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Explore So Gonzal's board "Chineasy", followed by people on Pinterest. Free Download printable PDF Mnemonic Zhuyin Fuhao ㄅㄆㄇ .. The Pet Dragon is a great book that introduces Chinese Characters for children in a playful way. Download PDF Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese, PDF Download Book Details Author: ShaoLan Hsueh Pages: Publisher. Chineasy Everyday - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Chineasy Everyday ShaoLan Hsueh.

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Designed to be the best companion book for Chineasy. Tiles so that parents, teachers, and learners can play and learn Chinese all together! You can also use . Easily learn Chinese and Chinese culture with Chineasy and bridge the gap between the East and the West. Learn, Talk and Play Chinese for beginners!. Chineasy"" is a trademark of Chineasy Ltd, London. Published by arrangement with Thames & Hudson Ltd. London. All Rights Reserved. No part of this book.

Norma lly an orator is the sole person to stand on a platform and deliver their speech. With the wolf safely tied up, Peter led the hunter to a zoo in a nearby village, where the wolf stayed for the rest of its days. The New Way to Read Chinese, click button download in the last page 5. I purchased the print edition and have taken the time to go through it before writing this update. It means 'illuminate' or 'light up' when used as a verb, or 'bright' when used as an adjective.

However, using the Chineasy system, anyone can begin to understand and read Chinese. It works by transforming Chinese characters into illustrations to make them easy to remember.

This book teaches the key characters on which the language is built and how these characters can be combined to form more complex words and phrases.

Learning Chinese has never been this simple or more fun! Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

Show details. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Chineasy Everyday: Ships from and sold by booksXpress. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Learning Chinese Through Its Culture. The New Way to Read Chinese. ShaoLan Hsueh. Chineasy Workbook English and Chinese Edition. Chineasy for Children: Learn Words.

Chineasy Day-to-Day Calendar.

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Chineasy Travel. Read more. Product details Flexibound: Harper Design; Bilingual edition March 11, Language: English ISBN Start reading Chineasy: Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention chinese characters coffee table learning chinese way to learn ted talk kindle version put together way to start read chinese hong kong shaolan hsueh kindle edition able to read table book learn to speak native speaker easy to understand traditional characters makes learning trying to learn.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I've seen the author's Ted Talk and followed the crowd funding for this book. I really wanted to like it.

However, the Kindle version of the book is designed for art, not for functionality reading. This character originally meant 'little', 'minus', 'few' or 'less', but has been extended to also mean 'young'. It has an alternative pinyin: This character is a combination of 'small' and 'big', and means 'sharp', 'pointed' or 'acute'. Imagine a triangle that is big or wide at its base then tapers to a small, sharp point. This character is a combination of 'small' and 'soil'.

It alludes to the dust kicked up when a herd of deer run. This character indicates E1 little child. This character is a combination of 'helmet' and 'bird'. A male mallard looks like it is wearing a green helmet.

Lynx are normally found in highaltitude forests. This character is a combination of 'white' and 'to wrap up'. It means 'of' and is one of the most frequently used Chinese characters. The combination of 'to wrap up' and the number two alludes to treating two things equally. It alludes to an even division of land. This character has a number of alternative pinyins and meanings: This character is a combination of 'tree' and 'how many'.

Its traditional form is W. In oracle-bone and bronze scripts, this character repr-esented building apparatus. It originally meant 'mould for making Qbjects', and then evolved to mean 'ordinarY. This character is a combination of 'how many' and 'tree'.

It refers to a unit, such as a dozen flowers. This character is a combination of 'how many' and 'bird'. In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the king of birds and symbolizes good fortune. This character is a combination of 'how many', 'white' and 'king ', and refers to the female phoenix of Chinese mythology.

This character has looked rather abstract throughout its thousand years of evolution, so I think this illustration expresses its meaning well.

The character has an alternative pinyin: This character is a combination of 'private' and 'soil'. It al ludes to a person leaving a place to go somewhere.

This character is a combination of 'tree' and 'public'. This character is a combination of 'private' and 'mouth'. Norma lly an orator is the sole person to stand on a platform and deliver their speech. The other traditional form of this character' is.

This character originally meant 'stone table for sacrificial offenngs'. In ancient times, sacrificial ceremonies were intended to demonstrate devotion to the gods. This character Is the form of 'to reveal' that is used as a component in certain compounds. See 'auspicious' opposite for an example of this character.

People once sacrifrced sheep for luck. This character is a combination of 'to reveal' and 'soil', and originally referred to a place of worship.

It has since evolved to mean 'society' or 'company'. This character is a combination of 'to reveal' and 'to explain'. God is omnipotent and omniscient. He revea ls secrets. This character is a combination of 'to reveal' the number one, 'mouth' qnd 'field', and also means 'good fortune' or 'blessing'.

It is commonly written on red paper during Chinese New Year. This character is a combination of 'shield' and the number eight.

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It also means 'gentle', 'equal' or 'level'. This character refers to the time required for the earth to orbit the sun once, based on the Chinese calendar. Ironically, this character originally meant 'torture'. Today it means 'fate' or 'good fortune'. Instead, it is used as part of a compound. It is commonly called.

Book pdf chineasy

This character is a combination of 'ice' and 'east'. The coast of China lies to the east, and in winter ieebergs would have come from the east. This character is a combination of 'slow' jz 'slow' looks similar to the charaeter for 'dusk', but has an extended stroke and 'ice'.

It translates literally as 'slow ice', which alludes to ice building up slowly over winter. This character is a combination of 'ice' and 'horse', and means 'to gallop'.

This character is also a surname. The earliest form of this character in oracle-bone inscriptions deptcted a person kneeling with a wide-open mouth. It is believed that this represented a person in the act of yawning, because the meaning of the character was 'to yawn'.

Since the clerical change, the wide-open mouth is no longer discernible in this character. However, characters with! When one yawns, it means one is tired and short of energy. Therefore, an extended meaning of! This character is a combination of 'mouth' and 'to owe'. In this case. This character is a combination of 'fire' and 'to owe'. This character is a combination of 'ice' and 'to owe'. It is used to refer to the number of times that something happens.

For example. This character comprises two 'dagger' building bloeks, and symbolizes two people wa lking in unison, shou lder to shou lder. It now means 'to compare'. It is often seen in words relating to chemistry, especial ly when referring to elements and substances. It also means 'to melt' or 'to convert'. Fingers are what make your hands useful. The character also means 'point' when used as a verb. The character is a combination of 'grass' and 'to transform '.

Flowers might look a b it li ke transformed grass. The brat is clapping his hands. Once upon a time, on the edge of a forest clearing, there lived a boy named Peter. Early one morning, Peter left his home to go for a walk in the dark forest, leaving the gate to his house open.

While t he duck was swimming, a bird flew down beside it and mocked, ' What kind of bird are you, if you can't fly? A nearby du c k, noti c ing that the gate w as open, d ecid ed t o go for a qu ick swim in Peter's ya rd. While the duck and the bird were arguing, a sly cat crept slowly towards them. The cat thought to itself, 'I wi II catch that Iittle bird while it's arguing with the duck! Hearing Peter's call , his grandfather, who hadn 't realized that Peter had left the safety of the house, scolded him: Hearing Peter's ca ll, his grandfather, who hadn't realized that Peter had left the safety of the house, scolded him: Peter scoffed, 'Boys like me are not afraid of wolves!

When Peter had returned to the safety of his home, the hungry wolf slunk out of the forest. In a flash, the bird flew up into the tallest tree, but the duck, who could not fly, was no match for the speed of the wolf. With one huge gulp, the wolf caught the duck and swallowed it whole! Seeing that his friends were in trouble, Peter fetched a rope and climbed into a nearby tree.

As the bird distracted the animal, Peter lowered a noose and caught the wolf by its ta i I. While the wolf struggled, the noose became tighter and tighter until, at last, the wolf could struggle no more.

A nearby hunter, who had been trying to track the wolf, spied Peter in the tree and offered to shoot the wolf, but Peter had another idea.

With the wolf safely tied up, Peter led the hunter to a zoo in a nearby village, where the wolf stayed for the rest of its days. Index of Characters and Phrases Chineasy teaches mainly traditional Chinese see p. Where the traditional and simplified forms of a character are different, the traditional form is given first, followed by the simplified form.

Where no distinction between forms is noted, the traditional and simplified forms of the character are the same. Thanks to Bruno Giussani and Chris Ande. To execute the project I enlisted the help of Crispin Jameson and his Brave New World team, who have done a beautiful job.

Throughout this process I also had the great pleasure of working with Noma Bar, whose fascinating illustrations have made my Chinese characters come to life. Isabella Schoepfer's assistance as project manager has been vital. I also want to thank Dimple Nathwani who has be.

I very quickly realized that Chineasy was taking on a life of its own, and as more people have come on board the project has grown even bigger. It sometimes feels like standing in front of a pair of critical judges! I would also like to thank Judith Greenbury, who is the reason why I first chose to write a Chineasy book.

She is turning 90 years old in February and I want to make sure that I wish her a happy birthday here. Throughout the whole project a number of people have continued to help and support me: I left home at the age of 14, and have run around the world to try to understand myself, and my place in the world, ever since. I have looked for meaning and answers while walking barefoot through the Colombian Amazon, while sleeping in the Botswana desert listening to lions and hyenas, and while pushing myself to the limits of my endurance in some of the harshest, and coldest, climates in the world.

After all the searching and fuss I finally realized that the answer to my question could be found where I started- home. I hope my calligrapher mothe. I also the beauty of the Chinese language. Speaking and writing Chinese is an integral part of who I am and think that the East and West must understand each other in order for global economic growth to how I see the world. But it was only when I had be sustainable. There is, however, a giant roadblock children of my own that I properly understood preventing the East and West from communicating what a difficult language Chinese is to learn.

Being of Taiwanese descent while raising my children in the UK has made me acutely aware of The Chinese language has long been considered the differences, but also the similarities, between the most difficult major language to learn, largely Eastern and Western cultures. The ultimate goal on account of the vast number and complexity of Chineasy is to help bridge the cultural gap by of the characters.

When I began to teach my demystifying the Chinese language, which acts as British-born children Chinese, I realized just how a barrier to so many people- my children included! So Chineasy is hugely personal to me. I have done I spent many years looking for a fun and easy many different things in my life. I consider myself way to teach them how to read Chinese. My experience in technology ventures of the methods out there were engaging enough.

I created artistic upbringing have given me the building my own method to learn how to read Chinese blocks to make Chineasy possible, but it is my characters - Chineasy. And you know what? It works.

I am proud to share Chineasy's goal is to allow people to learn to read Chineasy with all who want to learn and appreciate Chinese easily by recognizing characters through the beauty of the Chinese language. Master a few China is home to ancient traditions, breathtaking sets of building blocks, and your learning can be artwork and what is currently one of the world's accelerated to a whole new level. It comes as no surprise to me that recent years have seen a cultural trend With very little effort, students can quickly learn of Eastern migration by both young people and to read several hundred Chinese characters and business-minded individuals.

Everyone is starting phrases, and gain a deeper understanding of the to pay more attention to China, Taiwan, Japan, historical and cultural references of the vocabulary. South Korea and other Asian countries as they Even though there are tens of thousands of become increasingly popular tourist destinations Chinese characters, only a few hundred are actually and increasingly important as cultural , financial necessary to comprehend basic Chinese literature, and industrial hubs.

Each building block and I. These radicals are then used to form. Traditional or simplified? Political change, geographic expansion and philosophy have all influenced the stylistic '.. OoOO 'sun' in oracle bone: Throughout the book, you will see references to oracle-bone If! These terms refer to..

You should see a slight alteration of the shape t Other examples of this "fi:. See p. These characters are traditionally known as 'pianpang' 1i5!? When you see two people squeezed together in a single square, you know it's a character - for example, the simplified character 'to follow' M.

Learning A. For instance, the pinyin for 'person' 2 can be written as either ren or ren. A crowd zhong 4 This character comprises 'Two's company, three's This character depicts a 'Man' is the compound two building blocks for 'p erson'.

One man leads, the other follows close behind. This is the simplified man stretching his arms wide. Imagine that he is saying, 'It WC! S this big. A public da 4 zhong 4 The public is made up of a large group of people. Mrs t ai tai 4 This is a strange phrase. Do you t hink th is phrase t oo much is accurate? Mrs d ai4 fu This phrase has two meanings. A mouth emits sound. Imagine that each mouth This character is a This character is a Two mouths emit even more sound!

This is a rare character, so use it to show is an opinion. The quality of something is judged by what people say about it. Imagine that it depicts off to your Chinese friends! This character also means 'item', 'product' or 'grade'.

I like to remember it by thinking that a big mouth causes problems although, a swirling whirlpool, continuously turning back on itself. Remember, it is always populat ion wise to judge the quality of a person on the basis of their mora lity. They are one of the fifty-six recognized ethnic groups! Its simplified form is i!.

Chineasy the new way to read chinese read [pdf]

Multiply that by three and you have a roaring fire. When people gathered This character is a combination of 'mouth' and 'fire'. Chinese around the fire, they were considered to be part of the group.

L blazing yan 2 yan 2 A blazing fire burns with incredible heat. Each person is born with a unique composition of all When a person burns with rage, we can assume that five elements; it is this unique blend of elements that forms the basis of your personality and constitution. The 'qi' vital force they are angry.

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This is quite an informal term. Noth ing is more idiotic that the thought t his character depicted a realistic tree, with leaves and foliage indicating an branches of this tree have plateaued, Indicating that it has ended its growth.

Make open to catch an apricot. The ever-growing, living tree. The character also means 'almond'. The character also means 'future'. This is th e simplified form; the traditional form is rest body person body ft. In ancient China, sheep were considered combination of 'fish' on the left and 'sheep' on the right. Original ly it referred This character is E1 combination of 'sheep' and 'fire'. It represents a lamb over a f ire, which in certain auspicious.

This compound to a f ish breed, but today parts of China would is also an abbreviation for the USA see p. Remember two mountains shenl This compound can either that a man who lives as long as a mountain w ill appear immortal to be a surname or r-efer to two mountains. Chinese friends. This compound also means 'is like' see This character is a combination of 'woman' and 'not yet', so the literal translation is 'not yet a woman'.

Young g irls were traditionally kept in their fami ly homes, surrounded by their family, to protect their modesty This character is a combination of 'woods' and 'woman'. The sun rises in the East, and a man would this character was 'raft'. To check and explore what lies beyond the or 'glittering'.

The simplifi-e d form is Both forms can also This character is a combination of 'flesh' and 'man'. This is the simplified form; the traditional form is Jl. Compounds that use this character Include: J, This character is a combination of 'door' and 'sun'. The simplified Before electricity, all work stopped when darkness fell and the moon rose.

J idler: The simplified form is: The to blame ma4 This character is a combination of 'shout' and 'horse'. This is the simplified form; the traditional form This character originally meant 'wick' or 'torch' but today means 'master', 'owner' or 'host'. This character is a combination of 'to enter' A and 'king' in this instance, actually 'jade'. This is the simplified form; the m,, traditional form is a combination of 'river' and 'fire'.

T "tl.. T ST -p: P3 for 'little' Its traditional The traditional form of this character is a combination of 'wal king' and 'to talk'.

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