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Please observe the social customs of the Omani society and dress decently. · Do not make any noise and keep music volume to a minimum when passing. The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Relief) (K) and pdf format (K); Oman (Small Map) (K). Create your own Oman travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can.

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Str. of H. 1. Of Hormus. OMAN. OMAN. ***. Khasab. Khesab. Ra's. Musandam. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF Jāsk. IRAN. Dībā al Hisn. Download Free Oman Maps in high resolution formats for the web, projects and reports. Oman (Political) (K) and pdf format (K). Oman (Shaded. Detailed maps of Oman in good resolution. You can print or download these maps for free. The most complete travel guide - Oman on

Famous for the bare mountains looking like fjords, people visit for the cruises in traditional Dhow boats, the landscapes and the dolphins. Birkat Al Mawz. Take advantage of our production expertise. Sie haben den Newsletter abonniert! With mapz.

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Oman Travel Guide

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Einstellungen speichern. Altes Passwort: Passwort wiederholen: Englisch Deutsch Einstellungen speichern. Piwik Webanalyse. Oman Hotels and Accommodations. Oman Day Tours from Muscat. Wild camping in Oman. Muscat is the capital city of Oman.

Pdf oman map

It is a beautiful white and vibrant city contrasting with the bare brown hills and the turquoise waters. There is much to do for tourists within the city itself. Plus, it is conveniently located, if you don't want to go itinerant.

Many places to visit are reachable on a day tour from Muscat. Below are articles dedicated to specific locations and things to do. They include many photos and planning tips. This way you have a complete list of things to do in Muscat to choose from. Things to do in Muscat. Royal Opera House. Muscat Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Forts and Palace. Hike in Muscat - Riyam and Muttrah.

Muscat boat tours - Snorkeling. The North of tOman around the Capital city is the most visited area, with enjoyable weather conditions in Winter and many things to do. Below is a Map of the North of the country. Easily accessed from Muscat, the highlights of the coast South of the capital are well worth the drive. You get it all: Some of the best places to visit in Oman! The following articles provide you with the information you need to select your itinerary and plan your visits.

Bimmah Sinkhole.

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Wadi Shab. Wadi Tiwi. Ras Al Jinz - Turtle Reserve. Wadi Bani Khalid. Wahiba Sands. For more traditional sites and ancient history, explore the Oman hinterlands: Nizwa Fort, Ruins, Unesco listed necropolis Al Munisifeh Ruins. Birkat Al Mawz. Jebel Akhdar. Old village of Misfat Al Abriyeen. It is fertile and home to most of the agricultural land in the country. Rustaq Oman - The loop. Al Sawadi Beach: Daymaniyat islands.

The Musandam peninsula is a separated land East of Dubai.

Map pdf oman

Famous for the bare mountains looking like fjords, people visit for the cruises in traditional Dhow boats, the landscapes and the dolphins. The eBook Experience Oman also include the best views and locations in the Musandam peninsula.

Pdf oman map

Located in the South of Oman, the Dhofar region around Salalah is less visited than the rest of the country. It is a favorite for the locals, especially when escaping the heat in Summer.

They are included in the eBook Experience Oman. Travel Checklists. Travel Safety Tips.