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Eloisa James returns with another fabulous romance in her New York Times bestselling Desperate Duchesses series!As a young girl, Emilia Gwendolyn. mN0 Free EBOOK PDF Download | Read Online Four Nights with the Duke ( Desperate Duchesses Book 8) By Eloisa James EBOOK. I think we all know by now that I'm a big Eloisa James fangirl. I finished Four Nights with the Duke in a single sitting, and while it's not her best.

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Potent Pleasures. Midnight Pleasures. Enchanting Pleasures. Desperate Duchesses: Three Weeks With Lady X. Four Nights with the Duke. This books (Four Nights with the Duke (Desperate Duchesses) [PDF]) Made by Eloisa James About Books As a young girl, Emilia Gwendolyn. Four Nights With the Duke (Desperate Duchesses #8) As a young girl, Emilia Gwendolyn Carrington told the annoying future Duke of Pindar that she would.

So where I'm standing, it seems like this specific couple wasn't for me, but her writing most definitely was. She had some back bone at times but then contradicted herself the next sentence by saying she wasn't good enough! I am not at all for milksop leads, not in the last, but some basic human respect has to be a must!!! I loved Vander for his vulnerabilities, his arrogance, his relationship with Charlie, and his growing love for Mia. Even though its not a major aspect of the story, we do see a bit of a mystery aspect included, and its subtle, but it does add some dramatic flair to the story. In fact, you just confirmed what I already told you: And again, I looooove sexy gruff brutes so I can't say I minded it, but the lack of 'sensitivity chip' if you will seemed really forced.

As for him changing Get thee away Mr. Fierce Eyes! She admittedly stood up for herself for a bit near the end. Just because you do not agree does not mean that my feelings are invalid. In fact, you just confirmed what I already told you: She had already taught him how to treat her, that she had no value and what a very very high level of crap she would accept.

Deliberately obtuse Vander thinks he isn't romantic enough for Mia. He still doesn't see the problem even when he is finally told outright. It isn't that he isn't romantic. It's that he is abusive. Yes Vander. You Are Abusive. Even his friends play into his nonsensical romance notion This is not an issue about a naive woman too silly to realize that real men aren't like the wonderful fake ones in books. The problem isn't some fantasy man of Mia's.

It is that Mia has never been shown any respect or even a modicum of consideration by Vander. He does not show her even basic courtesy. He is downright cruel, in a sly emotionally draining way that she would have trouble explaining in words to anyone not actually present when he makes his mean comments.

And he treats her like a piece of meat, one that isn't even his favorite cut! She's going to have issues about her sexuality for ages because of him. It really alarms me that the author thinks this is excusable behavior in a man. The feeling that she was his. A crude way of saying he loved her. A way of insisting that she could never be taken away from him.

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First off, he is twisted Love is about exhibiting care. Care of, for and towards another human. Something I'm not too sure he's capable of. For Mia to finally try standing up for herself in chapter 32 out of 34 chapters is way too late in the game. My distaste for the lot of them remains. All of Mia's grand self-affirming actions were negated by the supposed "happy ending" where she goes back to him and will live suffering-ever-after with that oh so delightful man.

I highly recommend you read something else. Because this kinda regurgitated tripe for the sake of the fans is nowhere near a fairy tale. As a one-time fan, I can testify that I would much prefer to be spared her novels, particularly during times of tribulations, and be left in peace to hold on to my memories of prior fabulous books.

View all 6 comments. Jan 04, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my favorite authors hits it out of the park again! I loved this book and had to fight with myself over sleeping or reading every night.

The characters were wonderful and I looked forward to the book notes at the beginning of each chapter. The romance was very sweet and satisfying and I loved tiny tim I was so happy with the epilogue as well. I would def. View 1 comment. I'm thoroughly confused on how to go about rating this. On one hand loved the chemistry between the leads, on the other hand was not a fan of the contrived super-fast-paced plot and character motivations.

What happened to sweet and sexy Vander? He was definitely sexy in here but sweet? This guy is not considerate or sweet by any stretch of the imagination. I honestly couldn't recognize I'm thoroughly confused on how to go about rating this. I honestly couldn't recognize the Vander that was portrayed in this book with how he was presented in the last book, very different characterization IMO.

I felt Eloisa confused Vander for Thorn here. This was not the same thoughtful kind best friend of Thorn who swooped in and romanced India.

I didn't mind his hard rough edges, but something about his attitude and crudeness didn't suit him, it felt very false. And again, I looooove sexy gruff brutes so I can't say I minded it, but the lack of 'sensitivity chip' if you will seemed really forced.

Being deliberately mean and crude to hurt our fragile heroine into a blubbering mess and give her another reason to not trust him is not really a fair trade, just saying. She was way too sensitive, insecure, brittle and prudish for my liking.

But having the heroine get miffed and scold the hero endlessly for saying anything dirty just kinda ruins it. Uptight prudes just ruin the romance. I found it very juvenile and pitiful to be honest. Yes Vander had his jerk moments but what annoyed me to no end is how she would blow things way out of proportion and misunderstand his words when he was trying to be sweet and complimentary to her.

Whatever he would say or do she would run off like a scared blubbering child, the guy could never win. Like suck it up and grow some self esteem girl. And some thicker skin while you're at it. You can't be attracted to me because I'm fat and short!

You can't touch my breasts because they are cabbages, you said so! You don't love me because you call me your Duchess! I found her reasons to why she thinks he doesn't want her really absurd. She's so insecure about her full figure and big breasts and all because of one stupid isolated incident when they were kids, she overhears a boy making fun of her breasts see cabbage comment to Vander.

I guess I could have related and understand it better if this was a consistent problem for her, if it was something she was ridiculed and tormented over all her life. But it wasn't. I just found it highly unrealistic for someone to have such little confidence and zero self-esteem based on some flippant comment made by a hormonal 15 year old idiot boy. She overhears this conversation and uses it as shroud over her head thinking she's ugly and fat through her adult life. I needed more backstory than this.

She thinks her breasts are disgusting and her husband wanting to have sex with her any time or place is disrespectful and unladylike. RME so hard. I don't like silly melodrama with OTT reactions and Mia severely tested my patience with her whiny attitude.

The number of times she is screeching this isn't proper! Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Emphasis on sexual. Everything else? Contrived and super rushed. They literally get married and fall in love again in 4 days, she thinks she's hideous and fat because of a remark by a brat bully made years ago, so on and so on. Guys are horndogs but come on. There were a hundred easy loop holes that Vander could have used to get out of the blackmail letter Mia presented him to get him to marry her, but he didn't.

What lovely little moments they had was ruined with prudish Mia scolding him and crying over what gentlemen should and shouldn't do. It's a buzzkill to this romance reader. View 2 comments. Fans of EJ. Reviewed on January 15, Never have been. May never will. Yes, the capitalization is intended. Disappointment is my constant companion with every Eloisa James novel I pick up. I regret to say its presence is now familiar and comfortable to be around.

The plot of Four Nights with the Duke sounded like something special but is, in fact, tiring and dull to follow. Emilia has no personality. Am I supposed to take pity on her or something? Not this unimpressive, whimpering little girl.

Vander is a tantrum-throwing fool with a potty mouth. Enough said. Towards the end of Four Nights with the Duke , the drama escalates to ridiculous and I was laughing like an insane person.

Even the serious moments are amusing. When the characters fight, their arguments are repetitive to a fault. They go round and round in circles and it leaves me to conclude Eloisa is better off writing something interesting instead of repeating spoken and inner dialogues. He was still hard as a rock and had been since he loomed over her in the chair.

Is the heroine supposed to feel flattered? Is this how all women should act when we unintentionally turn on the opposite sex? At one point in the book, the hero is still turned on when the heroine is sobbing. Yet no matter how ardently Jafeer courted her, Mia adamantly refused to ride a horse that size.

I stand corrected. The only sentence to make me laugh out loud. More like Okayyyyy Ever After? The ending for Four Nights with the Duke is a bit silly and sweet too and I like it. The Book Saviors: Favorite Quote: The book cover is better than the book contents.

I LOVE the cover. View all 12 comments. I will definitely try something else by this author. She knows her history and write Rating: She knows her history and writes fluidly and well. I took breaks only to pee, otherwise I didn't even need food I haven't read many historicals with the heroine working as a novelist that I liked and finished , but EJ doesn't disappoint.

Mia was great: Vander is a bit scared by his past his father had bipolar disorder, or that's what it reads like, and his mum cheated on him with Mia's d 2nd read: Vander is a bit scared by his past his father had bipolar disorder, or that's what it reads like, and his mum cheated on him with Mia's dad He feels threatened by what he feels for Mia and tries to demean her with barbs whenever he's vulnerable. I like that in the end Mia makes him work for it and makes him voice his feelings, not accepting less then she deserves.

EJ wrote another of her amazing books and I can't wait for more! View all 4 comments. Apr 10, Izy rated it really liked it Shelves: Mia wishes she could now take back…. Vander is arrogant enough to believe that the reason Mia wants to marry is because of the said crush she had on him years ago. Which of course has no bearing why Mia actually wants to marry him but this lead to some pretty funny scenes. I really enjoyed their relationship, especially the parts where Vander is completely surprised and dumbfounded by his wife.

I was smiling every time they would bicker. His parents marriage had a pretty bad impact on his views on women and marriage in general which Mia by being herself overcame. Mia was a wonderful heroine, a bit a naive when it came to her writing her heroines and her romance novels but she was also caring, intelligent and beautiful inside and out no matter what she actually thought of her physical attributes.

I did want to smack Vander for his behaviour at times, especially near the end of the book but he came to senses soon enough. Maybe it was just me but some parts of the felt very modern-ish…. He was a romance novel fan, so how can you not love his enthusiasm and fangirling over authors: Random thing that I liked: The mention of other romance authors and their books which is I suppose a nod to her fellow authors by the author herself.

Overall, this was a great and very charming historical romance book.

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Happy Reading! Copy generously provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Apr 03, Susana marked it as its-not-me-book-it-is-you. The "hero" sounds like a total jerk, and I would probably spend the whole book wishing he was dead, so there: Mia, you're a widow, rejoice! View all 9 comments. Jun 27, Bj rated it it was amazing Shelves: James is a highly qualified, prolific historical romance writer. Four Nights with the Duke proved to be a humorous, witty, historical romance with a suspense twist that kept me on my toes and chuckling throughout. Perhaps one of the largest accomplishments of Four Nights with the Duke, in addition to the entertaining and highly skilled narration by Susan Duerden, is Ms.

In that regard, I was highly amused and impressed with her ability to transform what you are initially led to believe is a pompous, self-centered duke into deserving, desirable hero. Moreover, Ms. For the full review see AudioGals. Mar 24, Jessica Grogan rated it it was ok. Ah, yes, that's why I stopped reading Eloisa James' books. Mia is constantly described as "fat" yet is somehow also tiny and easily hoisted up and carried around by her husband.

He's an ass, by the way, and only cares about screwing Mia. EVERY argument is solved with sex. What shall I do? Talk to her? Or screw the anger out of her? Without touching my breasts! Without touching my breasts!! View all 10 comments. This was my first EJ novel and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! I will be absolutely be putting more her books on my TBR list.

Things you should know: The dialogue was awesome! It really captivated me- I laughed out loud a few times. Moonbeams and pearly portions. This can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. This book is steamy! As soon as I started the prologue, I knew this one was a keeper. The novel starts off when both the hero and heroine are fifteen years old, not an easy age, and James captures the awkwardness of those teen years in a way that is truly inspired.

This "enemies to lovers" romance is sure to please Eloisa James' fans and win new ones like me! At fifteen, Emilia Gwendolyn Carrington already had a pretty good idea of what hell was like. Her second circle had added a far worse indignity: And especially when the object of your affections finds that poem appropriately titled The Love Song of E.

Septimus Brody that you wrote about him and proceeds to show his friends… After the humiliation that Vander heaps upon her with the reading of her admittedly bad poetry, Mia quickly falls out of love with him, at least, until she blackmails the man into a marriage of convenience thirteen years later. The blackmail isn't about revenge, but you can't help but cheer that Mia's getting the duke back all these years later. Having no other choice but to marry in order to become the guardian of her nephew, Mia resorts to desperate measures to make this happen.

Vander is predictably not impressed with the blackmail scheme.

Four Nights With the Duke

Four Nights with a Duke was a delightful romance. For me, what stood out strongest was the character of Mia the duke was a tad overshadowed by how awesome she was. Mia is a successful anonymous author, but she still has her insecurities, especially regarding her appearance.

I loved how being insecure characterized Mia; it was not something that author just stated, you really understood how and why Mia felt the way that she did. And the duke certainly did not help matters: There was part of her, the part that wrote love stories, that wanted to believe that not every man found her unlovely. Initially, Vander seems quite the cruel hero. Mia and Vander have a very rocky start to their marriage. In fact, Mia considers the marriage to be temporary.

Both Vander and Mia start to learn about the other. In turn, Mia comes to realize that despite his ill considered comments, Vander actually does respect her and considers her a competent woman, something that she never received from her father and brother. The heroine, insecurities and all, has to be one of my favourite in quite a while.

She's strong and vulnerable and I think her actions and thoughts will resonate with a lot of readers.

Pdf four the duke nights with

Originally reviewed at The Book Adventures. Mar 28, Janga rated it it was amazing. Life proves them both wrong. Mia thinks their marriage will be strictly a convenience soon ended. Life—and love--prove them both wrong. I loved this book! Mia may be my favorite Eloisa James heroine ever, and this status is based on more than the fact that I too wrote some truly embarrassing poetic effusions as a teenager. I loved Mia for her insecurities, her writing struggles, her love for her nephew, and her tangle of feelings for Vander.

I loved Vander for his vulnerabilities, his arrogance, his relationship with Charlie, and his growing love for Mia. The secondary characters were wonderful. Then there were the links to two of Ms. I was particularly pleased to see Edward Reeve. If you are in search of a book that will leave you smiling and sighing and feeling grateful that you are a romance reader, add this book to your must-buy list now.

View all 8 comments. Mar 29, Marilyn Rondeau rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mia had developed a crush on Vander and had written a poem not very good either to him.

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James

As it turned out Vander got a hold of it and he and his school chums read it and they had great fun spinning it in a decidedly boorish and disgusting translation. Unfortunately, they did this in the library where Mia had been sitting hidden from sight as they totally tore into it.

Years later, Vander has become the Duke, and Mia has come into her own. Mia has a dowery, but more importantly, she has a career as a writer of fabulous romance novels that is paying her very well. Vander was aghast - not only was this out of the blue but he had no intention of marriage and certainly not to the daughter of the man who openly cock holed his father. But Mia was desperate, she needed this marriage but not for her benefit. She needed Vander to marry her in name only, for a year at most so she could obtain guardianship of her nephew, Charles Wallace.

And if took blackmailing Vander to accomplish it, so be it!

Stubbornly, Vander never read the provisions which explained what Mia expected with their marriage but with his back against the wall - Vander counters with his own provisions stating he would spend only 4 nights a year with her and only if she begs for them! However shortly after the marriage, things changed and Vander decided he must work on seducing his own wife! What follows is another profoundly and brilliantly executed historical romance from the always exceptional pen of Ms.

Eloisa James, who has personally given me so much pleasure from reading her marvelous Desperate Duchesses series. Her brilliant dialogs give this story great humor and I loved Ms. Very cleaver and quite amusing! Bottom Line: James effervescent wit, fabulous plotting and wonderful storytelling. A winner every time! Marilyn Rondeau This new and delectably coarse Duke shook my lingering infatuation until I was dizzy with lust for his savage demeanor, filthy mouth, and insatiable drive to possess his blackmailing bride, Mia.

Not only does Vander find Mia surprisingly and admirably intelligent, clever and courageous, he goes utterly mad for her alluring curves, innate sensuality and wondrous responsiveness to his touch.

His fury is swiftly forgotten as acute attraction to Mia grows to dominate his every waking thought and action. Desperate Duchesses Devotees are sure to adore this entirely addictive addition to their beloved series. And, for those unfamiliar with Ms. Read this book! Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review. I've given this a B at AAR. Eloisa James returns to her Desperate Duchesses universe for Four Nights With the Duke , the second in the series to feature characters we met as children in the earlier books.

Emilia Carrington — known as Mia — is, at fifteen, infatuated with the handsome young Septimus Evander Brody, heir to the Duke of Pindar. Years later, Mia is forced to eat her words when, following the tragic deaths of her brother and his wife, she must marry in order to retain custody of her young, disabled nephew and protect him from their avaricious uncle. She has, in her possession, a letter written by the late Duke of Pindar in which he admits to treason — which she plans to use in order to blackmail the current duke — Vander - into marrying her.

Needless to say, Vander is furious. Still fuming over her audacity in threatening him and believing her to be still madly in love with him, he determines on his revenge. When Mia points out that perhaps their parents were lucky to have found a long-lasting love, Vander is sceptical.

I have a weakness for forced-into-marriage stories, and confidently expected to enjoy this one. I also found the pacing in the last part of the book to be a bit off. Apart from that, the writing is excellent and the motivations and emotions of both central characters are skilfully conveyed to the reader even as they are at pains to conceal them from each other. There are lots of little literary in-jokes dotted throughout the books.

Overall, Four Nights With the Duke is an angsty and absorbing read, in which the raw emotion is well-balanced out by the humour and more tender moments. View all 7 comments. Mar 29, Sharlene rated it it was amazing. I loved this book so much. The hero and heroine are two of my favorites and the supporting cast is endearing. Nov 11, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the most fun historical romance I've read in awhile. The heroine is a somewhat secret romance writer who admired the duke as a fifteen-year-old girl.

But she was humiliated in front of him and his friends when they discovered a love poem she had written about him. Now about ten years later she needs the duke to marry her in order to protect her nephew Charlie. So she blackmails him. Oct 07, Els rated it liked it. Enjoyable read. Summary Emilia Carrington, when she was foolish and young, made a poem, but not just any pem for the Duke of Pindar, that she would never lower herself to marry him no matter what.

Well karma always has a balance and now Emilia has no choice but to go and marry him. Vander wants his choice of a bride to be of his own choosing, and not forced upon him. But when Emilia blackmails him, and he learns some truths about his father, he knows that he will have no choice. Emilia has a nephew that needs h Summary Emilia Carrington, when she was foolish and young, made a poem, but not just any pem for the Duke of Pindar, that she would never lower herself to marry him no matter what.

Emilia has a nephew that needs her, and she must protect him, and it is for him she will do anything to see to it that he grows up in a safe home. But what started out as a agreement for four nights a year with the Duke in his bed, has turned into a game of cat and mouse, of pleasure and desire, but which one will come out on top and win?

Vander has had to deal with bullies and friends, but never a woman that stirred him so in a argument. Vander likes to provoke people, to prove their strength and weaknesess. He uses his attitude toward others as a way to protect himself. You never know which way is up or down with Vander, or what will come out of his mouth next. He does end up proving to be quite a redeemable hero for me, he fights for Mia and love seeing him chase after a woman that puts him through the ringer.

The Heroine Mia, has made mistakes where Vander is concerned. She knows that, she admits to it, but with her parents gone, she is the only one left to protect her nephew who is more like her own son, and she tends to be a bit overprotective mama bear when it comes to her nephew. Mia is strong, capable and intelligent, she also tends to close off her emotions, because she has been betrayed in the past.

What I really loved about Mia was the way she handles her situation, which is different in each scenario. Plot and Story Line It has been a while since I have read this author, but every time I read her I always enjoy myself. Now this story could get me frustrated at times, despite how much I really enjoyed it. Now would I recommend this one?

Yes, I would. It had many qualities to it, that makes a winning historical romance. Both character had both pros and cons to their characters, but there were times I just wanted to wring their necks, they tended to get a bit frustrating at times, but as the story progresses you can understand why.

But it has been a while since I felt a bit more off with the hero than the heroine. There were a couple other side characters that I fell in love with. Even though its not a major aspect of the story, we do see a bit of a mystery aspect included, and its subtle, but it does add some dramatic flair to the story.

What I loved most was how this story seemed very intense at times. But by the time I finished I felt fully satisfied after a big meal. Cover I actually really love this cover, and its definintely Eloisa James type of cover. The dress is beautiful and elegeant, and the spring colored lettering is a nice tougch. Overall View A beautifully written romance that wraps its fingers around you in a delicious wrap of sensation, emotion and desire. I'm not sure how I feel about this book.

If all of Eloisa James' couples spend so much time fighting, the heros attempting to hurt the heroines as much as possible, she might not be an author for me. At the same time, I understand the allure and enjoyed many parts of this story.

But the hero never really managed to redeem himself. Everytime I started to forgive him, he'd do or say another awful thing. Instead, he offers Mia a devil's bargain Four nights, and nothing more. And those only when she begs for them. Which Mia will never do. Now Vander faces the most crucial challenge of his life: Show menu Top novels.

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