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Main object of the Code is to ensure uniformity of law and policy with respect to land tenure, registration of titles relating to land, transfer of land, leases and. Download the PDF To these ends, the Code introduces in the form of a National Code a uniform system within the States of Johore, As far as administration of land is concerned, the Code establishes the powers of the Federation and of. no profile picture user. Post · sakanats. Digital PDF eb at Digital PDF eb. DOWNLOAD FULL. BOOKS INTO AVAILABLE FORMAT.

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NLC (ACT 56 OF ) VER National Land Code. (Act 56 of ). Disclaimer: The publication of this Act is for the sole purpose of reference only. Although. (1) This Act shall be read and construed with the National Land Code as if it forms (b) for the application of any provision of the National Land Code to this Act. National Land Code Act No 56 Of FIRST SCHEDULE Form 9B [Section ] - Application To Partition Land National Land Code Form 9B (Section ).

Form, and effect generally, of transfer of land. Correction of errors in documents of title, etc. Amendment of the Fourteenth Schedule. Limitation of powers to certain lands, and to first chargees only. Conclusiveness of register documents of title. Views Total views. Provided that any right, liberty, privilege, obligation or liability existing at the commencement of this Act by virtue of any such law shall, except as hereinafter expressly provided, be subject to the provisions of this Act.

Pdf code national land 1965