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In following we present the Corpus of Czech Verse i. Do you have any spiritual experience or feeling? That's why we can use the neutrosophic set and logic, which deal with indeterminacy. I will be the first one in his group to apply fuzzy logic, neutrosophic logic and statistical models in the field. But the neutrosophic operators involve all three of them: Dragos Adrian. Un adult este un copil deteriorat.

Legea modei: Legea lui Hutchison: Legea lui Fuller legea jurnalismului: Legea lui Grossman: Legea lui Sir Walter: Legea lui Hellrung: Legea lui Maryann: Exemplul 1: Legea lui Smith: Legea lui Ken: Exemplul 2: Legile lui Murphy Legea lui Drazen. Legea lui Flugg: Legea scrisorii: Legea lui Perlsweig: Legea lui Witten: Legea lui Rogers: Un teanc de date este folositor.

Nota lui Fowler: Legile comitetului: Legile fotografului: Legile lui Lackand: Primul postulat al isomurphismului: Teorema lui White: Regula lui Rune: Legile reverendului Chichester: Regula lui Wallace Wood legea desenului: Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Santanu Kumar Patro. Scilogs, III: Viva la Neutrosophia! Florentin Smarandache Nidus idearum. Brussels, Exchanging ideas with A.

Fernandez, Ilanthenral Kandasamy, W. El-Nakeeb, M. Riad, Arsham Borumand Saeid, A. Salama, U. My lab[oratory] is a virtual facility with non- controlled conditions in which I mostly perform scientific meditation and chats: I called the jottings herein scilogs truncations of the words scientific, and gr.

Feel free to budge in or just use the scilogs as open source for your own ideas! I coined the words neutrosophy and neutrosophic in my book: Florentin Smarandache, Neutrosophy. Links to some books on Neutrosophy: For example: Paul Kwan, Prof. David Paul, Mumtaz Ali: We can discuss about applying neutrosophic statistical analysis in modeling the drought forecasting and others. By the way, I also generalized the classical probability to a neutrosophic probability NP , in the following way: For example, the proposition: We can use the neutrosophic probability because it includes the indeterminacy, which is very common in our everyday life in weather prediction for agriculture, in cancer prediction etc.

Mumtaz Ali: My current supervisor Dr. Ravi has also gone to China in this regard a few days ago. He is an expert in the area of Environmental and Agriculture Engineering. I will be the first one in his group to apply fuzzy logic, neutrosophic logic and statistical models in the field. Neutrosophic Psychology means indeterminacy studied in psychology, and connection of opposite theories and their neutral theories together.

If a scale weights are, for example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, we can refine in many way, for example: Here it is the general picture on the neutrosophic components T, I, F: When we apply neutrosophic operators, for T's we apply one type, while for I and F we apply an opposite type.

Let's see examples: Now, about Definition 1 in the paper Neutrosophic Cubic Ideals the characteristic neutrosophic set function: Is this answer satisfactory for you? There also are authors who prefer that T and I are computed in the same way, while F is computed differently. There are such interpretations for the neutrosophic disjunction, depending on the experts: About your "imaginary indeterminacy" which is indeterminacy in sub-conscience or indeterminacy in sleeping time, I agree with it.

Try to get more such concrete examples and use them within the frame of the neutrosophic set. Similarly, when we talk about neutrosophic implication: We can extend even further the neutrosophic cubic set, by considered the n-valued refined neutrosophic set, i. T is refined in types of truths: T1, T2, So, we can get a refined neutrosophic cubic set. Similarly as in neutrosophics, one can refine the fuzzy set, and we can make a refined fuzzy cubic set. e-Print archive, Linguistics

That's why we can use the neutrosophic set and logic, which deal with indeterminacy. We can generalize the Neutrosophic Vague Soft Expert Set, from a second neutrosophic point of view, i. In another book, about Neutrosophic Probability, one has for each event E: Neutrosophic statistics and neutrosophic probability better characterize the planets elliptical varying orbits, eccentricity, perihelion closest distance to the Sun , and aphelion farthest distance to the Sun.

Vasantha Kandasamy, Ilanthenral K. We now extend it to refined indeterminacies. We denote this as: For the multiplication, the same: Jun Ye: I cited you several times in my last book Symbolic Neutrosophic Theory ,. I re-send it to you, since many things may inspire you for doing more papers and research. It is a great pleasure for me to exchange ideas with a talented scientist like you.

Vers Omar Hammoui: Arnaud Martin: Vas directement au chapitre de Neutrosophic Probability. Suppose an airplane A is detected by the radar.

Murphy legile pdf lui

Is it a friend, enemy, or neutral? What is the neutrosophic probability of A? Here it is, similarly to combining two masses. What about instead of "interval-valued fuzzy set" we take a "sub-unitary-valued fuzzy set", where the sub- unitary set is an extension of the interval.

Even more complex: I have introduced a general definition of membership, i. Also, we have combined the neutrosophic set with the vague set, and got a neutrosophic vague set. Neutrosophic set is as generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy set. Vague set is also a part of intuitionistic fuzzy set. Or both the vertex and the edge are I indeterminate. So, at least a vertex is not known, i. I think we do not need any restriction for the neutrosophic graphs, since if the vertices u and v belong to the graph each of them in a certain degree of membership, that does not mean that the edge uv i.

For the most general definition of a single-value neutrosophic graph, we can remove these restrictions. It is similar, for the singled-values, to: While in neutrosophic set, there is no restriction, since t, i, f are considered independent, therefore: See my paper about dependence and independence of the components t, i, f: Smarandache, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol.

Similarly, we can consider the most general case of single-valued neutrosophic graphs, i. This is just from our everyday life, because: As a particular case, of course we can study too the case when the neutrosophic truth-values of the vertices are dependent of the neutrosophic truth-values of the edges. Bustince, C. Franco, J. Pagola, J.

Lui pdf legile murphy

Fernandez, E. I read with interest your paper "Paired Structures in Knowledge Representation" and the many ideas from it. The number and types of Subindeterminacies depend from a case to another case. T, I, F truth, indeterminacy, falsehood , I have observed that each component can be refined in T1, T2, I presented this at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in , that Prof. Montero and Prof. For example, in a voting procedure: T1 can be the percentage of people from Madrid voting for a candidate, T2 can be the percentage of people from Salamanca voting for a candidate, etc.

While I1 the percentage of people from Madrid who did not vote, or did a blank vote, or a black vote; etc. And F1 percentage of people of people from Madrid voting against a candidate, etc. Now, if we also consider the voting, but we can take the indeterminacy from a different point of view: What I meant, it is possible to split Indeterminacy into different ways into many SubIndeterminacies depending on what the problem requires us.

Yes, the vague set can be extended to a neutrosophic vague set, see: There are papers on "intuitionistic neutrosophic set" S. Broumi, F. For single valued neutrosophic logic, the sum of the components is: Javier Montero: Thanks for your message and your interest in our work, indeed deeply related to your neutrosophic sets.

Let me a fast answer right now, but it would be very nice if we can time to put together our visions. I agree with you on that neutrality depends of the problem to solve, but a main claim in our paper and the previous paper by D. Gomez, J. Montero and H. On the relevance of some families of fuzzy sets. Fuzzy Sets and Systems If we realize that depending on the circumstances, we have different neutralities we should find the way to acknowledge which particular neutrality is suggested in each case.

What we propose in this paper is a possible constructive approach. In particular, the term "indeterminacy" might bring certain confusion in my opinion, since there are very different kinds of indeterminacies.

Fulfilling both opposites might imply an obvious difficulty to choose among two opposites. But not having information at all, or realizing that none of both opposites hold, also imply difficulties to choose among opposites. But these three cases are essentially different from a knowledge representation point of view. Our objective is precisely to build up a strategy to differentiate and justify all those different neutralities, splitting as you also suggest the big and heterogeneous bag of options in between two opposites.

Lui murphy pdf legile

But I think it is a risky example, potentially contaminated with probabilistic arguments. Anyway, the key issue is how to explain how two opposites create different categories in between and, eventually, a more complex valuation structure. It is a pity that I did not know about this recent paper of yours, I see that published in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, Beijing, China, August, , , but inaccessible for me. Can you send it to me?

Thanks, in advance. Javier Montero, Prof. Gracias, Prof. Montero, por su e-mail. I also CC you colleague and my good researcher in neutrosophic topology, who gave me a ride in Madrid when I visited your university: My apology for the broken links. They were to the IEEE website, which now ask for payments for each paper. I need to fix them. I attach the first required paper, and a second one which is in the same topic.

This can work for sure. But then how many such classes may we have? What I mean, even in the frame of the same problem, we may have different attribute to study, and so what we get for the same problem many classes Montero et al.: I said that between the opposites as in your article there may be not only one there is a so-called Law of Included Middle but more Included-Middles, i. Exactly what we all are interested in this research. Now let's show more examples, as required by Prof.

Let's consider the proposition: This proposition has two opposites: Spain wins, Spain looses, and one middle: I defined in the quintuple logic: Florentin Smarandache: To T truth and to F falsehood as well. Let's see a 7-valued neutrosophic logic with two truths opposed to two falsehoods, and three middles. As done in the previous n-valued refined neutrosophic logic: Le Huang Son Hanoi, Vietnam: Today, neutrosophic set and neutrosophic logic are the most general and comprehensive logic and respectively sets.

They are more flexible and more and more people are starting to apply them in different fields.

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Indeterminacy makes a difference. But the neutrosophic operators involve all three of them: And in IFS, when dealing with interval values for T and F, one does not know exactly how compute what is left as indeterminacy. Please check the first lines of the neutrosophic website: Always when t, i, f are specified, it is neutrosophic set neutro meaning neither true nor false.

Fuzzy set does not allow for the sum of components to be less than 1. It is a good idea to extend the Neutrosophic Recommender Systems and make more or deeper applications to medicine for the diagnostis.

What about using the refined neutrosophic set T1, T2, I looked over them. By the way, what is the reason for calling them "picture"? Maybe I miss something herein. What do you think about it? We can consider the case when t and f are dependent, while i independent with respect to both of them. Or when i and f are dependent, and t independent from both of them.

Picture Fuzzy Set is a special case of Neutrosophic Set a sub-case of neutrosophic set. We can also extend NS into some other new theories which can be used in decision making as well as we can construct a huge arithmetic for them. When "i" indeterminacy is specified, it is part of neutrosophic set. I think in the paper which was not published on Picture Fuzzy Relation, the authors should replace the syntagm Picture Fuzzy Relation by "Picture Neutrosophic Relation" or 3-Dependent Neutrosophic Relation, or something similar.

For the published paper, it is nothing to do, but in the future I think the authors should use the right definition Neutrosophic instead of Fuzzy. I read your example with voting, how to refine it. In general, it is possible to even more refine it, as: There are other types of neutrosophic operatos as well: You can exercise various operators in your PFSs. Smarandache, Prof. Bui Cong Cuong, et al.

Hereinafter, I would like to officially introduce two pioneers: Till now, there are approximately papers about NS; Prof. As you know, there are several common charateristics between two notions, for example: Both sets are generalizations of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set. I don't want to discuss further about their coincidence as I believe it would be more suitable when Prof. Smarandache comes to Vietnam in May We will clarify any detail.

Information about his visit was given in my last email. Should you have any comment or idea, please let me know.

Nobody has done research or examples in this case, i. Or we may consider the case when t and f are dependent, while i is independent from them.

Murphy pdf lui legile

What about considering: Let G be a groupoid. We define the groupoid neutrosophic partial order: Let G be a group. We can extend the complex neutrosophic set to the refined complex neutrosophic set, using T1, T2, I read your interesting paper, which introduces for the first time the Neutrosophic Recommender System.

I also saw the nice applications into the medical diagnosis. I think it's possible to do another approach using the Neutrosophic Implication Operator [see some examples of classes of neutrosophic implications in the attached book at pp. Numerical example: One has the following two neutrosophic relationships: John, viral fever.

Nonetheless, we are on a different way - using a non-linear model to find the relationship from the most analogous patients. But your ideas are still helpful. But note that in practical medical diagnosis, we have never got the relation between temperature, viral fever because it depends on each clinician. In order to fix or accommodate it, what about if instead of single value neutrosophic set we take interval valued neutrosophic set.

I mean instead for example of 40 grade temperature, viral fever , we can go by [], viral fever. May it work? If we have John, symptom1 , John, viral fever we can associate symptom1, viral fever. If George, symptom2 and George, viral fever , then we associate symptom2, viral fever , etc.

So, in my opinion, we associate all symptoms from all patients to the same disease. Le Huang Son: This is obvious to use interval or "fuzzy of fuzzy" for the relation temperature, viral fever but note that this kind of data is not available in practical. Probably considering various patients for the same disease, their symptoms are not exactly the same. There is some variation between a symptom of a patient and a symptom of another patient both having the same disease.

The calendar explanation of a subject of the national fairy tale as fragment of the antropomofny description of an annual cycle is offered. Logical communication of the specified attributes of the Baba-yaga with the hypothesis of global flood offered Category: It is a little about psychology of scientific perception Category: The assumption of a possible origin of the word "Europe" is made.

Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian Comments: This article explores the derivation of Phoenician and other alphabets from the Brahmi Aksharas.

No region in the entire planet has been as misunderstood and misrepresented historically than the Indian Subcontinent. Implications of attempting to understand it's history has gone as far as consequences of the Aryan Race theory in the context of Nazis and atheist Dravidian Tamils. It is high time one puts a full stop to all this by knowing truly the history of India.

On the basis of research several conclusions have been put forward: All these are correct in their own way within their own scope. The problem is not research accuracy, but narrow perspectives. Furthermore certain glaring and questionable assumptions are often made. For example, how can one validate that human migrations inferred through DNA haplogroups are the only sources by which languages spread and evolve? In this article I shall briefly give an overview narrative of Indian Prehistory, on the basis of collating multiple sources.

Some of this narrative stands proven by existing archaeological and linguistic and genetic evidences, which are strung together by logical reasoning. For those with need of more concrete proof, time shall certainly answer. For those whose minds have been so corrupted and brainwashed with dogmas from the Holy See or Aryan Dravidian prejudices, God alone shall answer.

For those with honest open minds, yearning to understand the truth and for unbiased researchers trying to put together pieces, this article shall surely be of value, and that alone is the scope of this article.

Julian Juhi-Lian Ting Comments: Oracle bones characters have many variations. As they are still conceivable, there must have some intrinsic essence inside. Disputes of previous studied components exist, while some interpretation are too far-fetched. We introduce some concepts from fluid dynamics and graph theories to interpret the meaning of these components Category: Despite the existence of numerous studies demonstrating that tobacco use is strongly associated with cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other health problems, tobacco continues to be a major public health threat worldwide.

Social media provides a rich resource for population-level, health-based monitoring and understanding of tobacco cessation efforts and trends.

In this pilot study, we identified common and emerging tactics used by Reddit users for tobacco cessation and demonstrated that the Transtheoretical Model — an established and widely used behavioural change theory — could be leveraged to track and identify successful cessation of tobacco usage within this population.

Barkhudarov L. I will be grateful if you publish my work as soon as possible. It is really very important for me. Some people have a desire to be similar in clothes to those who matter, others use clothes as a way to stand out. This style, long possessed by Europe and America, is gaining increasing popularity among young people. This work will be useful and interesting in that it will allow teenagers to pay attention to the translation of inscriptions on their clothes, and ensure the correctness of the use of information that should reflect the true interests of the wearer with the inscriptions.

Dubinyansky , Pavel Churlyaev. Mircea Monu Comments: Ion Rotaru Comments: We have written about him on other occasions too: The founder of the International Paradoxist Movement is full of surprises, of course.

Alex Balog Comments: Rainer W. Im April und Mai wurden Von ihnen waren Die meisten Frauen haben abgetrieben, etwa 1. Autobiographisch beschrieben wurden diese Vergewaltigungen in "Anonyma: Eine Frau in Berlin" [5].

Hier belege ich, dass diese Autobiographie kein Roman ist, wie oft behauptet, sondern ein historisches Dokument. Dysarthria is caused by a variety of neurological diagnoses resulting in decreased communicative effectiveness.


Treatment of dysarthria could be improved if speech-language pathologists SLPs had the ability to obtain speech data during exercises and typical daily activities outside the clinic.

This study evaluated the feasibility of smartwatch technology to collect reliable speech data in ecologically valid environments outside of the clinical environment. In following we present the Corpus of Czech Verse i.

The following online tools are described: Andrew Nassif Comments: Doing Business can be a very hard type of career. In this paper we will be looking at the genius of some popular businessman and their overall appeals when dealing with business, making tradeoffs, or writing to a general audience.

We will take an overall literary, business, and linguistics aspect to our analysis. The origins of the Indus Valley Civilization are shrouded in mystery. Two significant questions from this unsolved historical problem are the origins of the Brahmi and Indus scripts. In this light, the present paper performs a omparative feature based study of the Brahmi, Indus and Aramaic scripts, decisively proving that the Brahmi is indeed more closer to the Indus script than to Aramaic.

Based on this result, and other established partial decipherments thus far, a hypothesis proposing the two-subsets nature of the Indus script is proposed.

Separate phonetic and pictographic sets corresponding to Sanskrit and Tamil are identified, pointing towards a new way of comprehensively deciphering the Indus script.

Etymology, as the flagship study of linguistics, relates phonetic aspects of words in different languages through the connected meanings. The present paper provides a listing of names of countries and continents modern and ancient included and through the etymologies in the source languages, reconstructs the Sanskrit names for such countries.

The ability to reconstruct Sanskrit etymologies of country names with etymological roots in a diverse collection of languages with reasonable phonetic closeness suggests at a common link between diverse language families of the world, and forms the highlight of the present paper.

Paradoxist folklore, poems, translations, prose, and illustrations by many authors. Contributors by countries: Luis Sancho Comments: The Superorganisms of history, nations and civilizations, as all social, 'cellular systems', have an energetic, reproductive and informative network that organize its 'human cells'. We thus can study verbal languages with the tools of Complex Sciences, and the formalism of 10 Dimensional systems, to understand its structure and purpose.

That purpose is obvious. As nervous messages coordinate the collective actions of the cells of the body, collective human actions are created with wor l ds, verbal languages of information that order a community of human beings into a social network of common values and actions that create the nation or civilization.

Thus, it follows that the highest expression of those words that create human worlds are the Law, in its religious or civil form. Yet we can do more detailed analysis of words in other scalar levels and from other point of view.

How for example the use of I, the subject, at the beginning of sentences in English creates and ego-centered, free, egoist psyche, proper of the Anglo-Saxon culture where social ethics are foreign to its syntax.

This article concentrates not so much on ethics but on linguistics, specifically on the influence of syntax on culture. We shall find that 'topology', the order between subject, verb and object, according to the Universal Grammar, is the main defining element of linguistics that organizes the psyche of cultures. In this manner, we fusion thanks to the discoveries of complexity sciences the 2 main thesis of linguistics, genetic linguistics chomsky and the Humboldt Hypothesis.

Smarandache Comments: Folclor umoristic internetist, cules, selectat, prelucrat de Florentin Smarandache. Bancuri, imagini, folclor in general.