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Alex was asked to speak at the Pakistan Tourism Summit but says she was censored because her speech was deemed critical. Published about 3 hours ago . Daily Dawn Newspaper Read Online Dawn News in English Publishing From Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad Pakistan. Dawn is Pakistan's oldest, leading and most widely read English-language newspaper and is . "The Inside Pages: An Analysis of the Pakistani Press" (PDF ).

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Statesman as daily newspaper published in Peshawar, Pakistan. Political flash points, business ventures, financial volatility, environmental crisis, sports challenges, entertainment highlights, artistic achievements I worked on the preparations for the spelling bee contest to be held by DAWN. The majority is highly intelligent and educated, career oriented and holding senior positions within their professions. In the English-speaking world, the earliest predecessors of the newspaper were corantos, small news pamphlets produced only when some event worthy of notice occurred. There were schools from the Lahore Region. The annual issues provide statistical data on the media spend of different companies and ratings of advertising agencies.

An appointment letter regarding the job designation and job number are issued from the head office and the that very person is asked to report to the respective department. Lahore Office Sr. Name Designation 1 Mr. Bilal G. Saira Assistant Manager Supplements 7 Mr. Adnan Saqib Manager Advertising 9 Mr.

Sufiyan Manager Advertising 10 Mr. Khurram Manager Advertising 11 Mr. He uses several methods to choose the right personnel. The methods are mentioned and described below. Adnan Shokat Through Advertisements: Whenever there is a vacancy at Dawn, advertisement is published in newspaper, and candidates are interviewed by a panel consist of Hameed Haroon CEO , Mr.

Than eligible candidate is selected and appointed for Dawn. Through Reference: This is a method which is widely practiced at Dawn while selecting an employee. If any employee or Dawn related person refer a candidate, he is selected after interviews.

Head hunting: The Manager Marketing and Planning of Dawn explained that sometimes they use this technique to hire personnel who are already working in a prestigious firm or advertising agency. Director HR offers that person an attractive pay package for which he joins Dawn.

Commercial employment agencies: Director HR contacts these agencies who are basically working to maintain a database of all the eligible people of the field of Marketing, advertising and in the reporting in need of appropriate jobs. Recruitment and selection: Dawn selects the employees who are qualified but there is no compulsion of degree from any particular institute.

Recruitment source in Dawn is employee promotion and cross functional transfer and the methods described below. Adnan Shokat Salary administration: The promotion of the employees occurs when an employee is moved from one job to another that is higher is pay, responsibility and organizational level.

Salary Administration and Planning: Each management position in Dawn is evaluated in terms of the scope of responsibility, degree of skill, education and experience required for its proper performance through a job evaluation system.

Salaries are regularly reviewed and increases are awarded on the basis of consistently high performance.

Accounts department looks after the matters relating to salary and other fringe benefits. Salaries are paid to the employees on the first week of the month.

Salaries are sent to the accounts of employees as well as paid in cash. Salaries related affairs are the responsibility of Mr. Kazim Mustafa, accounts officer at Dawn.

Any questions or claims relating to salary payments should be directed to the accountant in the accounts department. The normal working hours at the head office and regional offices are 9.

Sunday is the only holiday. There is also a night shift , employees working in the production department , editorial section employees, a manager coordination are usually working in the nights because the nature of their work is of such type. There are no fix working hours of these employees, as they have to finish their work as early as possible keeping in view the distribution factors of the newspaper.

Sometimes they are done with their work on time and sometimes working the whole night due ro delay of the finalization of the news. This appraisal is kept confidential and is the task of the departmental heads who perform this activity quite informally and present the result to the chief executive and Director HR on demand. It has the following objectives: To conduct a systematic assessment of the performance and potential of each employee working in advertising, marketing and production, the accounts and the humane resource department itself.

Development and salary planning. Employee Benefits: It is the duty of the Director HR to look after the employee benefits schemes and other relating fringe benefits. The Director HR himself along with the departmental heads and specifically the business development section comes up with attractive schemes for employees. There are many ways to determine the benefits due to be given to the employees.

They are adopted depending upon the situation. The information provided below covers comprehensively all aspects of Dawn employee benefit scheme. Leave Benefits: At Dawn employees enjoy various leave benefits along with other fringe benefits.

Permanent employees or employees on probation departmental heads to executive level employees are entitled to 15 calendar days sick leaves. Unused sick leaves are cumulative up to a maximum of 30 working days. Annual Holiday Leave: Adnan Shokat Permanent employees departmental heads to executive level employees of every departmental who have at least one year of continuous service with the Dawn, are entitled to annual holiday leave of 15 working days in a calendar year.

Unused holiday may be carried over to the following year subject to approval manager of the respective department and can be used during the preceding year but if not consumed , they are converted to working days.

In case of natural or personal emergency. Unused casual leave is utilized at the end of the year. Maternity Leave: Women who are permanent employees are entitled to avail paid maternity leave. Criteria Dawn has funds available for such loan Confirmed employment with Dawn Merit with other applicants Driving Employee Recognition Performance bonus at the end of year.

Haj benefit: Dawn is giving pension and provident funds to its employees. It has also insured every of his employee at different insurance companies.

And Dawn pays the premium. And at the time of retirement all the money of insurance is given to the employee. Dawn encourages employees by Social functions Excursion trips Different meetings are held in the recreational destinations of the globe to give its employees a sort relaxation and recreation along with routine work. Dawn also provides its employees the hospital and other medical charges. Employment at Dawn: All permanent employees undergo a standard six month probationary period from the commencement of their employment.

It gives new employee an opportunity to experience working at Dawn. At the end of the six months Departmental head with suggestion of the Director HR will decide to confirm employment or extend the probationary period of the new recruit, or cease the employment relationship. During the probationary period Director HR can terminate employment.

In Dawn upon confirmation employee will be entitled to company benefits and will become a member. And he will have to: Not engage with other business without express consent of Dawn. Adnan Shokat Comments on Job Satisfaction: The organizational rewards system often has a significant impact on the level of employee job satisfaction. In addition to their direct impact, the manner in which extrinsic rewards are dispersed can affect the intrinsic rewards and satisfaction of recipients.

For every organization, the satisfaction of its personnel carries maximum importance and Dawn is no exception. It has been observed during the activity of SWOT that the employees are highly satisfied with their work.

Its all because of the high pay scales and the other fringe benefits being provided an activity was performed in the form of discussion with employees of the various departments to check their satisfaction level and we found them highly satisfied. There are set rules and regulations and the employees have to follow those. Adnan Shokat General Rules of Conduct: Dawn concepts comply with the laws and regulation of the Country in which they conduct their business, also with the present Code and finally with the internal policies and procedures, applying them with the utmost equity and fairness.

The relations with all other parties, shall fulfill the utmost loyalty, meaning to be faithful to promises and covenants, to act with responsibility, to preserve and to enhance the value of the Company's asset and to act in good faith in every activity and decision.

Transparency Company's internal relations and relations with other parties shall be based on honesty, correctness and completeness. Respect of Human Dignity: The Recipients shall respect human fundamental rights also protecting moral integrity and guaranteeing equal opportunities.

In the conduct of internal relationships, discriminatory behaviors based on political opinion, labor union opinion, religion, race, nationality, age, sex, sexual attitude, health status and, more in general, other intimate character, are not allowed.

News pdf dawn paper

The Recipients guarantee that the acquired information is kept confidential. The Recipients shall disclose information and Company's data exclusively in the performance of their duties and, in any case, shall not disclose sensitive information without the Company's authorization. The Recipients promote respect of equal and fair opportunities in selecting and recruiting personnel whose profiles reflect the needs and expectations of the Company.

In selecting and recruiting personnel no form of favor, nepotism, and patronage system shall be accepted. Formalization of Employment Relation: Hiring is formalized with regular employment contracts refusing any form of "irregular" work. The Recipients shall favor the utmost cooperation and transparency with the new employed so that he or she could have clear awareness of their office. Management And Exploitation of Personnel: The Company refuses any form of discrimination against its employees, favoring - in respect to its personnel - decisional processes and evaluations grounded on objective criteria jointly accepted.

The Company favors working conditions protecting psychophysics integrity of personnel by providing working premises fully compliant with applicable laws on comfortable working conditions. The Company promotes professional growth of employees through opportune training instrument. The Recipients provide Clients with messages, communications and transparent contracts avoiding complicated formula and unfair practice.

(PDF) Dawn internship report | Owais Shafique -

The Recipients provide Clients with the utmost courtesy and availability in managing their commercial activity. The Recipients promote the improvement of quality of their products in the Company's qualitative processes. No form of gift or benefit or utility whatsoever is allowed - not even in Countries where giving valuable gifts is customary - towards public officials, certified accountants, auditors, members or representative bodies and relatives, with the purpose of influence their judgment independency and induce someone to receive some benefit.

Procedures to select among providers are grounded on loyalty, transparency and cooperation principles. No form of gift or benefit or utility whatsoever is allowed to Recipients unless directly coming from normal courtesy relations and of little value. Should the Recipients receive proposal of benefit from any provider, they shall immediately suspend the relationship and inform the executive managers.

In the relations with Public Administration and Public Institutions, the Recipients promote loyal and correct relations refusing any form of promise and offer of goods or payments so as receive advantages. Should the Recipients receive proposal of benefit from any officer, they shall immediately suspend the relationship and inform the executive managers.

Employed Personnel: The employed personnel to comply with the provisions of the Code, which integrates and underline the general obligation to be loyal, faithful and correct in the execution of the employment agreement. Any violation of the present Code is a breach of the obligation arising out of the employment agreement, with all the consequences provider for by the law.

Third Parties: Compliance by third parties with the present Code is part of the obligation to be diligent and in good faith in the conduct of negotiations with the Company. Any violation of the present Code could be considered, according to its relevance, cause of dismissal or cause of resolution of the employment relationship. Leadership Styles: Employee-centered Leadership: Employee-centered Leadership style which believes in relationship building with the Clients is present all over Dawn.

Employees are given freedom in the performance of their work and are kept towards their target. Authority is delegated and an open door policy is being adopted which means that all kinds of suggestions are appreciated as long as they are realistic. Democratic style is used and employees are given work freedom. Adnan Shokat Objective Setting: General objectives are given to managers who in turn distribute the specific objectives to all workers working in their departments after having discussions with them.

The entire atmosphere revolves around the Clients and the tasks needed to fulfill their needs. While assigning objectives, the fact is ensured that these objectives are in line with the company policy and are in harmony with the briefs generated from the particular Client. Division of Labor: Sometimes it happens that a very sharp and intelligent worker is employed among temporary workers, so he is preferred over those permanent workers who have been made permanent only on the grounds of time spent in the organization.

Organizations have tasks that need to be performed. These tasks are combined into activities. People who do similar activities are combined together so that they can be administrated more appropriately. This combination is called departmentalization. Departmentalization at Dawn is on the basis of services and functions performed to provide these services to private and Public sector Clients.

Administrative Styles: Various management styles can be employed dependent on the culture of the business, the nature of the task, the nature of the workforce and the personality and skills of the leaders. We can say than DAWN follows Permissive Democrat style in which decisions are made in a participative manner and subordinates are given latitude in carrying out their work.

Management comprises Planning Organizing Staffing Leading or directing Controlling An organization a group of one or more people or entities or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

Because organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. This view opens the opportunity to 'manage' oneself, a pre-requisite to attempting to manage others.

Management can also refer to the person or people who perform the act s of management. The democratic manager keeps his or her employees informed about everything that affects their work and shares decision making and problem solving responsibilities.

This style requires the leader to be a coach who has the final say, but gathers information from staff members before making a decision. Democratic leadership can produce high quality and high quantity work for long periods of time. Many employees like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit, and high morale. Typically the democratic leader: Adnan Shokat Benfits of Participative style of Management: Like the other styles, the democratic style is not always appropriate.

It is most successful when used with highly skilled or experienced employees or when implementing operational changes or resolving individual or group problems.

Paper pdf news dawn

The democratic leadership style is most effective when: Democratic leadership should not be used when: One of the main benefits of participative leadership is that the process allows for the development of additional leaders who can serve the organization at a later date. Because leaders who favor this style encourage active involvement on the part of everyone on the team, people often are able to express their creativity and demonstrate abilities and talents that would not be made apparent otherwise.

The discovery of these hidden assets help to benefit the work of the current team, but also alerts the organization to people within the team who should be provided with opportunities to further develop some skill or ability for future use. Participative leadership also expands the range of possibilities for the team. When leadership styles that essentially leave all the direction and decision making in the hands of one individual, it is much more difficult to see a given approach from several different angles.

When the leadership style encourages others to be involved in the decision making process, a given course of action can be approached from a variety of perceptions. This can often point out strengths or weaknesses to the approach that would have gone unobserved and thus unresolved without this type of participatory brainstorming and decision making. One potential disadvantage of participate leadership is the time factor.

This leadership style does often involve the need for more time before action is taken. This is only natural, since the very nature of participative leadership means allowing input from every member of the team.

However, the extra time necessary for this process often leads to decisions that ultimately benefit everyone to a greater degree than faster decisions that are more limited in scope. Adnan Shokat Production: Production at Dawn refers to two parts: Pre-Press press Pre Press: Pre press refers to all the preparations before printing. This includes: The news material and pictures etc are scanned and uploaded to the computer Graphics: Adnan Shokat Page making: Placement of the news, editorials, advertisements and pictures on the pages.

Refers to division of material on the pages as per their print. CTP Computer to Plate: The conversion of the pages as planned on the computer on to aluminum sheets which are then sent to press for printing. All the pre-press work is done mostly in Karachi head office except for the CTP process which is done in Lahore.

The material to be printed is sent to Lahore through satellite transmission to the Communication Department. The communication department checks ad placements and news placements and then forwards it to the Production department. In the Production Department in Lahore the CTP process is completed after which the aluminum plates are sent to the press.

The aluminum sheets used are disposable and used only once. Adnan Shokat Software Used: In the pre press process the software used are: Photoshop Quark express Coral etc Press: Press refers to the printing of the newspaper. Human Resource in Production In Lahore only press is more active in the production department.

The department has a team of some 15 members which include: At night the press team is headed by the Production Coordinator, who coordinates with all the departments such as advertisement, editorial, communication etc. Adnan Shokat Production Planning: An operations plan can make all the difference in your production. At Dawn production planning is very significant because newspapers are perishable goods. Time management is very critical In this regard. Production Planning is related to three parts: Productivity Quality Time lines All these are taken care at from pre press to the press.

Material in Production: Material used for Dawn newspaper production is divided into two parts Paper Ink Print Machinery Spare parts Dawn imports all the material.

Ink is imported from Belgium. Paper is imported from Russia. The bulk buying of the material is done by the head office and then the required material is sent to the local stations as per their requirements. Adnan Shokat Print Machinery: The print machine used by Dawn is a web offset machine, in which paper rolls are used for printing. There are 3 types of machinery spare parts for Dawn: Easily Available: This saves cost and gives the best alternative to the imported spare part. Adnan Shokat Storage: The particular level of inventory is maintained for the print material.

There are two types of stores that control the inventory: Main Store: It is used for the storage of all the imported materials received from the head office. Sub Store: Some inventory is maintained at the press for emergency purposes. A small sub store therefore, is maintained at the press. Maintenance of Machines: All machinery requires proper maintenance.

For Dawn its utmost important to have the press running in a perfect condition. For this the production department makes sure that the machine is given proper care and maintained timely.

The routine maintenance of the press at dawn includes daily, weekly, monthly and 6-monthly schedules. The production coordinator makes sure that these schedules are strictly followed. The Electrical and Mechanical Consultants over-head these maintenance tasks. Adnan Shokat Production Report: A production report is sent to the GM every day which refers to: Number of hours the machine runs Total runs of the machine Total material consumed Wastage percentage of the material Working hours of the workers Number of newspaper printed Delays if any , their cause and effect Similarly a production report is generated monthly and then annually.

Production is the most significant department in any organization. At Dawn Newspaper, it is particularly critical because timely production is very critical.

Any bottlenecks in the production may lead to serious damages not only financially but also to the image and goodwill of the company. Dawn makes sure to avoid any such problems.

Editorial The biggest tailback is delay in the news. Sometimes the editorial staff has to wait for special news that causes the delay in dispatching the soft copy of the newspaper to the stations. Advertising Agency Sometimes the delay in newspaper may be due to advertising agencies. If the advertisement required to print is not received in time, the newspaper may get delayed. Intermediary Departments The newspaper reaches the communication department in Lahore has to be very vigilant in this regard.

They have to send the paper to the press as soon as they receive the soft copy. Technical breakdown: The press comprises of a huge printing machine, with various parts. At times some of the part may get a problem. Such small technical problems are handles immediately under the consultation of the mechanical consultant.

Adnan Shokat Company Marketing Mix: The marketing mix consists of everything the firm can do to influence the demand for its product.

Daily Dawn English News Paper Pakistan

The many possibilities of marketing mix can be collected into four groups of variables known as the four P's introduced by McCarthy. Marketing mix of Dawn is composed of 4 p's.

These four p's stands for four marketing components. Services Price Place Promotion In this part I will take comprehensive overview of these four marketing components of Dawn.

Dawn is a sort of multidimensional organization, along with its core product the Dawn newspaper , magazines Herald , Spider, Aurora, Dawn. Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need of the person. It includes physical objects, services, person, places, organization and ideas.

Products contain both tangible and intangible components, predominantly tangible products are called goods and intangible products are called the services. Adnan Shokat Services are the temporary provision of a product or the performance of an activity intended to satisfy certain needs of buyers.

They can avail the services but not in general own it. In our economy many organizations provide services like schools, hospitals, banks, transportation, hotel services etc. Dawn is a product oriented organization. But it provides its clients with different services too. Dawn Newspaper: Dawn is Pakistan's oldest, and most widely-read English-language newspaper.

It also has representatives abroad. Adnan Shokat therefore has emerged as the most authoritative newspaper respected for its uncompromising, accuracy and impartial track record. National Paper Front Page: DAWN logo in the centre with an ad on each side. Below the logo, the dawn website, date, volume number, date and price of the paper is written. News Heads: Mostly has notices and ads International: Covers International news World in Focus: Ads on both side of the masthead General news Encounter: On Sundays only Education: On Sundays only Articles related to education Metropolitan: A separate section head but in the same tier Masthead: Issued on Sundays Cover Page: Books reviews on: Topics By amazon.

Adnan Shokat Cover Page: A colorful magazine which has various heads: Youthtube Youthtube includes: The stories are divided into various heads: Adnan Shokat Sci-tech: Articles related to science and technology: Critical issues related and the point of view of various writers on them Stories on diverse subjects of life Common Columns: Issue Date: An attractive cover page with excellent graphics Contents: With the influence and the quality of its readership, the DAWN is the leading advertising medium in Pakistan.

Looking at the marketing mix available to the advertiser in Pakistan, it is indisputable that no other medium can match the English language print media in terms of audience quality as the language remains the business language of the country. And within the English language print media no newspaper of publication achieves the same results as those delivered by DAWN.

A claim substantiated by the fact that DAWN is the first choice for all sector of the private sector advertising. Among the categories offered to advertisers are the Sponsored Supplements - linking business with business, Economic and Business Review - more often quoted than the stock exchange, Dawn Classified - a supermarket of opportunities, The Sunday Magazine - the magazine with universal appeal, Images - reflecting the best in entertainment, The Review - the mid-week thought provoker and the Young World - encouraging the young to pick up the newspaper habit.

These are some of the excellent features complementing the regular newspaper in order to form the complete package. Adnan Shokat Herald: Plenty of grey matter and never any grey areas, Herald is a thought provoking and controversial current affairs monthly news-magazine.

Political flash points, business ventures, financial volatility, environmental crisis, sports challenges, entertainment highlights, artistic achievements Winner of many prestigious awards, the magazine has distinguished itself by the accuracy of its reporting and independent viewpoint. Read by the majority of Pakistan's English reading public, including professionals, senior executives in commerce and industry and academics, the HERALD also enjoys a wide circulation abroad, particularly in the Middle East, North America and the United Kingdom.

Pakistan's first Internet magazine published by the Dawn Group of Newspapers and produced by the team of expert cyber editors started its journey in December Since then it is providing its readers with latest information and developments in the field of information technology.

At the moment 35, copies are being published every month and it is circulated through out Pakistan. In this way SPIDER goes beyond being a mere magazine about the Internet and becomes a magazine that reflects the interests and lifestyles of typical Pakistani Internet users. Adnan Shokat And, like their counterparts world-wide, the demographic profile of Internet users in Pakistan make them one of the most sought after audiences from an advertiser's point of view.

The majority is highly intelligent and educated, career oriented and holding senior positions within their professions. Earning above average incomes, their lifestyle permits them to enjoy most of life's luxuries. And the community of Internet users in Pakistan growing at a phenomenal rate. A new publication of PHPL, has derived its name form the Aurora awards to promote excellence in advertising. Aimed at advertising and marketing industry, the Aurora readers fall into the upper and middle management category, placed on key managerial positions of all the MNC's and local organisations operating in Pakistan and globally.

It is distributed through a controlled mailing list to the local and international clients through DAWN Distribution Network. Adnan Shokat Internet Edition: Professionally Anything information, write ups, views and reviews additional to the ROP run of paper to disburse the information , deemed to be necessary and reap profits in addition to the regular revenues.

Supplements are always printed at profit. At Dawn, supplements are always printed at a 50 ratio I. Adnan Shokat Types: Supplements are basically of two types.

Editorial Advertisement Editorial Supplements: An editorial supplement is basically informative in nature, any information which the editor thinks necessary to publish to keep their readers up to date. It mainly comes on special events just as the election days, 14th of August, 23rd March etc. There is no ratio for editorial supplements. Advertisement Supplements: Clients have got the final say in relation to the material which they want t o be published.

Supplements can be on any theme , which fulfils a ratio. Varying range of themes like industrial analysis, commercial activities , anniversaries and national days etc are covered. Supplements are the size of a regular newspaper. Minimun number of pages are two and maximum can be any number depending on the nature of the material which the advertisers want to be on the pages and extent of the promotional material.

Supplements are of a great utility to both the newspaper and the advertisers. It gives the newspaper an opportunity to reap additional profits in excess of their regular revenues , at the same time providing the advertisers wit an opportunity to publicize their activities ,their company portfolios and additional information which can come on the regular pages. Adnan Shokat Events: Dawn Media Group organizes different events during the year.

These events are aimed at providing the masses with valuable information, recreation and a sort of get together. Dawn earns a lot revenue from these events in the form money obtained by selling these events to the MNCs, corporate entities and services providing institutes. Dawn is the pioneering group in this respect. They serve the different sections of community in a valuable way, for instance Dawn Education Expo provides students an opportunity to get to know about the international educational institutes and the current trends in the education field.

In the same way Dawn All About Lifestyle Expo gathers all walks of people under one umbrella and introduces them with new trends of the ever changing lifestyle. Dawn organizes a variety of events. A list of such events is given below which will give you a better idea in what fields Dawn is serving the society by making valuable contribution in form of these events.

Dawn Life Style: It was actually organized in Karachi for the very first time in , then in it was organized at all the stations i. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. Event is usually organized in November or December due to good weather conditions. This family-only event is organized mostly on weekends.

Adnan Shokat Lifestyles has become a definitive and much awaited branding event for all leading companies — multinational and national — who consider the event a unique opportunity to come face to face with their customers on a platform that enables them to showcase their products live.

In June , nearly , affluent and discerning consumers attended the Karachi event, over a three-day period. In spring , over a combined seven-day period, , equally affluent and discerning consumers attended All About Lifestyles in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The newspaper contains articles about business, stock market, cotton and textile, fuel and energy, communication, money and banking, taxation and IT related news.

Financial daily is another most widely read business newspapers in Pakistan. The Friday Times was founded in Nation is another daily English newspaper of Pakistan published from Lahore. The Nation newspaper owned by Nawa-e-Waqt Group of news papers.

Pak News is a Premium news source from Pakistan covering the chapters of politics, business, entertainment, sports, jobs, and world news. Dawn Urdu daily newspaper is the Urdu edition of Dawn news. This is why it is a highly acceptable format used all over the world for filling out forms, reading information, menus and a lot more, in its intended actual form without users being given the liberty to edit it.

All you have to do is open the PDFescape site and install the programme as a Chrome extension. So the next time you open a PDF, a small menu will appear allowing you to select whether you want to edit the document in PDFescape, edit the PDF in a new tab, or open the file normally by downloading it.

The first two options open a new tab within Chrome and display an editable version of your PDF. From here, you can edit the way you want, with the tabs for inserting text and objects and for formatting pages. You can insert blocks of text, obscure text with a white-out feature, and add shapes and arrows, as well as reorder, rotate and delete pages.

Go easy with PDF at www. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 0 Closed.