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SATELLITE COMMUNICATION –. AN INTRODUCTION. Contents. Introduction. Basics. Applications of Satellites o Weather Forecasting o Radio and. Basics: Advantages of Satellites. ○ The advantages of satellite communication over terrestrial(ةيضرلاا) communication are: ▫ The coverage area of a satellite. and Control. The communications architecture consists of satellites and ground stations interconnected AFSCN (SGLS) - AF Satellite Control Network (Space Ground Link System) ..

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05/29/ Howard Hausman, MITEQ, Inc. 2. Fundamentals of Satellite. Communications Part 1. ▫ Satellite Communications Introduction. the significance of satellite communication and its role in present scenario. Prerequisites communication systems, in order draw benefit from this tutorial. IOM Course Satellite and Data Communications Basics. Copyright © Document Name: INST_IOMx_SATDATACOMOnline_pdf.

Due to ageing effect the efficiency of Satellite components decreases. The cost for Initial design and launching of the satellite in the orbit results in extremely high. Brett Stewart. Popular in Mathematics. Around the world. To overcome disadvantage of Line of sight communication which is only 45 - 55 km, the transmitting antenna is placed on the satellite and the satellite is placed in the orbit high above the earth.

Communication pdf satellite basics