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Now you are ready for the GAMMA WORLD game." Actually, there are 16 (2- sided) character sheets. -Wayne. TSR ISBN DabberDave's tribute to the post-apocalyptic game Gamma World. This site will focus on the 1st and 2nd editions of Gamma World, with additions / items from the 3rd 7 Aug Fixed the counters and added them in html/.doc/.pdf formats. I once years ago got the Gamma World pdf off of /tg/ Does anyone have 2nd edition is pretty much the definitive classic edition. It's old school.

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The second edition of Gamma World in Gamma World Referee's Screen and Mini-Module (1st & 2nd Editions) · Gamma World (1st Edition) · Gamma. TSR Gamma World (2nd Edition) - dokument [*.pdf] TABLE OF CONTENTS THE BASIC RULES BOOKLET CONTAINS THE FIRST FIVE PARTS. • Design. Gamma World Rulebook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or TSR - - Gamma World Box Set (TSR ) [Searchable,Hi Quality] (2nd Edition).

Pages 47 through 96 are devoted to the richly-detailed campaign city of "Dollar," a trading center for Gamma World. The full light of day will also be painful if endured for any length of time. This mutation allows its owner to cause 3 dice of damage over and above all damage he would normally inflict with non-powered weapons. It's basically a more polished, expanded 1e. All beings except the mutant within a radius of 10 meters are affected and the dice are rolled once, with each suffering that amount. The "0" on the d10 is read as "

The Erol Otus art on the title page is unmistakable. A buggem nest and an underwater ancient complex await the players.

New creatures, new robots, and new weapons. In recent weeks several of the outlying towns of his Barony have been wiped out by a band of mysterious golden marauders. These creatures struck from nowhere and vanished without a trace when their deeds were done.

The Warder has decided that they must be stopped before the entire Barony of Horn falls beneath their onslaught, and so he is offering a great reward to anyone who can defeat the Legion of Gold.

No one, even Arx Skystone, the high priest, knows what has caused Far-Go's misfortune. You are part of a group of young adventurers about to begin the sacred Rite of Adulthood. The last hope of survival for Far-Go rests with your party.

On your journey to the Forest of Knowledge, you must search for clues to the origin of the mysterious plague. This quest may lead you into great danger As you travel through the savage wilderness, all you have are you companions, your wits, your strength This module contains referee notes, background information, maps, new creatures, mutations, robotic units and new rules for Pure Strain Humans for use with Gamma World Science Fantasy Game Michael Price It filled out the thinly-written 1st edition, with "expanded mutation, equipment and NPC descriptions, rewritten and reorganized basic rules and a full set of previously unpublished campaign rules.

One of my favorite editions of Gamma World, maintaining the spirit of the 1st edition, yet much more playable. You are trapped and defenseless. You thought you had three shots in the rifle and 10 more minutes on the stun whip.

The fusion bomb? You used it yesterday. Ah, so the character sheet wasn't such a bad idea after all? Designated spaces organize the character's statistics, mutations, possessions, followers, creatures encountered, and more. This package provides 32 character sheets and tips on how to use them. Now that you can keep track of this important information, you are ready to journey into the far future. Your bitter enemies, the Gray Rock tribe, have accused your tribe, the White Feathers, of murder and treachery.

Your tribe is now under sentence of death -- you and your party have been declared outlaws and traitors. The fate of your tribe lies in your hands. Pursued by an enraged mob of mutants, you must flee across the frozen Parklands of the Ancients [Yellowstone] to find proof of your innocence.

This campaign module contains Gamemaster notes, background information, maps, new creatures, new artifacts, a new robot, and four bonus campaign scenarios for use with the revised Gamma World Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Included in this adventure is a new player aid -- the Ranger Ruler!! The Range Ruler simplifies combat with weapons and mutational powers.

Your mission is to investigate rumors of a stockpile of ancient artifacts. Following a sketchy map, you cross the great river Twainway the day after leaving your settlement. Two days later, in unexplored wilderness, you encounter hostile nomad tribes.

Pdf edition world gamma 2nd

After finding traces of a lost expedition, you know you're on the trail of something big. And then you find it, hidden down in a valley, forgotten and untouched since the Devastation. You were searching for a great store of artifacts. Here it is. The whole valley is an artifact! Do you take the news back now, or go in to learn more? Phil Taterczynski Whole shoreline communities have been disappearing without a trace.

The remaining area inhabitants have banded together and sent for a group of experienced heroes to help. They want to know what could be causing these horrible events, and more importantly, what can be done to put a stop to them. Is it some new terrifying monster from the depths? Or is there something more sinister at work? The adventurers will travel deep beneath the waves to discover the answer. Can they survive the strange and dangerous ocean depths of Gamma World? Can they solve the mystery before it's too late?

This module contains gamemaster notes, background information, maps, rules for underwater adventuring, new equipment, and over 30 new aquatic creatures for use with the Second Edition Gamma World science fantasy role playing game. It is available here for PDF download with his permission.

This version introduced Mutated Plants as a character type, character level advancement, and organized equipment and weapons by tech level So much more equipment to drool over.

More developed races, cryptic alliances, and background information in general. Following this set are 5 linked modules forming a campaign.

Later printings will have a "Rules Supplement" booklet 16 pages , with various corrections and additions: We received an overwhelming response from you, our fans, congratulating us on the new game, but bemoaning the absence of these important sections. It is for this reason that we have created this official rules supplement and are making it available free to provide you with the most complete science fantasy system possible within the swiftest time. Now it has returned in this new incarnation, brought back in response to popular demand from fans such as yourself.

It provides complete rules capable of dealing with almost any game situation varying from a detailed history background to real wahoo! This supplement contains the following: Top names in the role playing field have pooled their talents to create a saga that is both grand and provides wide open play.

Already available at local toy, hobby and book stores is GW6, Alpha Factor the start of a new adventure series - an awesome trial to build a mighty Sky Chariot to reach she fabled Cities of Man, a chance to regain the glory of the Ancients. The adventure continues in: GW8, Gamma Base A test of diplomacy, cunning and might to capture one of the Ancient's operating installations. GW9, Delta Fragment A journey into foreign wastelands to recover the knowledge needed to control the legended Sky Chariot.

And beyond, towards the looming shadow of Project: Good Gaming to All. The very name is mysterious. Why was it built? Who built it? What is its secret? Your elite group of adventurers must find Mindkeep and learn its secret.

The surrounding area is filled with mutations that are strange even for Gamma World. Could that be a clue as to Mindkeep's purpose? Or is it mere coincidence? The trek is long and difficult, across areas that are not well-known. Keep your wits about you, or you may lose everything! No one knows where they are being taken, or why.

Rumors abound of a New Beast, a Nwayvo Beestya, and of hordes of nos'ferat which are terrorizing the humans and animals alike. Also to the south is the Nameless City to which your group must travel, in search of relics of the Ancients. You are on a glory quest, one of the highest honors in the land. The fate of your people is in your hands.

World pdf edition gamma 2nd

Is it worth the risk to combat this New Beast, knowing your original mission might remain unfulfilled? Or is your band tough enough to do it all? Take your aid where you may find it, friends.

2nd edition pdf gamma world

Bruce Nesmith The Desperate Lands have never been more dangerous than now. Your mission is to solve these mysteries before disaster strikes, a challenge even for the bravest. Even the specific events that destroyed their nation are all but forgot- ten by these new Americans. Legends persist, of course, but the truth of those legends may never be known. The world- wide holocaust simply wiped out too much. Lasers, atomic warheads, chemical and biological agents and geological weapons all did their terrible work.

Oceans boiled. Continents buckled. The skies blazed with the light of unholy energies. By the time the violence subsided, the very face of the earth had changed. Much of North Amer- ica, including most of Florida and the low- lying Gulf area, California and parts of the Eastern Seaboard were under water. Mountains had fallen. Rivers that had been tamed for years careened wildly through the ruins of broken dams. Not a single city remained intact. The Black Years descended on the Land of the Free.

Less dramatic but more important than the destruction of the continent was the alteration in its surviving inhabitants. Not 1 in humans lived through the upheaval. Those who survived witnessed a biogenetic revolution.

Animals began to repopulate the earth. Vast herds of jackrabbits the size of horses began to cover the Great Plains. A strain of beetle appeared which grew to a length of 3 meters. A mutated form of shark adapted to life on land began to prowl the desert. But more important than these physical mutations were the mental mutations which began appearing.

Nor was man im- mune to the effects of massive doses of biogenetic chemicals and radiation. All manner of mutations soon entered the gene pool. Most were defects that disappeared.

But in the years after the holocaust many became a permanent part of human breeding stock. This, then, is the Gamma World It is a land of brooding forests, wild unbroken plains and rugged mountains.

In places the wilds give way to man-made deserts where cit- ies once stood. Scattered across the continent are a few settlements where the heirs of America's industrial barons force a precarious living from the hostile land. In this place nature is merciless, death is quick and strangers are regarded with suspicion.

Gamma World Rulebook

Faced with a harsh envir- onment, the survivors of the holocaust have joined together for protection in tribes, clans and feudal states. Augment- ing these social systems are the so- called Cryptic Alliances There are many of these, some born long ago in the Shadow Years.

Journey, now, into the far future where life is both dangerous and exciting. Journey now to the Gamma World. They may have a map showing part of a ruined city spread out before them.

Perhaps, they are act- ing out the adventures of a band of explorers. One player might be a mutated human with some awesome special power telepathy, for example.

Books/Gamma World - The Trove

Two others might be unmutated humans. They may be accompanied by a fourth player who is a highly intelligent mutant bear.

Together, they make a formidable team as they search the ruins for a precious artifact said to be in the city. As they enter dark sewers and crumbling buildings, they face such futuristic horrors as the Badder an evil species of mutant badger , the Cal Then an intelligent flying insect and the Kep a man-eating plant. The people these players are pretending to be are called Player Characters abbreviated as PC's. In some cases, players might play more than one charac- ter in an adventure.

From time to time these Player Characters will meet other people or intelligent animals or even plants who aren't being "played" by any player. The Game Master does not play a character. Instead, he acts as a referee, helps keep the action moving and plays the parts of all the NPC's the Player Characters meet.

When a connected series of adventures called a Campaign is being played, the GM establishes the setting for those adventures the same way an author sets up a background for the action in a novel. The GM's duties are explained in more detail later in these rules.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

The object of the game is just to have fun. The Player Characters are, of course, interested in surviving and in a Campaign gaining sta- tus. But a player whose character is seriously hurt or killed doesn't "lose. When you have played that adventure and are ready to play more games, some sheets of graph paper for mapping will come in handy. The use of miniature figures to represent the characters in the game can add to the enjoyment of playing, but is not neces- sary.

This rule book has been designed to make learning quick, fun and easy. The fastest way to learn is to follow these 6 steps: As you read, don't try to "memorize" the rules. Just try to become familiar with them, so you know where to find answers to questions that come up during play. Though they appear strange at first, these dice will quickly become a familiar part of play. The dice in the set include a 4-sided die, a 6-sided die, an 8-sided die, a sided die, a sided die and a sided die.

For easy reading, these dice are marked with numbers instead of dots. When referring to dice, an abbreviation is often used.

The first number in the ab- breviation is how many times the die is rolled, followed by the letter "d" short for die or dice , and then a number for the type of dice used. For example, "roll 5d8" means that you roll an 8-sided die 5 times getting a number between 5 and The 4-sided die looks like a pyramid.

Pdf gamma edition world 2nd

The best way to "roll" or throw this die is to spin it and toss it straight up. It will land on one face side with the other three faces showing. The bottom number on each of these three faces is the same; this number is the result of the roll. The other dice are rolled normally and the top face gives the result. The "0" on the d10 is read as "