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Editorial Reviews. Review. `This blood-and-thunder tale, lifelike and thoroughly cynical, House of Cards (House of Cards Series Book 1) eBook: Michael Dobbs: Kindle Store. House of Cards and Philosophy: Underwood's Republic. Editor(s). J. Edward Hackett. First published:7 October Print ISBN |Online. gossip and smart financial analysis, House of Cards recounts, in delicious narrative Business Book of the Year Award, and a frequent con- tributor to CNBC.

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Get all three books in the series that inspired the hit Netflix series House of Cards "This blood-and-thunder tale, lifelike and thoroughly cynical, certainly carries. This public document was automatically mirrored from caite.infoal filename: House of URL: research addressing these issues should become common sense. It is to this goal of separating sense from nonsense that the first seven chap- ters of this book.

House of Cards A dark tale of greed, corruption, and unquenchable ambition, House of Cards reveals that no matter the country, politics, intrigue and passion reign in the corridors of power. Via tumblr. Urquhart invites O'Neill to his country house near Southampton , gets him drunk, and puts rat poison in his cocaine. Those that wish to be only lions do not understand this. Take, for example, the debate about whether or not Claire Underwood — a woman who cuts off another woman's health insurance and tells her, "I'm willing to let your child wither and die inside you if that's what's required" — is or is not a "feminist warrior. One must therefore be a fox to recognize snares, and a lion to frighten wolves.

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Via pinterest. Via wordpress. Via highlander. Via us. Via blogger. Via ecimages. Via mhpbooks. Via powells. Via stacyschiff. Via upload. Does power corrupt?

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Or do corrupt people seek power? Why does Frank talk to the camera? Can politics deliver on the promise of justice? Author Bios J. Free Access.

Summary PDF Request permissions. PDF Request permissions. Part I: Part II: Imagining Possibilities: Part III: Characterizing Frank: Part IV: Part V: Part VI: Mattie untangles Urquhart's web and confronts him in the deserted roof garden of the Houses of Parliament.

He commits suicide by jumping to his death. After the initial TV series the author revised the published novel to bring it in line with the UK TV series, in which Urquhart throws Mattie from the roof rather than committing suicide , thus allowing for a continuation of the story.

In , the television series and the novel were the basis for a US television adaptation set in Washington, D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main articles: TV series. Retrieved 21 March Wobbly Thursday". The Telegraph.

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Francis Urquhart. Frank Underwood Claire Underwood Other politicians.