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Well,here is the problem. The lunar eclipse tetrad of four lunar eclipses on. Passover and Sukkot of and have been labeled “blood moons”. FOUR BLOOD MOONS*. I thought I might be sharing this little study with a few of you so I'm going to write as if I'm speaking with you. Hitchcock, Mark, date. Blood moons rising: Bible prophecy, Israel, and the four blood moons / Mark. Hitchcock. pages cm. Includes bibliographical references.

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Summary Of “FOUR BLOOD MOONS” by Pastor John Hagee. Ps “Set Time” ○ NOT Astrology, but ASTRONOMY! ○ Bible is a book of 7's. ○ “ELECT”. The Second Coming. The Four Blood Moons of –94 There will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars then they will see the Son of Man. Hagee's book: “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change”. Cornerstone Church in Texas – started his blood moon teachings after Mark Biltz of El.

Edom was such a nation, and its story was Get The App. The Pitfall of Pride Obadiah 1—4 Obadiah 1—4: However, the first blood moon occurred in April , after Israel had already gained its independence in May These astronomical anomalies have become a hot topic for both backyard astronomers and Christians who consider them prophetic signs. Skip to content. Are the Blood Moons Signs?


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