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gotomaxx PDFMAILER icon Generate PDF files from most common documents with this detailed virtual printer that allows one to add user or. You can decide to "save only", show or e-mail the pdf document. Whilst the individual user licence is cheaper than Gotomaxx, the sdk. maxx mailer xml pdf maxx PDFMAILER XML 5 Einführung Über maxx PDFMAILER XML maxx PDFMAILER erzeugt einfach per Ausdruck Dateien im.

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gotomaxx PDFMAILER is the new PDF standard in business mailings and provides you with a lot of business features to control your outgoing mail. Im sure there is some kind of ocx that allows me to integrate wth PDF mailer, but I cannot find any documentation and Gotomaxx haven't got back to me after 1. maxx PDFMAILER ( maxx PDFMAILER helps you create PDF documents and distribute them subsequently. PDFMailer.

PDFMailer has an especially simple and clearly layed out user interface. D] I have integrated quite sucessfully and used my own version of simple MAPI so that I can do batch runs where each individual customer statement can be emailed with the pdf attachment or printed dependent on a flag on the customer card. Buy PDF software for business use. DeanAxon over 15 years ago. Submit Feature Request Cancel.

PDF Mailer by Gotomax software GMBH

I will double check with the developer on Monday but think you just need to do the following: I will have a look this weekend to see if I can build a Cronus sales quote object that shows you how to do it. Once this is complete I will publish it on my website and let you know. Initially we had two different reports on the menu one for priniting and one for the PDF stuff , now we are dynamically checking if the user wants the PDF or a printed copy and show or hide the steering codes accordingly.

Hi meint, the steering commands is the bit I need.

I will look forward to Monday and hopefully put an end to my misery of trying to get info from Gotomaxx [: D] Many Thanks for this. Meint, this is great stuff!

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I am reallly looking forward to your next move. Take your time! And please do not get offended by my bad English!

PDFMailer (Gotomaxx)

Right guys here goes I have built a small small sample of what you can do with PdfMailer and uploaded it to my website. Basically the sample allows you to send a PDF automatically from the quote screen. It will open your email client and populate the subject line and the email details of the contact that is on the quote. If there is no contact it will use the email address of the customer. Steps to do this: The code should give you some idea of what we did with this, if you wanna get really fancy with this, I have made the documentation available at http: It seems to work with most email clients apart from Netscape 7 which does some weird stuff which we never got round to sorting out.

Have fun, any probs please let me know. Meint P.

Mailer for maxx pdf

Pelle, absolutely nothing wrong with your English [: Thanks Meint, I simply love guys that do these things late Saturday evenings. It shows your priorities. But I think I'll postpone looking into your objects until tomorrow.


Once again, thank you! Functionality - All vital PDF functions: Even software, intended mainly for database programs, which seldom have the capability to interact with E-mail, i. Only much more cost-effective, in colour and of the highest print quality. The originals of file specific applications like MS Word programs, Excel spreadsheets and calculations, Power Point layouts, are protected in your database. You simply send a graphic copy for the addressee's view and approval.

You can send E-Mails from any software capable of printing. That makes the distribution of documents as easy as sending a computer Fax.

Only the print quality of PDF documents is much higher, because all fonts, formats, colours and graphics are retained and used. Ad-free PDF documents are universally applicable! Features Integration of active hyperlinks into PDF documents Password protection and user authorisation Delete text and graphics Print PDFs Manipulating PDF documents Extract and change text marks or addenda New dialogue prompts and user platform Accelerated e-mailing with direct access to the Microsoft Windows address book Integrated attachment manager Save text as a template and attach to e-mails automatically Safer storage of PDF files using PDF memory to make file names and destination paths available for user selection Extended options for saving existing files with automatic filename provision, the establishing of additional files under new filenames, overwriting of files or addition of pages to existing files An integrated compression process for black and white and colour images Combination of print data from various applications into a single PDF.

Including portal connection, signature affixing option and PDF preview.

New Features in Version 3 include: Additional directive markers and commands Position graphics in designated places Improved use of virtual stationary Improved user dialogue for integrating corporate letterhead and stationary. In this manner, it is possible to communicate from any software by means of PDF outputs. Thanks to the clear preview and the self-explanatory user guidance, users find it easy to use.

Pdf for mailer maxx

The administrator can minimize errors with automation and script codes. The assignment of rights defines the permitted usage framework of each user. An e-mail goes directly to the addressee, since most business persons use e-mail.

Pdf for mailer maxx

Autopilot - API and Scripting for simplifying and automating the sending and storage procedures. Total control - Who is permitted to do what: Standards - All important formats.