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CHAPTER 1: Point Location. CHAPTER 2: Fa-Jing: The Engine of Dim-Mak .. CHAPTER 3: How to Use Dim-Mak. CHAPTER 4: The Points and What They . In fact for many years Dim Mak was cloaked in a veil of mystery and secrecy with few privileged to learn the art outside of China. Even within the realm of. Dim Mak is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the fighting world. The pressure and Dim Mak points that we are going to be discussing absolutely work .

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the essence of the martial arts; the author belongs Before that, what we now know as t'ai chi Erle Montaigue's Dim-Mak Point Locations. Pages·· foreword for a man of sich caliber as Master Erle. Montaigue.,. After training for an introductory period of two decades, I have found few people who understand. Erle Montaigue's Dim-Mak Point Locations. The Lung Meridian. LU 1: ZHONGFU (Central Residence). ZHONG means middle and FU means place, this is.

Naquan Meyer. All of these may cause someone to become more susceptible to diseases in addition to the damage from the attack itself. One standout is the art of Dim Mak. I suggest that you get a copy of my encyclopaedia The Erle Montaigue. The Prize: By Daniel Domiciano.

However, when using Dim Mak combined with application of Chi, the effects are enhanced immeasurably. This part of Dim Mak training therefore includes Chi building. Dim Mak requires an in-depth understanding of the meridians, Chi flow, Yin and Yang, Five Elements and selected pressure points in the body. It requires knowing when to and how to most effectively use these points.

Basically there are original Dim Mak points 72 of which can maim and 36 points that can kill if struck with sufficient focus and intent.

Pdf dim mak

When using Dim Mak strikes to these points additional caution should be exercised as even light contact can produce adverse physiological results. Today there are numerous pressure point fighting and self-defense techniques. One standout is the art of Dim Mak. Dim Mak is not an added feature to an already established martial art nor is it a portion of a self-defense system built into an art.

Dim Mak is an actual complete combat system in and of itself. As in the discovery of many martial arts that were once cloaked in mystery as information did emerge and many misconceptions and misunderstanding in its use began to surface. Due to these circumstances Grand Master Dr Pier Tsui-Po, who is respected as the most knowledgeable of this art, began to offer training in the pure art of Dim Mak.

Dim Mak is not the use of all of the over 1, acupuncture points used in Oriental Medicine as some advocate. When using Dim Mak techniques be cautious as even light contact can produce dramatic results to many of the points especially the 36 than can kill. These points may also be used to just immobilize an attacker. There is a thin line in the intensity of a strike that will temporarily stun an opponent to one that may cause severe injury, instant or delayed death.

Dim Mak then is a complete system dedicated to disabling, possibly paralyzing or killing an opponent. Dim Mak does not require massive strength and it does allow a weaker person to disable a larger and stronger person.

The premises on which Dim Mak works is it diverts and can reverse the flow of energy in the meridians reducing blood and chi flow to various parts of the body such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and legs. Dim Mak has the following combative effects on the human body 1. Tearing of muscle or tendons which is accomplished by twisting, bending, or ripping out muscles. Sealing of blood vessels arteries, veins and capillaries by striking, grapping, pressing on the effected blood vessels.

Dislocating joints and breaking bones by striking, twisting and bending same. Attacking points that restrict breathing such as sealing or stopping the breath due to grapping, hitting, or pressing the throat or muscles surrounding the lungs. Cavity pressing of pressure points and hitting these in a concentrated manner.

Erle Montaigue Dim Mak Death Point Striking PDF

The targets to achieve the above can be one or more of the following: As a rule three types of points are attacked: In general pressure point strikes can disrupt the entire auto immune system leaving us open to infections, diseases, energy imbalance and loss of health. In fact the after effects may be far more severe than the attack itself. All of these may cause someone to become more susceptible to diseases in addition to the damage from the attack itself. Ideally a skilled Dim Mak warrior can identify leaks and tears in the energy field of a person.

This ability allows prompt treatment or first aid and also enables one to attack with more force by directing their strikes in a weakened area of the energy field of the opponent. It is also advised that prior to practice students build their chi reserves and use chi and white light to protect them from injury.

Dim Mak Attacks and Strikes Dim Mak encompasses an entire system of how to attack, where to strike and how to combine strikes.

Dim Mak Death Point Striking

It identifies the effects of the strikes and how they will react in the victim. Often referred to as a pounce, this is an explosive motion towards the area to be struck by the Martial artist. The pounce type technique is adaptable to most styles of martial arts. It is deliberate and while quick it is not a blind charge. So the explosive action is tempered by a focused area and angle of attack avoiding any defense mechanisms the intended target may lodge.

This movement should be one that takes the opponent by surprise. Indeed if executed correctly the attacker will be caught by surprise. Even if the attacker is the aggressor and is moving towards you with an active fighting technique, a well-focused pounce at an angle to keep you away from his or her attack will be successful. Often the Dim Mak stylist will use the centerline technique either as a direct attack or as a counter technique when an aggressor attacker throws a technique at them.

The centerline technique takes advantage of when an opponent exposes his frontal side center line or his back side rear center line.

Pdf dim mak

This happens frequently when a person has an aggressive straightforward stance when fighting or when a person fighting from an oblique stance throws a punch or kick that brings their centerline into direct striking view. The frontal centerline exposes the entire Conception Vessel with its various disabling pressure points.

The rear centerline exposes the Governor Vessel. Of course many other meridians and practical pressure points are still exposed, it is just these particular ones become much more attractive to strike when presented as a clear target. In this application pressure points are frequently used in conjunction with locks and other control maneuvers. In fact styles such as Combat Hapkido have incorporated many of these techniques into their system In this article we will look into six techniques.

Before any training the practitioner should know where, and have access to a qualified Chinese Medical Doctor in case of accident or injury to pressure points. Strike to Stomach 9 - Stomach nine is one of the most deadly pressure points one can strike. Even moderate contact may cause serious consequence.

If one uses multiple pressure points in conjunction with this strike the effects are even more devastating. Stomach nine is situated at the forward side portion of the neck on by the pulse point of the carotid artery.

A strike here in addition to immediate effects may also lead to deterioration of the artery and a possible side effect of a stroke even months or years later. Apr 4, Dim- Mak literally means Death Point Striking whereby edit pdf code the practitioner is taught to.

Mak pdf dim

Chuan or loose boxing from the original art of Chang Sang-feng, dim-mak or death point striking. Self defence econometria gujarati pdf is not. No, this does not make dim mak synonymous with pressure point striking or. Erle Montaigue at http: Could easily strike both points simultaneously causing death immediately with no chance of.

Pdf dim mak

Revealed in this book for the first time are the long-held. Jun 3, Feb 8, And videos on Dim-Mak or death point striking.

Dim Mak Death Point Striking

He has been. Striking, my first ecuaciones fraccionarias de primer grado pdf contact with K-1 Yongquan was in. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

The Innovators: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Elon Musk: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Devil in the Grove: The Prize: A Memoir Based on a True Story. Jump to Page.

Dim Mak Pressure Points Manual

Search inside document. Ruggiero Van Horn. Giuliano Fordelone. Popular in East Asian Martial Arts.