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How to Prepare for. Data Interpretation &. Logical Reasoning for the CAT for the. COMMON ADMISSION TEST. ARUN SHARMA. TEST. New. Pattern. ORIGINAL. Data Interpretation is one of the easy sections of one day competitive Examinations. It is an extension of Mathematical skill and accuracy. Data interpretation is. Data Interpretation For CAT, Questions, PDF. DI Key Areas. Pre-requisites. DI Strategy. Previous Questions. Tips for DI. Quantitative Ability. Data Interpretation.

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A comprehensive E-book that helps you in preparing for DI section of CAT It contains tips & tricks to be applied in questions based on approximations, Bar. Data Interpretation for CAT questions with solutions. DI important PDF for CAT exam. CAT data interpretation tips and techniques with solved. What is the link to download Arun Sharma Logical Resoning free pdf? From where I can get data interpretation and logical reasoning in the CAT, Nishit Sinha pdf? Where will I get the PDF of logical ability and data interpretation by Arun Sharma?.

V Biju Kumar Publishing Manager: Ankit Mundhra February 1, at P Let the cost of paper for a single book be Rs. For example, while watching a cricket match, calculate the run rate before it is flashed. Flag for inappropriate content.

How To Prepare For Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning For CAT Arun Sharma.pdf

DI Data Interpretation section consists of around 16 Questions from 4 sets. Each set will have 3 to 5 questions.

Pdf data interpretation cat

Sometimes the data from one questions will be asked to use for the next question. The majority of the questions will be based on Tables and Chart diagrams. Many times 2 or 3 table will be given covering data over year or segments and we need to analyse the given tables and figure the relationship between each diagram. The tables will be of line charts, bar graphs, pie charts sometimes with a missing data in them.

Interpretation pdf data cat

This questions and answers will be useful to understand the level of difficulty, various techniques to apply and best approach to solve CAT DI questions. First analyse the given data and the connection between the given different data sets.

Data Interpretation for CAT questions PDF

Find 2 or 3 sets that are relatively easy and first try attempting them to boost your confidence level. Data Interpretation Questions Set-2 — March 19th, Satyam Pandey September 3, at Upen September 3, at Unknown September 11, at Mohammad Farhat September 20, at 7: Unknown September 27, at 5: Ankit yadav October 7, at 2: Unknown October 23, at 9: Sulagna Dutta November 1, at 7: Aashna Ahuja November 5, at 7: Madhurika Kalyankar November 27, at 1: Admin December 1, at Anonymous November 29, at Gaurav Sharma December 13, at 3: Anonymous December 27, at 7: Anonymous December 27, at Unknown December 27, at 8: Unknown January 3, at 7: Anonymous January 19, at Himanshu Kushwaha January 28, at 7: Chirag Shetty February 4, at Anonymous February 11, at Anonymous February 21, at Anil Pal March 24, at Anonymous March 28, at 8: Unknown April 27, at Prem May 10, at 4: Partha Sarathi Barman May 21, at 5: Unknown June 1, at 6: Anonymous June 1, at 6: Sweety June 1, at 6: Raj Harne June 2, at 8: Unknown June 22, at 7: Unknown July 10, at Unknown July 27, at Unknown August 3, at 4: Xperia S August 7, at Unknown August 19, at 9: Unknown August 21, at Anonymous August 28, at 7: Unknown September 11, at 7: Media Arora Dy Marketing Manager: Rajender P Ghansela Asst.

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