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14 Results Secret Wars ( - ). Marvel's greatest heroes and villains have been brought to a mysterious planet with unlimited power promised to those. All Marvel characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of the Copyright Marvel Comics Group, a division of Cadence Industries SECRET WARS have been told. . heroes and villains in the SECRET WARS. Secret Wars 08 (of 09) () November 20, → · Secret Wars 09 (of 09) () March 24, → · Marvel Super Heroes .

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Read Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to . Free Marvel Comic Download. Secret Wars I #1 – Language: English | Year: | Size: MB. Download Now · Mirror Download. Read Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars () Issue #1 Online.

Category Book. My first one was Captain America. Inside, lots of characters referring to events that i had no insight into, but to me it was an intriguing challenge to decode all of that. The goal was to allegedly determine whether good or evil was stronger. Jim Shooter Next: I'm not saying it's a perfect solution, but a with all that nifty technology in their fortress, they'd have had a good chance for success and b Reed was willing to let them all die when he first had the idea to let Galactus win anyway.

It's a rare case where we see Magneto's little used mental powers. But they push too hard and when Galactus notices them, he lashes out, nearly killing the X-Men.

Their attempt also prevents Mr. Fantastic from talking to Galactus more conventionally, and causes him to send a robot to attack the non-mutant heroes. Doom, however, sees an opportunity in Galactus' actions. He sends his villains to attack the heroes in order to draw Galactus' attention.

The heroes are weak from having just fought off Galactus' robot, so it's up to the X-Men shielded from Galactus' blast by Magneto to save the day. While Galactus is distracted, Doom beams up into his ship.

As a delaying tactic, he has his villains try to create an instability in the planet, preventing Galactus from eating it right away. Xavier learns about the plot when he reads the villains' minds, but not the reasons why, since the Enchantress shuts him down. So the X-Men are sent to stop the bad guys, and Wolverine seriously injures the Molecule Man in the process. But after they drive the villains away, the X-Men decide to set off the instability anyway. Eventually, however, Galactus does kick in and start eating the planet.

It happens while the main group of heroes are off attacking Doom's villains, so it's up to the X-Men to hold him off. It doesn't go well, and when the rest of the good guys show up, the X-Men are presumed killed but are in fact just buried under a lot of rocks. It's worth noting that the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Hawkeye are also in the area when the X-Men are seemingly killed, but they don't bother to try to help.

Even later, when there's a break in the fight with Galactus so that he can converse privately with Reed This is when Reed comes back and tries to convince everyone not to fight Galactus. But later he changes his mind and helps with the attack. But their efforts are irrelevant. Galactus goes forward and begins eating the planet anyway. Having the powers of Galactus would be enough for any other mortal, but for Dr.

Doom it's just a stepping stone to gaining the power of the Beyonder himself. And Doom succeeds. The remaining two issues are really about Doom trying to contain his powers while the heroes decide whether or not to fight Doom or let him be. Doom claims that he's now above human concerns, but it's pointed out that one of his first acts is fixing his face.

He also intends to rescue his mother's soul from Mephisto's realm. After he's done with that, he intends to leave the mortal world, but in the meantime he's maintaining his human form and it's causing him some problems.

With his new-found power expansion, the Molecule Man takes the remaining villains to the suburb of Denver and transports it home.

The act is too much for Dr. Octopus to accept, and he goes crazy. The Molecule Man immobilizes him and says that he's going to have him institutionalized when they get back to Earth. This is actually making sure that Dr. Octopus will be institutionalized in Fantastic Four , which takes place soon after the FF get back from Secret Wars.

Back to the main plot, the heroes decide to fight Doom. Doom kills them all immediately, but he subconsciously brings them back. Klaw is possessed by a weakened Beyonder at this point, and when Captain America finally confronts Doom, he keeps bringing him back from the dead. Eventually Doom is defeated, and he, Klaw, and the Beyonder all disappear. It's a pretty complex plot for a toy advertisement!

Much simpler to just have the good guys fight the bad guys and win and be done with it. In the wrap-up, Mr. Fantastic figures out how to send everyone home. A stray dragon friend of Lockheed's screws up the X-Men's transport, which will lead to them re-appearing in Japan instead of Central Park along with everyone else. The Lizard's alter ego, Doc Connors, travels home with the unaffiliated heroes instead of the villains.

And, of course, the Thing opts to remain behind. New Characters In addition to the characters that were initially brought to the Secret Wars planet by the Beyonder, we are introduced to a few new characters. First, there's Volcana and Titania, two new super-villains created by Dr. Doom see below for more on that. There's also Zsaji, a healer whose people were brought to the Secret Wars on one of the planet chunks that the Beyonder used to create the Battleplanet.

It's theorized that her healing ability also causes her patient to fall in love with her; a sort of reverse Florence Nightengale effect. The Human Torch has a little fling with her, but it's Colossus who really falls for her in a big way, causing him to doubt his already unstable feelings about Kitty Pryde.

Zsaji eventually gives her life saving the heroes, so we'll never see her outside this series. Also, there's Klaw. He's not a new character, of course, but he's here only incidentally. A while back Dazzler absorbed him and then shot him at Galactus, and he's been bouncing around the hull of Taa II as energy since then. While Doom's on the ship, he finds Klaw and revives him, but the experience has left Klaw mentally deficient. He develops a friendship with the Lizard, on the grounds that they both talk funny.

Klaw mainly plays a King Lear's Fool role in this series; a foil to Dr. She's been an active super-hero in the suburb of Denver that got pulled to the Battleplanet. In her first fight in Secret Wars, she says that it's the fifth time she's been in a fight. In addition to Spider-Man style strength and speed, she also has the ability to generate psionic webbing.

The Wasp is out of the action for most of the series.

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She's captured by Magneto early on. He attempts to woo her but she doesn't fall for it. When the X-Men show up to join him, the Wasp attacks them all and then makes a break for it.

She winds up in a swamp the Lizard has wandered off to after the first battle, and she's in the process of befriending him when the Wrecking Crew show up in a big vehicle to collect the Lizard, and seemingly kill her.

She's later revived by Zsaji, but she's effectively away from the hero team for more than half the series. Eventually he learns to control it. Assuming it's related to the nature of the planet, he opts to stay behind when the other heroes finally leave. He asks She-Hulk to take his place in the Fantastic Four. Another major change is Spidey's new costume. After the last major battle with the villains, most of the good guys are in need of new costumes.

He winds up with a costume that generates its own webbing, responds to his thoughts, and looks a lot like the new Spider-Woman's outfit. Mike Zeck's art never did a lot for me. He was a rising star from his work on Master of Kung Fu and Captain America prior to being chosen for this series, but his characters just don't have a lot of depth to me. Everyone looks a bit small and tapered. On the other hand, he's a very good storyteller, and i imagine this series was quite demanding and speed was a factor.

In fact, two issues of this series had to be drawn by Bob Layton and aren't quite as good. So overall, the art isn't fantastic, but it it isn't bad. Aside from a run on the Punisher and the critically acclaimed Kraven's Last Hunt, Zeck didn't really do much more of note for Marvel.

I read that Zeck nearly had a nervous breakdown working with Shooter. I don't know if that was meant figuratively or literally, but it may explain why he didn't do much else for Marvel. In the very beginning, Ultron freaks out and starts trying to kill the other villains. Doom convinces a terrified Molecule Man to nudge Galactus into taking care of the situation.

Pdf marvel secret wars 1984

Later, Doom will reprogram Ultron to act as a personal bodyguard. Save perhaps Thor: Just a quick moment, but when fighting the heroes in the beginning, Magneto makes a stray comment that he considers himself above all of the heroes, "save perhaps Thor".

Secret Wars (1984 - 1985)

It's an honest acknowledgment of Thor's power levels, but i also like to think that Magneto is remembering his first encounter with Thor back in Journey Into Mystery Enchantress smash! A very minor little scene, but i thought it was cool. During an early fight, the She-Hulk attacks the Enchantress, but the Enchantress is able to knock her away. She's normally not a physical fighter, but as an Asgardian Goddess, it makes sense that she'd be physically powerful.

Of course, this just lets She-Hulk know that she can unload on the Enchantress full-strength, which she does, causing considerable injury. Spidey vs. When Spider-Man hears that the X-Men are leaving the team to join Magneto, he goes to tattle to the others.

The X-Men try to stop him, but they are unable to do so. Spidey is too fast and agile, and he manages to beat the whole team look how he swats away Wolverine. Nice showing for a guy who, as the Human Torch says earlier, is used to fighting muggers. Before Spidey can tattle, Professor Xavier wipes his mind, an action that causes him considerable guilt.

The Thunder God: In issue 3, there's a huge worldwide storm, presumably due to the jigsaw way the world was put together. From a plotting perspective, it allows for some downtime and internal strife since no one can leave their bases. But it also provides a neat little moment for Thor, who protects the heroes' base from the storm but seems to enjoy being out in it a little too much. Doom makes his own super-villains: In that same storm, Doom uses the alien technology in his base to whip up some additional lackeys: Volcana and Titania.

That's Dr. Doom for you. If he needs some super-villains, he just makes them. No problem. They aren't push-overs either; they are both shown to be devastatingly powerful. The subjects are two humans from the suburb of Denver that was included in the make-up of the Battleplanet. Both villains remained especially durable, with Titania in particular becoming a mainstay baddie of the Marvel Universe usually partnered with the Absorbing Man.

It's also worth noting that while the good guys had a decent male-to-female mix, outside of the Enchantress, the villains were an all-males club, so it's nice to see their forces balanced out with some women. And not 'strike a pose and point' ladies, either. These are characters with physical powers.

Finally, although the art doesn't do a great job of showing it, Volcana is meant to be an overweight woman, which is a rarity in comics. Molecule Man drops a mountain on the heroes: Equally impressive, the Hulk holds up a mountain: Reed rigs a device using Spider-man's web-shooters to build a device that allows Iron Man to blast them out.

Villain chat: This is just a cool little scene where the Absorbing Man and Thunderball compare their weapons. I thought it was neat. This scene also leads into one where Piledriver very stupidly goads Molecule Man for being a nerd and his newfound girlfriend Volcana for being fat. Considering they just saw the Molecule Man lift and drop a mountain by waving his hands, it's a dumb move, and it works out about as well as you would expect. Doom rejects the Enchantress: After failing to charm Thor, the Enchantress decides she wants off the Battleplanet.

She tries to appeal to Dr. Doom, offering him her "love" and also a cure for his face. He's not interested. I guess i just really like Doom's cold silhouette in that second panel.

Rogue the Kree Warrior: In issue 7, Rogue makes a reference to having "warrior skills". I suspect that means the Kree training that she would have absorbed from Ms. Marvel along with her powers. It's not something that's mentioned very often. Neat little throwaway line. Get off the can: Just another minor character scene, but in issue 12 while the Enchantress is getting some information from a water sprite in Volcana's bathroom the scene mainly serves as a recap , Absorbing Man bangs on the door, and i just find his line amusing.

First, as i mentioned above, the scripting isn't great. It's especially grating to hear Iron Man talk. Since it's James Rhodes in the suit, and James Rhodes is a black man, Shooter is always giving exclamations like "Sheeeoooot! Along those same lines, everyone's a bit melodramatic and moody. Half the characters are just completely mopey about being away from their wives and girlfriends and terrified that they'll never make it home again.

It's a perfectly reasonable thing to be upset about. But the way it's written and the degree to which it is raised takes it from realistic to maudlin. Now into some more fanboyish complaints. The Hulk is given short shrift throughout this series. While he's certainly the star of issue 4 where he holds up an entire mountain for the team, he's pretty ineffective in most of the fights. Sure, he's got Bruce Banner's brain in this series, and Mantlo had already established that he therefore doesn't have the savagery needed to get really angry, but he should still be pretty damn strong.

Instead he's generally one of the first characters to get knocked out. Love that "Designed by trolls. For torture. It's in this last scene with Ultron that the Hulk breaks his leg and winds up with a crutch that he carries for a few issues of Hulk post-Secret Wars. Additionally, none of the villains in this series come from his rogues gallery except, arguably, the Absorbing Man, but he first appeared in Thor and has been an Avengers foe as much as the Hulk.

The same is actually true of the X-Men as well, since Magneto winds up being an ally. In general, there isn't much by way of grudge matches, or any real acknowledgment that some of these heroes and villains have special histories with each other.

Octopus never freaks out about Spider-Man, for example. It's probably for the best as scenes like that could wind up being pretty bad, but if done well it could have added a little more personality to some characters.

Similarly, there aren't any really cool scenes where, say, the X-Men go up against the Absorbing Man and realize what a powerhouse he is. The fights aren't badly written but they don't have the right sense of uniqueness. Some continuity errors from the first issue are subsequently covered for in the dialogue of later issues. First, Dr. Doom should be dead at this point. Unlike previous deaths, John Byrne intended this to be a definitive 'Dr. Doom is really dead this time' plot that would set the ground for a dramatic return in a later issue of FF.

Having him appear here is incongruous, but on the other hand of course the premiere villain of the Marvel Universe was going to appear in this series. We'll learn much later that Doom was actually plucked from time so that the Beyonder could include him in this contest. On a smaller scale, Cyclops was not a member of the X-Men at the time they went into the Secret Wars construct, so it's later said that he was plucked away from his honeymoon.

Similarly, Lockheed the dragon wasn't shown to be with the X-Men ether, but he's here as well. No explanation for him.

This makes Cyclops and possibly Lockheed, unless he was in Colossus's jacket the whole time in Uncanny X-Men the only hero to have been forceably brought to Secret Wars, as opposed to lured into the construct in Central Park. However, presumably all of the villains were brought this way, so it's not that unusual The Beyonder provides some more information on how everyone was brought to the Battleplanet in Secret Wars II 3.

Secret Wars I #1 – 12

Finally, Xavier is in a wheelchair in issue 1 even though he wasn't in X-Men It's stated that the Beyonder must have corrected all the little things that seemed 'wrong' to him. A few housekeeping notes: First, since Spider-Man's costume is itself a living entity, i need to track it as a character. But it's not accurate to call it Venom until it is bonded with Eddie Brock.

So we'll be calling it Venom Symbiote as long as it's not connected to Brock. Second, regarding the Historical Significance Rating. The way Secret Wars was published, a lot of the effects of the series were known in the main on-going books before we saw why it occurred in Secret Wars.

And then later we see in Secret Wars how Spidey found the costume, and why the Thing asked She-Hulk to replace him, and so on. For the sake of awarding Historical Significance Rating points, i'm giving a lot of credit to Secret Wars since this series was the driving factor that caused those events to occur.

But i'll also give some points to the issues where those changes were first published. To be honest, and this may come as a bit of a shock to my loyal readers, these points don't actually cost me anything and i can afford to be generous with them. Third, there's a brief scene where Galactus allows Mr. Fantastic to view Sue and Franklin at home on Earth. It's meant to be a real-time viewing, and that's enough for me to count it as character appearances although the MCP doesn't.

Quality Rating: B Historical Significance Rating: First appearance of Spider-Man's symbiote costume. Thing quits the Fantastic Four and gets a new status quo. She-Hulk joins the Fantastic Four. Molecule Man gets a major power upgrade. Iron Man gets an updated suit of armor. Developments in the relationship between Magneto and the X-Men. Major impact on Colossus' relationship with Kitty Pryde. Hulk breaks a leg. First line-wide crossover. Chronological Placement Considerations: Rather than me list where every character here fits into their surrounding issues, just see the surrounding respective entries.

See above for some notes on Dr. Doom's appearance here; he's basically been plucked out of time and he actually appears here during Fantastic Four Mar 86 cover date. Magneto's most heinous crime was the sinking of a Russian submarine in Uncanny X-Men This is one of the few actual footnotes in this series.

The Molecule Man mentions that he's been seeing a therapist since the Avengers convinced him not to destroy the earth in Avengers No footnote. Fantastic saved Galactus' life in Fantastic Four Another rare footnoted reference. Klaw was absorbed by Dazzler and subsequently fired at Galactus in Dazzler No footnote, but there is a four panel recap of those scenes.

Inbound References X-Men X-Men vs. Posted by: Wanyas The Self-Proclaimed September 1, 4: The clunkiness in Shooter's dialogue stems from his experience under Superman books editor Mort Weisinger from Mort's Superman titles were very densely plotted and relied almost entirely on dialogue for exposition and moving the plot along, very much in "tell, don't show" mode.

Shooter never quite reached the level of dialogue-as-plot-mover during his time as Marvel EIC, but in series like this one he came very close and contemporary comic critics didn't like it one bit--they tended to find it juvenile and completely unsubtle.

Mark Drummond October 2, 7: I see far worthy Magnetos attitude that Dooms and my conclusions does not only includes this issue but to all the profile of the characters over their life.

You see a undying will of Doom. I see the core disease of Doom who he is slave,captive of his hunger for power the same as Galactus for living. He saw Beyonder as his answer to his dreams or objectives the same way he try previously with Silver Surfer until Galactus remind him his position. How Magneto acted here his actions make coherence with his way of thinking over time. I see a man who try to shape the world as he sees fit for his kind although by whatever means necessary. He dont try to steal power maybe because he has the power he need in fact he is intelligent enough to create divecis that grant power to humans and devices that nullify mutant power except his own, I think Magneto knows that to achive goals you need to change the poeple mutans-metahumans the enviroment around you not to use one blast to reshape everything in one shot.

This is a more mature mind. Magneto allowed, He accept to play the game and dontknow if it was for curiosity or to settle a challenge. I dont see Magneto as a bad guy. He redefined hero and villains to antihero. But Magneto also has courage and pride and did not accept submission to Doom rather he accept co-work some sort as equals with Doom realizing they have better chances in team that face it alone, Doom comprehend this too otherwise he havent bother to ask in his own peculiar way Mags help and also to see if he was going to cooperate with heroes and oppose him threat.

Max May 13, 6: No mention of the awesomest piece of dialogue ever?! When baddies are bringing clawed Molecule Man home and Volcana asks Doc Ock can't you do something, you're a doctor and Ock replies "I'm a doctor of nuclear physics, not a MD. About Magneto and Thor, I think there's Mag's mutant supremacism talking. Thor as a god might be on par with him, but certainly none of the rest flatscan sapiens are.

Tee June 14, 3: Early news on this book from Comics Journal 85 is interesting. The toy line seemed to be based on the book, rather than the other way around. Spider-Man's new costume had red where the white would later be. The first 3 issues were supposed to be set-up and everyone would go to Warworld in 4. Roger Stern and John Byrne were credited for providing ideas. A cartoon and video game were proposed.

Mark Drummond July 26, 5: Amazing Heroes 59 has an interesting interview with Zeck. He explains the deficiencies in his art due to the fact that the toy contract required a specific deadline for each issue, and that Zeck would always get the scripts on short notice.

The first script was so late that he had to do it in the middle of a Defenders fill-in, and he described 1 as having him on only layouts while Beatty finished it. Zeck also mentioned lots of redrawing; for example, Kitty Pryde was also supposed to be in 1 and was drawn there, but the X-Editors didn't have her go to Warworld, so all her figures had to be redrawn Zeck said the same thing almost happened to Cyclops.

Bob Layton was requested to give Zeck some breathing room, and Shooter started including his own layouts with the scripts halfway through.

I have no idea if it ever got published. Mark Drummond October 25, 5: An Amazing Heroes review of the last issue claimed that it was the work of multiple inkers, and cited John Byrne and Joe Rubinstein in particular. Mark Drummond November 16, 2: I was a kid but it really captured my imagination at the time.

I can't understand why everyone hated it. Maybe they were older than who it was intended for. To me the view that it was bad comes across a bit elitist. One of my favorite moments is in issue 3 when Doom, via Ultron, kills Kang, and Kang screams "You'll need me later, you fool. You realize how essential Kang is Damian June 9, 9: I really wanted to like this series more.

And while the idea and story line are very good, I agree with you that the dialogue is clunky. For example, a lot of the heroes in far off scenes looked very stick man-like. I dislike Doom's face with the smaller features and small mouth. Spider-man's eyes are positioned wrong in the above panels.

I collected a few of these, read them a few times, and then sold them off within a couple years later. Did a search for this to see your take on it. Still don't like the art, but then again I somewhat unfairly expect every Marvel artist to be almost as awesome as John Buscema. Mike August 10, 6: The UK version mostly weekly was in 31 parts and, like jsfan, I loved it, though I was probably younger than the usual fan, too - though it inspired me to try to find older comics, and with Magneto as anti- hero, Cap's shield broken, Jim Rhodes as Iron Man, handsome Doom without his mask, etc Buffy August 18, I kinda felt sorry for magneto.

He helped the heroes save the universe, but the avengers humiliated him for years afterward. This is where captain america lost his honor. I was just slightly too young for Megos and now suddenly there were superhero figures - I no longer had to have my Star Wars figures double up as superheroes!

1984 wars pdf secret marvel

My first one was Captain America. I loved it - even took it to camp with me. In when I sold my comic collection, and most of my comic related toys, I kept Cap. The paint on his stripes, the end of his gloves and his nose has rubbed off, but I still have him after 30 years. The poster, of course, has Kitty Pryde, even though she wouldn't end up in the series the poster is basically the cover to issue 1 but Kitty was on the far left, next to Cyclops.

But it does make you wonder why Galactus, who doesn't seem to be evil certainly not on a cosmic scale, given the result of Reed's trial is placed in the villain side. Once we finissh, we will do as you s-ssay! One of my favorite moments in the whole series. This was recently featured on Comics Should Be Good under their series of the wrong person won the fight, a series I highly disagree with, and especially in this case.

Spider-Man has tremendous speed and agility and a whole lot of experience. He is truly an amazing hero and we don't often get the full measure of that. I am a lifelong fan of the X-Men, but this just really shows how incredible Spider-Man really is and I find it totally believable. A fantastic moment. On the other hand, that did mean that we knew a lot of things that had to happen by the end of the series. Strange seemed an odd omission. Sub-Mariner could have made the series interesting.

Also, none of the Defenders appear. They could have perhaps included Power Man and Iron Fist. But Daredevil is clearly the big one - even though he would seem at odds with this cosmic story, he is the only Marvel character who has had his own title running continuously since the early days of Marvel not to appear in this series.

They seemed to have tried to make up for that by including him in the later line of Secret Wars figures yeah, I had that figure too. I think the art is the real weak spot of the series and nothing spotlights that more than 4.

In the issue itself, it always just looked like the characters were sitting in a cave. We see the Hulk straining, but we don't really get the sense of danger.

Now, look at the cover , on the other hand. In my opinion, it's one of the great covers of all-time. It really makes you realize that the Hulk is holding up a friggin mountain range! I always bring this up when explaining how strong the Hulk is - there is no limit to his strength.

He held up a mountain range! Erik Beck May 16, If I remember, the X-Men had just said goodbye to Kitty, so yeah, Lockheed was probably hiding with them.

One thing that bothers me about this series is that the villains really don't have a chance. If we don't count the X-Men, Magneto or Galactus, there's 12 heroes against 12 villains.

The FF and Avengers have plenty of experience as a team, and working with each other, and working with Spider-Man.

Secret Wars - Wikipedia

Moreover, they have a much wider range of powers. Granted there are exceptions like Ultron, the Enchantress and the Molecule Man, but most of the villains' power is pretty much based on strength. Sure, Doc Ock has his arms, but if they couldn't lift cars and stuff, he'd be worthless. The Absorbing Man is a powerhouse, but what does he usually do? Absorb something with strength and toughness.

Hulk, Shulky, Colossus and the Thing could probably wipe out most of the villains themselves. Letting Galactus win really would have been the smartest ploy. Reed could have figured out a way for the heroes to save themselves and the suburb of Denver and Zsaji's people while Galactus chows down, problem solved.

ChrisW May 17, 1: I recently picked up the Secret Wars omnibus. It has Zeck's original pencils for issue 1 in the back, and they're heart-breaking to see.

I'm not a big Zeck fan, but he could do beautiful work when he tried, and he was really giving it his all here. There's a detail and 3-dimensionality to the figures that's destroyed by the slap-dash inking and flat, uninspired coloring. Retrieved April 29, Secret Wars vol. Comics Nexus. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved Archived from the original on Secret Wars. Marvel Comics crossover event publication history.

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