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This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication dates. It includes all the "regular" books along with Super Editions, Super. Sweet Valley High-- Super Editions-- Super Thrillers-- Super Stars-- Magna Editions-- TV EditionsFor other books involving Sweet Valley and its. All I can say is that Sweet Valley Jr. High and SVH: Senior Year pages are up, linked the Sweet Valley Confidential page with current info on the new e-books .

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Frantically, she began juggling books, searching for the assignment she'd scribbled . may be serious consequences for the Sweet Valley High football team. Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). Book 1. Francine Pascal Author () . cover image of Double Love · Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). You don't. Unless the author or the publisher has posted it on a free deal. Any other course of action to get free books is harmful to authors. Would you expect to .

Dangerous Love by Francine Pascal. December 10, at 3: The kids are disappointed to learn the gold was pyrite, and the map and diary were fakes from a movie set. And then she blows off Todd when he comes to visit, but is outgoing and vivacious for the hot doctor. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Hope the column idea was worth it, Leona.

Nora gets arrested, and all returns to normal. Love and Death in London No. The twins head to London for one of their many newspaper internships.

Murder victims keep popping up with their throats ripped out, and the twins are put on the crime beat to investigate. Jessica starts dating Robert Pembroke. His father, Lord Pembroke, is a werewolf expert. He also owns the newspaper where the twins are interning, and has been suppressing stories about the murders because he believes that Robert is the werewolf.

Luke is shot, his werewolf mask falls off, and he dies. Tall, Dark, and Deadly No. There are bite marks in his neck, and his body has been drained of blood.

The next Monday, a new guy starts at school: Jessica decides that she wants to date Jonathan, but he ignores her.

KIDNAPPED! # 13 (Sweet Valley High (Numbered Paperback))

Jessica usually gets what she wants, though, and she's incredibly persistent: She gets a ride home from him, then later shows up at his house. He kisses her, and tells her she should have left him alone.

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Jonathan decides he cares too much about Jessica to hurt her, so he invites Enid over instead. Jessica continues to see Jonathan, who Liz has figured out is a vampire based on some books she found at his house. She tells all the SVH kids, and they believe her. When Jonathan takes Jessica to his lair—a cave on the beach—Liz and Todd come to save the day, an angry mob on their heels. Jonathan turns into a bird and flies away.

Vampires are real. The end.

Pdf high sweet valley books

The Treasure of Death Valley No. Why anyone would enter a contest to do this is a mystery. While hanging out near a mine shaft, one student turns on her portable TV and learns about some convicts who have escaped a prison. The group decides to hunt for the rest of the treasure, and are all soon carrying around their own bags of gold nuggets. She thinks Heather did it, but it was actually the three escaped convicts, who capture the kids, tie them up, and steal their gold.

The kids manage to escape, but then they notice that one of the convicts is being swept away by a flash flood, so they rescue him. He turns out to be not so bad, but his buddies are pretty awful: They drag the kids into a cave, where they decide to kill them. The nice convict gets shot and dies; his killer leaves the cave, telling the other convict to kill the kids. They take a path that goes deeper into the cave, and eventually they begin to walk through rapidly-rising water.

They realize that the cave walls are shale, so they kick and punch the walls away until they come out near the rendezvous point and head back to Sweet Valley. The kids are disappointed to learn the gold was pyrite, and the map and diary were fakes from a movie set. Once Upon a Time No.

High sweet pdf valley books

The Wakefield twins are very experienced babysitters, but who knew they were good enough to nanny for royalty? They travel to France for a month to be nannies for the de Saint-Maries. When Jessica wears an emerald he gave her—which was stolen from the countess whose daughter is promised to Prince Laurent—to a ball, the twins are thrown in a dungeon.

Complete Sweet Valley

The twins run into the woods and hide out there. Meanwhile, Jacques finds the twins, and they convince him to confess to being the jewel thief.

Jacques and his father go free, Elizabeth turns Laurent down, and the twins head back to Sweet Valley, where Liz reunites with Todd. Cover Girls No. The twins get an internship at a fashion magazine called Flair. Hope the column idea was worth it, Leona. The twins are working at Sweet Valley News , where they learn that a man named Donald Redman has escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

Liz is assigned to find out about Donald; she discovers that he was a Sweet Valley High student who kidnapped a classmate he had a crush on.

Liz wanders away from the guys and is grabbed by Donald. They call the police, then head to the football stadium. She was even out-Jessica-ing her.

It must not be allowed to happen. The next night, over a family dinner, Mr. Wakefield announces that his friends, the Perceys, are going to Europe for two weeks and so their identical twelve year old twin daughters will be staying with the Wakefields. The Plot Devices show up, and the Wakefields leave to play bridge. Anyway, Liz puts on a micromini and ditches the kids to go on a date.

I told you I planned to get to at least second base tonight. What a creepy exchange. Anyway, the Plot Devices misbehave at the movie; they talk all the way through it and Danny has to spend a fortune on popcorn and soda and candy, and Jess is so fed up that she cries when she gets home.

Then Liz wakes up crying from a nightmare and hugs Jess. At school, Enid and I just have to say, what kind of name is Enid? Liz flirts with Ken Matthews right in front of Susan, his girlfriend. This becomes important later, sort of. She also lies to the guidance counselor about having dizzy spells to put off doing her makeup work.

Then she complains to Winston Egbert about the gigantic history paper on the Punic Wars that she needs to turn in.

Pdf books sweet high valley

Eleventh graders are researching the Punic Wars in history, but still writing book reports in English? What a strange school. Do they ever play any schools besides Big Mesa? Actually, they played Palisades High in the first book, but I seriously think there might be only three high schools in their entire league. At the game, Liz sits next to Ken Matthews and flirts with him the whole time, so Todd misses all his shots and then hits a Big Mesa player.

He gets benched, and the team tells the coach that his girlfriend used to be the nicest girl in school but now is a big old ho. Nothing like putting pressure on a kid. Collins kicks Liz off the paper for a breach of gossip column ethics. Then they yell at Jess for not stopping her from doing it.

See what I mean?

Worst parents ever. Jess comes home from school and finds Todd sitting on their front porch. He and Jess pace, and Jess complains that, instead of asking her out, boys are always asking her to put in a good word for her easy sister.

And also, way to have your priorities in line. Ease off. Oh well.

Sweet Valley High Series

He tries to talk to her, but she blows him off. Jessica drives the Plot Devices to a flute audition because Liz is grounded, gets a speeding ticket, and dents the car. Then she sees Danny making out with another girl. Anyway, she cries. Lila has a party where people are supposed to come alone, in costume, and pick people up. Way to practice consistent discipline with your teenaged daughters, Ned and Alice. You guys are practically parents of the year. The twins dress like matadors for the party Seriously?

Jess and Todd stand on the sidelines and watch Liz some more.

12 of the Sweet Valley High Books' Most Ridiculous Plotlines

They make out, and Bruce takes a small bottle out of his pocket and offers Liz a drink. She swigs the airplane Jim Beam or whatever, and Bruce tells her to take it easy. What a prince. How h ilariously prepared of him. This book is so awesome. Bruce plans to get her drunk and sex her up, but Todd shows up in his trusty Datsun, pulls Bruce out of the Porsche, and knocks him out with one punch.

What a badass. Then he just leaves Bruce lying on the ground and loads Liz into his car. She slurs her words and passes out while he buckles her up, all from a couple swallows out of an airplane bottle and a Dixie cup of wine.

Did I mention how much I love this book? Bill asks Liz out for Saturday, and she says yes. Bill and Jess are only at the Beach Disco for about ten minutes before he starts vowing his undying love, which is not at all creepy, and Jessica smiles and tells him that she thinks he actually loves her sister. Meanwhile, at the Patman beach house of iniquity, Bruce and Liz are making out. They just like having another mansion a convenient ten minute drive away?

So he leaves her on the bed and goes downstairs to get some wine. Anyway, updated the Sweet Valley Confidential page with current info on the new e-books. Will be working on the SVK section too.

I'm not happy with it: Will be adding the rest over the next few days when i have time: February 15 '10' Am back. Had my baby and finally get time every now and then that I can start updating again: Only 50 of them, I'll add a few more that I have when I can be bothered.

May 12th '09' Finished SVK page. So they look nice now: Next I'll concentrate on Galleries. April 28 '09' New layout. Revamp in progress so excuse the links not working: British and Finnish covers: