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outhne Kzng summams the dangers of turning to the false gods of scmce, my, There is always h e danger that man wll direct his worship instinct in spu-. I personally think it is quite a harsh book on criticizing Dr. Ambedkar. I would have preferred it take a more neutral stance on the issues explained, explaining. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Shourie, Arun; Format: Book; xii, p. ; 23 cm.

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By the same authon Indkn ControvenUs A Seailir Agenda Missionarisj in India The World of Fatn'os WORSHIPPING FALSE GODS Ambedkar, and the facts. Worshipping False Gods book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Classic on Ambedkar, re-evaluation of his role with Dalits, r. Arun Shourie. ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF * worshipping false gods goodreads | false god wikipedia | rediff on the net arun shourie.

Worshipping false gods: Posted by Explorer at Enlarge cover. Ambedkar, B. Jinnah announced that the Muslim League would celebrate the resignations as 'Deliverance Day. However book is very well written, a bit hard to read but nonetheless a good effort which is worth going through.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jul 27, Anant Singh rated it really liked it Shelves: Best book for all those who consider Ambedkar as god or an architect of moder india View 2 comments. This book is what I personally categorise as contrary literature, There is an aura about Ambedkar in India and lot of that is result of caste politics. The people who have responsibility of presenting history in right context for future generations are deliberately misrepresenting the facts and twisting them in order to further their personal gains.

And their seems to be no gainsaying of the fact that biggest loser of this is the very minority in whose name all this dirty game is being played. Book is written not based on thoughts of feelings but hard facts where sources are being mentioned and available in public domain. One thing I believe could have been added is one chapter about Ambedkar early life and one chapter about untouchable minority in India and the course of history so far. However book is very well written, a bit hard to read but nonetheless a good effort which is worth going through.

View all 4 comments. Dec 03, Abhijit Vaidya rated it really liked it. The title itself suggests what the book is all about. The book is divided in 3 main sections. Gandhi and freedom movement. This section covers Pune pact. At the end, Arun Shourie shares The title itself suggests what the book is all about. At the end, Arun Shourie shares his experiences after publishing the first edition and answers FAQs regarding the book.

Mar 19, Suhas Nagaraj rated it it was amazing.

Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar And The Facts Which Have Been Erased

Excellent book which describes the mentality of Ambedkarites and shows the reasons why British were so successful in holding India for so long. It also describes how our Constitution evolved and most surprising is how much of articles were borrowed from the Government of India Act, Simple amazing!! View 1 comment. May 29, Mayank Pandya rated it liked it. Quite intriguing book with many loose ends.

Pdf gods worshipping false

This book will prop more question in your mind than it answers. Must read for ppl who are curious to know more about Ambedkar, Indian History, constitution.

Jan 25, Gopal Vijayaraghavan rated it really liked it. Today there hangs a cloud of fear and intimidation over the country. Much as the leftist liberal intellectuals may hold those on the right wing responsible for this, they cannot escape from the fact that they have also contributed to this climate by being selectively outraged over the outbursts of intimidation.

They have, over the years, demolished many an ancient idol both figuratively and literally in their new found zeal for propagating their world view. They have also been highly critical o Today there hangs a cloud of fear and intimidation over the country. They have also been highly critical of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajendra Prasad and exercise their full freedom of expression while trying to belittle their achievements.

These modern priests of new gods of 20th century have, in the place of the idols of those gods who have been overthrown, installed new idols and are eloquent on the greatness of these neo Gods. They are silent on intolerance of the followers of these Bhakts of new Gods.

My collection of Arun Shourie's Articles: Arun Shourie Interview:

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Can I get a copy? Can I view this online? Ask a librarian. India was conquered by an army of Indians and the Indians who formed the army were all untouchables. British rule in India would have been impossible if the untouchables had not helped the British to conquer India.

Gods pdf false worshipping

Take the Battle of Plassey which laid the beginning of British rule or the battle of Kirkee which completed the conquest of India. In both these fateful battles the soldiers who fought for the British were all untouchables Who is pleading thus to whom? Nor was this a one-of slip, an arrangement crafted just for the occasion. Indeed, so long as the British were ruling over India, far from trying to hide such views, Ambedkar would lose no opportunity to advertise them, and to advertise what he had been doing to ensure that they came to prevail in practice.

Among the faithful his book What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables is among the most admired and emulated of his writings. It was published in , that is just two years or so before India became Independent. As we shall see when we turn to Ambedkar's views on how harijans may be raised, it is an out and out regurgitation of the things that the British rulers and the missionaries wanted to be said, of the allegations and worse that they had been hurling at our civilisation and people.

The book has been published officially by the education department of the government of Maharashtra, and is sold at a subsidised price!

It reproduces the speech Ambedkar made at the Round Table Conference -- a speech which served the designs of the British rulers to the dot, and for which, as we shall soon see, they were ever so grateful to Ambedkar for it became one of the principal devices for thwarting Gandhiji. In the speech Ambedkar addresses the prime minister and says, "Prime minister, permit me to make one thing clear. The depressed classes are not anxious, they are not clamorous, they have not started any movement for claiming that there shall be an immediate transfer of power from the British to the Indian people Their position, to put it plainly, is that we are not anxious for transfer of power from the British to the Indian people Their position, to put it plainly, is that we are not anxious for transfer of political power There were a total of 1, seats in the 11 assemblies in 'British India'.

Of these were 'tied'-- in the sense that they were to be filled by communal or special representation from Chambers of Commerce, plantations, labour etc.

Gods worshipping pdf false

Of the 'general' seats, the Congress, which Ambedkar, Jinnah and others denounced from the house tops, won From the point of view of Ambedkar and the British -- who had been holding him up to counter the Congress claim that it represented the harijans as much as any other section of Indian society -- worse was the fact that the Congress did extremely well in the seats which had been reserved for harijans. Thirty seats were reserved for harijans in Madras Presidency, the Congress contested 26 and won In Bihar there were 24 reserved seats -- in 9 of these Congress candidates were returned unopposed; of the remaining 15 reserved seats, it contested 14, and won In Bombay of the 15 reserved seats, it secured 1 unopposed, contested 8 and won 5.

In the United Provinces there were 20 reserved seats; two of its candidates were returned unopposed; it contested 17 seats and won In Bengal of the 30 reserved seats, it contested 17 and won 6. In the Central Provinces of the 19 reserved seats, it contested 9 and won 5. The lesson was there for all to see. Reporting to the Viceroy on the result in the Bombay Presidency, the Governor, Lord Brabourne wrote, "Dr Ambedkar's boast of winning, not only 15 seats which are reserved for the harijans, but also a good many more -- looks like being completely falsified, as I feared it would be.

Efforts of all these elements were focused on the objective of installing non-Congress ministries in Bombay and wherever else this was a possibility.

Brabourne reported to the viceroy that Jamnadas Mehta, the finance minister "who is chief minister in all but name", was telling him that the ministry in Bombay would survive motions on the budget and may even get through the motion of no-confidence: But added, "I gather that he is in touch with Ambedkar, who is carrying on negotiations for him, but, as you will find from the next succeeding paragraph, it rather looks to me as if Ambedkar is playing a thoroughly double game, in which case Jamnadas Mehta's hopes are likely to be rudely shattered.

He made it quite clear to me that they would not support the present ministry. The governor was sceptical about the claims and assurances of all of them.

He wrote, "It is, of course, quite impossible to rely on anything that Jinnah tells me, and the only thing for me to do is to listen and keep silent. I obviously cannot tell Jamnadas Mehta what Jinnah told me, or vice versa, as both of them are hopelessly indiscreet. The only thing that is clear is that a vast amount of intrigue is going on behind the scenes, but, in the long run, I cannot see anything coming out of it at all, as none of these people trust each other round the corner. Were to hazard a guess, it would still be that the present ministry will be defeated on the budget proposals and the alternative will then lie between Congress or Section 93"-- the equivalent of our present-day governor's rule.

Congress ministries were formed. And in they resigned in view of the British government's refusal to state what it intended to do about Indian Independence after the War. Jinnah announced that the Muslim League would celebrate the resignations as 'Deliverance Day. Ambedkar, of course. Nationalist leaders were neither surprised that Ambedkar was on the platforms with Jinnah, nor had they any doubts about the inspiration behind these celebrations.

The British statesmen in order to win the sympathy of the world, now go on repeating that they are willing to give freedom to India, were India united. The 'Day of Deliverance' was evidently calculated to make the world and particularly the British public believe that India was not united and that Hindus and Muslims were against each other. But when several sections of Muslims were found to oppose the 'Day of Deliverance', the proposed anti-Hindu demonstrations were converted into a Jinnah-Ambedkar-Byramji protest against the Congress ministries and the Congress high command A large part of What Congress and Gandhi Have Done to the Untouchables which Ambedkar published in is a tortuous effort to explain that actually the Congress had not done well in the election, that in fact, while groups such as his which had opposed Congress had been mauled even in reserved constituencies, they had triumphed, and the Congress, in spite of the seats having gone to it, had actually been dealt a drubbing!

Though this is his central thesis, Ambedkar gives reasons upon reasons to explain why he and his kind have lost and why the Congress has won!

One of the reasons he says is that the people in general believe that the Congress is fighting for the freedom of the country. This fight for freedom, Ambedkar says, "has been carried on mostly by Hindus. They soon got out of it, he says. The other communities, particularly the untouchables, never took part in it. A few stray individuals may have joined it -- and they did so, Ambedkar declares, for personal gain.

But the community as such has stood out.

This is particularly noticeable in the last campaign of the "Fight For Freedom", which followed the 'Quit India Resolution' passed by the Congress in August , Ambedkar says. And this too has not been just an oversight, in Ambedkar's reckoning it was a considered boycott. The Untouchables have stayed out of the Freedom Movement for good and strong reasons, he says again and again.

How did he get there? Ambedkar's own explanation was typical of the man: Recall the pleas to Atlee, and set them against Ambedkar's reconstruction of the sequence in the speech he made in the Lok Sabha. It was 10 October and Ambedkar was explaining his resignation from the Cabinet of Panditji: