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Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage, written by Ukyō Kodachi, is set a few months after the wedding. Gaara has just turned twenty years old, so Sunagakure' . Novels: 1. Kakashi Hiden – Lightning in the Icy Sky 2. Shikamaru Hiden – A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness 3. Sakura Gaara Hiden – A Sandstorm Mirage 6. Novel Gaara Hiden. Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter 5 end. Posted by WARGA KONOHA at PM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to.

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Gaara Hiden - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A translation of the Gaara Hiden novel. Here's 36 pages to start off the first section of Gaara Hiden! Enjoy! And if you like the chapter, please consider buying a copy of the novel to support the original. Full text of "NOVEL: Naruto Hiden Series". See other formats After exchanging a glance with Temari, Gaara turned back to Ino and Sakura. "Uchiha Sasuke.

Hakuto was smiling. So it was compressed air! Latest Chapters. She smiled. I thought it had for a minute there, but I was wrong. Sakura, so you think? And once they captured him— Kido was in a certain place in the village, a safe house.

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Tropes present in the novels include:

On the first day of his Awakening, Naruto took the first kiss of Hinata. In this regard, Naruto thinks: Tomorrow is a graduation exam? Supreme Naruto. Kyouzuka Maruo. The Last: Naruto the Movie. Pirate in Naruto World. At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—douqi, illusion and magic. Unexpectedly, only to discover that his body possessed Naruto system! You will use douqi!

Hiden novel pdf gaara

Look at my shadow dance! You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style——— grand fireball! In Different World with Naruto System. Action , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Shounen. Takashi Yano. Naruto Shinden. Akira Higashiyam.

Gaara pdf novel hiden

Default Library. Create new library. Public Unlisted Private Privacy. While he contemplates these issues, Gaara is visited by his older sister, Temari. Temari is to be married to Shikamaru of Konohagakure 's Nara clan ; their relationship surprised Gaara when he first learned of it and, despite his research , he still doesn't really understand it.

Because Temari is a sibling of the Kazekage and Shikamaru is an influential figure in Konoha, their marriage is a delicate political matter that will solidify peace between their two villages. Lightning God Self was defeated and he was taken into custody. Gaara reports the mission's details, the date for Temari's wedding, and other recent developments to the Suna Council , a group of village elders who must approve all of the Kazekage's actions. They find no issues with anything and, Gaara believes, they were likely already aware of everything he's told them, as these briefing meetings are only covers for the real reason he comes see them: As he slowly builds towards the topic he has in mind, Gaara tries to guess what minor personal issue it is.

Because Temari is going to be married into a Konoha clan, any children she has will be Konoha ninja. Therefore, they would like Gaara to find a wife so that he can, in turn, have children. Gaara is to meet his possible future wife at a formal gathering of the Land of Wind's various dignitaries.

Gaara has little fondness for the alcohol, but he is nevertheless glad for the brief time he gets to spend with his brother and sister. Both Gaara and Baki find this suspicious and increase the security for the event in case somebody is planning something. Gaara meets the woman the Suna Council has found as his partner for the marriage meeting: His first impression of her is that she is beautiful, something that embarrasses him once he realises that she could possible become his wife.

Their handlers leave them alone and Gaara, having never been romantically with a woman despite his hordes of admirers, has no idea how to make conversation, having forgotten all the etiquette lessons Temari gave him.

After several silent minutes, Gaara decides to try and emulate Naruto Uzumaki 's successes from being unoriginal: Temari, who is secretly watching their one-on-one time, is mortified by Gaara's choice of topic. However, when Gaara starts speaking about his passion for raising cacti , Hakuto is intrigued and it dispels some of the rumours she's heard about him from his days as "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall".

Those who live in Suna and were around when he was a child still remember his former violent ways whenever they meet him, colouring their opinions of him. Hakuto, whose family lives on the border between the Lands of Wind and Fire and has thus not met him before, does not have the same preconceptions. She, therefore, declares that Gaara is, "kind". Temari is mystified that the conversation, despite being so casual, is going so well. Gaara is also pleased, filled with the same happiness he experiences when he tends to his cacti.

A distant explosion sounds and Gaara moves by impulse to protect Hakuto. He deduces that the explosion is a diversion intended to draw away the security detail and give the attackers access to him. Two figures appear outside the window and begin attacking them. Gaara correctly guesses that they are only puppets and focuses his counterattacks on the puppeteer, killing them.

Suspecting there are others waiting for him outside the door to the room, Gaara and Hakuto exit through the window. They are attacked by a sniper using wind -propelled kunai , but Gaara kills him and his spotters. Meanwhile, a puppeteer finds Temari's secret hiding place and latches threads to most of her body to restrict her movements. Unable to determine where the threads are coming from, Temari pretends to be helpless, drawing out her attacker and lowering his guard.

She dislocates her own shoulder — one of the only body parts she can still control — which frees her movements enough to ready her giant folding fan. Her attack options are limited since they're indoors, but she manages to kill the puppeteer by firing shuriken at him with her fan. Temari collapses immediately afterwards, her body starting to experience the after-effects of her dislocated shoulder. Kakashi gaped at him. I gave him some bait: But when he started to say something I think that's what triggered it.

Trying to speak, triggering a curse mark— it reminded him of a certain someone. That whole thing," Kakashi said. Sai nodded. He fought Sarutobi Hiruzen for the seat of the third Hokage and lost. After that, he created an independent organization within the Anbu called Root and schemed to rule the village.

Sai had been a member of Root. Danzo embedded curse marks on the tongues of Sai and the others in Root. The effect was that the instant they tried to say anything about Root or Danzo, they would become paralyzed and unable to speak.

Although the effect's totally different. I mean, self-destruction versus paralysis. The men themselves didn't transform into Tailed Beasts, but their chakra increased explosively to become a robe that covered their bodies.

And on that chakra robe—it was small, but it was a tail. Danzo's way of doing things, the timing of the attack on Sai, and the meeting earlier—Kakashi's intuition was telling him something.

Why do you ask? So then, where did they get that information? They couldn't have just happened to overhear you talking with your informer and decided to attack you in a panic. I take every precaution when I contact an informer.

Finally, a small "oh" slipped out of him. There's a record of me visiting it. Someone could learn from that record that I was interested in these incidents.

Tsumiki Kido from the Anbu touched on these attacks in the meeting too. He stressed how it was urgent to strengthen the Anbu now of all times. Both the daimyo and Master Homura were at the meeting, so he managed to secure a nice budget for his Anbu.

You see what I'm getting at here, Sai? Apparently, he was seeing the same potential plot as Kakashi. Basically, performing a part in their own play. That's why the daimyo and his advisor were targeted. If they wanted to stir up a sense of crisis among the upper echelons, then attacking those upper echelons would be the simplest way to do it.

And the daimyo's route and the guard plan that day were top secret; only the Anbu knew them. It would have been hard for anyone outside to find out the details. But if we assume the perpetrator was in the Anbu, then all of that's neatly resolved. A single kunai thrown. And the slashing attack too —shallow, a single long sword. If they had done any more than that, the whole village might have been called up to hunt down the perpetrator. They needed to keep the attacks small enough for that not to happen.

I heard that whenever one of Master Danzo's plans was put into action, the money needed was basically all raised by Kido behind the scenes. They had likely paid off people providing information during intelligence activities, and any kind of long-term movement or large-scale infiltration required an equally large financial commitment. Kakashi didn't know how much of the legitimate Anbu budget had been diverted to Root, but even with the Anbu budget, Root had to have had several fundraising routes that were Root's alone.

Kido had been responsible for one or maybe all of these. He had stood alongside Danzo, so it wasn't a stretch to imagine the two men would have shared the idea of binding their subordinates with a curse mark. Right now, he's our best suspect. Our enemy's failed in an attack against you once already.

Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage

They'll come at you even more seriously next time. Once the younger man had left his office, Kakashi leaned back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling.

A falcon has come with an urgent message from Suna," she said and handed him a small scroll before racing out again. He opened up the scroll. On it: Uchiha Sasuke had appeared in Sunagakure, made contact with terrorists. After negotiating, he had killed a terrorist.

A fake Sasuke's out there, you know? We're just going to let him be? Sakura and Ino had only just returned from Sunagakure. They had passed through the A-un gates and gone straight to Kakashi.

The falcon released from Sunagakure had arrived two days ago, so Kakashi knew the general overview of the situation. Once Sakura and Ino filled him in on what they'd heard directly from Gaara, Kakashi had announced that they were both to simply stand by.

But what would happen if someone who didn't know what kind of person Sasuke is found out about this? People might start spreading false information—Sasuke's had a change of heart, Sasuke's a criminal, that sort of thing. Gaara's decision to tell only the two of you about this and keep it within that village was a good one.

Hiden pdf gaara novel

I can't believe he could be involved, though? He does indeed have a jutsu that traces the chakra of his target, but he's on a long-term mission right now. This is a weird way of saying it, but he has an alibi.

So he's clean," Kakashi said, firmly. If we could, that'd be the best thing here, but it's tough. He tends to move as the spirit wills him, so to speak. We don't know when he'll stop at any given contact point, and he's under no obligation to check in regularly with Konoha.

Sakura looked down at the ground. They couldn't get in touch with him. If they started to investigate, word would spread. Which meant that all they could do was watch carefully, just as Kakashi said. I have some bad news. Mostly because I don't have enough muscles to flex. There was a senior level meeting yesterday, and they ended up chipping away at the budget for the children's therapy center. They're shifting a larger share of the next budget to the Anbu. So the people at the top think we should shore up the Anbu.

When the time comes, I'll definitely tell you everything. Kakashi offered a bitter, somehow dejected smile in response. Things change when you're Hokage. Are you okay? Sakura said she was fine, but when she got home and looked in the mirror, she did indeed see a worn face there. Part of it was exhaustion from the nonstop trip to Suna, but more than anything, it was a reaction to what Gaara had told them about Sasuke. Come on. What are you doing , Sasuke But even if she tried to protest, Sasuke was somewhere where her voice couldn't reach.

The words she wanted to say but couldn't, the things she wanted to do for him but couldn't, settled inside her, a lump of longing. She threw herself onto her bed. The cool sensation of the sheets caressed her cheeks before she rolled onto her back.

She touched her forehead with her index and middle fingers. His words sprang to life in the back of her mind. But when is soon , Sasuke , she murmured to herself.

Some were shaking test tubes, others measuring this and that, still others packing purple capsules into boxes. It appears that we will safely reach this month's quota," came Magire's level voice in return. Here, under Magire's direction, they could research new medications and produce them for distribution. The facility was underground; the building above ground was a brick storehouse, camouflage. Naturally, the only ones who knew about the underground facility were Kido's faction.

Is he crying about how he wants to go home? In fact, given that he is being kept half-conscious with medication, the feelings of the culture medium are not apparent. Kido grinned as he changed the subject.

It was almost anticlimactic. Actually, if he was the sort of man who didn't notice that much at least, he wouldn't have lived long enough to become Hokage. The attacks on the advisor and the daimyo were, for Kido, nothing more than a test.

A Toiled Beast drug. The results had been superb. Just as Kido ordered, assassins—abilities enhanced by the Tailed Beast drug—had thrown a kunai next to the daimyo, lightly slashed at the advisor, evaded the pursuing guard ninja, and fled the scene quite admirably.

Kido had then used those attacks as a pretext to secure a budget increase for the Anbu. We con use the Tailed Beast drug. Kido could feel the power of it. And this meant two things: But Hatake Kakashi was a serious opponent, one he must not let his guard down around. Kakashi might have had his eyes sleepily half-closed most of the time, but his intuition was sharp when it counted. After all, he already had former Anbu member Sai at work.

He had sent two assassins after Sai the other day, but received a report that they had failed. One of them had self-destructed, which meant he had likely broken under questioning. Kido had done the same thing for the attacks on the daimyo and the advisor as well: Only the ones who accomplished their mission and returned to him could have that curse released.

I sent two people with one tail, but their own skills and chakra were apparently insufficient. And if it comes down to it, we can simply send some with more tails. So much money that the village's budget paled in comparison They still had a little ways to go in order to get there. Pretty great , huh, Kido? Now you can go to the academy like everyone else.

Thanks, Dad! The memory came back to life unbidden in the back of his mind, and Kido's face froze. More money Chapter 4 1 Sai began his monitoring of Kido.

He learned that the man often acted together with the medical ninja Magire and that he would sometimes make the rounds of safe houses and training facilities, but he didn't know what Kido was actually doing at any of those places. Detection tags had been placed around some of the facilities, preventing Sai from casually approaching any of them. It wasn't impossible for him to infiltrate the bases, but then Kido would know he was investigating.

And chasing the man too obviously was not a good plan; Kido would only work harder to hide the evidence. Still, if Sai simply watched him from afar, he wouldn't make any headway at all. He needed some kind of entry point.

Three days after he began targeting Kido, Sai noticed a small sign attached to a telephone pole on the side of the road on his way back home; a message from Sai's informer. The meaning of the sign was known only to Sai. The informer wanted to meet with him. Given that he was currently focused on Kido, there was nothing he particularly wanted to know about the top-level people in the Bingo Book he had asked the informer to investigate.

But he had to at least pay for the investigation the man had done. The next day, Sai met with the informer. This time, it was on the roof of a building in town, rather than in the forest where they had met before.

I checked into them, but seems they're all clean," the informer said. And Baraki from the Deceased has been absorbed into a different organization, where he apparently doesn't have the same clout he used to. As for Genba the Soul Remover, he got sick and died about six months ago. Thanks," Sai said, and paid the promised fee. But it's probably got nothing to do with what you're looking into.

Just tell me. And this little tidbit happened to grace my ears: He's on a journey right now to atone for his sins. But, you see, the story I heard was not that peaceful. But according to the person who told me this tale, Sasuke told this arms dealer he was plotting a terrorist attack on Konoha and demanded a lot of ninja tools for cheap. And, well, obviously, his interlocutor refused. I mean, a demand like that. So Sasuke launched an enormous fireball and killed him.

Things like that. With the criminal organization too, negotiations broke off in pretty much the same way, with basically the same ending. It couldn't be. It's some kind of mistake. I'm simply telling you what I happened to hear. Ooh, don't give me such a threatening look. That and apparently the majority of the next village budget is going to the Anbu.

Even those details made it to your ears? Sai wanted to leave the place already, but the informer had more to say. I'm sure they do all those assassinations and secret missions implied by the name, but it seems they also do guard duty for important people, as well as investigating the way you are when something happens, right? But, well, it's true the Anbu is tied up in mystery.

I mean, I was in it and I don't really understand it. Once the fighting's over, they go to the battlefield and gather all sorts of documents and things? Every now and then, I hear things from people in my line of work, you know.

Apparently, they were taking earth and bits of rock from the area home with them. It was true that the missions handled by the Anbu covered a lot more ground than simply assassinations, but he had never heard anything about bringing dirt home from a battleground.

And what was the name of that bridge? The bridge where Sasuke and Master Danzo—who didn't quite manage to become the sixth Hokage— fought that person? I'm not talking about the time where the Anbu were investigating around that bridge, either. Which is why I was wondering if the Anbu people also do work like that. Something the informer had mentioned in the flow of his chatter caught Sai's attention in a strange way. Sakura had been summoned to the Hokage's office along with Ino, with the message that he wanted to talk about Sasuke.

When he demanded the help of these various criminals and was refused, he killed them; the same story Gaara had told them. He heard it from an informer. Why would Sai be talking to an informer? This came up when he was reporting on his progress with that. Is Sai investigating that?

You're not having him do anything dangerous, right? I told him not to push too hard, and Sai knows how to keep his distance when it comes to things like this. He's not Naruto," Kakashi said.

He perhaps noticed something in Ino's constant worrying about Sai's safety, but he said nothing. I expect there'd be a meeting of the five Kage first. Sasuke's a hero, after all; he saved the world with Naruto.

No one's going to put a man like that on the wanted list without some discussion. They fought in the Great Ninja War together, so they'll totally know right away that the Sasuke people are seeing is a fake. The unease in Sakura's heart only grew at Kakashi's next words. And the chief is in the position of speaking for the people of the village. If a village starts shouting that Sasuke needs to be eliminated, the five Kage aren't necessarily going to be on the same page.

Some villages might even say we should form groups to go after him. If a meeting is convened, I'll bring you. Although, well, if I'm going to be honest, the best thing would be if Sasuke were there to proclaim his own innocence. Where is he and what is he doing?

Basically saying a fake Sasuke has shown up, and he needs to get in touch with us now. But no reply yet.

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But can you? The chakra Gaara sensed was Sasuke's. If there's a meeting of the five Kage, Gaara will be forced to mention that. And when that happens, me telling them we don't know how that little trick works is not going to be particularly convincing to the other village chiefs.

The fake Sasuke was, just as Kido had instructed, contacting people who were part of the underworld and killing the people he spoke with, after revealing his intent to commit terrorist acts. The Kazekage had taken measures to keep any word of the terrorists being killed in Sunagakure from leaking out of his village, but people were gossiping about the many other incidents, and the talk was spreading to all the different regions.

People inevitably talked. The rumors would eventually reach the upper echelons of villages across the land, and then they would come together to discuss just what was to be done about Uchiha Sasuke. They wouldn't immediately conclude that Sasuke was to be eliminated. Kido knew that too. The village chiefs would never declare someone who had performed such brave deeds in the Great Ninja War a criminal without argument.

But by the time the situation reached that point, the real Uchiha Sasuke should have taken action. The real Sasuke would cut his trip short and return to Konoha for a time.

Pdf hiden novel gaara

That was Kido's aim. He had openly set this fake into motion to create a situation that would force the real Sasuke to show himself. Upon his return to his village, Sasuke would be captured by Kido's private army, which had been enhanced with the Tailed Beast drug. And once they captured him— Kido was in a certain place in the village, a safe house.

Alone in the office. A faint smile rose up onto his lips. That's what she'd said to the Hokage, but even after Sakura set her mind to the problem after returning home, she couldn't think of a way to actually do it. And instead of focusing on how she could prove he was a fake, her thoughts kept turning to why Sasuke didn't come back. Hurry up and come home, Sosuke. Tell me that the real you would never do anything like that A sliver of anxiety wormed its way into her heart.

And that sliver kept her from being able to collect her thoughts, so she simply prayed fervently that she would get to see Sasuke again soon. This is o waste of time. Thinking that moving her body might clear her mind as well, Sakura left the house and set out walking without any particular destination. But before she knew it, she was on the academy's doorstep. Perhaps some unconscious desire to get far away from the hustle and bustle of the business district had brought her here.

In the early afternoon, she could hear the voices of the children at school. She decided to watch them for a bit through the fence. As she walked around to the schoolyard, she saw children around the age of ten practicing their karate kata in pairs. Then she looked over at the teacher giving the lesson. It's Naruto! Don't just go through the motions. Seriously, you have to actually think about the next attack and get yourself ready!

And watching him now, he seemed to be doing an excellent job of it. When you're done sparring, make sure you weave the sign of reconciliation! Whether you're strong or weak or whatever, that's a ninja rule. You were like that too, way back when , Sakura told him in her head and smiled softly.

Once he had given instruction to all the students, Naruto had them line up and bowed with them. Raising his head, he noticed Sakura. You got the day off? You're quite the teacher, hmm?

He then clapped his hands together. You're here now, why don't you give it a go too? Teach them their kata. No, I'm good.

Show them the incredible techniques of a lady ninja with superhuman strength! A super amazing guest teacher's come by for you today! Superhuman lady ninja teacher, Haruno Sakura! This is because you shoot your mouth off! Honestly , this guy But now that he had set her up, all Sakura could do was go and teach for a bit. Shaking her head, she stepped into the schoolyard. When she actually got in there with the children and instructed them on their kata, she noticed that her spirits were unexpectedly lighter.

It was a technical sort of instruction, but the children were all at different levels, so she had to change her method for each child she spoke with. Some digested what she said so quickly it was surprising, while others still couldn't do it after being told several times.

All of it was the individuality of the children. As she demonstrated the kata, she thought of how to phrase her instructions to meet the needs of each student. Using both her body and her brain like this, she could feel the stagnation blocking her heart these past few days melting away.

She was entirely absorbed in teaching until the bell rang. At the end of the lesson, Naruto made the students line up. So to finish up, today's guest teacher, Miss Haruno Sakura, has something very special to say. Listen up. What are you talking about? Just a few words from a graduate to the kids coming up. Even in this day and age, there was always someone looking for laughs.

Do mm it, Noruto! Glaring at him out of the corner of her eye, Sakura desperately racked her brains for what to say. I wasn't expecting this, so I really will keep it short. The kata are the foundation of ninja fighting, so don't neglect them. Practice them a lot, okay? It's a place where kids who have been through some tough times and are maybe hurting can come and work on getting past that hurt with us.

Minds are tricky things, you know. It's only natural that we can't know what other people are thinking and feeling, but sometimes we don't even understand what's going on in our own minds. We can train with a partner to make our bodies stronger, but how do we make our minds stronger? I want you all to become ninja with strong bodies, of course, but also strong minds. So to make that happen, please fail a lot, please do a lot of embarrassing things, and, well, love a lot of people.

If you do, I'm sure After the lesson was over, they had gone to a park near the academy. Sitting side by side on a bench, they drank their juice. It was fun for me too. A nice change of pace. You really have the makings of a great teacher, Naruto. I guess it's just I was always falling behind, so I totally get how the kids who can't do it feel, y'know? You were so great. I just come and teach at the academy sometimes, but you're actually really working with kids in a real way, right? Not me. Being complimented directly like this was hard somehow.

Finishing off the last of her juice, she sighed. I told the kids back there to be ninja with strong minds too, but I'm basically the worst at that right now. Sakura watched the perfect shot and suddenly felt like telling him everything. But—" She hesitated for a second about whether or not it was all right for her to talk with him about it.

But in the end, she did. He was going to hear about it sooner or later anyway, and she'd rather he heard it from her. Naruto listened to the whole story without interrupting. And then he said, "Huh, that so? So that's what's happening. I mean, that Sasuke's a fake, right? She thought he would be surprised or angry or get excited or show a little more emotion of some kind.

Don't get too hung up on it, Sakura. Sakura sighed. And Sasuke, he hasn't answered any of the messages we've sent—" "There, that! Why are you shouting?

[EPUB][PDF] Naruto Hiden • ASIANOVEL • Create your own epubs and pdfs

He doesn't think it's o big deal You guys take care of it,"' Naruto said, imitating Sasuke. Sakura burst out laughing. And then, as if the fog had cleared away, she realized Naruto was right. What was she moping around for? She switched tracks from her negative thoughts and sat up straighter. That's it, isn't it? It was a very Naruto-like, simple, clear-cut opinion, but his words were exactly what Sakura needed at that moment.

A smile naturally spread across her lips. Sakura took a deep breath. It was a sign of how her mood had changed that even the air tasted good. I mean, always giving you trouble like this. Just past noon, the two women squeezed into a table at a restaurant and faced each other.

Tsunade already knew Sasuke had been seen in a variety of places. It might have been a while since she stepped down as village chief, but Kakashi sent subordinates from time to time to keep her informed of important matters.

Naruto Novels

But Gaara said he had the same chakra. And I can't think of anything plausible to explain that," Sakura said. He doesn't seem to have anything to do with any of this. Do you have any ideas, Master? It's not as though White Zetsu survived, after all. Finally, after wetting her lips with sake, Tsunade offered, "Still, the most likely option is shape-shifting jutsu.

His own chakra would have to be split and given to the copy. But if the user somehow managed to absorb Sasuke's chakra without him noticing it and gave it to the copy, that could create a situation in which the fake ran rampant without Sasuke's being aware of it.

But that wouldn't happen. But she felt like it was worth pushing and digging deeper into this idea of Tsunade's. The fact that the fake had Sasuke's face and body was no serious problem. The transformation jutsu itself was not particularly high level. The real issue was that the chakra was the same. And just as Tsunade noted, chakra could be absorbed from an opponent and passed on to someone else.

Transferring, substituting, moving—these things were all possible with chakra.