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einstein varghese "summary of dork the incredible adventures of robin einstein wordpress - sidin vadukut dork pdf download sidin sunny vadukut is a. Dork The Incredible Adventures Of Robin Einstein. Varghese Trilogy 1 Sidin Vadukut the book of tempeh professional edition,the bodhisattvas brain buddhism. DORK THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN EINSTEIN VARGHESE TRILOGY 1 SIDIN. VADUKUT dork the incredible adventures pdf adventures of.

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Dork The Incredible Adventures Of Robin Einstein. Varghese Trilogy 1 Sidin Vadukut answers to worksheet 11 1 redox reaction,answers to mcgraw hill connect. dork the incredible adventures of robin einstein varghese trilogy 1 sidin vadukut pdf ebook sidin vadukut dork pdf download - wordpress - sidin vadukut dork pdf. Dork The Incredible Adventures Of Robin Einstein. Varghese Trilogy 1 Sidin Vadukut japanese united states ichihashi yamato,japanese puzzle boxes yosegi .

Join other followers Sign me up! Hearing this robin had this mixed feelings in him. I feel that there must be a lot of Robins out there. Does so remarkably well, and the book is a laugh-a-minute riot. Aug 17, AlphaGirl rated it did not like it. All those guys singing the 3 idiots anthem w Well, writing a blog and writing a book is as different as speed dating and marriage. Sort order.

His transition from a B-school to working for a consulting company, experiences and mis adventures while undertaking the tasks, his encounter with loveliest lasses including hi I never read Chetan Bhagat's novels and I will never bother to read them. His transition from a B-school to working for a consulting company, experiences and mis adventures while undertaking the tasks, his encounter with loveliest lasses including his batch-mate Gouri Kalbag and particularly the buxom babe called Megha,fantasising about love-making with those lasses, his constant use of profanity against his colleagues, pontificating about his own 'innate' ablities and other kind of histrionics I think I mentioned all of them are mind boggling.

My only objection - the title of the book. Nov 06, Aarthi rated it it was ok. Sidin Vadukut is one of the few, intentionally funny writers in India, who manages to capture the subtle nuances of urban Indian humour delightfully well. Our regional prejudices, CWG Tweet - Welcome Srilanka, am Malayalee and both of us don't like Tamils or from the book - Einstein's mom goes, 'we should have sent him to a South Indian institute where he wouldn't have been influenced by spoiled north Indians!

I enjoyed Einstein's inflated sense of self-importance, as even while having access to only his point of view, I could see what other's thought of him and laughed along with them, but only for a bit.

Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese

After the first few chapters, despite Vadukut's flair for humour, the book fails to make you laugh. It is like this, when you meet a Dork for the first time, you laugh and snigger at him behind his back with your friends and colleagues, after a point, you get sick of this person and he begins to get to you.

Oct 17, Lyazzat rated it it was amazing. Brilliant, funny, like a breath of fresh air! The contemparory writing with a huge sense of humor plus relates the current economical situation. Loved the book and will definitely recommend it. Sep 19, Shweta Iyer rated it did not like it. The narrative is shockingly bad. The language used is least impressive. Overall I would rate this book 1 star out of 5.

Dec 14, Abhisek Pandey rated it did not like it. This is the first of the trilogy on the adventures of a management graduate, who is stupid, irritating, somehow funny, obnoxious, but somehow makes a lot of things happen around him. The main character is very nicely developed but you don't quite connect with him, which I had expected before picking the book.

However, considering the character's scale and nature, the story flow is mostly okay, barring few chapters where things pr 1 point something out of 5 An okay read to accompany your travel. However, considering the character's scale and nature, the story flow is mostly okay, barring few chapters where things proceed abruptly. I somehow think that it would have worked well if the author could talk a little more about other characters and the main character was a little bearable.

Overall, you can read the book if you want, it's a light read anyway. The diary style works well too. Be forwarned, there's nothing hilarious or literary in the book. You would not connect with, agree with, or laugh at the characters, rather you will be irritated or disgusted, or at the most, you will sympathize. I won't go for the other two books of this trilogy. Sidin's tweets are better than the book, IMO!

Apr 19, Dipesh Mehta rated it did not like it. To err is human. I erred BIG time when I bought this book.

Sidin vadukut pdf dork

What should I write about this book I thought the book would be a fun read, but I was wrong, the book has nothing to offer for an average reader like me. The writing is awful and so is the character Robert 'Einstein' Varghese in the book, throughout my read I was just aimlessly cruising around the pages and finally manage to finish it.

Too bad the site doesnot allo To err is human. Too bad the site doesnot allow me to give half star. Feb 19, Dushyant rated it did not like it. This one was a disappoint. Sidin's blogging prowess influenced my purchasing decision and I ended up fighting boredom to finish this book. The book is funny in pages, attempts a humorous narration of a grad school boy's experiences while he wades through his consulting job.

Reasons the book failed for me: Jun 18, Ayush rated it it was ok. A really really boring book where you wish you could slap the protagonist. All attempts to make it interesting fell flat. Einstein sees the world completely oblivious of the way world sees him. I am surprised how someone as insane as him made it to IIM in the first place. If that was not enough, he manages to get a hot chick on his side too. The stuff he mentions about management consulting firms, is that for real?

Jul 05, Karthick rated it it was ok Shelves: Feb 05, Abinaya rated it really liked it. It is definitely a mood booster! A hilarious light read. Feb 21, Sumit rated it it was amazing. Jul 08, Saumya Gopi rated it did not like it.

Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese by Sidin Vadukut

Stick to the blog! Oct 18, Pallavi Navale rated it it was amazing. It's a light read.. Will have you in splits certain times: Jun 14, Srikanth rated it really liked it. The Dork By Sidin Vadukut Did you any time in your life feel the humiliation when everyone around you, even after being less competent when compared to you, take away all the accolades. Sidin succeeds to reach the readers in a big level.

Basic Plot: The Lead character Robin Einstein Varghese is on the day zero of his campus recruitment process. It is like an do or die situation for him.

Sidin vadukut pdf dork

After that he visits his home town and starts waiting for the offer letter. Thats the time when this so called einstein gets the first shock of his life. He gets an email from the Dufrense people saying that they are planning to withdraw the job offer since they cant stand irresponsibility from its employees and that they felt robin had no work ethics. He then calls up the Dufrense and inquires about the email. Dufrense receptionist tells him that they have sent him an offer letter to his college address 3 weeks back and yet did not receive an reply.

Robin then somehow convinces the lady representative that he has called up to dufrense office and asked them to update his address to his home town. Then comes the big first day office and for robins surprise everything goes on fine.

Robin gets assigned to a project and he handles it well. Just when everything seems to be going right an unusual thing happens at an project success party. When robin enters his office the next day he gets weird reaction from his colleagues. Some colleague look at him in disgust, some looked at him in pity and some mocked at him. Robin looking at this feels that there is something fishy going on in the office.

Thats when he comes to know that after 3- 4 vodka shots yesterday he acted real insane. He got on to a table and jumped on to one of his colleagues in wrestling style and this was video taped and uploaded on youtube by some unknown person from his office.

Gauri Kalbag it was, the ladylove of Mr. She followed her, sketched a plan and used it to the tee. He was cunning i say, real cunning.

So this dating thing went on but einstein would have never guessed wats in store for him in the coming months. The client asked resume of each and every candidate working on the project and the day of meeting, clientele asked dufrense to remove robin from its project as they felt that he could harm their reputation and their business.

Robin world started rotating. He had no clue what those clients meant but once they showed dufrense people the youtube video which was taken when robin was under alcohol influence.

The second shock. After the first shocking incident robin was absolutely sure that dufrense is going to fire him so he started sending resume to all well known companies who con pay him 12L per annum. He felt 12lacks for a real genius is pretty less.

Even after knowing that he is going to get fired in a day or two robin kept his kool and said that he will surely work for them and said that dufrense is a company on which they can blindly bank on. Hearing this robin had this mixed feelings in him.

He felt like this was the second chance god has given him and he should not screw this up. The Third and final: Booze gets out everything from ur mind. Booze bro Booze, we have got the best project of this year and this is all because of the Einstein, Robin Einstin Varghese said one of the representative. These were the last words which robin remembered as he got up from his bed next day.

He then saw his phone with congrats messages and some voicemails. He had no idea wat happened the last night. As he entered his office, his colleagues gave him the same looks which they gave when they saw robins youtube video.

As he sat down in his cube and opened his email he saw an voice-mail and to robins horror it was none other than robin speaking in that voice mail. Gawd wat did i do now were the first words to come up in robins mind.

Then as he tried to recollect wat all happened last night. He slowly started to get it. After vodka shots see even here the culprit is vodka robin started to loose his calm and started to act weirdly. Recollecting what had happened last night robin in depression took his bag and started walking back to his house and once he entered his room his roomate said that the voicemail was being played on cnn-ibn.

This was when robin really wanted to commit suicide out of this international humiliation. The Conclusion: In one day Robin went on to become an international figure.

He was then promoted to an senior associate position in Dufrense. I give this Book 3. May 21, Sonali Dabade rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not sure what to write of this book. It's well-written - the language is really good. But I didn't find it as humorous as it promised to be.

Yes, the first few pages I did find funny. By the end of the book, however, I was and still am pretty irritated by Robin 'Einstein' Varghese. If he existed in real life, I'd give him three or four resounding slaps. And maybe that is the whole point of the book - the blind, overconfident dork who doesn't know right from idiocy. Jul 06, Karishma rated it it was ok. I think this book is called 'Dork' because 'Douchebag' is too long. A ridiculous, unfunny story about a repulsive, morally bankrupt toerag in an equally unappealing company.

Really a one star book at the very most, so the second star is mostly to make myself feel better about reading the next 2 books even though this one sucked. Completionist tendencies are the worst. Jun 28, Haresh Bhardwaj rated it it was amazing. A hilariously entertaining read. A stereotyped, but largely accurate description of the consulting business.

Engineers and management professionals will instantly connect with the protagonist. Robin 'Einstein' Varghese lives the life we all know. Making gigantic presentations and convoluted reports is something we excel at. Nov 07, Arvind rated it liked it. A fun breezy comic read about an MBA who joins a management consulting firm. Very readable bcoz it has been written in the form of diary entries, mostly a couple of pages long.

On to book 2 in d trilogy. Jan 01, Samiksha Neroorkar rated it it was amazing. Jun 29, Nita Bajoria rated it really liked it. Enjoyed it thoroughly Mar 22, Saji Nediyanchath rated it really liked it. Was ok in parts.. Started off on an interesting note, giving huge hopes.

Towards the end things went downward, and ended up on a rather blunt note. Jun 16, Amit Gupta rated it liked it. In April Dork, a stupendously naive but academically gifted young man graduates from one of India's best business schools with a Day-zero job at the Mumbai office of Dufresne Partners, a mediocre mid-market management consulting firm largely run by complete morons. Through a stunning series of blunders, mishaps and inadvertent errors, Robin begins to make his superiors rue the day there were driven by depression into hiring him.

He also realizes that the one-sided relationship with B-school In April Dork, a stupendously naive but academically gifted young man graduates from one of India's best business schools with a Day-zero job at the Mumbai office of Dufresne Partners, a mediocre mid-market management consulting firm largely run by complete morons. He also realizes that the one-sided relationship with B-school batchmate Gouri Kalbag might be over before it even started. Will he manage to achieve his short-term goal of being promoted to associate in under a year?

Let me warn you that it is a polarizing book. You will either love it or hate it. For starters, it has the exact problem as Amit Varma's My friend Sancho.

Lot of witty, sarcastic and funny moments in the narrative but hardly any concrete storyline.

Sidin vadukut pdf dork

Set up in the backdrop of management consulting, it traces the first year at work for Robin who has passed MBA from a premiere institute in India in Written in the form of diary entries, it traces the funny and not-so-funny experiences in his life at Dufresne Partners.

And since no Indian debut novel can be complete without a love story thrown in, we have an almost invisible love track of Gouri, which i am quite sure, was added as an after thought in the book. In fact, you can take out her track completely from the main story and will realise that nothing will happen to Robin's ultimate goal of becoming an associate in one year.

Most of the characters except Robin are poorly developed and have very little to show in terms of growth or transition. They move in and out of the narrative at their own whims and fancies, have very little to contribute to the main plot and none of them are particularly relatable. I agree that it is not a book about perfect relationships, in fact most of them here are quite superficial but they should have been given far more space to create any kind of impact. The ending is abrupt and disappointing but considering that 2 more books are coming up in this series, this may not turn out to be a farce.

The only saving grace is the titular character of Robin. There is a heavy dose of gaalis and gags in his mis adventures at the workplace and there are some real funny digs taken at the management consulting companies. His goofiness and comical situation with fellow colleagues will keep you in spits all throughout the book. His observations about the dressing sense of employees, work ethics or the lack of it of his peers, usage of internet and social networking websites to implement work assignments; all this has an endearing quality.

One major roadblock is the over usage of MBA jargons which some people will find too contextual and hence, it provides a risk of alienating them with the jokes. And therein lies the truth somewhere, that this is not so much a book as it is an interesting concept of strapping in all the diary entries. To be made into a proper book, it required a far more credible screenplay and properly developed supporting characters.

It is only with the extra-ordinary humorous take on the corporate life, this book hooks you till the end. It is a racy, funny ride which you won't mind taking on but will ultimately leave you with a sore bum.

If you are one of those type of readers who don't care much about the lack of a storyline and just want to have FUN, you will surely enjoy this one. For my types, who needs logic and a concrete screenplay, it will leave you with bit of a disappointment.

Till the next Robin adventure happens, I better stick to Domain Maximus blog. Aug 17, AlphaGirl rated it did not like it. One reason could be that when the story is about a boy, bashing women becomes natural and almost unavoidable. So, I am glad that book does not indulge in too much of women bashing. It was a real struggle to finish this one.

So, this book is not really for me. I finished it only because I paid for it. I am not sure if this is how men write in their diaries. I read We need to talk about Kevin after I read his review and I am grateful to him for introducing me to this book.

But, this book…. Unreliable narrator? We see through Verghese the moment he opens his mouth, I mean his first journal entry. The reader knows that what Verghese thinks about himself is not necessarily true. Is that what he means by unreliable narrator?

I am confused about this book. If it is supposed to be hilarious, then it is not. I probably laughed just once while I read the entire book. I think not. Are we supposed to laugh at Robin Verghese? Are we supposed to sympathize with him? A literary master-piece which is disguised as a light-weight book? There are quite a few positive reviews , so it must be just me. I could relate to your review. Hey Saurbh, thanks so much. As you said, it is comforting to know someone felt the same way about the book as I did.

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