearm from a holster. If it is. It also underscores the necessity of practicing with the draw.

A vicious attack to sensitive areas of the body such as poking out eyes. The studies indicate that action is always faster than reaction. One key observation was that.

His studies measured the reactive motions of officers in response to an auditory stimulus a shot timer. T The trident is a three-pronged spear that. During that class. Navy Special Warfare insignia. It is also at the center of the U. One of his students was an active-duty SEAL who had an affinity for the The basic features of the original Trident have been retained.

Proper stippling provides a positive gripping surface without the drawbacks of checkering. The steel mainspring housing fea- combathandguns. Each part undergoes a rigorous inspection and is subjected to a hardness evaluation using a Rockwell testing machine. The discussions also led to a set of specifications for a that would be reliable in harsh environments with minimal maintenance.

Stippling was chosen over checkering for several reasons. To honor all Naval Special Warfare warriors. To fully understand the Trident concept.

Those discussions served as a catalyst that sent Laughridge on a search to find a suitable finish for the that would not attract sand. The frontstrap is machine-stippled to improve the gripping surface. I am not sure that there is one more reliable. A red dot is visible when the safety is disengaged.

I was especially excited to see the new and improved version. What made the Trident different was its execution. The Springfield Tridents provided the proof of concept. It is important to note that the Trident was not earth shattering and had no new. It is this philosophy. Laughridge selected the proven Heinie Ledge rear sight for the Trident. The critical internal parts are CNCmachined from billet steel or made from forgings and heat-treated throughout. Afghanistan and other unnamed locations.

Laughridge named the pistol the Trident. As the Trident project grew. Checkering also tends to abrade gear and can be dented and broken. The frame on my test pistol. The A1 versions of the Trident II are 5-inch Government models with integral magazine wells and Picatinny accessory rails.

The original Tridents utilized a Springfield Armory A1 as a base platform. Another small and often overlooked detail involves stock bushings that. The Trident II features a Heinie Ledge rear sight with a cocking ledge on the forward edge of the blade. The mediumlength trigger allows for ample space to run the Trident II with cold weather gloves.

The ejection port is lowered. The slide features front and rear cocking serrations to facilitate cycling and press checks. This provides a stronger design for hard-use environments. The slide stop is a Greider design that provides a solid ledge for both dropping the slide during reloads and manually locking the slide to the rear. The trigger pull on my test pistol broke cleanly at 4. This combination gives the Trident II. The sides of the Strong front sight have been widened at the base.

The hammer recess is re-cut and enlarged to prevent debris from being trapped in the recess and jamming the pistol. The diameter of the firingpin hole has been opened to the original. I first wondered why the fire-control combathandguns. The solid trigger lacks the fashionable three holes that can attract debris and contribute to malfunction. The front sight is then removed and sent to Trijicon for the white circle and tritium insert.

It is at this step that the front sight blade is cut for the proper zero with grain FMJ ammunition. The other components are then ready to be nickel- combathandguns. The frame. This allows the pistol to operate in harsh environments with little or no lubrication. The PVD nickel-boron finish offers exceptional lubrication and anti-corrosion properties. Once the Trident II build is completed—but before being sent out for finish- ing—the pistol is test-fired at 15 yards to check for both function and reliability.

Dust and dirt are the enemy of all firearms. The patent pending RFID technology affords the fastest access to your handguns. Simply place the RFID bracelet. A traditional key is also included. This non-abrasive chemical solvent was designed by Butch Fischer. It is safe to use on stainless steel. To learn more please call or visit butchsboreshine. Good quality firearms are designed to keep running even with heavy fouling but in my experience once you get to a certain level of build-up things start to slow down.

Inside the barrel heavy fouling can affect accuracy. Made from natural oils. In truth. During the process. Whether in the deserts of Iraq. The nickel-boron finish resulted in a very slick trigger pull that felt lighter than the measured 4.

While there are more expensive s on the market. The lower trailing edge of the thumb safety needed to be radiused to remove a sharp edge. The pistol is test-fired a second time for a final function check and the zero is confirmed. I tested the Trident II with three loads at a distance of 25 yards. Both of these were very minor issues. The test-firing is done with the three. Laughridge was also interested in getting some initial feedback.

After all parts are returned. The second involved the fire control and trigger pull. I even degreased the pistol and ran it in a completely dry condition in an effort to induce a malfunction.

For a perfect plinking companion to a true military While the internal mechanical operations of these. For those looking for a cheaper way to keep up their shooting skills with the platform. A skeletonized aluminum trigger. Read on to see what options are available on the market for shooters today. Born from the genius of John Moses Browning and adopted by the U.

Shown is the stock Standard rimfire pistol from Chiappa. Low-key in appearance. The bright polymer tool. This enables one to depress the follower to load cartridges quickly and easily while saving your fingertips from having to grasp those small pins. To help you minimize your loading time and maximize your plinking time. The pistol. These include enhancements such as an ambidextrous thumb safety.

The frame and slide are manufactured from zinc alloy and feature a black anodized finish. From its flat-topped slide with flutes and fully adjustable sights to its 30lpi checkering on the frontstrap to its match-grade premium aluminum trigger. Combining classic styling cues such as a standard safety with enhanced upgrades like a fully adjustable rear sight unit.

Send it back to the yard line. RIG HT: Steel plates are arranged at varying distances and in various sizes. Range training: See if your local range has a row of steel plates. Did you knock them all down?

All right. Load five rounds for five plates. Its addictive and extremely satisfying. If you can get 10 rounds all in the black dot. Essential gear: On a white piece of paper. The great thing is most out-of-the-box guns will work for IDPA competitions. With a cleared and empty gun even a simulation gun will do. Just to keep things interesting. The best in the world literally put one round on top of the other.

Now what? One of the joys of shooting is finding ways we can plink and compete while making us better all-around shooters. Using pistols you might actually carry for CCW and strong-side holsters suitable for everyday wear.

Combat Handguns - February pdf | Handgun | Revolver

Steel Challenge Objective: Want to know how fast you really are? Start left to right. At the buzzer. Precision and marksmanship is the goal. Get used to moving around corners. Bullseye Objective: Hit a 3-inch dot at 50 yards while holding the gun with one hand. Five rounds.

A pistol. With iron-sights. Load five rounds and see if you can dunk all of them in there. Keep in mind. These scenarios may include a carjacking where you must draw your gun from a glove box. International Defensive Pistol Association Objective: IDPA competitor in action during a carjacking scenario.

Or your seventh. You go to the range when you can and feel pretty good about your shooting skills. Then put two rounds in the center of the paper.

Chances are whatever pistol you currently own. There are poppers. Accuracy and speed are key! International Defensive Pistol Association idpa. Send a plain-white 8. Are they both in there? Try it with a friend while timing yourself. With the inclusion of rifles and shotguns.

There really is something for everyone! But for homestead defense or enjoyable shooting at the range. I have lots of buddies who scoff at any non-traditional pistol. Everyone wants a better mousetrap. I own and have trained on a lot of subguns. Founded in The muzzle simply does not rise. The supplied singlepoint sling allows shooters to further steady the gun.

A Picatinny rail runs under the barrel.

Magazine 2015 pdf revolver

A raised fence around the magazine release prevents shooters from accidentally pushing this button. The safety switch is ambidextrous and sits directly above the pistol grip. Pulling the charging handle back farther to charge the weapon takes a lot more effort.

I never hit it by accident. The spring is heavyduty. It is the easiest gun to press check ever. Swiveling it out 90 degrees moves the bolt back approximately 0. The non-reciprocating charging handle sits on the left side. Directly under that. It could be brought on target faster than a gun from the holster.

And for VIP protection or a high-risk prisoner transport. I found it easy to drop magazines. I was planning to try a. The barrel on my test model was 5. The barrel sits 3. An ambidextrous safety sits just above the trigger. My Lyman trigger pull gauge averaged it right at 8 pounds. The included backup iron sights sit on the full-length Picatinny rail that runs down the top of the gun. A skeletonized trigger slides straight back like a pistol.

Offer Code: This has created a chronic shortage and a huge opportunity for you. Millions of guns need fixing. Couldn't get a better recommendation: The freedom I enjoy being self-employed is priceless.

When other schools are giving YOU that kind of acknowledgement. Anytime you run into a problem. American Gunsmithing Institute. Even in tough times people spend money to get their guns repaired or professionally cleaned. You can even work part-time right from your home. Have the Government pay for your training! I knew I made a mistake when I read in one of my lesson books that for further instructional help. As soon as you begin watching the videos you will be able to start making repairs.

It only takes a relatively small investment to get started. My business is exceeding my dreams. Need assistance in getting started or just want more information? We're here to help. Your one time investment in the course could provide you with a lifetime of income and opportunity.

Gene Kelly. Gunsmithing is a recession-proof business. I found disassembly and reassembly to be intuitive. A weighted cam slides down instead of back with each shot.

Not only do they perform well. Seargeant said. KRISS simply built an extension that replaces the floorplate. An Atlas bipod and a Steiner x24 scope proved ideal for accuracy testing.

The upper receiver contains the hammer. This simple but completely unique feature reduces felt recoil by as much as 65 percent and muzzle rise by an astounding 95 percent.

It uses a longer spring. Removing four identical take-down pins separates the lower and upper receivers. The springs proved to be pretty stiff and completely reliable. They are not overly expensive. The illuminated reticle in the scope proved equally useful for tactical drills later in the afternoon.

Despite its 8-pound trigger. I think having a laser and being able to shoot from the hip would have been even faster. The 3. Here are a few reasons why: My smallest group was 1. I used a 25yard sight in. Shooting a pistol with two hands is old hat. I found a red-dot sight was far preferable to iron sights when doing any type of moving and shooting. Tactical drills were far more interesting.

For more information visit kriss usa. A red-dot sight proved much more forgiving and far quicker to acquire. It feels different than the recoil on any other gun. I guess the best way to describe it is that the blast of a. It has the advantage of being more concealable. The gun is still light enough that performing reloads up in the work zone and holding the SDP one handed was no problem. I am not usually a fan of visible lasers on a gun. I think their role needs to be re-examined by American law enforcement.

The gun is very controllable. Pushing forward on an attached sling helped to steady the weapon. Rough edges on stamped parts are often simply part of machining and they do not impede the operation of the gun. At only 9. The Galloway guide rod has a degree bevel machined into it.

Part of the standard Galloway upgrades is a new recoil spring and stainless steel guide rod. The new guide rod is more durable. The heavy-duty spring also has a longer service life and eases some of the muzzle flip that the standard recoil spring permits. The backstrap is also checkered and serrated for a more secure rest in the palm. While all of the standard parts in an LCP are very good. T he Ruger LCP has been one of the true success stories in contemporary small-caliber self-defense firearms.

The Ruger LCP is one of the best options today for a concealed-carry semi-auto. The LCP feels solid in the hand with the second and third fingers firmly wrapped around the checkered and serrated grips and frontstrap. In terms of familiarization. If the gun has not been cycled. Polishing does.

We also make sure there are no dowel pins sticking out on retainers. The grip contour easily places the mass of the frame within the web of an average-size hand.

In general. It will not react to perspiration or oils from your hands. Custom molded to fit the LCP. The increased spring rate helps to balance it out. Sig P By almost flattening out the trigger. These can be individually reset to owner preference. The heavier recoil spring also induced a slight reduction in recoil with heavy tactical rounds. Average trigger pull with the new Galloway trigger was 5.

The Galloway trigger comes adjusted for pre-travel and overtravel settings with Allen-head screws. Trigger pull is still heavy. Average trigger pull with an LCP is 5. If you have the Ruger LCP and like it but wish it was just a little bit better. Recoil was still brisk with high-performance personal defense loads. The surface texture increases grip retention. This proved helpful with quicker recovery and accuracy using the Viridian Reactor 5 green laser. At a combat distance of 7 yards. A trigger that is easier to operate and provides a smoother discharge is a definite plus here.

Galloway Precision gallowayprecision. The real key to improving the LCP. The modified seven-round magazine also experienced zero issues with feeding during the test. The original floorplate is retained either flush or with finger extension. The MagGuts alteration includes a new steel follower and a dual-range spring system to allow an additional round to be loaded. If you are not already familiar with the BLK cartridge. Since the pistol does not ship with sights.

Compared to a standard quad rail. The combathandguns. The charging handle. Not surprisingly. On the Mk4 PDW. One of the benefits of this cartridge is that it will run with standard.

Many shooters like to use a singlepoint sling with AR-style pistols. The pistol grip is a Magpul MOE unit. Anticipating this desire. The finish on the gun was excellent. CMMG included an ambidextrous.

The gun I received for testing looked and felt very good. After a few groups. I also topped it with a Bushnell TRS red-dot sight. Total weight of an unloaded Mk4 PDW pistol is 4. Red dots and iron sights designed for the AR rifle are also a good match for this gun. The CrMo steel barrel on this pistol is 8 inches long.

Despite not having a buttstock. More than just another AR-platform pistol. T Two things in the gun industry have experienced a surge in popularity with shooters: AR-style pistols and the BLK cartridge.

There is a lot of interest in the shooting community about using the Blackout in self-defense and hunting roles. The first trip was for a little bench shooting to check the sights and function of the gun. Other Magpul parts are also used on the gun. CMMG stands behind the gun with a lifetime quality guarantee. The barrel is topped with an A2-style flash suppressor. A shooter can get a better grip on the gun and the weight of the pistol is kept to a minimum.

The tube is normal on AR pistols. It uses a gas impingement system and operates much the same as an AR rifle. It should be no surprise that. One of the things that makes this gun so interesting is that it is chambered for the BLK. I got the sights dialed in at 25 yards.

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Many AR pistols are chambered in 5. I tried round AR magazines from Brownells. Magpul and Troy Industries. Subsonic rounds are very popular with BLK shooters who are using suppressors. While on the range. In addition to the BLK chambering. Whether punching through a windshield or the thick underbrush. A standard AR bolt can be used.

MSO Keeps Its Clients Covered

The gun is light enough to shoot in a standard. A suppressed personaldefense weapon PDW chambered in BLK provides increased range and terminal performance when compared to similar guns chambered in 9mm. I found that I achieved the best accuracy when using the buffer tube to get a cheekweld. Unlike other caliber conversions. Even though the buffer tube is too short to use as an improvised stock.

Supersonic rounds from Hornady and Barnes cycled perfectly in the gun. The fluting cuts on the buffer tube were substantial.

Moving with the gun and engaging targets was easy. The rounds fired reliably. CMMG recommends that for reliable cycling. This is to be expected. Without a suppressor. Subsonic loads normally use bullet weights greater than grains. This is one of the reasons the cartridge has found favor in both tactical and hunting situations. The BLK also has penetration advantages when compared to the 5.

It is not harsh or uncontrollable. Using a single-point sling. Recoil feels increased when compared to a 5. A question some people may have is does the pistol pack enough power for hunting or self-defense? In rifles. For close distances with a red-dot optic mounted. I could quickly push the pistol out and use isometric tension to increase stability. I found this method was less accurate than obtaining a cheekweld. I would feel well armed for the vast majority of home-invasion scenarios.

I would attach a light and red-dot optic to the pistol. If you are looking for a pistol chambered for the BLK. Will the BLK in a pistol work to quickly put down an armed attacker or game animal? I believe so.

Carry Guns: Semi-automatic vs. Revolver

Like ARstyle rifles. Many other factors go into the concept of stopping power. Many handgun hunting loads operate at lower velocities and energy levels. Though it will only manually cycle heavy. It is chambered in one of the hottest calibers to be introduced in recent years. At 25 feet from the muzzle. For a homestead defense gun.

Combat Handguns - February 2015.pdf

The effect is two-fold: With less mass, projectiles will penetrate less, and the large, on-impact expansion will slow bullets down, dumping more energy into the bad guy and reducing the chance of a pass-through that could potentially endanger family members or neighbors. It boils down to this: With correct maintenance and quality ammunition, good semi-autos are very reliable, too. I grew up carrying a revolver while working cattle in Southwestern desert country.

When I first started carrying a semi-auto a Colt Gold Cup in. Heck, my single-action. Speed is one of the most important advantages that a semi-auto offers the average person.

Sure, there are revolver shooters who can shoot faster and more accurately than 99 percent of the semi-auto shooters out there, but the reality is that, for most folks, semi-autos are a little easier to shoot fast than revolvers.

Even a modern magazine in a. Three times! Add a couple of easy-to-carry magazines in innocent-looking belt sheaths, and you can comfortably carry over 50 rounds on your person. However, what about that non-typical encounter? Or—admit it, we all think about it—an end-of-days scenario? There are a lot of situations in which it would be mighty comforting to have plus rounds available. Semi-autos do have some drawbacks. They are clean freaks. They are also picky about subpar ammo. Whereas a revolver will accept anything that fits properly into a cylinder chamber and will dutifully fire it downrange, a semi-auto must have cartridges with the correct bullet nose geometry for reliable feeding, enough propellant to fully function the slide but not so much that it batters the internal mechanics, correct case length for proper headspacing… all this within spec so that it flows into the chamber and out again without hanging up in a gun powered purely by energy harnessed from the explosion of the cartridge itself.

The very magazines that provide high-capacity firepower can—if lost or damaged—cripple a semi-auto and, in essence, turn it into a single-shot. These days, we take magazines pretty lightly, as most of us have a spare or several.

But in the early days of semi-autos, folks considered the potential more gravely. Limited energy and penetration are another characteristic of shots fired from most semi-auto handguns. In many scenarios, limited penetration is an advantage. A 9mm hollow-point projectile is much less likely to penetrate through walls than a classic soft-point.

I know of two Alaskan bear guides who carry semi-auto. What tomfoolery. Even the more powerful revolver calibers until you get to the obscenely powerful. Shoot quality ammunition, and purchase plenty of magazines and keep track of them diligently. As long as you attend to those two details, a good semi-auto makes more sense than a revolver most of the time. Firearms for Personal Protection Get a realistic and common sense approach to concealed carry and other personal protection topics with Firearms for Personal Protection by Joseph von Benedikt.

Providing a practical, non-tactical perspective, this comprehensive guide covers essential concepts pertaining to personal-protection gun ownership and use, including concealed carry, good safety and handling practices, nightstand guns, shotguns, carbines, and much more.

Get your copy here. If you can shoot and need power, get the revolver. At 7 yards, he had no holes in the paper. He then tried to open the cylinder, no go.

He was lucky she was using. The first bullet never cleared the barrel and the other five just stacked up behind the first. If ANY one of those rounds have been at full power… Well, no telling. And it would have been even worse if he had been using. Yes, it may be an isolated event, but I have had about a dozen events like it, but not to the extreme of this one!

However, my experience has been that when not if a revolver has a MALF, it usually takes an armorer or gunsmith to repair. Finally, after I tapped the cylinder with a soft faced mallet, I got the cylinder open.

Had this been a semi-auto, it the cycling would have overcome that ding, but there is very little leverage in a double action revolver. The taps of my mallet was enough to peen the nick in the rim so we could open the cylinder.

There are more than a couple of parts that can be removed that will not totally disable the pistol. The pistol may not fully cycle, but it will fire!

Going to other semi makes. I prefer a revolver for the variety of ammo and bullet types that can be used. My mag will shoot 38 special target loads, squib loads and Buffalo Bore equally well. Some of the loads I can see the bullet hits the target and others will leave you blind at night. The only auto I use is a. I am fairly proficient with a speed loader. It is a matter of choosing the correct ammo for the job at hand.

I know how much dry wall will stop a. Further, in my experience in a hi-adrenaline situation, I never noticed the recoil or the report for that matter. I bought my wife semi-autos for years, and she hated all of them. She absolutely favors the small revolvers which I ensure are. Obviously everything is situation dependent. Log in to leave a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in Join. Sign in.