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Read "Dark Blood" by Christine Feehan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The fates of a warrior reborn and a. Dark Blood book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. At long last you are truly back with us Zev Hunter was an elite warri. Christine Feehan – Dark Series (29 Books) – Free eBooks, EPUB, PDF Dark Blood: Book 26 A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series) By Christine Feehan. Loves to.

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The fates of a warrior reborn and a seductive Dragonseeker are irrevocably entwined in this thrilling Carpathian novel by #1 New York Times bestselling. Zev Hunter was an elite warrior, a dark-blood dealer of death to rogue Lycans who preyed on mankind. He was a loner, never given to personal attachments. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Christine Feehan and her Carpathian novels “The queen of paranormal romance! The one who started it all! The erotic .

But it was so bad that I felt like I needed to finish it, so I could adequately warn you about it. Earth Bound. Oh, no, he was actually one of a group of identical triplets who all pretended to be the same person and the only ones who actually knew were Brannislava and Tatjiana, and they don't bother to say anything to anyone because they thought Xavier killed them. Sep 08, Gossamerblu rated it did not like it. So, as much as I am complaining, I am giving this 3 stars because IMO, Feehan's heroes have become much less rapey and FINALLY we have a hero that checks consent, because it kept me entertained, and actually entertained enough that I will likely still read the next book I just can't quit Feehan , and nostalgia-because I have now been in this series for 26 books and apparently I just can't quit Feehan. Lover Beware. Preview — Dark Blood by Christine Feehan.

So, thank you Carpathians, for keeping me company through all these years, but it's time we part while the parting is still amicable enough. More Carpathians…Yay….

Dark - 23 Dark Blood

Amazing that I still get excited about this series which is one of my top 3 favorite pnr series …. Zev, the Lycan warrior and Branislava, a dragonseeker — this is it…their own love story!!!! So what do I think after reading this book in one go………well, okay, I did take a break or two but finished it one day………… I liked Zev — his loyalty and honor and the fact that, despite knowing that Bran More Carpathians…Yay…. The teasing and how they helped each other Seeing some of my beloved characters in this series again The scene that begins with Zev dancing with Bran and becomes a family reunion when everyone joins in, including the children.

Utterly fabulous, even if it was just for a few pages I did not like The repetition — so many times being reminded that Zev was a warrior, he was mixed blood….

I found nothing sexy or sensual about them. We have that information already….

Christine Feehan

View all 11 comments. It was good, but not one of the best in this series. Sep 08, Gossamerblu rated it did not like it. It might just be time for Feehan to leave this series and write something else. I thought it was impossible to write worse book than the previous one was, but I was wrong, and not for the first time.

While her Sisters of the Heart are still going strong, Carpathian series completely lost its attraction. Long and empty conversations are not giving sufficient information for readers to even begin to like the protagonists of this book, and the way they act through it is even worse. Everything Brani It might just be time for Feehan to leave this series and write something else. Everything Branislava and Zev say to each other gets repeated numerous times, there's no real attraction between them, just empty circle of words.

Long gone is the heat present in the first books, even longer since anything meaningful happened. When Lycans were introduced three books ago I was happy to see something new happening in the world of Carpathians, but Feehan handled it so poorly that they still don't feel like they belong in the series.

Very convincing. Furthermore, reader is once again forced to suffer constant use of Feehan's invented Carpathian language, followed by instant translations does anyone really read or care for that gibberish of quasi-language except her?

We're told that they're old, but of course, they're being adapted to current situations with the use of massive failure of rhymes.

I'm certain that second grade-school children would write better ones, but it seems like that would require time and thinking that Feehan didn't want to spend on this book. Between bad sex, boring conversations and badly written chants and spells and about bad everything else , with the superficial appearance of old characters which caused them to look silly at best, this book is absolutely the worst in the whole series, probably one of the worst books I've ever read.

Jul 01, Secretly Reading rated it did not like it Shelves: In a Nutshell: Why I Read This Book: After reading the previous 25 in the series I figured I should keep reading—wrong! This book is so predictable: I knew this was gonna happen, right? As to t In a Nutshell: The danger plot against Zev and Branka, as well as against their friends, is full of big battles, just like all the books.

The ceremonies and Carpathian language dominate this book and series and bores me to tears. The romance was fine, just like all the others. The eroticism is exactly like all the other books, fine and flowery but utterly forgettable. I gotta get out. This is my last book in this series.

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Pdf blood christine dark feehan

Sep 01, Elfina Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another five star read! Damn, gotta say, have a thing for wolfie hahahahaha! Zev is badass ass. Jul 01, Marta Cox rated it really liked it. This is a really hard review to write and I had to sit and think before I started this.

I have been a fan of Christine Feehan since I found her books some years ago and her Dark series is without doubt her best but there have been times when I wanted something a bit different. Her books have been an integral part of my reading life and have provided much fun and Ms Feehan has a unique writing style and the depth at which she writes is truly astounding.

Her research and background information ama This is a really hard review to write and I had to sit and think before I started this. Her research and background information amazes this reader but sometimes it can seem to be a little excessive when all I want is to just enjoy the story. That having being said this the final book in her Lycan trilogy is a wonderful mixture of old and new with cameos from previous book heroes and an unusual enemy to face.

Feehan pdf blood christine dark

Zev very nearly saw his last moon and would certainly have lost his life had it not been for Branislava , a female dragon seeker who fought to connect their spirits in order to save Zev.

Now, Zev is grateful to be alive but he does not want the beautiful Branislava to feel forced into being his life mate. Zev had not realised he was part Carpathian and has spent his life protecting his fellow Lycans but it's clear that in order to defeat their mutual enemy they will now have to work together. The Jaguar shifters have almost been eradicated and the Carpathians and Lycans are being targeted.

How can two such different species work together when there is no trust. Zev needs to choose a side but he is a man divided but of one thing he is certain no one will harm Branislava whilst he still breathes!

She is everything he wants in a mate and together they can conquer anything or can they? I will admit I had reservations about reading this book as the Carpathian men have frequently been very domineering towards their females in some books, Dark Predator and Dark Possession come to my mind and if those characters could be so aggressive then how much more so would an alpha Lycan be? Zev is without doubt very much his own man and fully capable of leading his own pack if he wanted to so the idea of a true beast gave me pause.

Yes he is very strong and demands obedience but this author has cleverly made him compassionate with depths that he is not afraid to reveal. A much more rounded out character then I had expected and a man any woman would be proud of. As for the lucky woman Branislava may be Carpathian but she is also part Mage and I think it's fair to say that her magical abilities are truly tested during this story and it's wonderful to see the heroine taking such an active role.

I loved the the author allows Branislava to show all the arrogant Carpathian men just what she is capable of and indeed Zevs new "brothers" equally seem to respect their own women. These Carpathian men are finally seeing that they have warrior women in their lives and not every woman should be hidden away and protected. As this is Ms Feehan then expect strong sexual content and yes it's frequent but happily it's not the usual cave and mineral pools that seem to frequently crop up in these books.

No, this time there's definitely a strong spark between the two lovers and the author lets her imagination run riot! Hot,hot hot! I enjoyed the story and it was great to read about the characters from previous books which almost made it an ensemble piece at times!

Humorous interactions abound between the normally quite taciturn Carpathian's which added to the fun, What I particularly enjoyed was seeing the younger generation come into their own and it's clear we shall be seeing a lot more of them. The Carpathian struggle to survive is far from over though as this new enemy they face is truly evil and capable of even more dastardly deeds then anyone can imagine.

I am so glad that the series has not run out of steam as like many readers I realise how hard it is to create fresh ideas and can happily say that the story was not bogged down by excessive chanting which sometimes slows down the proceedings.

Dedicated fans will certainly enjoy this but it's not really ideal for a new reader. I would suggest going back to the beginning with Dark Prince and following the journey of this truly gifted race. View all 3 comments. While I liked Zev and Bronnie's story, it had a different tone.

The sex had a harder edge and seemed like it was every other scene. But it was a solid entry into the series with tons going on. I definitely recommend to readers of the series.

Sep 03, Amy rated it liked it. The story itself was good, but the love scenes, while well-written, were a total turnoff for me. Zev and Branislava story was all I have been waiting for an more. Their romance was scorching hot and very heart felt. In other words very believable. I felt it there love all the way down to in my soul. The story is extremely well thought out. It answered all the questions we readers have been waiting for over the last 2yrs or more starting with Dark Lycan.

Pdf blood christine dark feehan

The story is also, very funny at times while Zev and Branka as Zev calls her; face some very dangerous situations. They fight side by side with all of my favorite warriors.

It was almost like a reunion. I was especially glad at the beginning of the story to know Gary and Luis were well and the scene with them and Zen being presented in the Ancient Warrior Cave to the Ancients who had gone before was exceptionally well written and very moving. To learn of a new long forgotten lineage that was thought to be long gone was a surprise. Their are many surprise in Dark Blood.

One of the funniest scenes in the story was while fighting the Sange Rau Brianni, Tatijana and Skylar cast an illusion that they are Zombies. It made a very dangerous situation funny.

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Dark Blood is Amazing and is very well written. I Got everything I hope for in this finale of 3 book series incorporating the Lycans in the Dark series story line. View all 7 comments. Sep 05, S rated it did not like it. This was definitely disappointing for me. The writing just didn't seem as good as in previous books. And his brothers being named Xayvion and Xaviero?

And in the very book they were introduced in there is a battle and Xaviero, the supposedly worse one, is killed. But at least there is one more for them to kill in the nex This was definitely disappointing for me. But at least there is one more for them to kill in the next book?

Though maybe then Feehan will decide then that Xavier was actually a quadruplet. Or Quintuplet. I cringed every time he mentioned Branka's "cinnamon". It got to the point where I was actually skipping over parts of them. It was just bad. Sep 07, Mary Lou rated it liked it. Could do without the multitude of spells found myself skipping through those pages and thought that the names of the two additional villains were a bit much, but I enjoyed the book.

I do find, however, that the characters in these later books are not as memorable as the earlier books. I can't tell you how many times I've re-read Mikhail's, Gabriel's, and Darius' books, to name a few. I don't think I will ever re-read these. It's not that they're "bad"!

I just don't find them as good as the earl Could do without the multitude of spells found myself skipping through those pages and thought that the names of the two additional villains were a bit much, but I enjoyed the book.

I just don't find them as good as the earlier ones. I hate to say I am finished with a series, but I am pretty sure this is it. This book is very green It's a recycling story. I can past Ms Feehan thinking I too stupid to remember that Zev is an "elite hunter" and Branka "smell like cinnamon" that she needs to remember to me every page; but she bringing back the Xavier' story was too much to me. The story made no sense.

It's not appalling. It's boring. It's the same over and over again. In the bright side, at least she cut off the long description of the forest.

In the dark side, there're chapter after chapter of chant This book is very green In the dark side, there're chapter after chapter of chanting. The mage chanting, that looks like written by my 8 year old nephew, are ridiculous beyond measure. And for the character Zev was nice in other books, but in this one is even abusing at times.

Branka is suppose to be very powerful, but let Zev mistreated her, is happy when he use sex as a mean of punishment, o to convince her to do as he likes. And then is the villain. Ms Feehan is trying to made this story interesting, but wasn't the first time, is not interesting now.

But apparently she can't came out with something new. She can't bring nothing half as good as the first 15 installment of the series except that awful 10 , but I guess while she is making a lot of money is going to keeps throwing these mediocre stories. After give them to the Carpathians 5 books to improved I'm officially done. The writer kill this series for me. There not enough money in the world to made me read the next one. Don't waste your money, go found something actually readable and good.

Dec 06, Erin Burns rated it liked it Shelves: Feehan kind of pre-dates the whole vampire craze, and it kind of shows. This book is absolutely not a stand-alone and you cannot just jump into the series from here, nothing would make any sense. Also, there will be spoilers. I am going to admit, I did something I rarely do, which is read the reviews before reading a book I know I am going to read anyway. I don't typically do that because for a book I know that I am going to read, I don't want other people's opinions to color mine.

With this book however, I have been toying with quitting the series. It has dragged on a really long time and we finally got Skylar's story, which is what I had been waiting for since Dark Legend in So needless to say, I went into this book with expectations, and frankly, they were negative ones.

Several reviewers complained about angry sex being used to punish the heroine. But the flip side has always been that the heroines typically fight back and try to obtain and maintain a sense of independence and self-reliance. Maybe it is too much to expect from a romance novel series, but this series always felt kind of like a mirror of the feminist movement to me, and in many ways the series seemed to be reflecting a movement towards more independent females who actually fight and have tremendous powers and gifts of their own, ones who are more self-reliant etc.

Except lately it felt like more steps were being taken backwards than forwards. So I was prepared to hate this and just rip into it so that I could give up on the series altogether. But it really wasn't like that. Yes, there is grudge sex and aggressive sex, but the heroine is actually into that. Where it not just ok in my book, what makes it so much a step in the right direction for this series, is that the Zev actually tells Brannislava that if she isn't okay with things she needs to tell him and he will stop, and he doesn't say that just at the beginning, there is ongoing verification of consent throughout an event.

That is such a change from the first books that it is just extraordinary in my opinion. Yes, we have had gentler, more considerate heroes Razvan comes to mind , but this is the first time we have had an extremely dominant aggressive one who requests consent. Of course, now we get to the actual issues with the series as a whole, in my opinion.

The sex is kind of boring but overly plentiful and utilizes the type of flowery language and long drawn out scenes that I am learning to loathe. There is also the made up Carpathian language and spells and chants that Feehan is obviously very proud of, because they are literally everywhere. They add absolutely nothing to the story for me, so I tend to skip anything that is italicized just for my own sanity.

Those things have been around for quite some time in these books and while I have been able to get through it, I can't tell if I am just getting more irritated with it over time, or if it is just becoming more pervasive. What I am having trouble forgiving with this particular story is how repetitive and clunky it is.

How many times do we really need to be reminded just what and who our main characters are? I don't know, but I can guarantee you that it is less than how many times it happened in this book. And, there has been an overriding arc of villains in this series that included the Mage Xavier and the Malinov brothers.

Xavier and three of the Malinov brothers have been killed, but that still left us with 2 Malinov brother, one of whom has actually has two slivers of Xavier in him. Then we added the issues with the Lycans and as far as I am concerned, those things could and should have more than fulfilled the villain quotient for the rest of this series.

But NO! We add the deus ex machina of all villain plot lines. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Also in Carpathian Novel, A. Also by Christine Feehan. See all books by Christine Feehan. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

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