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Dsc show book pdf

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The DSC Book teaches you everything you need to know to implement DSC today! You'll learn DSC's basic architecture, how to write. Write "source for product SAILOR VHF DSC" in the memo line of your .. The large display can be customized for optimum . Phone book. As the profession has blossomed into its present day arrangement, it has undergone many pivotal and transitional changes which account for its unique identity.

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Microsoft MVP Award recipient Don Jones and in-the-trenches DSC expert Missy Januszko tackle the enormous and complex topic of Desired State. Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a powerful configuration management platform No books on the market yet on this important new feature of PowerShell PowerShell and has been evangelizing PowerShell ever since. Show all ISBN ; Digitally watermarked, DRM-free; Included format: PDF. Use this guide to Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) to configure your infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. This book is a powerful configuration management platform that makes it easier than ISBN ; Digitally watermarked, DRM-free; Included format: PDF, . Show next

Services for this book Download High-Resolution Cover. Customer stories. New file locations since Puppet 3. Full in-depth guide to this vital PowerShell feature in Windows and beyond Written by a renowned PowerShell expert, multi-year MVP awardee, speaker, and contributor to the international PowerShell community Helps readers take a modern and robust approach to configuring their infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud, and cross-platform see more benefits. PuppetConf Opting Out of the Pull Server Approach.

A free preview of the book is available here. After that, I moved up to New York to work for IPsoft as a member of the system administration team, and then developed their Windows monitoring and automation platform. I joined Puppet Labs last June as a software engineer on the Windows engineering team. At the time I wrote this book, there was nothing out there that provided step-by-step instructions on how to use DSC.

Book dsc pdf show

I found lots of blog posts, online chats, and snippets, but nothing that gave you end-to-end instructions for how to use this technology. DSC is a big mental shift for most admins.

Pdf book dsc show

That was a big Eureka moment for me. The book is a direct result of the last two years of trying to make DSC work in a software delivery pipeline. I explain why you should care about configuration management, why a repeatable build and deployment process helps, and then walk you through deploying and using DSC.

Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed | Ravikanth Chaganti | Apress

One of my challenges with learning DSC at the time was that there was no documentation. Microsoft was trying to get the product out and into users hands as fast as they could, but that meant not documenting most of it. I knew how to do things in PowerShell, but the shift in thinking with configuration management meant I had to approach the problem differently.

There were no best practices to how to do things, so I tried to present the lessons I learned in the book for others to use.

These will probably evolve over time as more people start using DSC in production. In the last chapter of the book, I show examples of how to work with an existing app and add more configuration points. I wanted to show a common, real world scenario and then add curve balls to it so readers can use the example in their own environments.

The example starts with one app, shows you how to automate an instance of a Windows service application, then adds on a website how to handle dependencies, paths, properties, etc. Writing books is hard! You start to explain a concept only to realize you have to unpack another concept first in order for the reader to understand.

At my previous job, I built systems that worked in between Linux and Windows. Very few tools work well for both environments without compromising utility or power. It was great to see Microsoft, out of the gate, working with third party vendors like Puppet.

We provide a wrapper for the DSC Resource declarations, which allows you to use the same properties and parameters as the DSC Resource, resulting in less code for you to write. We demoed the module at PuppetConf , and have made a bunch of improvements to it so that it is now fully supported. DSC has a breadth of resources, over in fact. Main menu Home. Pipelines Login.

Puppet Discovery. Puppet Enterprise. Puppet Pipelines. Puppet Insights. Puppet Container Registry.

Show pdf dsc book

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Get Puppet Enterprise.

Why Puppet. Puppet vs. How Puppet works. Download Puppet Enterprise. Preview Puppet emulator. Try the Learning VM. Self guided demos. Managed technology. Open source projects. Open source Puppet. Puppet Bolt. Simply, scalably, securely.

State of DevOps. Configuration management. Cloud management. Infrastructure Prerequisites. Configuring the LCM 3. Checking the Configuration 3. Deploying the LCM Configuration.

Part 1: Design Decisions

Specifying Configuration Pull Servers. Setting Up a Pull Server 4.

Before You Begin. Step 2: Get an SSL Certificate.

Pdf dsc show book

Step 5: Run and Deploy the Config. Opting Out of the Pull Server Approach. Testing Push Mode 6. Creating the Configuration. Testing Pull Mode 7. Pushing the Meta-Configuration to a Node.

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Pulling the Configuration from the Pull Server. Basic Configuration Authoring 8. Getting Started: The Configuration Block. Going Further with Configurations 9. Understanding ConfigurationData. Referencing and Using Configuration Data. Configuration Script Strategies 9. Option 1: Multiple Configuration Scripts. Option 2: Dot Sourcing. Composite Configurations Creating a Composite Resource.

Turning the Configuration into a Resource Module. Deploying the Composite Resource. Partial Configurations Summarizing Partial Configuration Pros and Cons. Partial Configuration Dependencies. He is passionate about automation and works in his free time writing scripts and tools to help automate management tasks for Windows OS and applications on Windows OS. Ravikanth has more than 13 years of industry experience and a broad set of skills in the IT infrastructure domain ranging from servers to storage to networking.

He started scripting in early and continued to hone in his skills from that point on. In , he fell in love with an early release of Windows PowerShell and has been evangelizing PowerShell ever since. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Free Preview. Show next edition. No books on the market yet on this important new feature of PowerShell 4.