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The Enemy Within: A Companion - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. A companion volume to the original Enemy Within. The Enemy Whithin - Warhammer City - A Complete Guide to Middenheim City of The White, , KB. file, The Enemy Within 1. The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Bögenhafen is the first volume in an This PDF combines material originally published separately as The.

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The Enemy Within: Empire in Flames out now in PDF. Available now in PDF: Empire in Flames, the final part of The Enemy Within Campaign!. Death on the Reik – The Enemy Within Volume 2 PDF “The time shall come when the enemies of Chaos shall relax their guard and pay no. Documents Similar To Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1Ed - The Enemy Within 1 - The Enemy Within. WFRP 1st Edition - Middenheim (Warhammer City) Warhammer FRP - Adv - Enemy Within 4 - The Power Behind the Throne.

Johannes Teugen has made a pact with a demon Games Workshop published the original editions of named Gideon for seven years of success in The Enemy Within including the adventure exchange for his soul. He has Friedrich Magirius attend the meeting of the Travel is a risky business even for those who stick to the roads. The change of author and departure from the planned arrangement of the campaign introduced Subsequent Periods serious discontinuities to the campaign. Pay What You Want. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale.

New rules for river navigation and trading are included, plus full details on the river boats of the Reik and the people who use them. The PDF is also extensively bookmarked for ease of reference. Get it now here! Filed under: Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 subscribe to comments on this post. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. Verena is the goddess of learning and justice. The owl, scales and a downward-pointing sword are her symbols.

Pdf within the enemy

The Old Faith is the religion practised by druids and druidic priests. It is an ancient abstract religion concerned with the energies that flow in the natural world.

Some of its adherents refer to a goddess called The Mother or Rhya. Proscribed cults.

Within the pdf enemy

The worship of Khaine, god of murder, Stromfels, god of reefs, currents, wreckers and pirates, and the gods of Chaos is proscribed throughout The Empire.

In the Imperial calendar, there are four hundred days in the year, divided into 12 months and six intercalary days. The week is eight days long. There are two lunar cycles.

The larger moon, Mannslieb, waxes and wanes according to a predictable day cycle. Johannes Teugen has made a pact with a demon Games Workshop published the original editions of named Gideon for seven years of success in The Enemy Within including the adventure exchange for his soul.

If he can find seven victims to take his place, his soul will be saved.

Enemy pdf the within

Both were republished in Warhammer Campaign and Warhammer Adventure. Teugen has therefore established a secret society called the Ordo Septenarius.

This is, of course, a deceit. However, Teugen has himself been deceived. Eventually the adventurers find the site of the rearranged ritual and have the opportunity to prevent its completion.

The adventurers travel to Altdorf with the intention of joining an expedition to the Grey Mountains by Crown Prince Hergard von Tassenninck. Curiously Kastor Lieberung bears a remarkable resemblance to one of the adventurers. However, there is more to Kastor Lieberung and the inheritance than meets the eye. Lieberung is a member of a Chaos cult called the Purple Hand. He is being pursued by a bounty hunter called Adolphus Kuftsos who has invented the inheritance as a ruse to lure his target into a trap.

The Enemy Within: A Companion

Generic information on several locations is included in the The initial section of this adventure is quite simple pull-out booklet pp iv-v. More detailed in structure. They then explore the the Schaffenfest and sewers are described in pp Schaffenfest All the Fun of the Fair, pp , chase 37, though location 28 is listed out of sequence.

Some is on pp, but the rest is in It is in the next section Something Rotten, pp the pull-out booklet pp ii-iii, viii. This phase of the adventure comprises several encounters and Most events are listed on pp However, an events in a freeform arrangement. The most encounter with Doctor Malthusius is not included important incidents are the meetings with Magistrate there, but on pp The former with Magirius in the events section, instead of on provides the adventures with leads to Franz p Instead they The last section is the climax The Darkest Hour, are included in the pull-out booklet pp vi-vii.

This is linear and relatively simple for the GM. Table 2 below summarises this structure. The The adventurers ancounter Gurnisson in the The freakshow goblin attempts to escape Schaffenfest stocks. Festival Court and Stocks , p12 but is thwarted by the adventurers, who are All the Fun of invited to watch the show. Freakshow , the Fair , pp9- p11 16 During the freakshow the goblin escapes At the festival court Richter offers the into the sewers.

Malthusius offers a reward adventurers a fee for removing the goblin. The Runaway , p16 The Runaway , p The adventurers enter the sewers in pursuit of the goblin. The Runaway , p The Sewers The adventurers find Gurnisson's mutilated The adventurers discover the goblin's trail.

A chance encounter with a thief leads the Beneath the body. Body , p21 S1. Thief , p19 22 The adventurers find the goblin's remains The adventurers find the secret door to The and the hidden temple. They discover a Crossed Pikes. Door , p21 pentacle with the inscription "Ordo Septenarius" and a handkerchief labelled "F. He will identify the connection with the hidden temple.

The adventurers investigate warehouse Enquiries to a merchant regarding the Ordo number 4. The p34 Ordo Septenarius , p Day 1. Doctor Malthusius , residence about the Ordo Septenarius and residence about the Ordo Septenarius and p23 are directed to Magirius at the Merchants' are directed to Magirius at the Merchants' Guild. The Adel Ring , p33 Guild. The Merchants' Guild , pp Malthusius informs the adventurers that Gurnisson was seen with a servant in a distinctive livery.

Doctor Mathusius , pp Doctor connection with the hidden temple. The Mathusius , pp Thieves' Guild , pp He directs adventurers.

Enemy pdf the within

They also learn of enquiries regarding the Ordo Septenarius to 38 pp Karl Teugen's symptoms. They are directed Friedrich Magirius. Temple of Verena , p If the adventurers have recovered The Mourners' Guild report a high number The adventurers investigate Teugen's Gideon murders Magirius and implicates the Gurnisson's body Richter directs them to of mutilated bodies and describe Karl residence.

Teugen's House , pp adventurers. Magirius leaves a message take it to the Mourners' Guild. The Teugen's symptoms. Richter's clerk informs the adventurers that The adventurers enquire at the Teugen Gideon implicates the adventurers in arson. The Adel Ring , p33 Richter's clerk informs the adventurers that At the Physicians' Guild Reinhold The adventurers find a parchment signed by The adventurers disrupt the ritual. On the The ritual is completed.

They meet his similar disease. The Physicians' the Inner Council. Day 2. He has Friedrich Magirius attend the meeting of the The Day Teugen insignia. The Voice of Before the Ritual. This is shown in Chronological Scheme I, below. The problem can be solved either by assuming The The chronology of events in Phase One is clearly Berebeli stops for two days of the journey or by defined by the adventures. There is, however, one assuming it travels at M 2, in line with some other minor difficulty.

The text of The Enemy Within river barges. The adventurers arrive at the Coach and Horses inn. They encounter the gambler Philippe Descartes. The adventurers travel by coach towards Altdorf, but are ambushed by mutants. They stay the night at the Seven Spokes inn. Ernst Heidlemann, a member of the Red Crown cult, travels on the same coach.

(PDF) The war against the enemy | Dong-Choon Kim -

They discover the von Tasseninck expedition has already left for the Grey Mountains. They are contacted by the Purple Hand. They meet the boatman Josef Quartjin. They encounter some young nobles and the protagonist Max Ernst. They see the bounty hunter Adolphus Kuftsos kill two Purple Hand cultists. The adventurers travel to Weissbruck.

In Weissbruck they are attacked by Adolphus Kuftsos. First day of the Schaffenfest. The adventurers discover the inheritance is a hoax. At the behest of Doctor Malthusius and Magistrate Richter the adventurers pursue the escaped goblin into the sewers and discover the hidden temple. Magistrate Richter visits Johannes Teugen. Gideon, masquerading as Captain of the Watch, infects Richter with purple brain fever.

They are watched by Gideon and attacked by thugs hired by Johannes Teugen. Concerned about the nature of the ritual, Friedrich Magirius contacts the PCs. Gideon murders Magirius and frames the adventurers for the crime. In most instances this is not a problem, but there are two situations where there could be a difficulty. There follow brief possibly avoiding the Richter meeting altogether.

Second, the PCs may flee the watch and thereby avoid meeting Richter. As noted in the Introduction, above, this subplot Mistaken Identity, pp, et Possible solutions include making the goblin a passim is continued in Death on the Reik pp , snotling and the sewer entrance completely but thereafter largely abandoned.

The GM will need impassable, or having the PCs find a reward poster to give consideration to the future development of from Richter for information regarding the escaped this storyline. See further Phase Three. Ernst Heidlemann and Etelka Herzen. These two Johannes Teugen. These are red Death on the Reik pp This should not pose herrings.

Friedrich Magirius. It is very important the PCs Elvyra Kleinestun.

3.WFRP 1E - 'The Enemy Within' Campaign part1 - The Enemy Within.pdf

However, the GM above. If the PCs do not take up any of the leads to should note that the events in Death on the Reik are Magirius, it may be useful to create additional ones. For example, other NPCs could arrange the meeting for the adventurers.

The PCs might come across the Magistrate Richter. Magirius might even very useful in providing the PCs with leads see also seek out adventurers, having become aware of their Structure, above. It is advisable that the GM enquiries. Schaffenfest 5 Livestock Market pp iv, 10, 34 6 Wrestling Ring pp iv, , 34 7 Festival Court and Stocks pp iv, 12, 23, 27, 34 Note pp incorrectly 8 Freakshow pp iv, 11, 16, 34 invert locations 7 and 8.

Dreieckeplatz 25 Town Hall pp v, 26 Town Courts pp v, Handouts S2 and S3 in Handouts, below, are examples of such evidence. They are letters from When the adventurers discover the body of Kastor Teugen to Etelka Herzen discussing the planned Lieberung The Enemy Within, p45 , they also find ritual. The first letter Handout S2 is assumed to be an affidavit of his identity Handout 4. See further The Pie-Eye find these documents: Piper in Phase Three, below.

This is, however, found in Handouts, below. Two versions of this handout are provided below. The first version replicates the text of the original. The second reduces the proposed minimum daily wage to a more plausible 3GC and removes the reference to dwarfs. Bold Adventurers His Excellency the Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck of the Grand Principality of Ostland hereby gives notice that he is currently resident in Altdorf and wishes to engage the services of a party of skilled adventurers.

Employment is to commence as soon as possible, for an indefinite period. Would-be applicants are forewarned that they shall be required to undertake a most perilous mission into unexplored regions of the Grey Mountains. The matter is of utmost delicacy and absolute discretion is required. Remuneration is negotiable depending on experience but a minimum of 20GC per person per day is assured, in addition to a generous bonus upon successful completion of the mission.

No laggards, cowards or dwarfs need apply. Remuneration is negotiable depending on experience but a minimum of 3GC per person per day is assured, in addition to a generous bonus upon successful completion of the mission. No laggards or cowards need apply. Signed, this day, the 10th of Nachexen, in the two thousandth, five hundred and twelth year of The Empire. Two versions of this handout are provided. The first replicates the original precisely. The second includes a reference to Gotthard Goebbels.

If the GM wishes the players to identify him as Gotthard von Wittgenstein in Phase Three, this handout might enable them to match the signatures. Affidavit of Identity We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that the bearer of this document is one Kastor Lieberung. Black Peaks , Grissenwald , Nr.

Nuln My dear Friend , Here is the scroll you require for the ritual you mentioned in your last letter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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