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you to look guide a rogue of my own reid family 3 johanna lindsey as you Click Download or Read Online button to A ROGUE OF MY OWN book pdf for free. "A Rogue of My Own" is the story of Rebecca and Rupert. A Rogue of My Own ( Reid Family Book 3) and millions of other books are available for instant Processing 3rd Edition Solution Manual Pdf, Mercruiser Tuning Manual, guidelines for. A Rogue of My Own [Johanna Lindsey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey's.

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Start by marking “A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3)” as Want to Read: In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating novel, an innocent young lady’s fi rst brush with royal court intrigue lands her at the altar alongside one of London’s most. Lady Rebecca Marshall fulfills her mother's fondest wish when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. Having been disappointed two years . A Rogue of My Own by Johanna Lindsey - In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey's captivating regency romance, an innocent young lady's.

I wouldn't necessarily expect perfection in language, but the use of current slang for something set in this time frame is outrageous. The simultaneous clashing and meshing of their personalities definitely made the story. This story set a nice pace, balancing the romance with a touch of intrigue and humor. T While I liked this story and the characters I was a little disappointed with Lindsey in this book. I usually like Lindsey but this book was ridiculous. And frankly, I was sick to death of hearing about his "angelic" good looks by the second chapter.

Holding the position was comparable to attending the most elite finishing school in the world. There was no reason to wait for a Season if you were part of a court with a queen who loved to entertain. If Rebecca was lucky, the queen might even have a hand in picking her future husband. Anything was possible. Lilly had spared no expense. And she accompanied Rebecca and her maid, Flora, to London.

There had been a few shopping excursions over the years, a horse race Lilly just had to attend since the sire of her mare was racing that day, the wedding of an old friend Lilly had been invited to, and, of course, Rebecca had joined her on all of those trips. But this was the first time she was seeing Buckingham Palace. There had been no reason to visit it before when no monarchs had made it their home until now. Alighting from the coach with her mother and Flora, Rebecca stood there in awe of the grand structure that she would be living in for months, possibly years.

It was so much bigger than she had imagined! Even the marble arch of the ceremonial entrance was stories high! Palace guards were marching nearby in their brightly colored uniforms.

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Other people passed under the huge arch that Rebecca would be walking through. Nervousness nearly overwhelmed her. Lilly took her hand and squeezed it. She understood. In that simple gesture, she gave Rebecca courage. It was a poignant moment. Lilly was so happy for her daughter, and yet she was no doubt recalling her own missed opportunities. It was in her expression, close to tears yet smiling. Lilly laughed.

Rebecca managed a grin. Flora was good at relieving tension with her candor. She would only stay long enough today to get Rebecca settled in. While some of the ladies at court owned homes in London where they spent their nights instead of sharing a room at the crowded palace, Lilly wanted Rebecca to experience every aspect of court, and the surest way to do that was to live there.

If the Marshalls had a town house, Rebecca might be tempted to go home to it each night. Lilly gathered Rebecca into her arms for a long hug. At least I will try to stay away that long. But you must write me every day. I want to hear about everything. Wonderful things are going to happen for you. I just know it. She wished Lilly could have had it instead of her. About The Author. Photo Credit: Johanna Lindsey. Product Details. Pocket Books April Length: Raves and Reviews.

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A Rogue of My Own (Reid Family, #3) by Johanna Lindsey

Your First Name. Zip Code. I found Rebecca to be a refreshing woman of her age. Her witty repartee caught a bachelor off his mark a few times. Alas, Rupert let his mind go wild that Rebecca was a spy on the Queen's court and out to get valuable information, so he seduced the gel and didn't bat an eye of the hurt feelings he caused and when it comes to bite him in the arse Both of these characters had a very strong female presence in their growing up years.

Educated, no nonsense Moms who ran the household and still had a genuine heart. Costume balls, old fashion dancing, the ton, the social scene I do have a love for old castles, old architect and apparently old, if not slightly twisted values.

I believe the skirt chasing men have always been around thus the allure of the bad boy syndrome. There was even a short ship trip This being my all time favorite author One more book Let Love Find You.

I've been romancing since February this year, might as well finish this series. Nov 09, Dione Sage rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first Johanna Lindsey book I have read. I wasn't disappointed in 'A Rogue of My Own' although the spy scenes in my opinion were a little lacking in thrill and adventure but I suppose that is a bit much to expect from a historical romance novel or at least the ones I have read.

In my opinion a great historical romance fiction novel is made great by a few factors. One the characters must be charming. I believe the characters in this book were pretty likable up until the end where I fel This is the first Johanna Lindsey book I have read. I believe the characters in this book were pretty likable up until the end where I felt almost as if the hero came to certain realizations rather quick.

The next factor in making a story exceptional to me is the plot must make sense and flow rather smoothly. This book did that so I won't complain. Then like a cake I like to see layers in books that can be peeled away to reveal everything.

What I mean by that is that other than the plot and characters, I love substance mingled in. I do like a little bit of actual historical facts blended in to a story.

If there is not that factor than I rely on the story adding something more to the scenes. I know this review is probably a little more like a rant because I have spent a month of reading Romantic Historical Fictions and while I enjoy them I am to a point where I want more from them. I wanted this book to wow me with dangers that would bring the characters out in new lights or perhaps instead of focusing on the palace intrigues that never went anywhere before jumping into a secret spy mission it would have been nice to focus on one scenario and develop it more.

I did like that the hero and heroine had witty attitudes and flawed personalities without over reaching for the most part in the character development but as I said earlier the end felt a bit rushed and I don't like feeling like I didn't complete a story when I reach the end of a book.

I did give this book 4 stars but I would actually say for me it was about 3. Jul 06, Sandy rated it did not like it. Here is my review of "A Rogue of My Own", written in the author's own style: She gets caught up in a thinly-constructed ring of spying in the court with a guy who is so beautiful she calls him The Angel!

So they sleep together, and she ends up pregnant, but he doesn't believe her so he treats her like a whore who's trying to trick him into marriage. But the hilarious thing is, they do get engaged, and he still hates her! Thankfully everything is resolved in the final chapter when he suddenly realizes he totally does love her.

The End! Unless you're rating the book based on how many exclamation marks an author can fit into one novel, in which case: Five stars!!!

Jun 07, Joan rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. At first glance, I thought that this book had everything: But the court intrigue never fully develops if you could really call it that , the Victorian elements seem tacked on at best as if the author hadn't figured out where to set her novel until the very end and then just settled , and the hero isn't a very good spy or a rogue.

I think the part that irritated me most, though, was where the heroine is marrying the hero aboard a boat At first glance, I thought that this book had everything: I think the part that irritated me most, though, was where the heroine is marrying the hero aboard a boat over the Channel! She wasn't truly being forced, but even so, I just can't countenance it.

The Lindsey formula has been varied a bit for this one, but it's still very good. The Victorian era setting made a nice change from all the Regency historicals we've been bombarded with. This is a book of assumptions, miscommunications, and not getting a message through because of turning emotional I found the villain of the final scene to be contrived, the book would have worked well without that.

One thing that bothered me is that the heroine has a lot of sp The Lindsey formula has been varied a bit for this one, but it's still very good. One thing that bothered me is that the heroine has a lot of spunk and backbone, until she is kissed, then she just goes ditzy on the reader. Too bad. View 1 comment. May 10, Melissa Andrews rated it did not like it Shelves: The characters annoyed me - everything worked out too easily at the end, and it was just flat.

I think I've read other Lindsey books and may have enjoyed them, but this one didn't do it for me.

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That's what I get for not getting to the library before traveling and being forced to buy something in the airport After I finished this book I was really upset that I'd bought it and not Menonnite in a Black Dress or A Good Indian Wife or one of the other books I perused while waiting for a delayed plane.

That's what I get for not getting to the library before traveling and being forced to buy something in the airport. Jul 21, Heather rated it it was ok. View all 3 comments. Apr 18, Saiema Marium rated it liked it. Rebecca comes from a noble family and is appointed to be the maid of honor in the court of Queen Victoria. Rebecca manages to lie her way out, but now Rupert is suspicious and decides to keep a close eye on what she is up to. The story progresses, as Rupert and Rebecca find themselves to be constantly running into each other and getting stuck in a situation that will bind them together for life.

One major theme in this story is to never judge anyone on the first meeting. Even though at the beginning of the story, Rebecca was taken advantage off, I still think that she is a very strong female character. All the other maids of honor were scared of Sarah and obeyed her orders without really evaluating what they were doing.

I prefer to judge for myself. Rebecca forming her own opinion on things proves that she is a strong person because she has her own morals and can not be ordered around. This book was a very short read but interesting and enjoyable. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars because the ending was very predictable and some of the scenes felt repetitive. Baru sekali nemu buku Johanna Lindsey yang gue suka.

Walau blurbnya agak2 menyesatkan sih karena cerita ini nggak se-hot novel JH yang sebelum2nya gue baca. Lebih banyak main tarik-ulur emosi ketimbang olahraga ranjangnya. Tapi dari segi jalan ceritanya, gue lebih suka yang kayak gini. Ini ceritanya tentang intrik-intrik yang ada di dalam istana kerajaan Inggris, antara dayang dan agen rahasia.

Dan tokoh utama novel ini, Rebecca, nggak sengaja terjebak di antaranya ketika dia disuruh d Baru sekali nemu buku Johanna Lindsey yang gue suka. Dan tokoh utama novel ini, Rebecca, nggak sengaja terjebak di antaranya ketika dia disuruh dayang senior, Sarah, untuk memata-matai Nigel Jennings, salah satu agen rahasia, tanpa Rebecca ngerti alasannya. Sial, dia malah kepergok oleh bangsawan Rupert St John, yang Rebecca tahu merupakan kerabat tetangganya tapi Rebecca nggak tahu kalau Rupert juga agen rahasia.

Rupert ini sebenernya bukan playboy bajingan seperti image-nya, karena itu bagian dari penyamaran aja. Tapi begitu ketemu Rebecca dan berantem mulut melulu, dia malah jadi nafsu gitu sama Rebecca, yang dia pikir adalah penipu ulung gitu. Mereka pun lalu tidur bareng.

Siapa sangka, gara-gara tidur semalem itu, Rebecca malah hamil. Ketika Rebecca minta pertanggungjawaban Rupert, nggak sengaja Rebecca malah kebawa kapal ke Prancis barengan Rupert. Rupert bete karena mengira Rebecca lagi berusaha memanipulasi dia. Semakin Rebecca nyoba ngejelasin, semakin Rupert mikir Rebecca bohong.

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Rupert malah nantangin Rebecca buat menikah. Selanjutnya gimana? I usually like Lindsey but this book was ridiculous. Jan 23, Ann rated it it was amazing. Another book that touched my heart strings can't wait to read more books by her. Jan 11, Karen marked it as to-read. My "escape" reading, which is total smut, is Johanna Lindsay--romance novels.

I actually own every novel she's written and have reread most of them. There's my dirty little secret! Good point! I feel like a quitter if I don't finish a book that I've started, which is kinda weird. Some that I've loved lately: Did not care for "The Red Tent" at all. One that My "escape" reading, which is total smut, is Johanna Lindsay--romance novels. One that I finished because I felt like I had to. Have had a friend insist that I read the "Water for Elephants"???

She keeps trying to loan it to me and I keep shying away. I have a student this year, sixth grader, whose first year ever in school was just last year. He's truly a messed up kid.

Has a weird accent, looks Hispanic, but isn't. One day after he'd first started, another student asked him, "So, are you Mexican or Black or what?

His response, "No, I'm Gypsy. We've been trained that "gypsy" is a racial slur on par with "nigger" and never to be used; the correct term is "Romani", but he just put it out there.

Anyway, I learned a couple of weeks after that the reason why he only started school at the age of 10 is that he's been traveling in the circus with his father! Now, I can't bear the thought of reading that book, as I think it might just hit a little too close to home. He's prolific. My goal for my summer reading is to hit some of the classics that I was never forced to read for school, starting with "Moby Dick" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". I recently had a pang to reread "A Tale of Two Cities", too.

I really enjoyed "The Scarlet Letter" back in the day. I read "The Outsiders" aloud to one of my 8th grade classes last year a class for kids reading 2 years below grade level. I took in cookies and milk on Fridays and read out loud to them. We had fantastic discussions each week; those are the moments that keep me getting up at 4: Fascinates me every time.

Love it. I absolutely will never read another novel by Jodi Picoult. I read "My Sister's Keeper" and was so infuriated by the way she ended it that I vowed I would not contribute a penny to her success.

Won't see the movie, either. Still get pissed just thinking about it! I'm sad that I don't have time to read during the school year, but I do cram in 20 or so over the summer!

The sex and violence were over the top for me, but I chalked it up to being a squeamish American! Did anybody ever finish reading "Nutureshock"? What a delightful tale! Lindsey works so many different elements into this story that she keeps her readers on the tip of their toes. She weaves a captivating tale amidst the hustle and bustle of court life, complete with intrigue and rogues, while painting a brilliant picture of life at the time. I absolutely fell in love with the main characters in this novel.

Not only were they well developed and likeable individually, but put them together and the sparks fly. The simultaneous clashing and mes What a delightful tale! The simultaneous clashing and meshing of their personalities definitely made the story. The secondary characters were quite charming as well. The sense of family that develops throughout really pulled at my heart. It may have taken me a week to listen to this entire story I only listened on my drive to and from work but it was also all I could think about all week long.

I would definitely recommend it to all lovers of historical romances. Aug 05, Alease rated it really liked it. This was my first Johanna Lindsey book. I read it in a day, it was a good guilty pleasure.

It is nice to have a book that doesn't work your brain too much and just let you relish in a romance. I'm not usually a romance reader, this is my first one but I'm sure I'll look into another of her books. I liked that the characters tried to fight their feelings for one another and bickered. It gave it just enough reality, because isn't that what most people do when they fall in love, try to pretend that This was my first Johanna Lindsey book.

It gave it just enough reality, because isn't that what most people do when they fall in love, try to pretend that they aren't completely enraptured by them. I picked up the book thinking it might be more informative at the time because I am an avid historical fiction reader, but I wasn't disappointed that it didn't focus on the politics of the time.

Every time it looked like things were improving plot- and character-wise, my hopes were cruelly dashed. Jul 13, Lourdes rated it liked it.

Ok…so I love all these books. I read this in no time — it is lite and entertaining.

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I do have to admit though that I was a little disappointed. The book starts off okay, with a lot of detail. A lot of talk about the political parties of the time, but then it goes nowhere with it. It feels like it wants to be way more than it is.

It gives you a lot at the beginning and then you hit a wall. The focus shifts completely and all the potential is lost. So much could have been done with the secondary c Ok…so I love all these books.

So much could have been done with the secondary characters that I found myself wondering why they were introduced to begin with. It left me wanting more. Malos personajes sin personalidad o con una personalidad odiosa. Detalles irrelevantes durante toooodo el libro. Mucha paja. Demasiada paja. Nov 12, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: Book 3 of 4 of the Reid Family series..

And a nice, happy ending story for Rupert St John. Johanna Lindsey is like my favorite viand - longganisa.. That happy feeling you get from eating comfort food after a long day. Even if her novels are predictable, formulaic in a lost genre historical romance , there is still enough to make you be "there" with her heroines. Johanna Lindsey is and has been for many years one of my favorite authors.

While I agree some of her more recent work isn't quite as good as some of her earlier work I still enjoy it. This story set a nice pace, balancing the romance with a touch of intrigue and humor. My main complaint with this story was the short ending and then no epilogue. Feb 14, Yola NY rated it liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Johanna Lindsey. Johanna Lindsey.

Army was stationed. The family moved about a great deal when she was young. Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.

A Rogue of My Own

In , when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife. The marriage had three children; Alfred, Joseph and Garret, who already have made her a grandmother. After her husband's death, Johanna moved to Maine, New England, to stay near her family. Johanna Lindsey wrote her first book, Captive Bride in "on a whim", and the book was a success.

By , with over 58 Million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, with translations appearing in 12 languages, Johanna Lindsey is one of the world's most popular authors of historical romance. Johanna's books span the various eras of history, including books set in the Middle Ages, the American "Old West" and the popular Regency England-Scotland. She has even written a few sci-fi romances. By far the most popular among her books are the stories about the Malory-Anderson Family, a Regency England saga.

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