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tells you what she's “learned” / Lena. Page 6. Dunham. pages cm. ISBN eBook ISBN Book design by Elizabeth Spiridakis. Olson v Lena Dunham is the creator of the critically acclaimed HBO series Girls, for which the stories that make up her first book, Not That Kind of Girl. books. NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL: A Young Woman Tells You. What She's “ Learned,” by. Lena Dunham. Random. House, pp., $

But then Dunham does something interesting: FAQ Policy. He reached for it as if he was going to put it back on, but I was already up, stumbling towards my couch, which was the closest thing to a garment I could find. Dunham has come under fire for being too self-indulgent, revealing too much. Filing a complaint with the university or police forces victims to deal with the fact that someone had control over them, over their bodies. Dunham has since become a fierce advocate of campus reform when it comes to matters of sexual assault. Genres of Impasse:

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Lena Dunham's Story of Rape Is a Must-Read

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Book pdf dunham lena

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Book pdf dunham lena

Table of contents 16 chapters Table of contents 16 chapters Why Girls? Why Now? Nash, Meredith et al. Pages Hating Hannah: Genres of Impasse: The next morning, I sat in a shallow bath for half an hour like someone in one of those coming-of-age movies. But then Dunham does something interesting: And with those words, we dive back into the story of Barry, the guy who flung the condom into the tree.

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She says that she rewrote history in her head, coming up with many versions including the one above. The real tale — or what she remembers of it — is much more painful. It begins at a party where Dunham is alone, drunk and high on Xanax and cocaine. Barry leads me to the parking lot. I tell him to look away. Leaving the parking lot, I see my friend Fred.

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I ignore him. Barry disappears for a minute, so its just Fred and me.

Book pdf dunham lena

She goes on to describe the event in graphic detail. When she sees the condom in the tree — she definitely did not consent to not using a condom — she struggles away and throws him out.

Dunham — drunk and high — was in no condition to consent according to the new rules being implemented at many campuses across the country. Approximately two-thirds of rape victims know their attacker, according to the U.

Department of Justice. That makes it all too easy for skeptics to accuse women of making false claims of rape: But one study found that nine out of 10 men who described committing acts of sexual assault on college campuses to researchers said they had done so more than once: These are not dates gone bad, or a good guy who had too much to drink.