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packing on muscle fast! German Volume Training or GVT was often used to help weightlifters gain muscle during off-season programs. This training protocol. German Volume training was created during the mids in Save a copy of your PDF training program and share it with your friends!. Close. German Volume Training guide and Free GVT Workout Routine this FREE German Volume Training Workout + Quick Guide in a PDF!.

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This study investigated the effect of a week modified German Volume Training intervention, or the 10 sets method, on muscle strength and hypertrophy. Muscle strength and body composition measures were taken at baseline, six weeks, and after 12 weeks of training. Findings suggest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Daniel Baker and others published German Volume Training: An alternative method of high volume-load training for stimulating muscle. It's brutally hard, but I've found it to be an effective way to pack on muscle fast! In strength-coaching circles, this method is often called the Ten Sets Method.

Day 2: Although it seems simple it follows the teachings Charles discovered from his diverse training experience in Europe and especially with German strength athletes. Most programs will look to train you through about reps per exercise. You do ten sets of a single "most bang for your buck" exercise. Overload Mechanism:

Vince Gironda trained more bodybuilding champions than any other trainer in the world. What you might not know is that he spent most of his time advising beginners with his unique training approach. He believed that all beginners to the program should train intensively for three weeks:.

Traditional gym owners and trainers would have novice people start week 1 lifting 3 times per week Monday, Wednesday, Friday doing a standard system of 3 sets of 10 reps, using total exercises.

In the Vince Approach, week 1 consists of performing only 1 set of each of the exercises for 6 days with 1 day rest. In week 3, you completing 3 sets of each exercise for 6 days with 1 day rest. Once you hit week 4, it would switch to a traditional 3 days per week program, with 1 day rest between workouts.

Volume training pdf german

This approach allows a beginner to give their body a warm up and introduction to GVT while also completing a solid workout. It primes a first timer for the original GVT method that could be incorporated into future training routines. As always, beginner or not - it is important to focus on your form when completing each exercise movement.

High Frequency GVT

Incorporate these GVT original and beginner methods into your routine for a great way to build muscle mass! Training Articles. Introduction to German Volume Training German Volume training was created during the mids in Germany and was popularized by the national coach of weightlifting Rolf Feser. This is because of a short-term neural adaptation. Because of the importance of the rest intervals, you should use a stopwatch to keep the rest intervals constant.

Pdf training german volume

This is important, as it becomes tempting to lengthen the rest time as you fatigue. For long-range movements such as squats, dips and chins, use a tempo; this means you would lower the weight in four seconds and immediately change direction and lift for two seconds. For movements such as curls and triceps extensions, use a tempo.

Number of exercises: One, and only one, exercise per body part should be performed. Therefore, select exercises that recruit a lot of muscle mass.

German Volume Training Charls Poliquin

Triceps kickbacks and leg extensions are definitely out; squats and bench presses are definitely in. For supplementary work for individual body parts like triceps and biceps , you can do 3 sets of reps. Training frequency: Because this is such an intense program, it'll take you longer to recover. In fact, if you're familiar with the writings of Peter Sisco and John Little, you'll find that the average "Power Factor Rating" of the sets method is about 8 billion.

Consequently, one training session every four to five days per body part is plenty. Overload mechanism: Refrain from using forced reps, negatives or burns. The volume of the work will take care of the hypertrophy. Expect to have some deep muscle soreness without having to resort to set prolonging techniques. In fact, after doing a quad and hams session with this method, it takes the average bodybuilder about five days to stop limping. This is a sample routine based on a 5-day cycle.

Once you've used this method for six workouts per body part, it's time to move on to a more intensive program for a 3-week period. After six of those 5-day cycles, I recommend you do a 3-week phase where the average set is 6-to-8 reps, and do only 4-to-6 sets per body part over a 5-day cycle, or you can do any other split that suits your recovery pattern.

After this 3-week block, you can return to the German Volume Training method by doing the following ten sets of six reps routine. In the exercises that are prescribed for 10 sets, use a load you'd normally be able to do 12 repetitions with. The goal in this phase is to do ten sets of six with that load.

For the advanced trainee, variety in training is even more important to elicit adaptation. With the advanced trainee, I use a system called the four percent method.

German Volume Training Workout

That is, I increase the load 4-to-5 percent every workout for two workouts in a row, and I reduce the target rep by one rep for every weight increase. Then I reduce the weight 4-to-5 percent and increase the rep bracket to its original starting point. Since this is mathematical, let's look at an example that will clearly illustrate this point.

Let's say you can barbell curl pounds for 12 strict reps, and you haven't been able to increase the amount of reps or weight on this exercise. Here's a sample routine that would increase your curling strength:.

After that, you'll be ready to graduate to the Advanced program.

German Volume Training Program

This program is elegant in its simplicity, but that's what the Germans do best. Charles is known worldwide for producing faster athletes. When a country wants a Gold medal, they come to Charles. View all articles by this author.

Need Help? United States. German Volume Training. Charles R. Dumbbell Flyes. Day 1: Chest And Back. Barbell Bench Press - Medium Grip. Bent Over Barbell Row. Cable Crossover.

Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown.