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Who Can Benefit? Sports massage is particularly beneficial when an athlete is in training for an event. It's also helpful for anyone who routinely stretches. Injury Assessment and Evaluation. Specific lengthening techniques. Address any problems regarding clients pertaining to sports massage not covered. education courses focus on clinical and sports massage therapy though he also deeper and look at the techniques used in sports massage, there are no.

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PDF | The science of sports massage is of interest to many populations including athletes, athletic trainers, coaches, as well as sports physiologists. Understanding Sports Massage, 2nd - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Sports massage offers athletes an alternative to such severe and drastic options such Contraindications are cases in which sports massage might or would be.

To rid the muscle of waste or poisonous substances which are collected in its depths, and which bring about fatigue and stiffness. The Trouble Spots Body Chart has been redesigned to be more useful for individualizing sports massage, and the discussion of topical substances used in massage has been expanded. The last two are related to the athletes training Figure 1. Sliding movements can benefit the healthy circulatory system by enhancing normal venous return. Sports massage enhances athletic performance through the effects of massage and related techniques, both at the time of application and accumulated over a period of time. A total of 6 to 12 sessions of 20 minutes each on alternate days is usually required for best results.


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