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if you have an Ace in your hand, even if your Any hand we would raise from here in the first . Every Hand Revealed (Gus Hansen) – more. Not sure how many of you have read this book, but he has this tournament strategy of leading out in very odd spots out of position against. PDF | On Jan 11, , Donna Muller and others published DOWNLOAD PDF Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen.

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年9月4日 What If You Were Able To Get Right Inside The Mind Of World-Famous Poker Pro Gus Hansen– And Learn His Winning Secrets? Now You Can. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Superstar poker pro Gus Hansen has shaken up the poker world with his loose, aggressive style. Called “The Great Dane”. Every Hand Revealed book. Read 70 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What If You Were Able To Get Right Inside The Mind Of World-Fam.

Known as the madman of poker Gus Hansen is fearless, aggressive, and even considered crazy by some. Amazon Payment Products. Want to add to the discussion? Elk hoofdstuk volgt een dag van de wedstrijd en begint met een introductie over het soort spel voor het soort wedstrijd en eindigt met een introspectieve samenvatting. Phil Galfond.

And it IS a good approach to tournament poker. Just don't use it for ring games. The 4 stars is for the book, not Hansen's poker.

Nov 02, Robert Beveridge rated it really liked it Shelves: Gus Hansen, Every Hand Revealed Lyle Stuart, It should be noted first and foremost that the premise behind this book makes it pretty certain that this is about as vertical-market a poker book as you're going to find.

Casual fans probably won't cotton to the idea of reading Gus Hansen discussing the almost three hundred hands he played at the Aussie Millions. Hansen lays out each hand, shows you the reasons he made each of his plays, talks pot odds and shows why the person at the table calling you a donkey for making that call is more likely a donkey himself , and isn't afraid to tell you when he messed up. And yes, contrary to the beliefs of some folks but right in line with the beliefs of many others , Gus Hansen does, in fact, make the occasional mistake.

Sometimes they cost him almost a million chips. And yet he still ends up with all the chips in the end. Variance, as they say, is a harsh mistress. So do I, when I'm not writing Amazon reviews. The book's biggest failings aren't necessarily Hansen's fault; a good editor could have whipped this manuscript into shape with little effort.

Toning down Hansen's excessive use of exclamation points and doing a quick run-through for egregious spelling and grammatical errors would have done this manuscript a world of good, and a real combing-through might well have come up with something approaching the perfect poker book.

But what we got is fine indeed, and well worth your time. Feb 07, Damien rated it really liked it Recommends it for: All poker players looking to understand how successful loose-aggressive play is done. Diary of a mad poker player. Gus Hansen documents all hands he played to win the Aussie Millions. The result is a truckload of amazing insights into how he Gus thinks about the game. He looks like a mad man, but he can do it because he his thinking at the second level if not higher.

It's great study of actual hands against actual players with no cherry-picking. Be careful when you read this, it takes effort not to dive in to every pot and adapt Hansen's loose-aggressive style.

Jul 29, MadMaxx rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is different from all the other poker info books. This book actually follows every hand Gus Hansen went through on his way to winning a tournament. Not really going to tell you anything but maybe how to handle the hand he played.

Good shit. Apr 09, David rated it liked it Recommends it for: Danish maniacs, LAGs, bald guys all-in. This book is not exactly what I was expecting when I bought it. I thought "Every Hand Revealed" would be a discussion of a lot of hands and the thought process to go through in deciding whether to bet, call, raise, or fold.

It sort of is, but it's basically a journal of Hansen's hands over the course of the Aussie Millions tournament, which he won in or so for a little over a million dollars.

He does talk about what he was thinking in each hand, so there is a lot of insight into his strateg This book is not exactly what I was expecting when I bought it. He does talk about what he was thinking in each hand, so there is a lot of insight into his strategic and tactical thinking, as well as some poker math, but none of it was new to me from a poker theory standpoint. It was mostly interesting as a glimpse of how a top pro plays. Gus Hansen has a reputation for being a "maniac," and the first thing you notice is that he wins an awful lot of pots by basically raising with anything.

If his opponents don't have anything, they fold. You only have to get more folds than calls on average for this to be a winning strategy. I was a little surprised at how passive his opponents apparently were - you'd think they'd have caught on eventually and started calling or even reraising him. For all that, I was surprised with his analysis at the end of the book where he showed how many times he was all-in during the tournament. It was fewer times than I thought.

He was playing a very loose, aggressive style and made a lot of calls most people would consider loose, but he rarely bluffed other than those pre-flop raises with any two cards , and usually did not call with nothing, or in the belief that his opponent was bluffing.

Not all the hands are interesting, but some are. The most interesting ones were the ones where he made mistakes. Sometimes he even points this out after the fact, that he made a terrible call, or more rarely a bad fold. Even pros can make mistakes, and several times he made a move that made me think "I wouldn't have done that," and lo and behold, I was right not to have done that.

We tend to think experts play a perfect game. Even in zero-luck games like chess or go, that isn't true, and it certainly isn't true of poker. That's what brings fish to the table, after all - the fact that any beginner can get lucky and stack a better player now and then. Gus's style isn't mine, though he does make me reconsider the value of opening my range and calling and raising more widely pre-flop. He definitely has solid math skills, and doing those calculations at the table is something I need to work on.

This book, as a log of one tournament, isn't the most interesting or educational poker book I've read. It probably won't improve your game much, but it does let you play along with a pro and think about his hand and then see what decisions he made. View all 3 comments. May 18, Tyler Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: I vaguely recall a story about a general who the night before a huge battle was approached by his second-in-command.

Since it was possible that the General might fall in battle, the Second wanted to know his battle strategy so that he could carry on in this case. The general asked his second if he knew what the enemy's plans were for the battle and when the second said that he had no idea the general replied that he could not say what his strategy was until he saw what the enemies strategy was.

Or something like that. During the Aussie Millions tournament, Gus Hansen used a small hand held recording device to record every single hand he was involved in, and then he later fleshed out the book by describing the thinking behind every decision he made. The result is an amazing glimpse into the thinking of one of the games most innovative and successful players.

I have read a few books about poker tournament strategy and while I have learned some valuable things, I knew that the generalities would only get me so far - that in specific situations I would be on my own.

What I like about Every Hand Revealed is that it is entirely situational, giving the reader a real hand-by-hand example of how a great player navigates a tournament. While the reader will never be in exactly the same position against the same players as Hansen - it is a much more instructive book than most because it teaches a thought process rather than a specific strategy.

This is, I think, revelatory. Up until now I thought that to be a great tournament player I needed to memorize a number of different strategies and know when to apply them - but Hansen has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the reasoning behind the strategy - the proper thinking that lies behind the proper action.

Gus Hansen – Every Hand Revealed.(Poker Books PDF free download)

Gus Hansen is by most standards an extremely aggressive player. I have always been a proponent of tight-conservative tournament play at least in the early stages and have dismissed play like Hansen's as too reckless.

But Hansen has shown me that there is a method to his madness, that the aggression is not applied indiscriminately. Hansen more than most players has a great understanding of the mathematics of the game, and most of his aggressive moves make sense when he breaks down the math behind them. But what I like most is that Hansen is also a great reader of his opponents.

He often makes statements such as "nobody seemed very interested in the flop" before he decides a continuation bet is in order. And he is human. He makes a bone-headed move now and again. I particularly enjoy the occasions when he spends a page describing how he spent five minutes figuring out what the proper action is before doing the wrong thing. It won't give you any magic formulas that will work every time but it might help you learn to think your way through a tournament.

May 01, Wesley Gerrard rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gus Hansen is my favourite poker player and in this fascinating book which Gus has painstakingly put together for his fans, we get to see the genuine inside story of one of his big tournament wins. It is a blow by blow account of all the action and we get to see Gus' poker decision-making at work.

Very often, on TV, you see Gus playing wacky cards. He will call with just about any two cards and plays so,me really unplayable hands which the average person will just chuck away.

We see in 'Every Ha Gus Hansen is my favourite poker player and in this fascinating book which Gus has painstakingly put together for his fans, we get to see the genuine inside story of one of his big tournament wins.

Pdf hand gus revealed every hansen

We see in 'Every Hand Revealed' some of his mathematical reasoning behind doing this. He is constantly assessing and reassessing pot-odds and he argues with reason about why certain calls should be made and on occasion will make a laydown for the same reason.

I found one of the most intriguing facts of the book to be just how many pots he picks up after betting aggressively and holding absolutely nothing. He relies on continuation betting and will raise almost anything preflop. I cannot understand how players do not stand up to Gus more in the live environment and simply dump him out as from reading this book, it can be seen that nine times out of ten you have better holdings than him.

Gus Hansen is a poker enigma and this book is thoroughly readable and enjoyable. It is written in a hand for hand format and the various days of the tournament are split into chapters. I've read other poker books by hardened professionals and they too are valuable but I feel that Every Hand Revealed definitively displays a professional at work and at the top of his game. If you are into poker and Gus Hansen then this book is a must. Five out of five. Jul 07, Bob Mchugh rated it it was amazing.

Easily the best poker book I've ever read and I read a lot of them. Poker books are almost always a choice between entertaining or educational about poker strategy, but Hansen is so articulate, thoughtful, and personable that this is the first book that completely satisfies both needs. If you're an especially advanced player, I'm not sure that you'll learn a ton largely because Hansen's aggressive style of play has influenced so many and been taken even further since this has been written but Easily the best poker book I've ever read and I read a lot of them.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

If you're an especially advanced player, I'm not sure that you'll learn a ton largely because Hansen's aggressive style of play has influenced so many and been taken even further since this has been written but if you're a casual player, he makes an incredibly compelling case for playing that is both counter-intuitive and counter to decades of texas holdem wisdom. The structure really makes this book.

I have read it several times already. It seems a big book but since you have a lot of visuals you will just fly through it in a very short time. What a wonderful book! Gus is the ONLY pro poker player to ever do this type of book record every hand and give narrative to his decisions the only con is this will RUIN your game if you try his strategies, lol. I was five years into a poker career when I read this and it destroyed my game.

I've come back several times to read it again and it's always a great refresher into one of the top minds of the poker world.

Revealed hand gus pdf hansen every

Can't recommend it enough. Known as the madman of poker Gus Hansen is fearless, aggressive, and even considered crazy by some. Yet, there is a method to his madness. He has won several World Poker Tour Tournaments. You can look over the shoulder of this incredibly strategic player as he makes his unconventional decisions in tournament play. This is one of my favorite poker books. I have never seen another one like it.

Gus Hansen achieved fame early on in the World Poker Tour from his seemingly reckless and erratic style of play. As seen on TV, Hansen would play any two cards in position and apply maximum aggression with absolutely no hand and no draw.

And somehow this strategy seemed to work: But "Every Hand Revealed" lives up to its name: Gus Hansen's secret is revealed. The producers edited out all the mundane hands where nothing much happened and no one attempted any wild bluffs.

By focusing on high-blind, final table action and only the most unusual and exciting hands , we all got a distorted view of Gus Hansen's game.

Here, Gus Hansen walks his readers through every hand he played in a successful big money hold em tournament. It's fairly clear that Gus, unlike many poker professionals, actually wrote this book himself or had it transcribed from his voice recordings taken at the table. We truly get a look inside the reasoning process of a top poker professional. Gus Hansen is still a somewhat loose player, and very aggressive, but now we see the method behind his madness.

More importantly, we see how he can make tough folds when he's in trouble. The only unfortunate aspect of this book is its extremely poor or non-existent editing. I can't blame Gus for a lack of fluency in English, his second language. I can blame the editors at Citadel for not doing a professional job in clarifying his use of words.

Of course, perhaps the low, low cover price reflects the lack of editing. Either way, it's bad enough to slightly mar an otherwise excellent book. Expert Strategy Guide for Winning No Limit Texas Hold em , both of which also walk the reader through the reasoning process in dozens of interesting poker hands. Go to Amazon. Back to top. It really helped me realize how loose some players are and I was able to balance with my tight style to improve in some areas.

Think about it like this Gus Hansen has lost over 20 million online that's more than anyone has ever won. He's going to have some very weird strategies, do they work?

Probably not. Did they work? Some times. It's important to note he practiced little to no game selection and was playing against the elite, often players who specialized in just one format. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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