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Laurann Dohner Nova, Fan Art, New Books, The. Visit. Discover ideas about Nova Laurann Dohner - New Species - Fury - Ellie - Slade - Trisha - Valiant -. Laurann Dohner - New Species - Fury - Ellie - Slade - Trisha - Valiant - Baixar Livro Slade - Novas Espécies Vol 02 - Laurann Dohner em PDF, ePub e Mobi. Fury Laurann Dohner Book 1 in the New Species series. Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal.

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pequenina e sexy é machucá-la. Download Novas Especies - Vol.1 - Colecao Fury pdf. Read Online Novas Especies - Vol.1 - Colecao Fury pdf. Read Online Novas Especies - Vol.1 - Colecao Fury pdf. Download and Read Free Online Novas Especies - Vol.1 - Colecao Fury LAURANN DOHNER. Laurann Dohner - New Species - Fury - Ellie - Slade - Trisha - Valiant - . Resenha: Justice (Novas Espécies #4) Laurann Dohner | Cantinho da Alê Paranormal.

The new five-thousand-acre Homeland had just been completed and Ellie had spent her second day living there. The park-like area extended for a great distance along the guarded walls. She yanked up her kit, ran at the wall next to the door, and turned her face at the last second before she slammed into it. Opublikowany The men panted when they slowed and stared at her in confusion. He had no clue but he dreaded it.

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Shelve Obsidian. Book 9. Shadow by Laurann Dohner. Beauty resents being labeled Gift Species. Everyo… More. Shelve Shadow. Book Moon by Laurann Dohner. Joyce Yards has never met anyone as irresisti… More. I do, however, love reading reviewer comments almost as much as the book itself.

I was shocked to read so many people suggested that this series was plagiarized from Lora Leigh's Breeds series. I haven't read that series so I can't tell you if the accusations are true. I am disappointed, though, that so many accusations were made, especially since this book was more expensive than the books I usually buy.

If it proves true I will never buy from this author again. Some comments suggested the incidents and threats of rape were too high. I could definitely agree with this-- once or twice is shocking but after that it begins to lose effect and feels more like the plot device that it is when tiny and half-pint arrive I think I actually rolled my eyes at their background.

Other comments mentioned bad grammar and editing. I also agree with this; it is not nearly to level it should've been for such a pricey book.

However, the book was interesting and readable enough despite this. The worst offender for bad dialogue was Justice. Nearly everything that character said was phrased oddly and was super short.

Laurenn Dohner - Valiant (New Species #3) | Laurann Dohner | Books, Romance novels, Book worms

But, I am reluctant to consider this a flaw as the NS are new to language and are still learning. Some of the best book moments occur when Ellie is teaching NS people about humans. As to the villains I agree here as well. And they are pretty one-dimensional.

The best villains in this book are the ones that aren't so black and white-- the head of human security well-intentioned but power hungry , the NS haters NS who justifiably fear or dislike humans , and the media who spread truth and misinformation alike. Finally, I also have to agree that the NS attributes do feel a bit plot-devicey at times. Particularly, when NS people are interrupting intimate moments between the mains. One poster commented that the NS were supposed to be able to smell emotions so why couldn't they tell that there was no fear present when they find and interrupt the mains engaging in kinky sex.

I also found this a bit weird, but not right away. It was after the next interruption that I thought, "why are they always being interrupted by NS people? But, it didn't entirely stop me from enjoying the book. My 1st thought was, "holy crap! I wasn't sure I was ever going to like her as a heroine, but as the book progressed I did grow to like her.

I really liked the NS male who was the MM. He always acted true to his nature. I also liked how the relationship between the mains began with lust and trust, became complicated by MMs sense of betrayal and need for vengeance, and was only sorted after weeks of daily conversation and bonding.

Some of the best moments of the book had very little to do with the romance. The reintegration into society, the NS education, NS-human politics, and NS funding problems all provided great opportunities for fascinating world building.

The only thing I really disliked about the book was the constant interference in the main relationship by outside NS males. It happened so often that it was really annoying and felt contrived. Because it was an impediment to their relationship, it also managed to shift focus away from actual villains in the story. So why 4 stars? I feel like the flaws of this book any accusations of plagiarism aside just aren't that major. I read prolificly and have come across so many books that were far worse than this one.

I actually really liked a lot of the book. I plan to read Leigh's series and the next book in this series and decide after that whether to continue to support this author. I'm a huge Laurann Dohner fan. Her books are typically great, with interesting plots, strong and charming characters, and steamy sex.

Pdf fury novas especies

I like all that! The good stuff: I especially enjoyed the history of the two main characters. It made for a fascinating arc of development.

I also really like the basic plot. Genetically altered people were trying to build new lives in the face of some public fear. I also really liked a lot of the secondary characters.