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Iec 60204-1 pdf

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EN Safety of Machinery, Electrical equipment on Industrial Machines. Low voltage switchgear / control gear assemblies must comply with IEC considering the ISO/IEC Directives, Part regarding the timeframe for standard . energizing electrically the motor (stop category 0 acc. to IEC ). Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart BS EN applies to electrical, electronic and IEC

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13 items IEC/EN Appliance of reference designations on machinery in accordance with. ISO/IEC/EN September EU Directive /42/EC . IEC Edition REDLINE VERSION. Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines –. Part 1: General requirements. IEC (E). INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Fifth edition . This English-language version is derived from the original bilingual.

The project documentation includes flow diagrams. European norm EN applies to the electrical equipment of the machine. UL ULC: International Electrotechnical Commission. A reference designation system unambiguously identifying the object has been prepared: CSA Group. It is stated that All terminals for the incoming supply shall be clearly identified in accordance with IEC and

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IEC 60204-1

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60204-1 pdf iec

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Pdf iec 60204-1

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Part 1: General requirements'. In this document references to EN are in italics. For machinery to be installed in Europe. The technique and requirements for establishing identifiers e. A review of the IEC versus the EN standard shows that there is no difference between the items relevant for documentation. Please note the vertical mark in the margin. The technique from provides an excellent overview of the composition of the machine.

Pdf iec 60204-1

The standard is used for design of the electrical equipment of machines. This seems evident on paper. About electrical equipment. For most manufacturers of machines. In brief. More errors occur. The edition in force is from EN deals with electrical equipment on machines. The use of a reference designation system provides many other advantages. For most people it is natural to continue to develop the way of preparing the documentation.

EN is known as a B-standard. EN indicates various options to be stated. The new common standards are a major progress in common understanding of the design of identifiers ID-codes for the electrical and mechanical systems. Introduction Synopsis: Reference designations and documentation are part of the machine.

Normative references Synopsis: A normative reference means that the standard indicated as a normative reference is used in the actual standard.

IEC / ISO / ISO - Safety and Risk Assessment of Machinery Package

Reference designations 16 and Technical documentation 17 appear at the top of Figure 1. Definitions Synopsis: Definitions from As an important element in most standards. As will appear from [3.

Pdf iec 60204-1

The term 'machinery' also covers an assembly of machines which. If no definition of a word is indicated in a standard. The most important definitions relevant to this report are: You are recommended to read these thoroughly. IEC the designation of the terminal block differs from the designations of the terminals by a colon ': Terminals terminations and terminal blocks shall be correctly identified..

Machinery Directive 60204 1 and 81346 September 2010

The terminals will often be a part of a terminal block. For information. Figure 3 — Short extract from IEC table 1. It is stated that All terminals for the incoming supply shall be clearly identified in accordance with IEC and For full reference. IEC About technical documentation [ See also section 3.

This means that measuring points shall also be identified in the documentation. In relation to identification this means in practice that the identifier the reference designation shall be placed preferably next to or close to the component identified by the identifier. The main issue is that all components can be retrieved in the documentation. Placing of identifier. Identification of wires and conductors [ Information to be provided states a list of the minimum requirement for documentation of electrical equipment of machines.

Industrial systems. This way it will not be necessary to produce new identifiers to replace a component typically in the form of signs. Though the list includes only the requirements for the electrical documentation.

Placing and assembling of controlgear [ For the user there is also a misunderstood modification in 'forcing' a manufacturer to supply codes suiting the user better than the manufacturer.

See Figure 4 on the next page. For a manufacturer of machines this involves the problem that the manufacturer must supply different codes for different clients. The identifiers in the reference designation system are reflected in the documentation rather than the other way round. It is common for electro technicians to consider the electrical circuit diagrams the most important document.

The solution for the manufacturer as well as the user lies in the technology of reference designation systems. Figure 4 — Connection between object. The identification '-G1-M1' protects the unambiguous identification across the documents. A reference designation system unambiguously identifying the object has been prepared: The designer has structured the reference designation system so that the motor is a part of a pump control. This means that the project documentation is used to document objects and the properties of these.

In the example shown the object is a motor. All electrical documentation shall be prepared according to IEC The motor has a number of properties that are either imaginary or.