Hubbell catalog pdf

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Online product catalog featuring electrical wiring devices, wire management systems, specialized wiring products and solutions needed for the industrial. Why Hospital Grade? Bryant hospital grade receptacles are specifically designed to provide maximum safety and withstand severe abuse in hospitals and heavy. Identification tag shows: catalog number, diameter range . Beyond the electrical applications illustrated here, Hubbell-Kellems Mesh Grips can be used for wire.

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The Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems comeplete eCatalog has the newest and most innovative specified electrical products that architects, engineers and contractors are looking to utilize in various types of construction. HBL® Extra Heavy Duty Devices. HBL® Extra Heavy Duty. Electrical Connectors | For Hazardous and Industrial Appplications. Hazardous Location · Industrial Location. Enclosures. Enclosures. Back Panels. H. U. B. B. E. LL P. R. E. M. IS. E. W. IR. IN. G www. Premise Wiring. ®. Full Line Catalog.

Surge suppression. Juan Pablo Villazon Richter. Popular in Electrical Engineering. Square head, thread brass center rivet won't rotate, reduces stripping and resists corrosion. Features and Benefits Powerful nylon cord grip prevents strain on terminals. Complete unit with aux GFCI contacts. Prewired kit with circuit breaker and aux.

The Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems comeplete eCatalog has the newest and most innovative specified electrical products that architects, engineers and contractors are looking to utilize in various types of construction.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Catalog The Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems comeplete eCatalog has the newest and most innovative specified electrical products that architects, engineers and contractors are looking to utilize in various types of construction. Full Catalog. Table of Contents. A - Straight Blade Devices.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Catalog

C - Watertight Devices. D - Switches. E - Energy Efficiency Solutions. F - Switched Disconnects and Enclosures. I - Asset Monitoring Devices. J - Industrial Connectivity and Control Products.

K - Cable, Cord and Hose Reels. L - Ground Fault Products. Brass center rivet. Eight hole clamp type back wiring. Impact resistant nylon face. Available in a side wire only version HBL series. Contact assembly includes large 8 brass screws.

Thick wall thermoset base. Features and Benefits Heavy duty triple wipe bronze contacts deliver reliable uninterrupted power supply. Patented anchor hole and wire restraint feature. A-6 www. Material has superior spring properties. Our concern for quality. Pretensioned ground contact feature allows for easy insertion and removal of ground blades without sacrificing superior ground blade retention.

Anchor hole helps form solid wire around terminal screw. You can benefit from the performance features of an industrial receptacle at a fraction of the price of other s. All brass grounding system.


Every device in our catalog is built to uncompromising standards. See page A for technical information. Side Wired Only Description Flush. See page A for accessories. Panel mount 1. Horsepower ratings listed above are AC only. Heavy Duty. Specification Grade Duplex and Single Receptacles 1. Back and Side Wired Description Flush. Accessories include mounting plates and portable outlet boxes.

A-8 www. Three conductors energize all four outlets. Available in industrial grade.

HUBBELL | Electrical Connector | Ac Power Plugs And Sockets

Heavy duty. Large 8 combination Robertson head terminal screws for ease of wiring.

This receptacle can be mounted on a single or two gang flush outlet box or on a non-metallic portable box for temporary power applications. Easily accessible break-off tabs for split circuit wiring. Snub hole for fast. Removable knockouts for mounting to octagon concrete ring or box. Accepts up to. Surge suppression. Apply if needed. Product is supplied with isolated ground symbol stickers. Horsepower ratings are AC only. Duplex Receptacles 2 Description Flush. Specification Grade.

Duplex Receptacles 3. See Section K for wallplates. Hospital Grade. F S Fed. Construction and Commercial Series Duplex Receptacles 1.

Pdf hubbell catalog

Open Terminals Description Smooth nylon face. Construction Series Heavy Duty. Roomy wiring chamber provides ample space for wiring. Beveled housing prevents snagging when dragged across uneven surfaces. Accepts slotted and Phillips head drivers. Cord diameter range is. A www. Features and Benefits Catalog number is visible on the device while in use for easy identification. Individual wiring terminals completely enclosed in their own separate chambers.

Pdf hubbell catalog

Multiple drive screws provide screwdriver versatility. Pocketed recess for cord grip screws deter slippage of the screwdriver. Ribbed nylon housing is impact and chemical resistant. Powerful offsetting cord grips clamp on individual conductors and outer cord jacket to prevent strain on terminations.

Same as above except yellow. CSA only. Transparent housing. Not for general use applications. Closure plug.

Pdf hubbell catalog

Corrosion resistant yellow nylon. Watertight Connector Body Closure plug seals connector body when disconnected from plug. Features and Benefits Powerful nylon cord grip prevents strain on terminals. Dimensions in Inches mm www. Three separate transparent wiring chambers allow for visual inspection. Integral weatherproofing shroud seals connection between plug and connector.

Dust Tight Plug Thermoplastic elastomer housing. Nylon compression nut keeps water and dust from getting into the body around the cord. Neoprene bushing keeps water and dust out. Thermoplastic elastomer housing resists weathering caused by ultraviolet rays and ozone better than rubber. Dust and moisture seal keeps out liquids. Also oil and chemical resistant. Connector bodies are not HP rated. Horsepower ratings listed are AC only. HBL Cord Dia. Yellow elastomer. Plug and connector terminals are enclosed by a clear polycarbonate retainer to help inhibit the entry of contaminants while still allowing for visual inspection of terminations.

Clear polycarbonate retainer inhibits the entry of contaminants while allowing for visual inspection of terminals. Multiple drive screws accommodate slotted. Phillips and Robertson type drivers. Enclosed wiring chamber. Valise-type hinged body. Overmolded black nylon. Removable cord inserts. Device accommodates a wide range of cord sizes —.


Totally insulated impact and crush resistant nylon body. Nylon webs are provided to make wiring quick and easy by joining the three sections together during assembly. Powerful cord grips prevent conductor slippage and strain on wiring terminals. Features and Benefits 8 specially designed load bearing locking lugs insure a positive fit as the blade holder and sides are closed.

Insulation displacement terminals. Black nylon. See Section I for complete line of hospital grade devices. HBLV 2. Gray nylon. Flanged Receptacles Description Nylon casing. Stainless steel flange. HBL61CM64 — multiple drive screws. Flanged Devices. Brown nylon. Brown nylon face. Ivory nylon face. Four outlet cluster. Replacement receptacle for HBL Cord grip range. This device will only accept 20A grounding plugs. This device is not listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. RTP is an abbreviation for reinforced thermoplastic polyester.

Pdf hubbell catalog

HBL 10A. Brown RTP. See Section J for full line of isolated ground devices. HP ratings are AC only. Duplex Receptacles Description Flush. Single Receptacles Description Flush. Flanged inlets are not HP rated. Insulgrip Flanged Inlets Description Nylon casing. HP rating listed above are based on to V AC only. HBLVY 2. Not UL listed. G black RTP. W orange. W angle. Horsepower ratings not in parentheses are phase to phase to V AC.

Those in parentheses are phase to neutral V AC.

Hubbell Catalog

Catalog No. All horsepower ratings listed above are AC only. Refer to Section K for more details on cover plates. HBL 2.

Connector body is not HP rated. HBL black phenolic. Stainless steel. IP44 Cast aluminum. HBL black nylon body. Horsepower ratings in parentheses are phase to neutral V AC.

Features and Benefits Catalog number. Neoprene dust shields fit a variety of cable diameters to provide a reliable seal to keep dust out. Catalog number. Captive Allen head terminal screws permit high torque and clamping pressure required for larger size conductors. One piece design power and ground contacts provide low operating temperatures.