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Following exposure to heavy metals, their metabolism and Mercury, considered the most toxic heavy metal, has become part of the. Heavy metal is defined as metal with a specific weight higher than 5gm/cm3 or an atomic number more than twenty. All the heavy metals are toxic at relatively. Unlike other pollutants like petroleum hydrocarbons and domestic and municipal litter which may visibly build up in the environment, trace metals in the.

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PDF | A heavy metal is defined as such mainly on the basis of its specific weight, but the application of the term “heavy metal” to an element often leads to an. PDF | The research development of heavy metal is not a new area of science, having existed for around more than a century. The study of. Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements, and are present in varying anthropogenic sources of heavy metals are various industrial processes, mining, .

The common manifestations are root growth inhibition, cellular modification in leaves, small and dark green leaves, yellowing and death of leaves, chlorosis, purpling and foliar necrosis Gupta et al. Res Environ Life Sci. Effect of lead stress on mineral content and growth of wheat Triticum aestivum and spinach Spinacia oleracea seedlings. Aluminium and its compounds are poorly absorbed in humans, although the rate at which they get absorbed has not been clearly studied. Indian J Med Res. The nervous system is very sensitive to all types of mercury. Aluminium in high concentrations is very toxic for aquatic animals, especially for gill breathing organisms such as fish, causing osmoregulatory failure by destructing the plasma and hemolymph ions.

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