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Contents. These notes contain tips and trick for Android devices. The information has also been published in the Waikato Management School Dean's newsletter. These tips are mostly for the version of Android, which is by far the most The single most important feature in Android is its built-in power strip widget. Finding Out Which Android Version Your Device Is Running Register your copy of Android Tips and Tricks at for convenient access to.

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Selecting one of these options compresses the file down to a manageable size. CamScanner Save as PDF. 46 Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks. Hacks. Apps. Tips & Tricks. September 13, Agenda ○ Library news updates. ○ Library services for your Android device. ○ Top 10 Android tips &. For some other useful android tips and tricks you view and edit documents like Word, PPT, XLS files and you can also read PDF files on it.

Use Android Voice-to-Text Android's voice-to-text system has a handful of hidden commands that can help you get your message across. It connects to Google Maps and shares the location of the phone. Widgets and live wallpapers consumes battery and slow down your device. The best course and tutorial, and how to learn and use Tips and tricks for Android devices. The app's creators claim that the system enables users to type 20 to 30 percent faster than they can with a standard onscreen keyboard configuration. How to Uninstall Apps? Interaction control Interaction control appears on Samsung devices either through the accessibility menu or by pressing Home and the Volume Down buttons.

Tips and tricks for Android devices. But also many other tutorials are accessible just as easily! Computer PDF guide you and allow you to save on your studies. You should come see our Operating system documents. You will find your happiness without trouble!

The latest news and especially the best tutorials on your favorite topics, that is why Computer PDF is number 1 for courses and tutorials for download in pdf files - Tips and tricks for Android devices. Download other tutorials for advice on Tips and tricks for Android devices.

We will do everything to help you!

Tips and tricks pdf android

And you dear surfers what you need? It also comes with foot tools, Chromecast support, and a ton of other features.

Sync by BitTorrent Sync by BitTorrent is an application that those with security concerns should definitely read more about. Sync allows you to pair your device with a computer without using the cloud or anything like that so you can transfer files between your devices directly.

It has some decent features, including automatic camera backup, universal file type support, and the biggest feature is that it connects directly to your computer with no middle man. You can transfer as many files as your computer hard drive will hold and essentially turns your computer or laptop into your own, personal cloud storage server.

If you have a device running Android 4. Here are two simple methods that you can use to take a screenshot on your Android device. These methods only work on Android 2.

For devices with Android 2. Do Not Save All Of Your Passwords Many users tend to save their passwords to online services and sites on their device, never once thinking about what it would mean to a person who got their hands on the phone. Avoid having all important passwords saved in your device particularly when it comes to banking or payment apps.

Use Android In-built Security If you are running on Jelly Bean, you can have a screen lock and encryption enabled to further enhance your security. There are many types of screen locks available for you to choose from such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock, available in your Android settings. Lock Your Apps It is necessary to lock your apps, especially the ones holding private information that you wish nobody but you could see.

This is a second layer of security to prevent anyone from using your lost device particularly if they have managed to bypass your locked Android. The importance of app permissions Before you begin installing an app from Google Play, a list of requested permissions will pop up to show you what permission the app requires. Apps require permissions to do things but not all of them are necessary.

Securing Your Network One of the most important thing in protecting your Android is to secure your network. Try to avoid using public WiFi whenever you want to do something important like doing your banking online.

As long you are sharing the same network with the public, they can easily sniff out your packets and translate it into actual data of your private information i. Use Mobile Security App It will make your job easier to have an app that handles most of your security issue.

Find a mobile security app that you are comfortable using, for example: Mobile Security. Create Multiple User Account To Protect Privacy If you own an Android tablet and have to share it with a sibling, a spouse, or your kids, having multiple user accounts will help each of you protect your privacy. In Jelly Bean for tablet, there is an option for you to create multiple user accounts. You can create another general account for anyone who wants to use your device.

Picture the worst case scenario where your Android device has been stolen or hacked. The last thing you can do is perform a remote wipe. Without a backup, you will lose all your information in your device. Track Your Lost Device So you have a backup already but you really want to get your lost device back. Well, as the smartphone industry would have it, your phone is built to be trackable, via GPS.

The catch is, you have to enable GPS on your phone for it to be tracked. Fret not because, there are plenty of device-tracking apps for Android that can help you locate your lost or stolen device, some can even turn on the GPS on your phone remotely.

Enable Remote Wipe So you are at the point where you have everything installed and ready to go. This is necessary, especially when you are sure that your Android is lost forever. It will follow up by prompting you for the recipient, subject and body in a step-by-step manner.

Or, to save some time, give all the information to your phone at once: Meeting, message: Can we reschedule our meeting for 3PM? Set a reminder based on place or time Want your phone to remind you to call your mother when you get home from work? The reminder will trigger for any address you have set up in your address book, including your home address.

Get sports scores and stats Are you out and about, missing the game? Good news! They won 3 to 1 on Saturday! Check the weather conditions anywhere If you request the weather forecast, your phone will tell you current and future conditions based on your current GPS location. Or, you can ask how the weather is in Las Vegas, Paris, or Istanbul. Search the web Sure, you already know to get all your technology news and reviews here on Techlicious.

But if you need to access content elsewhere on the web, just ask Siri or Google to perform a web search for you. If you want to use Google search on your iPhone, you'll need to say "Google for delicious candy. How tall is the Statue of Liberty? How many inches are in 20 centimeters? Your phone can answer all these fact-based queries and more — all you need to do is ask your question in plain English. If your phone can't determine the exact answer, it will search the web for you to help find an answer.

For some o See More. It lets you turn your motion gestures and screen timeout settings on or off, but the coolest part of it is that you can block off specific areas of the screen from responding to touch input, like the status bar or notification shade, 16 4 7 simple tips to speed up your android phone 17 18 1. Android Data Recovery. Published on Feb 11, Always check app permissions. Whenever you download or update an app, you are given a list of permissions for that app.

Tips pdf android and tricks

That alarm clock app you are looking at probably shouldn't need to be looking through your contacts. The general rule of thumb is if an app is asking for more than it does, you should probably skip it. When Angry Birds first came to Android, you could only get it through a third party.

This is called "sideloading" or, installing apps using an. APK file. While Angry Birds wasn't malware, it is highly advisable not to download and install. APK files that you randomly come across.

And android tricks pdf tips

Most of the time you won't know what the file contains until you install it. By then it's too late. Get a malware and antivirus scanner on your phone.

Pdf android tips and tricks

While many still think that antivirus scanners on phones are useless, maybe outbreaks like these will change minds. Android accessibility settings: Magnification gestures You know how we've shown you cool one-handed Google Maps gestures in the past, like for zooming in and out?

Well, you can do the same thing system wide with the magnification gestures accessibility option. If you enable the option you can triple tap to zoom in and triple tap to zoom out again. If you triple tap and hold, you can temporarily magnify your screen and pan around, then just release to go back to normal.

It's a super useful feature once you start using it. Text-to-Speech Probably the most well known of all accessibility features, you may have even used this already. All you need to do is have the Google Text-toSpeech engine enabled and then download the language pack you want.

Et voila! You will now have a white themed TouchWiz interface. The same thing works on the LG G3 too, where it is called Invert Colors, but as you can see in the topmost image, you might get some pretty whacky color combinations.

Likewise, both Samsung and LG's accessibility options allow you to adjust screen and content colors for your particular visual needs. You can even use this if your screen has issues, as long as your touchscreen is still responsive.

Once you've enabled the option, whatever you tap, press or activate will be spoken aloud to you. Explore by Touch is the same thing under a different name. The additional settings for TalkBack are enormous and definitely worth checking out further.

Interaction control Interaction control appears on Samsung devices either through the accessibility menu or by pressing Home and the Volume Down buttons. It lets you turn your motion gestures and screen timeout settings on or off, but the coolest part of it is that you can block off specific areas of the screen from responding to touch input, like the status bar or notification shade,. How to Uninstall Apps? Cache Cleaners Automate the process of removing cache of each app automatically with simple click.

These are my favorite Apps which I use. This will disable all animations that will occur when you open, close and switch between Apps. Widgets can helpful to finding information quickly information without need to open a Application. Widgets and live wallpapers consumes battery and slow down your device. Reboot or Restart your device A Simple fix for a Slow down device is simply restart it, get things running smoothly again. Yes, Restarting or Rebooting your device actually works.

[PDF] Tips and tricks for Android devices free tutorial for Beginners

Because restarting the phone do clears the Phone RAM memory and halt the unnecessary Apps running process in background. If you are installing apps from third party sources then you might face issues regarding Slow down, repeated shutdown. We always recommend to use Google Play store to download apps.

It is free and gives you many features to secure your Android phone from viruses, malwares and threats. It connects to Google Maps and shares the location of the phone. Other features includes killing running tasks to free up memory, lock and wipe data to protect privacy, and scheduled scans.

Go Backup Go Backup is an all-in-one app that backs up your data. It can backup your phone contacts, messages, call log, and also the applications installed with app data to your SD Card.

You can restore full backup or select what to restore manually. Facebook Facebook for Android is the official Facebook App which allows you to communicate with your friends, family and clients right from your Phone.

The app also gives you the option to update your status and photos. It also syncs your Phone contacts with Facebook friends and shows Facebook data in your Contact. Twitter Tweet right from your Android Phone and update your status instantly. Other features of this app include Tweets, Retweets, the Follow option, photo and link sharing, and direct messages to your Followers. XDA for Android is way of communicating for developers. You can ask questions and share answers, or talk about your favorite apps.

Viber Viber is another free Android application which lets you send free messages and make free calls and send messages for free. You can also share photos and videos to your Viber Contacts for free. Opera Mini Opera Mini is one of the fastest, widely used browsers for Android phones.