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En 50110-1 pdf

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ICS Supersedes EN English version Access the full version online. I.S. EN EN: COMBINED PDF. Home; BS EN Preview Secure PDF. ℹ Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart. DS/EN 1. udgave. Drift af elektriske installationer og elektriske anlæg – Del 1: Generelle krav. Operation of electrical installations –.

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standard NEK EN as satisfying the safety requirements in these Regulations. If the The aim is that all member countries will implement EN PDF | USA and Europe use different standards to provide electrical safety for TABLE I: COMPARISON OF NFPA70E AND EN SAFETY STANDARDS. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . EN –2– Foreword This European Standard was prepared by the CENELEC BTTF

End of maintenance work Work should be stopped during these winds. NOTE The adequate measures to be taken are dependent on the technology used and the design of the installation.. Lukas Krousky. Emergo Group, Inc.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries. CSA Group. View All Publishers. Quality Management. SCC Standards Store. Popular Standards Bundles.

Pdf en 50110-1

Drawing and Drafting. Telecommunications Standards. AWS D1. Structural Welding. The Store A2LA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

Pdf en 50110-1

Audio Engineering Society AF: American Industrial Hygiene Assn. Artech House ASA: B11 Standards Inc. Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc. Codes and Standards Training, Inc. Chlorine Institute CIE: Clarion, Inc. Construction Specifications Institute, Inc.

Product Binders DBS: DEStech Publications, Inc. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. Energy Institute EIA: Elevator World Inc. Emergo Group, Inc. Deutsche Bundespost Telekom GA: Gypsum Association GAL: Grayboy Associates GSA: InfoComm International IP: Industrial Press, Inc. IT Governance Ltd. Key Products, Inc. Korean Standards Association LC: Maag Gear Company, Ltd.

Meta Solutions MHI: Packt Publishing, Inc. Petroconsultants, Inc. Plasa PMI: Prentice Hall PTI: Precautions shall be taken to ensure that the earths remain secure during the time the work is in progress. Requirements for high voltage installations 6. These rules have the following exceptions: Only then shall the procedure for re-energizing be commenced.

The requirements of 6. Starting from the work location and progressing outwards. As soon as one of the actions taken to make the electrical installation safe for work has been reversed this part of the electrical installation shall be regarded as live. For insulated overhead lines. All signs used for the work activity shall be removed. All tools. The permission to start work shall be given to the workers only by the nominated person in control of the work activity and only after the measures detailed in 6.

They should wear no metallic items for example personal jewellery if this is likely to cause a hazard. Instructions shall be given how to maintain tools. Corresponding limitations shall be specified. Live working requires the use of specific procedures as set out in 6.

The validity of live working authorization should be revised whenever necessary. On successful completion of the training a certificate of training shall be given to the participant to confirm that the personnel are able to undertake live working for which they have been trained and according to their level of training..

EN 50110-1

Live working procedures shall only be carried out after having suppressed fire and explosion risks see B. These exercises shall be representative of the work to be done after training or.

The level of ability should be confirmed by a live working authorization. This programme shall comply with special requirements for live working and shall be based on theoretical and practical exercises. Recommended values of distances DL can be found in Table A. Depending on the kind of work. Environmental conditions see 6. All different potentials voltages in the surroundings of the work location shall be considered.

These distances are based on phase-to-earth voltage but shall also be given for phase-to-phase voltage and related to the required insulation level see B.

These are used to approve a specified level of quality.

BS EN - Operation of electrical installations. General requirements

In some cases The working conditions may include one or more of the following items: Even where there is no requirement under national regulations a technical sheet should be prepared for all high voltage tools.

They establish the procedures for the work taking into account the preparation and the specific tools and equipment to be used. For low voltage installations the use of insulating gloves does not exclude the use of insulating and insulated hand tools and suitable isolation from earth. For complex work this preparation shall be made in a written form and in advance.. According to the complexity of the work. For indoor work weather conditions need not be considered provided that there are no overvoltages likely to result from the connected outdoor installations and the visibility at the work location is adequate.

Before work begins. Before restarting the interrupted work. The place where auto-reclosure is forbidden should be identified and a sign warning of live working in progress should be installed in the correct place. Where insulating parts require to be cleaned These restrictions are based on the reduction of insulating properties and on reduced visibility and impaired movement of the worker.

For outdoor work weather conditions shall be considered. Other parameters such as altitude.. They shall also leave the work location in a safe manner. When environmental conditions require the work to be interrupted. When a thunderstorm occurs live working shall not be started or shall be suspended. Live working shall be forbidden or suspended.

All aspects of safety. Dielectric and mechanical characteristics shall be specified by the standards taking into account the physical parameters at the work location.

At the end of the work the nominated person in control of the work activity shall inform the nominated person in control of the electrical installation in the required manner. If the size of the work location does not enable the nominated person in control of the work activity to provide total supervision.

When the short-circuit current may reach a dangerous level. The nominated person in control of the work activity shall consider and take account of the environmental conditions at the work location.

Supervision is not mandatory. If the work has been suspended adequate safety measures shall be taken and the nominated person in control of the electrical installation shall be notified. The permission to start work shall be given to the workers only by the nominated person in control of the work activity.

The personnel employed to carry out these tasks shall be skilled or instructed. If necessary. If those measures cannot be carried out protection shall be provided by maintaining a safe distance not less than DL see 6. Particular care shall be taken when handling long objects.

These instructions shall be repeated at suitable periods or after a change in working conditions. The devices used for the barriers. If those devices do not ensure a full protection of the bare live parts for low-voltage installations a degree of ingress protection of not less than IP2X… or IPXXB ordinary persons working near these parts shall be supervised. The boundary of the work location shall be precisely and clearly defined see 6.

Adjacent live switch panels shall be distinguished by additional.. It is strongly advised that this specified distance is not less than or preferable greater than DV. Due to the wide variations in these work activities no recommendations for these distances are given in this standard. This distance shall be measured from the nearest conductors or bare live parts. Maintenance may consist of "preventive maintenance" which is carried out on a routine basis with the intention of preventing breakdown and keeping equipment in good condition.

The specified distance shall be derived from Dv Table A.. For overhead lines it shall take into account all possible movements of the lines and all movements. Repair work may consist of the following stages: Different procedures may need to be applied at each stage of the work.

BS EN 50110-1

For low voltage installations. They shall be equipped with and use appropriate tools. For high voltage installations the replacement shall be carried out according to the appropriate working procedures see Clause 6 by an instructed or skilled person.

For low voltage installations these replacements may be carried out live by an ordinary person where the equipment provides full protection against direct contact.

Replacement of non-withdrawable accessories shall be carried out in accordance with the working procedures set out in Clause 6. In all other cases and especially in the case of high voltage installations replacement shall be carried out in accordance with repair procedures see 7.

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Care shall be taken to ensure that the replacement parts used are suitable for use in the equipment being maintained. The status of the maintained electrical installation at handover shall be notified to the nominated person in control of the electrical installation. Where necessary the nominated person in control of the electrical installation shall be informed of any such interruption. The outer boundary of this zone is measured from the live part.

Work in the vicinity is all work where a worker is either inside or reaches with parts of the body. The outer boundary of this zone is measured from the live part.. The distance DV applies to the outer boundary of the zone. The distance DL applies to the outer boundary of the zone. The distance from the live working zone boundary to the outer boundary of the vicinity zone depends upon the voltage of the live part.

Live working is all work where the worker either makes contact with live parts or is inside or reaches with parts of the body or with tools see B. Above 70 kV: Up to 70 kV: According to the voltage level. It is recommended good practice to review these authorizations on at least an annual basis.

Work should be stopped in these conditions. Should visibility be impaired. Precipitation is said to be insignificant where it does not hinder the visibility of the workers. To combat fires in electrical installations.

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Pdf en 50110-1

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