Ssc cgl paper 3 statistics pdf

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SSC CGL TIER II STATISTICS PAPER III PRACTICE WORK BOOK ENGLISH Page 3. ssc cgl tier ii pdf. SSC CGL Previous Year Paper PDF!!!. SSC CGL Tier II Exam will be conducted soon! The SSC CGL Prelims Exam was conducted from 5th August to 24th August This year the exam pattern for. Programme) Combined Graduate Level Examination - Tier - II: Paper - 3: Statistics GO BACK TO SSC CGL GUIDANCE PROGRAMME MAIN PAGE.

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Here, we are providing study material of Paper 3 [JSO] for SSC CGL tier 2. These are also covering statistics syllabus For Statistical Investigator Grade-II and. Download SSC CGL Tier II AAO & Statistics Question Papers PDF with SSC CGL Tier I while Paper 3 and Paper 4 are for selected posts. 6 days ago SSC CGL Tier I Question Paper PDF download – SSC CGL Previous Year Papers; SSC 27 August, PDF Paper 1, N/A, PDF Paper 3 Statistics, Collection and Representation of Data, Measure of Dispersion, Measure of.

The subject-wise details are given below:. For Ordinal Scale, the mode and the median may be used. Quartiles divides a series into 4 equal parts i. Preparation Tips, ssc cgl, ssc chsl. Finding the best resources for CGL exam preparation can turn out to be the key. Content is protected!!

SSC Mains Statistics Paper With Answer Key

Dear Students,. This is CBE computer based examination.

The subject-wise details are given below:. Candidates shall not be allowed to bring their own Keyboard. The exam duration is 2 Hours and 40 Minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped. At Adda, we wish you all the best. Learn, share and succeed with Adda For Nominal scale, the mode is the only measure that can be used.

Statistics pdf ssc cgl 3 paper

For Ordinal Scale, the mode and the median may be used. For Interval — Ratio Scale, the mean , median and mode all can be used. If the samples are arranged in ascending or descending order, then the measures of central tendency divides the observations in two equal parts. In the same way, the given series can be divided into four, ten and hundred equal parts. Quartiles divides a series into 4 equal parts i. Q1, Q2 and Q3. Q2 is known as second Quartile is the same as Median of the series.

Measures of central tendency gives an idea of an average but it is important to know how the data are clustered or scattered away from the average and the degree to which it spread is called dispersion. There are further statistics that give information about the shape of the distribution. They are: Measures of dispersion tells us about the variation of the data set whereas, Skewness tells us about the direction of variation of data set.

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SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers

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Cgl statistics pdf ssc paper 3

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SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Previous Year Papers Download

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