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An enhanced version called Star Ocean The Last Hope: International was announced for the PlayStation 3. This marks the first time Square Enix will release the "international" version of one of their titles to audiences outside of Walkthrough. Star Ocean: The Last Hope at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. For Star Ocean: The Last Hope International on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is the official guide any good? Online only guides ( no downloadable pdf), not being able to release guides they.

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Star Ocean The Last Hope (X) Official Strategy Guide BradyGames l Language: English l PDF l Pages l MB. NEW HEROES. Strategy Guide (Bradygames Signature Series Guides). BradyGames. Star Ocean The Last Hope: International Signature Series Strategy Guide ( Bradygames Guides) by BradyGames Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good. read online. A Guide/Walk-through for Star Ocean Last Hope-International Credit goes to author: Vhayste. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Kingdom Hearts II BradyGames Official Strategy Guide · Max Payne 3.

You need to talk to two specific NPCs in order to track down the bandit. There will be a lot of windows of opportunity here, especially when he is in mid-attack. The equipment that is available for exchange are all unique weapons, making it worth a while to try out and battles here and work on your ranks. After lighting the pot, the statue will rotate and point the next pot that you need to light up. Create the comb and deliver it to her.

Jan 05, Josilyn Sakura rated it really liked it. Must have for any gamer! Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Jan 06, Michael Pavey rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Allison rated it it was ok Feb 12, Tim Ng rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Himugi rated it really liked it Mar 12, Jenifer rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Brandon Blankenship rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Jillian rated it it was amazing May 16, Angela rated it liked it Aug 22, Alex Albright rated it really liked it Jan 04, Joel marked it as to-read May 17, Matthew Ridgeway marked it as to-read Aug 27, Donald Ackerman marked it as to-read Mar 11, Krys marked it as to-read Nov 22, Charles marked it as to-read Nov 25, Randycross marked it as to-read Feb 06, Lyndon Ducey marked it as to-read Oct 16, Andreas Graul marked it as to-read Dec 12, Edgar Dailidka added it Dec 13, All in all it seems like it has been updated for both versions of the game and is mostly the same stuff as the guide http: We aren't talking about new chests, so far I have only gotten to 2nd planet but Aeos had nothing different but Lemuris does have 1 new chest and loot changed for another.

This might seem like a stupid detail. But if you write fanfiction, that might be another incentive to buy the guide. Sometimes it actually helps, pending upon how faithful to the source you want to be. Of course, nothing beats actually playing the game on that front. I'm not big on any other guide companies save Double Jump. See I plan on getting game, and I was not intending on buying the guide. I just got White Knight Chronicles and I bought the guide for that and I've been pretty disappointed in the guide.

There were so many things left out and left unexplained in the WKC guide that the only section I ended up really using was the Georama recruiting list to help me specifically find the correct people I wanted. The maps in the walkthrough are way off from the actual. They didn't explain much about Online gameplay.

Just minor things off the top of my head but I really expected more out of a 20 dollar guide. Oh, and I just remembered.

The whole skills page thing completely irked me. They alphabetized the stupid thing instead of putting it in like it shows in the game. This makes it really hard to figure out which skill lead to the next skill. Anyways, if you guys say this guide for SO4 is actually worth the time, then I might want to pick it up. Kandar, familiarize yourself with the guidebook companies. This is a very important method, especially if you want to be more versatile or if you want to pull out a severely wounded ally out of the battle.

You have a fresh combantant in the field. Chain Combos can be performed during a normal combo. Rush combos can be activated by entering Rush Mode while holding the X button. Follow the button combinations as it appears on the screen. Your allies will also join in with the attack, further increasing the total damage dealt.

Bonus Board The bonus board is something that looks like a tileset in the farthest right side of the combat screen. By meeting certain conditions in battle, colored tiles will be added to the board. You will receive various post-battle bonuses, depending on how many tiles are there in the bonus board and what tile colors you have. The leader receives a critical hit 2. The leader is incapacitated 3. The party flees from battle 4.

You reload your game. A major story event occurs Once the bonus board has been completely filled, no other tiles can be added, even if you meet the conditions. If you want to create a new tileset, save your game and reload it again to start with a clean bonus board slate. In this case, if the leader takes a critical hit, only half of the tiles will be removed instead. Status Boosts Certain skills and symbols can be used to increase your stats temporarily. Characters can only have up to 4 stat boosts at a time.

Any new stat boost will replace the first boost leftmost side and it will take effect immediately. Depending on what style you select, that character will earn pre-selected parameter adjustments and will add special effects to specific skills. They are as follows: Extra blindside effects will also be available when this style is selected.

Furthermore, parameter boosts and number of special effects will increase as the style ranks up. Extra Rush Mode effects will be available as well. However, there will be no extra effects for blindsiding and rush mode. I suggest undergo all the lessons here before proceeding with the game. If you have accessed the simulator option from the main menu earlier, then you can just cancel out of it. The first thing you may want to do is to run so press RT to change between walking and running.

The purple exclamation points are points of interests, like story events and interactable items. In this part of the ship, the points of interest are the battle simulator, the room-assignment chart and your bed. The blue cross-like emblem represents the path leading to another area. The purple circle represents a savepoint. Yellow icons represents NPCs. Explore the ship if you want, then head to the flight deck.

More scenes will follow. Before exploring the area, head back inside the Calnus and talk to Van, by the meeting room entrance. Go inside the meeting room and take the storage room north. Go to the flight deck this time and examine the pilot terminals to obtain the spaceship data for the Aquila and Calnus.

Head back outside this time. Equip it immediately. Save your game first then start talking to some people, then finally Reimi. After the short scene, your first real battle will start. These are the common enemies in the area but since this is your first battle, we will consider them as bosses. Put everything you learned in the battle simulator here. These enemies can be easily blindsided so use that to your advantage. J ust avoid getting caught in the middle.

Quickly dash your way out of danger if ever one of them tries to flank you. Watch the scenes and Reimi will join your party. Now you can explore the full area since the debris blocking your path is now removed. J ust east of the save point is a harvesting point.

Reimi has this command skill so press the B button while standing on it to gather various items. Landing Point Monsters: J ust collect the items, build your bonus board and return to the Calnus to rest as needed.

Item 7 on the map is actually hidden behind the net-like covering. Head to the Urd Falls Cave next. Urd Falls Cave Monsters: Iron Silver There will be new enemies in this cave. The point of interest in the upper right portion of the map is actually a ledge where you can jump off if you entered from the Northern Coast. The Gerels have the ability to reproduce during battle so unless your duo is practically underleveled and you have problems defeating the enemies here, you should kill them quickly.

Otherwise, just let them multiply for more experience. Make your way out to the northwest to reach the new area. Northern Coast Monsters: Iron, Silver This is the only part of the region where the Polyphaga is located. Since Polyphagas appear only as one unit per monster group, it will take 34 battles to get the complete analysis you need. Bosses will always have the highest percentage per battle, unless they become normal enemies later in the game.

Get all the items within your reach first and check out all the harvest points you can access. Once done, use the recovery circle again and save your game. J ump from the ledge to reach the shoreline. Grab the nearby items and harvesting point before heading to the yellow icon.

I suggest not engaging to any battles at the moment and approach the yellow icon to proceed with the story. Water, Wind FOL: Earth RACE: Other Faize will join you in this battle. He is a swordsman that can use symbols.

And fortunately, this boss is weak against the earth element — which Faize can exploit using his Earth Glaive attack. If you notice, all damage dealt to Armaros is rather small; this is because of an other shell that protects its weak point. I suggest controlling Reimi and attacking from a distance to get its attention, while Faize and Edge whittle its armor away. You should see bits of the shell splintering away for every hit your allies land.

Trace your steps back to the exit to the south. Backtrack to the southern area of the map to reach a newly formed base, with the help of Eldarians.

You may consider going north a bit, past the bridge to reach the other side of the Northern Coast area to grab at least a couple of items. Refer to the map above Return to the base when ready. This boss is capable of using electric and ice attacks. Wait until it releases it then run away to avoid getting hit. Attack it continuously to deal major damage. Alternately, you may also attack from distance, wait for it to close in and blindside it to quickly target its core.

After defeating Armaros, it will be a long walk back to base. Continue east, grab the remaining items and take the only entrance. Exploration Base Before entering, check out the surroundings first since there are 4 chests for you to loot. Enter the base from any side. You can also rest here. Examine the terminals in the middle to obtain data for the Eldarian ships Zagzagel, Sol and Rednuht. The shops are located in the NE wing so check it out to purchase some new skill manuals and accept some item orders.

Collect the required quantity of the specific items to earn the cash reward as well as a good boost to your exp and party SP.

Base Shop Omega also sells the last component needed to create the Storm Blade. Make sure to buy all the skill manuals and 2 Eldarian Bows if you can afford it.

Once done, head to the communications room in the northern wing to find the captain and the Eldarian Commander, Gaghan. Inventory Base Shop Alpha Item: After learning that one of your comrades has gone missing, exit the base and head to the hangar where the Calnus is docked.

You should find Rich along the way, staring off ocean. Tell him about Airi and return to her to get your reward.

Leg Collector Visit Lilia inside the research lab located in the southwest wing and accept her quest. You should deliver 10 Insect legs to her, which can be acquired by fighting Adephagas. If you have been fighting them for a while now, you should have a good stock of insect legs already. Egg Collector After delivering the insect legs, Lilia will ask you to bring 8 insect eggs this time. Insect eggs can be harvested or dropped by Adephaga as well. Watch the following scenes.

You now have the Calnus as your own! After your crew takes positions, talk to Faize to receive a Monster J ewel. As explained in the quickstart section above, you can transfer the data of a fully analyzed monster to a Monster J ewel and to convert it to an accessory. There is a private action between Edge and Reimi back in the Urd Falls Cave, in the jump point where the glowing flowers are. You can make a quick trip there if you like. Of course, you can simply sleep through the entire trip but you will miss the chance to develop your relationship with your crew members.

After the final PA, you will reach your destination which is the planet of Lemuris. There are also two chests accessible here. One is in the far north Aquaberries x3 while the other is located east of the town entrance. Aquaberries, Blueberries x2 Enter the village to proceed with the story.

A scene will be triggered as soon as you enter the village. Watch the scenes and Lymle will join the party as your 4 th member. Once outside, return inside the house to get the Demon Amulet. However, you can only open the one beside the weapon shop because the other one is protected by an ice barrier.

Check out the shops and buy some new item creation materials. If you have successfully created the Storm Blade earlier, there is no need to change weapons at this point. However, you may still need to purchase the Blessed Sword for data collection and item creation purposes. The weapon shop also sells the elusive Bowstring, a material necessary to create the Hunting Bow. You should be able to create two if you purchased two Eldarian Bows earlier as suggested.

The general store also offers various ingredients, paints and cards. Experiment with various combinations with Lymle since everybody can inspire a unique recipe when teamed up with her. After your item creation, return to the village and take either the northwest or northeast exits.

Before you exit, make sure to examine the plowed fields to obtain basil, blueberries and blackberries. The house residence in the southwest offers free lodging and a save point so make sure to utilize that as needed. Head out to the fields when ready. I suggest fully analyzing the dryads here before heading to the next dungeon since this is the only place where you can find them. You will know if there is a wise lizardman in a monster group if you see a lizardman running about with a smooth, curved sword, unlike the jagged sword a normal lizard soldier carries.

The bridge to the Van Elm region is blocked as well but there is an accessible harvest point you can loot, and a Giant Fungus as well. Refer to the map below to obtain all items, as well as the harvest point locations. Beware when traversing the frozen lake leading to chests You can only run but not dash. The Perytons will most likely catch you off guard since they can run pretty fast so make sure to face them head on if ever they start to pursue you.

The items of interest here should be the second Monster J ewel. Save your game near the entrance of the citadel and examine the door to enter it. Besides, they are really slow when moving or acting so you can easily perform backsides at them. Upon activating the two stone blocks in the ground floor, make your way back to the entrance south and look for the stairs to the west and follow the narrow path.

Activate the third stone block then go through a small corridor leading to four small rooms. The item of interest here is the Treasure Sense. It is a passive skill so it will always be active.

Return to the main path and continue north. Activate the last stone block in the western area and exit Ramparts-A.

Star Ocean Last Hope - International

Be careful of waiting enemies in the tight ramparts. You will most likely deal with them instead of attempting to evade them. Continue along the stairs to reach the second floor of the citadel. As soon as you open the door, a white light envelops Edge.

Upon entering the room, you should look for powered and unpowered stone blocks. You need to look for Shining Stones and insert them to the unpowered blocks before you can interact with them. Grab the items as well. Once you made your way to the eastern side of the second floor, use the much-appreciated recovery sphere in the SE room to refresh your party. Grab the last shining stone and use them to activate the last two unpowered stone blocks to the south.

Use the elevator to reach the next floor and save your game. Demon Drops: Lizardskin, Fire Gem, Attack Card, Support Card This boss is very agile and you will need to switch characters often if you want to preserve your bonus board.

Its Rush Gauge seems to charge at a faster rate so expect him to be in rush mode mostly during the fight. Take control of Reimi, cast Focus and order Faize and Lymle to keep their distance from the enemy and concentrate in casting offensive and healing symbols instead. Keep shooting at a distance, landing special attacks in between. If its attention switches to your leader, quickly switch to one of your spellcasters and continue casting. Before exploring the catwalks in the middle area, exit to the ramparts down south first to reach a broken ledge with a lone chest on it.

Be careful though, there is a couple of enemies here waiting for you. Return to the main path and grab the items along the catwalks. After looting the chests here, make your way to the 1 st floor and insert the shining stones to the unpowered stone blocks.

Use the stairs to the SE corner, near the entrance and use another shining stone. Try to perform a Rush Combo since whenever your Rush Gauge is full to quickly end the fight. Watch the scenes after the battle.

Once in control again, go north through the door. Examine the point of interest as marked in your map. You need to go there first to proceed with the story, then you can work your way to the remainder of the map and completing enemy analysis. Enter the village and head to the house, NW edge of town. Before you head to your next destination, there are a couple of stuff you can do around town. Return to the mother and obtain your reward. You can immediately activate the second quest afterwards.

After finding and talking to the cat, return to the village and talk to her again to earn your reward. There is also a chest containing Fresh Sage x2 inside one of the rooms in the inn, and an Anti- Stun Amulet in the weapon shop. The accommodating woman in the southeastern part of the village will also give you a free Hot Chocolate by talking to her.

First, you must teach Edge the Pickpocketing manual that can be bought from the bookstore. Approach your target and press B to attempt pickpocketing. You can attempt as many times as it takes; however, they will only carry one item at a time. A pickpocketing list will added in various locations as you go through this guide so make use of it to help you decide your targets.

Exit the town and make your way to the southernmost tip of the area. There are a lot of new enemies here and if you want, you can spend an hour or two completely analyzing them. This way, you can speed up your analysis. Be careful when fighting the scumbags — they can steal from you then run away from battle. Kill them immediately to retrieve your stolen fol or item before losing it forever.

The Faerie Orchid is located in the southernmost tip of the area, as displayed in the map above. Sir Francis, the curious cat can be found in the middle of the silent forest, if you have activated the quest. Talk to it and return to the village to get your reward and to rest as well. Since it has no charge, talk to the Shady Sorceress standing beside a tree to have it recharged for free. For subsequent recharges, you will need to pay fol.

Check out the frozen chest to the southeast of the village and press B to melt the ice and obtain the item inside. Recipe Memo Follow the linear trail and it should lead you to the entrance of the ship. Mining items: You must return to Calnus and start crafting as many items as you can and to watch yet another comical scene with the ever comedic Welch.

Remember to rest and save your game if you want. Harpyia, Saber-Toothed Tiger, Wise Lizardman, Lizard Soldier, Lizard Commander, Dragon Newt The Lizard Commander will take time to analyze completely because it will appear only once per monster group and there are only 6 specific locations in the ship where they dwell. They are using the same weapon as the ordinary Lizard Soldiers but they don a much darker armor and they have a different mark on their heads. Tbere are 11 doors that can be forced open by explosions.

After placing the explosives, you need to shoot it with a Fire Ring to activate it. Dragon Newts will be common enemies here. They will be available inside the 1F area. You must concentrate maxing the analysis for the Lizard Commander as well as the other new enemies here for the meantime. Beware of a few obstacles in the ship. There are also locked doors inside which you should be able to break open by using the plastic explosives scattered around the ship.

They can be found on cargo containers; since they are sparkling, you should be able to spot them without problems. Head to the interaction point and examine the console. Watch the scenes. Save your game and enter the door. There will be a 3-party ambush here, a good way to build your bonus score with green tiles.

Once defeated, use the recovery point but you may need to defeat the Dragon Newt in the room to access the chest and recovery sphere without problems. Take the elevator up. Fresh Sage x2 is to the southwest of the elevator while the Power Bracelet [Ice Barrier] is in the southeast corner.

You may also feed your team mates with stat boosting dishes if you made any. Examine the crystal to proceed with the story and a boss battle. Earth, Ice FOL: Fire RACE: Other Drops: Monster J ewel This boss is an airborne enemy, making it hard to hit it. It can absorb Ice attacks but it is weak against Fire attacks.

If you have the Flame Sword equipped, then the battle will be easier. If you want to preserve your bonus board, attack from a distance. Switch between Reimi, Faize or Lymle and take care of the healing and manual spell casting if needed. Try to perform rush combos whenever you can. All lizard type enemies will vanish from Lemuris, making your trip back to the village a breeze.

The shops will be closed so if you missed any orders from any of the two shops, then… Anyway, Lymle will join your party permanently. You will have access to the Galactic Map now. You have two destinations available: Aeos and Cardianon. You may return to Aeos to complete some of the orders and to trigger a private action with Reimi. Head to Cardianon to proceed with the story. During warp, talk to Reimi to receive a call from the moonbase.

Talk to Reimi in the Recreational Room. Head to the meeting room, approach Lym for another scene. This will make Lym grow closer to Faize and Edge 3. Examine the item creation control panel to witness an amusing scene with Welch and Lym 4. Return to the recreation room and talk to Faize. Go to the Training Simulator upstairs in the Crew Quarters.

Return to the recreation room and talk to the guys. Save your game and go to the flight deck. Grab the two items by the dock and head to the only exit to the southeast. A battle will trigger immediately. So much for the welcoming party Defeat the enemies and head to the next area. After getting all the treasures and the Thunder Ring, approach the interaction point purple exclamation and press B against the control panel to short it. You can fully recharge your Thunder Ring by examining the jolts of energy from the destroyed panel.

Proceed south and grab the remaining loot. Proceed to the next area. You can teach to anybody but I suggest save it later for a new character instead if all your characters have no spare battle skill slot available. There is another Chain Combos skill available here. After collecting all the items, examine the terminal located to the western side of main floor to get the data for the Cardianon Mothership.

Next, examine the main terminal in the center to obtain the password to unlock to the door to the northeast. There is also an automated shop nearby so make use of that. First, head to the crysleep chamber, where frozen Cardianons lie. Examine the corpse of the a Cardianon soldier B for a scene. Head to the temperature control terminal to the east annex of the room A and use your Thunder Ring to destroy the controls.

I suggest fully analyzing the Lizard Warriors here since this is the only location they thrive in greater numbers. You can reload the area by going back and forth from the stairs leading to B1. Inventory Compact Vendor Unit Item: Head to the registration station to the northeast and zap the controls outside C to gain access to the room. Examine the terminal to have your ID registered. Loot the items in this floor and finish your business.

Finally, examine the access panel beside the savepoint and swipe your registered ID card. Before you go to the next rooms, make sure that you have completed your business here. You need to choose the correct response to proceed. After the talking to all of them, another scene will follow. Behold, the Steel Giant joins your party. He is a long distance fighter, but he can also perform devastating melee attacks. His HP and defense are actually high so he can act as your tank to take most of the damage for the team.

He starts with two special attacks: Force Breaker is a mid-long range multi-missile attack while Galvanic Shock is a close- quarter electric attack that deals multiple damage and may stun enemies.

This is very useful in avoiding fights with unnecessary monsters the ones you already fully analyzed or if you want to make a run to a nearest savepoint, recovery point or shop. Raise its skill level to prolong the duration of stealth mode.

I suggest making him your leader from time to time and try to learn how to control him. This is for the sake of individual character battle trophies after all. Simply exit and enter the area again to reload them. It contains the same inventory but stock up with recovery berries and items just to be safe. There will be an ambush behind the next door so be prepared. Exit south. The Armed Dragon Newt is the evolved version of the Dragon Newt and can be easily distinguished because of its color.

The Cardianon General looks generally the same as your typical Cardianon Soldier but you can easily distinguish them since the generals don blue armor and wear a dash of red hair. The most intimidating opponents will be the gigantic, armored dragoons.

Be careful when dealing with these guys since they can easily break your defenses and bonus board as well as deal heavy damage. Fight your way to the entrance of the Control Tower.

Not only that it allows you to see the barriers, you will also get a bonus exp and party sp as well. Be careful when entering the first door since there will be two armed dragoons blocking the way.

International strategy ocean hope guide pdf last star the

There are a total of 4 destroyable vents here. The last item is a long walk back but it is definitely worth it. Make your way to the next floor. You may use Stealth when navigating this area. Also, the control tower is not a walk in the park. If ever you touch a laser, a small chunk of HP is lost as well.

Return to the previous floor and continue to the next area.

Star Ocean The Last Hope (X360) - BradyGames Official Strategy Guide Scan

Make sure to restock items using the automated vending machine beside the stairs leading to Control Tower 1F. As a sign of relief, there is a restoration point here as well.

Fortunately, the last dragoon is located beside the recovery point so you just need to run back and forth from the stairs leading back to 1F and back again for the Armed Dragoon to respawn. Since the loading time when changing floors takes only seconds, you can easily analyze the dragoons completely. It is impossible to avoid this intimidating monster and it is quite resilient as well. Surprisingly, these beasts can be easily juggled and thrown to the air. J ust take the battle seriously when dealing with one of these; they can easily knock your characters down and break your bonus board with ease.

The next area is the last floor where you can fight these monsters so if you want to complete the analysis for the Dragon General, I suggest you do it on this floor as well. Though there are a couple of Dragon Generals that frequents the rotating yes, rotating floors of the 3F, it will be a lot easier fighting them here since you can just run to the recovery point when you need it.

Aside from the pesky laser barriers and the Dragoon near the recovery point, there should be no major hassle to keep your team healthy and your precious items stock intact. Besides, the Dragon Generals are conveniently located near the stairs going to 3F so its easy to change floors to respawn them.

Ocean strategy guide star last the pdf hope international

Head to the next floor when ready. Boost any if necessary.

Star Ocean Last Hope - International | Leisure

Save your game and enter the door for a scene and of course, a boss fight. This floor has two rotating platforms. To lowest platform innermost circle in the map is your best bet. Since it is lowered, you can easily pass under the lasers to reach your destinations.

The Dragon Generals are both riding the outer rotating ring so be careful, if you want to avoid them. Use stealth to get all the items and reach the elevator. Fire, Wind FOL: Animal Drops: You see, finishing this battle with a complete bonus board especially if your board consists of 10 or more blue tiles will reward you with tons of experience.

If you want to exploit this weakness, you must be fast in switching characters, in order to preserve the bonus board you worked hard for.

This boss attacks with homing missiles and cannon blasts, but other than that, you should be wary of its Voltage Blast move. Control Edge or Bacchus and attack the boss from any sides, except front. Once you knock him over, make sure to dash away from him, since he will perform a high-critical, ground stomp. Remember that you can switch characters real-time, even during combat, to your advantage.

Use healing items and symbols whenever needed. Make sure Edge concentrates on attacking the boss instead of attempting to heal a team mate. You can also safely fight at a distance, taking potshots and healing your allies at the same time. In that case, go crazy with the safety of your bonus board in mind.

After defeating Sarahiel, watch a few more scenes. Bacchus will leave the party temporarily as the result of an heroic act earlier so following the long corridor to the east and take the elevator south. Now, before you interact that button, make sure that you have acquired all monster analysis and treasures.

Interact wit the controls and watch the following scenes. Try not to get trapped by the closing blast doors and dash your way like crazy.