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Free PDF BATMAN SILENCIO PARTE 1 LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Batman: Los mejores cmics del Caballero Oscuro Con Batman v Superman cada . Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. COLECCIÓN NOVELAS GRÁFICAS DC COMICS50 primeros TÍTULOS* 01 Batman Silencio parte 1 34 Wonder Woman: Dioses.

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Read Batman: Hush comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Batman – Hush – The 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (): In this classic tale , Batman sets out to learn the identity of the mysterious villain. Batman - The Complete Hush () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse.

The Joker eventually returned to Gotham City with an army of trained pigeons and retaliated in Batman: When in Rome Gotham City Sirens. Night of the Owls " " Batman: Elegy " " Bruce Wayne: The Widening Gyre Batman: Exploiting the latter's shapeshifting abilities, Hush was briefly able to shed doubt on his true identity and had Alfred Pennyworth framed for murder, using samples taken from the new Clayface to infect Alfred with a virus that would allow Elliot to control him. Batman's idea of using Krypto's keen smell senses to track Ivy from just her scent on the leafs, worked perfectly.

Hush, still wearing Bruce's appearance, decided to fake his surrender, waiting for the right moment to escape. When Damian left to deal with a new crisis, Hush surmised that Firefly was behind the attack. He noted how Gotham City had fallen apart in Batman's absence, and pondered how to use the current situation to his advantage. He then re-emerged as Bruce Wayne, claiming that he would donate a billion dollars a month to Gotham City until the financial crisis was over.

Dick and Damian, along with the Outsiders and assorted other superheroes, explained to Hush that they would always watch and control him- with the other heroes acting as a 'board of directors' intended to 'supervise' his financial dealings- and that someone will always be ready to take him down if he steps out of line. With no other option available to him, Hush reluctantly agreed to play Dick Grayson's puppet, posing as Bruce Wayne, and thus keeping the public from realizing that Bruce was dead.

Hush had appeared, notably as a member of the Gotham Shield Committee, around Gotham quite frequently, often attempting to make connections. When Ra's al Ghul arrived in Gotham, promising to ruin the Wayne family in retaliation against Red Robin , he immediately sought out Hush. This left Hush with no official standing in the company. Hush reappeared in Streets of Gotham for the story arc "House of Hush" beginning in However, this plan backfired when the criminal Jane Doe—a woman who lost her face in an accident and had resorted to cutting off the faces of others—became obsessed with 'Bruce Wayne' after he had her released.

She infiltrated his life by taking the face of his new assistant, and subsequently cut off Elliot's new face with the intention of becoming Bruce Wayne herself. Batman caught her and Hush, and they were both sent to Arkham. During the events of Batman: Gates of Gotham , Hush was freed from Arkham by a new villain named the Architect.

As this happened, Red Robin , Nightwing , and Blackbat realized that the Elliot family was connected to a series of bombings that destroyed three historical Gotham bridges. Nightwing found Hush, who had been betrayed by the Architect and strapped to a bomb, but was forced to sacrifice Wayne Tower to save his life.

In this new timeline, Hush first appears in issue twenty-one of Batman Eternal as the apparent mastermind behind Commissioner Gordon 's downfall and Carmine Falcone 's return. After injecting Alfred with fear toxin , Hush was seen communicating with Jason Bard about taking control of Gotham. In issue twenty-six, a slightly revised origin for Hush was revealed; he was still Tommy Elliott, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne , but in this version, his parricide is explicitly described as a way for him to get closer to Bruce who had started distancing himself from Tommy after the death of his own parents rather than as a way for him to receive his inheritance.

After having blown up another weapon cache and having been shot through the shoulder with a grappling hook by Julia Pennyworth, Hush gave up his location to Batman to face him in a final showdown. They met and fought in a weapon cache below the Martha Wayne Foundation hospital, which Hush had rigged to explode as a backup plan. Batman defeated Hush, but was then informed that the government had seized control of Wayne Enterprises and its holdings due to its involvement in the catastrophic explosions around Gotham.

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He also found out that perhaps Hush was not the mastermind behind the events of Batman Eternal ; instead he would have been invited beforehand to take advantage of the imminent downfall of Commissioner Gordon. Hush then taunted Batman, stating, "Maybe you're right Bruce, maybe I'm not you. But right now, who would want to be? Hush was then kept as prisoner in the Batcave , but broke out with the help of the then unknown mastermind behind the current threat.

Hush proceeded to sabotage the equipment of several members of the Batman Family via the Batcomputer as they fought various villains, including crashing the Batwing with Batman still in it. He was then returned to captivity after having been ambushed by Alfred Pennyworth, Alfred harshly informing Tommy that he was hardly going to be locked up in his own home.

Hush (character)

After DC Comics' new line-wide relaunch Rebirth , Hush first appeared in a single-panel cameo in issue 19 of Batman vol. Then, in the one-shot Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush 1 , Hush is 'tipped off' to Batman's upcoming wedding by the Joker. Hush attempts to attack Batman's bachelor party, causing a disaster to distract Superman and then attacking Batman and Nightwing.

In the course of the confrontation, Hush's attack disrupts a dimensional gate Superman had provided that was intended to take Batman to a peaceful pocket universe, resulting in Hush and Nightwing being trapped in an in-between place for individuals who have lost all sense of individual identity.

As Hush's rants affirm his inability to forge a life for himself outside of an obsession with Bruce Wayne, he reveals that he has given himself plastic surgery to look like Dick Grayson to try and recapture his old friendship with Bruce. Nightwing, despite feeling some sympathy for Hush, nevertheless leaves him behind in the pocket dimension while he escapes back home. Being a victim of abuse and a neglectful, submissive mother rendered Thomas Elliot sociopathic.

Before even his teenage years, he was already operating on a high level of sociopathy, going so far as severing the brake line of his parents' car to gain independence from them and inherit the Elliot family fortune. When Bruce Wayne's parents died and he inherited the Wayne family fortune, as well as independence, from them - the very two things Tommy sought to gain from his parents' death - Tommy developed an irrational hatred for his childhood friend, spawned from the fact Bruce's father Thomas Wayne was the one who operated on and saved his mother, foiling the young Elliot's plan of parricide, and that via the death of his parents', Bruce had gained everything he wanted.

This deep-rooted hatred would then carry on into Tommy's adulthood, resulting in him adopting his Hush persona. Elliot also seems to be obsessed with mystery and subterfuge, preferring to operate from the shadows and having cast doubts over his own identity and motivations several times.

Thomas "Tommy" Elliot has spent most of his life honing his skills enough to be a match for the Dark Knight. One of the finest surgeons in Gotham City, Thomas Elliot has an incredible, genius-level intellect and is also a master planner, with tactical skills rivaling those of the Caped Crusader.

Hush's greatest asset is his talent for thinking like his opponents and for using their abilities against them. Ironically, Bruce Wayne received his strategic skills from Elliot during their childhood before their respective parents' deaths.

Hush is an expert marksman, able to shoot two batarangs out of the air and set off C4 explosive using twin M While not possessing the kind of martial arts training that Bruce Wayne acquired, Hush has proven his ability to fight hand-to-hand; he shows expertise and competence, being able to fight almost on par with Batman.

Silencio pdf batman

He has performed breakthrough medical operations, such as removing Harold Allnut 's hunchback and giving him the ability to speak, repairing Harvey Dent's face, inventing a virus which accelerates Killer Croc 's devolution, and tearing out Catwoman 's heart without doing any lasting damage. Hush is also able to perform plastic surgery on himself, using minimal anesthetic and sheer force of will.

Silencio pdf batman

He's implied to have removed the pacemaker installed on his own heart by himself, and has shown the ability to grant himself the appearance of someone else, such as Bruce Wayne, using only a long series of planned surgeries on his own face, with the aid of a simple mirror. Thomas Elliot previously had access to the vast resources of his family fortune, putting him on par with Bruce Wayne in wealth, and so he is able to fund his more expensive plans.


He is also able to buy the cooperation of the main villains in Gotham, like Mr. However, since the "Heart of Hush" storyline, Catwoman has tapped his resources, reducing him to poverty. He then put in motion a plan to use his newfound resemblance to Bruce Wayne to leech off the Wayne fortune, cutting off the Batman Family from it as well. This plan was thwarted when he underestimated his foes, finding himself merely a puppet of the Batman Family and their allies as he serves to create the impression that Bruce Wayne is still alive.

The Batman Beyond miniseries revealed that Bruce Wayne's last fight with Hush occurred on a rainy night and consisted primarily of a rooftop chase. As a last-minute means of escape, Elliot dove into an open window, only to be shot by the homeowner who mistook him for an invader.

With Batman severely injured and not on good terms with the police, he left Hush's body without examining it himself. Bruce seemed initially satisfied with the official police identification of the body as Elliot's.

However, he later admits suspecting that Hush's skill for strategy and plastic surgery could have fabricated the entire scenario. Some time after the events of Batman Beyond: He subsequently tracks the murderer to a hospital where an aged Jervis Tetch is being held and finds a bandaged man standing over a badly injured nurse. The man flees as Terry rushes over to the nurse, who says the man uttered a single word, "Hush". Returning to the cave, Terry learns what happened in Bruce's last fight with Hush.

Terry soon discovers that the reformed villain, Armory, has been killed with sharpened umbrellas the Penguin's weapon of choice. Upon confronting Day, Terry is suddenly ambushed by Hush, who broke in beforehand. During Terry's fight with the new Hush, it is revealed that this Hush is not only capable of matching the current Batman in a fight, but is also aware of Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman.

He regards Terry as an impostor with no understanding of what it means to be Batman. He also regards his murders of Batman's rogues gallery as orphaning Batman all over again by killing his enemies as the only loving family he has had. Hush escapes by throwing the Calendar Man out the window with a bomb attached to Day's chest.

Pdf batman silencio

Terry chooses to try and save Day, but fails. Confirming that Tim Drake was under constant physical and psychological observation since his time as the Joker , Terry eliminates Drake as a suspect and proceeds to confront Dick Grayson.

Meanwhile, Hush is revealed to have hired the new Catwoman to plant a tracking device on Batman, before proceeding to strangle her as part of his vendetta. Deep down, Clark's essentially a good person Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Part I: Batman Part II: Part III: Part IV: Part V: Part VI: Part VII: Part VIII: Part IX: It works because of who they are, and someday he will learn to trust that. Batman also thinks that it may be possible "someday".

After the story's success, Lee and Loeb were slated to follow the story up with another six issues, but the project failed to materialize. Hush's story was continued by AJ Lieberman in the now discontinued Batman: Gotham Knights title.

The plot element involving Jason Todd was later retconned in other Batman storylines. In the Under the Hood arc, it was revealed that Batman was actually fighting the real Jason Todd in the graveyard, who later switched places with Clayface. Todd is now a murderous vigilante known as the Red Hood.

It is also revealed that Batman had suspected that it was really Jason Todd he fought with and that Todd had been stalking him since then. This is evident during the arc storyline of As the Crow Flies , where it is shown that Jason's mask was found in the Batmobile, and Batman himself is aware and waiting for a chance to confirm it.

After Jason revealed himself to Batman and kidnapped the Joker, he does not only antagonizing Batman and his allies in Gotham but also clashing with the Teen Titans , Outsiders , and Green Arrow as well.

At the same time the Dark Knight has desperately tried to reach Jason in an effort to atone for his past failures. Following Infinite Crisis , the Riddler spent a year in a coma and lost all memory of ever knowing that Batman was Bruce Wayne. The Hush storyline was followed up in Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen's well-received storyline, Heart of Hush , where Hush returns to get revenge on Batman through Catwoman and surgically changed his appearance to match Bruce Wayne's in an attempt to steal his identity.

The series was praised for adding backstory and depth to the character of Hush while returning him to a credible threat. An origin story for Hush is given in Detective Comics — IGN Comics ranked Vol.

Silencio pdf batman

Hush 10 on a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, saying that "there are some truly unforgettable moments" and "Jim Lee's artwork is unbelievable". The entire storyline has been collected in two volumes and later into one volume.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hush" Cover of a collected edition of Batman: Hush Volume 1 hardcover by Jim Lee. In Dougall, Alastair. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. Dorling Kindersley. Retrieved Archived from the original on News Corporation. September 5, Hush' Animated Movie Announced". July 21, Batman publications and storylines.

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