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When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn't love at first sight. They wouldn't even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only. Ugly Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn'. 1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover's heart-wrenching love story proves that attraction at first sight can be messy. When Tate Collins meets.

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ALSO BY COLLEEN HOOVER. Slammed. Point of Retreat. This Girl. Hopeless. Losing Hope. Finding Cinderella. Maybe Someday. Ugly Love Colleen Hoover Pdf is available here. You can easily download Ugly Love Colleen Hoover Pdf, Ugly Love Colleen Hoover Pdf by. Colleen Hoover - Ugly Love ENG * - dokument [*.pdf] ALSO BY COLLEEN HOOVER Slammed Point of Retreat This Girl Hopeless Losing Hope.

Colleen managed to intrude into my heart and mind and made me forgive both Miles and Tate. From Here to You. UK or US? View all 33 comments. He looks at me and raises a brow.

He never smiles. He never laughs. His face appears as if he keeps a constant veil of armor between his expressions and the rest of the world.

Miles and Tate develop a friendship, kind of. You can just feel the sadness radiating off of him. Then it happens. Tate feels like she is starting to make progress with this man. Miles really likes Tate.

But the last thing he is looking for is love. Miles is the way he is for a good reason. You get to see as time goes on, why Miles has these rules and why he is protecting his heart this way. When you get hurt in such an ugly way, you want nothing to do with love. No matter how beautiful it can be.

Even though she knows they can never be reciprocated. Miles is a character that broke my heart. At first you see his past and the type of guy he was… then you see him so standoffish in the present.

It makes you wonder what could have happened to make him that way. I had my theories all of which were wrong but once I found out- I wish I would have been right. I loved the chemistry and the slow build between them.

Even though the feelings were fought most of the book, you could still feel them brewing just below the surface. This book. I did more than just cry a few tears. Oh the tears. They just streamed down my face continually while I read through them. It was heart wrenching and so emotional. Ugly Love made me Ugly Cry. Big time. Some parts were worse than others, but wow. I just FELT so much while reading this.

This one has a little something different than the others. Most of her books make me feel strongly and contain a lot of emotional moments, and Ugly Love had that for sure And yes- CoHo can write some sexy scenes!

And I did. I stayed up way past my bedtime reading this book. I went into work the next day sleepy and raw from crying, but let me tell you- it was worth it! Although Hopeless still takes the top spot of my favorite book by this author, this will be a close second! Colleen Hoover is one of those people who is doing what she was born to do- she's sharing her amazing stories with us. Her writing style is unique and incredible.

The ending makes every ounce of pain I felt worth it. An unforgettable story I highly recommend! Jun 28, Whitney Atkinson rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was miserable. There are three things that I think went horribly in this book. First, there is blatant sexism and the perpetuation of gender stereotypes on every.

Second, this main character had absolutely NO self respect. I know this may be part of the plot, but it was absolutely despicable. She let Miles walk all over her and decimate her feelings to a pulp. She was spineless and pathetic, which was i This book was miserable.

She was spineless and pathetic, which was infuriating. But lastly, and probably most significantly, the way that this story is told was just twisted. The main conflict in the book follows Miles.

Why, then, does this story attempt to revolve around Tate? Tate was pretty much a doormat this entire book for Miles to walk across as he sorted his own issues out. And she tries to sell this as a book about two people in a relationship just for sex? Colleen always writes books that deal with mentally destructive topics, and each and every time it is always done SO unhealthily and wrong.

Every time I read a new Colleen Hoover book, it genuinely shocks me that people rate them so highly.

Love ugly pdf hoover colleen

View all 16 comments. Apr 09, Geri Reads rated it it was ok. I hate being in a minority when it comes to books. I wanna be able to love or at least like the books that most of my friends love.

Furthermore, there is no other book I would really love to have the same feelings for than this book because it's CoHo, you guys. I love CoHo. Didn't Love. I wish I did. Most of the things that bothered will be reflected in the way I'm writing this review. See, I could forgive Tate for bei 2.

Pdf colleen hoover ugly love

See, I could forgive Tate for being a doormat during most of the book. I really could. While I don't understand why she allowed herself to be treated that way by Miles, I was willing to overlook it since I've enjoyed doormat-y heroines before. I mean, whatever floats your boat, Tate. But the writing just threw me off. Sent me on downward spiral through The 'lyrical' prose did not work for me.

If you can call it lyrical. To me, it was just repetitive. I'm sorry. But it was. My father visits Phoenix a lot. My father has been visiting Phoenix a lot since before my mother died. My father is a bastard. If it isn't repetitive, it's too flowery.

I come from the School of Less is More when it comes to my prose. Suffice it to say It was a chore to read. And honestly, it did not lend itself well to Miles' POV. I mean, this doesn't sound like an 18 year old male. Does it sound poetic? Is it romantic?

Does it feel authentic? I would probably felt more of Miles pain had it been written in a straight-up, no BS prose. I wanted it raw and gritty. I wanted the words to hurt. I didn't want to be lulled to sleep by it. Frankly, if I'd wanted to read poetry, I'd read a poetry book. I didn't hear Miles through the narrative and because of that, I became disconnected with his character.

I wish I could have gotten more of his POV in the present. I really do. And didn't like that his past was told separately from what's going on in the present. I never really got the satisfaction of seeing Miles tell Tate about what happened to him. Maybe I would have felt something then.

Again, I'm in the minority with this but that's just really how I felt about it. I did like parts of it, hence the two stars. I like how the message of how the ugly side of love is sometimes worth experiencing to get to the beautiful parts of it. But Tate and Miles relationship didn't really evolve for me. I think Cap and Tate spent more meaningful time together than Miles and Tate, which is really sad. We both need to find a five-star read, chickie.

Our BR record sucked ass!! This book seems to be generating some mixed emotions amongst CoHo fans as far as her unique writing style is concerned. This story in particular emphasizes that prose, and I felt the structure of certain chapters made its delivery that much more effective. There were intense moments where the writing looked and felt like it was falling down off the pages.

It doesn't follow a specific formula and it breaks the rules. I like rule breakers. And I liked Ugly Love.

Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover - A Novel by Enrique Amo - Issuu

A physical attraction is quick to ignite, and Miles makes it very clear that he can offer sex and nothing more. His damaged past has ruined him for any chance at future love. And so Tate, being the strong, independent female that she is, strikes a sex-only deal with Miles. No love. No problems. Inviting in the ugly… The chapters in this story oscillate between past and present, with alternating perspectives.

I loved how natural the dialogue felt, and how easy it was for me to sink into both stories until they eventually collided. This book really narrows in on the romance, without too much side story. Although the romance was certainly strong enough to carry out the plot, I did find myself wishing for a little expansion.

But here is what I think most die-hard romance fans will love: He is a truly amazing hero. Brooding and broken, yet protective and slightly possessive. His character remained consistent. He doesn't lose his edge and dump his problems the minute he meets Tate. He evolves. Slowly—not with the simple turn of a page, and I appreciated the realistic pace. Handled well, might I add. My favorite element of this story, however—as with all of Ms. SO powerful, I get chills.

Even highlighting a line doesn't seem to do it justice. I want to commit it to memory. There is not a book this author has written that hasn't broadened my way of thinking just a little more with every profound quote I come upon. And Ugly Love was certainly no exception. Book Stats: Quick connection, slow love. Brooding, protective hero with a dark past. Sweet, excepting heroine.

Heavily focused on the romance. Past and present settings. Poetic and profound. Alternates between hero and heroine. Aug 24, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't think that I can say anything that hasn't been said before about Ugly Love ,nor that my tangled thoughts will do justice to a book that was more than a book,but I know one thing for certain.

It left me an ugly mess. And it proved that love is beautiful. The only way to make sure that my I don't think that I can say anything that hasn't been said before about Ugly Love ,nor that my tangled thoughts will do justice to a book that was more than a book,but I know one thing for certain. The only way to make sure that my heart is still in place is the pain that pierces it with every breath I take. I cursed Colleen Hoover for bringing me to a sobbing state,for writing so vividly and masterly that my heartbreak is a being of its own ,for making me care more for fictional people than the ones I know in real life,and thanked her at the same time.

For making me feel alive,even though it was killing me. A constant war. A losing battle. Tate tried so hard to make him see that they had something worth fighting for,but Miles was adamant that he was incapable of love. He shut her down,broke her,gave her a glimpse of what lay beneath his usually emotionless eyes and then took it back. He made her regret time and time again her decision to keep things between them strictly physical.

He took only what he wanted from her,her body,and he refused what she willingly gave him. Her soul. Her heart. Because his was hidden under layers of ice,guilt and grief. His lust for her was unadultered,and Tate tried to accept that,that sex was the only thing she would get from him. Because the idea of not having Miles in her life was even more excruciating. I wanted to yell at him,to punch him and make him see that he can find beauty,he can find a person to rely on without regrets.

But as much as I wanted to hate him,I couldn't. Instead, I suffered with him. I think the moment I fell in love with him was when he helped that homeless person,and although his attempts to push Tate away killed me slowly,my heart ached for him.

Tate was losing her heart piece by piece as long as she let him make the rules,she loved him enough to let him use her to numb his pain,and she hoped.

She hoped that he would love her back. Even though he was breaking her in the process. Like living and dying and being reborn, all at the same time. It was worth it. View all 69 comments. Jan 13, Christine Riccio rated it it was amazing.

View 2 comments. Dec 09, Natasha Polis rated it it was amazing. I finished this book in 12 hours. I finished it in one day. I'm giving it 5 stars because I still can't believe that I, Natasha Polis, finished a book in a day. I've never done that before.

It was so good and so entertaining. Lots of sexytimes, very mature scenes, which I did enjoy but still not heavily detailed which I'm very thankful for. The emotions and tears I felt for and had for Miles really made this book. I can't wait to read another Colleen Hoover book!

View all 4 comments. May 03, Lola rated it did not like it Shelves: I couldn't endure Miles' melodramatic chapters anymore. And the narrator audio book version had such a deep voice; it was painful to listen to and, at times, hard to discern the words uttered. But, well, this was one of my first experiences with audio books.

View all 78 comments. Yeah, that's me right now. Now don't get me wrong, i don't like the guy either but i perfectly understand the cause of his actions. Did he ever promise Tate "true love" or any other shit? No, he offered fucking with no attachments and no sentimental b 1 STAR You know when even one star feels too generous? No, he offered fucking with no attachments and no sentimental bullshit, and that is exactly what he delivered.

I don't see what the problem is here. I despise Colleen Hoover for romanticizing this kind of behavior. Like, "once i get him to sleep with me I can trick him into talking to me.

Am i the only one who can't stand women like this? Bitch, please! Self-respect, you need some in your life. Trust me when i say i really wanted to like this. It started out great but after about 70 pages everything went downhill. I feel like there were lots going on at once, but none of it was original. I've read better. Despite it's unoriginality, it could've still been enjoyable were it not for our main character, Tate, who i hate with a passion. She ruined this entire book for me.

Man, i don't think i've ever read a character this stupid or this exasperating before SJM characters aren't included. Was i supposed to be on her side? Was i supposed to feel bad for her? I could clearly see why Miles sees her nothing more than a good fuck. She has no respect her herself. I feel nothing for her and Miles as a couple or fuck buddies.

The sex scenes were extremely boring and tedious. I pretty much skipped most of their parts.. I was so fed up with her bullshit. For me, it was always Rachel and Miles. I was always looking forward to the flashbacks. How the hell do you move on from something like this?

They belonged together.

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This is possibly the last book i would read by Colleen Hoover. It's more than obvious her and i don't get along. However, i am low-key curious about Maybe Someday. Maybe I'll read that one as well but i am in no hurry. Updates There is a very thin line between cute and and annoying.

Illuminae Kady and Ezra: Nik and Hanna: Adorable AF! Miles' crush on Rachel: Hella fucking cute! Tate throwing herself at Miles: Fucking irritating. Dat poetry tho! I dig that. View all 64 comments. Oct 14, Evgnossia O'Hara rated it it was amazing Shelves: They came to an agreement from the very beginning. But was an agreement enough to prevent them from feeling something more than the mutual attraction they had? I had a love-hate relationship with this one.

This story, those characters, and their relationship were so conflicting. He was pretty clear with his rules. It felt like she had little sense of her own self-worth. He was insulting her and she was waiting for his text messages. He was using her and she was willing to give everything to him. And when I say love I mean this kind of love that consumes you, destroys you, heals you, and makes you fly. It was heartbreaking to read about the tragic events of his past.

Colleen managed to intrude into my heart and mind and made me forgive both Miles and Tate. It was the message that the author managed to bear. Life must go on, no matter what. Although this may be true, it is difficult when it comes to the real life. It is always difficult and intimidating to get rid of the burden that disturbs you from the within.

Perhaps, people just prefer to feel this emotional pain, considering that they punish themselves. As a result, they get used to that. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her. Never ask about the past. Don't expect a future. They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can't handle it at all. Hearts get infiltrated. Promises get broken. Rules get shattered. Love gets ugly. I hold his stare and press the button to open the doors.

He steps out of the elevator and turns to face me before walking away. I remain alone on the elevator as it stops on every single floor until it reaches the eighteenth.

I step off, pull my phone out of my pocket, and open up my messages to Corbin. I find the message on my phone and cringe. Of course it is. I lift my leg and poke his shoulder with my foot.

His eyes meet my knees, and his eyebrows furrow as he slowly leans forward with a deep scowl on his face. He drops his hand, closes his eyes, and falls back asleep against the door. The complex contracts with our airline. I also sigh because Cap is the last person who could probably help in this situation. I balance my phone against my ear with my shoulder and dig inside my purse for the key Corbin sent me.

I insert it into the lock and begin to open the door, but the drunk guy begins to fall backward with every inch the door opens. I knew that moving in with him would not be good for our relationship, considering how fatherly he acted toward me when we were younger.

However, I had no time to find a job, get my own apartment, and get settled before my new classes started, so it left me with little choice. He had an issue with anyone I dated, all of my friends, every choice I made—even what college I wanted to attend.

Not that I ever paid any attention to his opinion, though. The distance and time apart has seemed to get him off my back for the last few years, but moving in with him will be the ultimate test of our patience.

I wrap my purse around my shoulder, but it gets caught on my suitcase handle, so I just let it fall to the floor. I take my foot and press it against his shoulder, pushing him from the center of the doorway.

I remove the key from the lock and drop it toward my purse, but it misses and falls to the floor. I reach down to grab the drunk guy so I can move him out of the way. Something warm wraps around my ankle. I freeze. I look down. The drunk guy is looking up at me now, and his grip sends me falling backward into the apartment when I try to pull away from him.

He makes an attempt to push the apartment door open with his other hand, and this immediately sends me into panic mode. I pull my legs the rest of the way inside, and his hand comes with me. I use my free leg to kick the door shut, slamming it directly onto his wrist. I release enough pressure for him to have his hand back, and then I immediately kick the door all the way shut.

I pull myself up and lock the door, the dead bolt, and the chain lock as quickly as I can. As soon as my heart rate begins to calm down, it starts to scream at me. My heart is actually screaming at me.

In a deep male voice. I immediately look down at my chest and pull my phone out of my bra, then bring it up to my ear. Answer me! I locked the door. What the hell happened?