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Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Eighteen-year-old Alice is unhappy. Her boyfri. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I'm a professional author who has written more than fifty Book 1 of 3 in The Fifty Shades Of Alice Trilogy (3 Book Series). Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland has a lot of kinky sex in it, but I find the path to arousal and release more erotic than graphic descriptions of.

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Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland. Home · Fifty Fifty Shades 01 Fifty Shades of Grey. Read more Alice in Wonderland: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. PDF - Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland. BEYOND 50 SHADES OF GREY Eighteen-year-old Alice is unhappy. Her boyfriend is nice and polite, but he's also . Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland - Melinda Duchamp - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Good luck with it Melinda. This was intolerable. His dark hair was short. A hole that leads to a land of debauchery, wild characters, even wilder sex, fabulous asses, and satisfaction for all concerned. It was delightfully wicked.

The third short novel in the 50 Shades of Alice trilogy, this descent into naughtiness features the same colorful characters, kinky thrills, and offbeat humor as the previous bestselling titles.

E ighteen-year-old Alice is sexually unfulfilled. But then she follows a very special white rabbit to places beyond her wildest erotica imagination. From escapades in a sexual Wonderland, to some hot encounters through the Looking Glass, and on to the infamous Hellfire Club, this isn't the fairy tale you grew up reading.

This adults-only story is for those with sinful desires, who wish to explore erotic excess beyond the plain vanilla of everyday life.

The bestselling erotica trilogy is now compiled into a single, full-length novel, for only the most adventurous readers. I t's not easy being a princess in a fairytale. Especially when everyone you meet is so incredibly horny. When unhappy Jezebel is rescued from a terrible blind date by a cute waiter with magic beans, she thinks she must be dreaming. But once she's in a land filled with mythical beings, hot and eager suitors, and more orgasms than she's able to handle, Jezzy learns the true meaning of "happy ending.

T he only thing worse than a sexy ex-boyfriend is a sexy ex-boyfriend who became hugely successful. After breaking up with her slacker boyfriend, Jezebel starts her own matchmaking service, guaranteed to find anyone's perfect sexual partner. But when her first big client turns out to be her ex who somehow shed his lack of ambition and became a billionaire , Jezzy will have to put aside their history in order to find him a wife.

But will old feelings get in the way? O n the day before her gigantic Fairytaleland wedding to billionaire Jack Horner, Jezebel is confused. Tormented by feelings of doubt and drooping self-esteem, she goes to the infamous Hellfire Club Spa for relaxation, and hopefully transformation. But can she learn to like herself again before saying "I do"? J ezebel is searching for sexual fulfillment, and a soulmate so she can live happily ever after. Her quest leads her up a beanstalk to a fairy tale land where her wildest, kinkiest fantasies come true.

From the debauchery and danger of the Ghastlibad Forest, to finding the perfect partner for her billionaire ex-boyfriend, to induging in her darkest desires the night before her wedding, Jezebel embarks on a journey of discovery that's nothing like the Mother Goose you grew up with. I n the future, some people are still prudes But Fanny and Peter, instructors at the Siemann Sex Institute, are doing all they can to make sure everyone can enjoy a healthy, prosperous sex life. Even if that means kidnapping clueless men to teach them how to please a woman, giving BDSM lessons, and creating group sex instructional videos.

But when a gorgeous, naive blond with sexual super powers arrives at the institute, everything Fanny and Peter know will be exposed and turned upside down And the most prudish of all are the righteous defenders of righteousness at the Purity Foundation.

When the director sends her own daughter on an undercover mission to eliminate sexual satisfaction from earth, the only thing standing between the human race and complete and total sexual frustration are the good instructors of the Seimann Sex Institute. Fanny and Peter, along with new instructors Chastity and Milo, have devoted their lives to ensuring everyone can enjoy a healthy, prosperous sex life.

But they will have to use every tool and technique in their arsenal if they are to overcome this new threat, because the Purity Foundation isn't going down C arla thought she had it all together. She never expected to fall for someone half her age.

Especially Jake, an escort who specialized in very kinky sex. But Carla was curious. Was it blue? Alice glanced at the door leading back into the mushroom field. Pilar quickly pulled away. Do you trust me. I drank this potion earlier. She felt like crying. Can you help me? But you have to trust me.

I trust you. That is the only way. You could even die from it. Shackles and chains hung from the rafters. It was a dungeon. Into the Pink Room of Bunnies. Dung Beetle. There was a table. That was pretty damn stupid. Pilar is short for Caterpillar. There were no bunnies at all. I want to quit. Do you want me too? Looking at them made Alice feel queer and peculiar. Alice had no idea what it was. See that strange-looking table there?

One kneels on it and bends over. A steel cage was in the corner. This man. She tried to squirm away. The potion was too powerful. She should go to the authorities. After a brief sting. Something like this. Alice wanted more than anything for him to smack her again.

Alice squeezed her eyes shut. Perhaps you need a spanking. But instead. And Alice had never touched herself. She believed those parts of her were dirty and strange.

But Pilar did more than just touch. The tenderness of his fingers. She wondered if he had put something on his hand because it was so slick. His index finger lightly stroked her from beneath. Alice gasped. The mixed sensations were extraordinary. When she and Lewis made love. No one had ever touched her there before. Did I do something? She looked up at Pilar. So why did it make her quiver so?

Why did she want to try it? It frightened her. I understand. In the center was an even thicker belt. She slowly got to her feet. So shall I spank you? I can place you in the stocks and whip your butt and thighs with a crop. Stand up. Pilar behind her with a leather riding crop.

When Alice reached it. Alice trembled. An abhorrent. She instantly imagined herself bent over. I was just calling your name. Then her left foot. Then her hands. But this time he began to move it in and out. Alice tensed up and began to resist. First her waist. Even more embarrassing. How could she have gotten to this point?

A complete stranger. As he knelt down.

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland - Melinda Duchamp

Do you understand? He moved slowly. But unlike Lewis. But the wicked straps were tight. Pilar repeated the procedure with the left leg.

I am going to tie it around your knees and thighs to restrict your pelvic movement and spread you wider. She pulled. She chanced a humiliated look down. Pilar was so close she could feel his hot. Alice was bound there. I beg of you. Then it did. She had lost all ability to move her lower regions.

Alice tried to struggle. I must shave you. Pilar went to a cabinet and withdrew a length of white rope. He looped the rope around her right knee and up her thigh.

Alice fought tears. She strained. He brought a pitcher of warm water. When she washed herself down there. But just as she was ready to beg him to put a finger inside her again. It felt like washing. Untie me at once. Alice began to get lost in the rhythm. Alice felt as if he was dragging the process out. Pilar withdrew the brush and began to shave her. Alice used a soapy rag and was quick and businesslike. She closed her eyes. The lather was warm and smelled of sandalwood.

Sometimes he missed the hair completely. What if he cuts me by accident? And even worse. The brush had round. A few deft strokes later. He spent a moment twirling the brush in the soap bowl. The pleasant sensations were replaced by panic. Unlike the gentle rhythm of the brush strokes. Pilar was gentler. They were used for childbirth and nothing more. Staring at them was abnormal and perverted. Maybe this was what sex was supposed to be like.

Why would he possibly want to do something like that? But her hips began to make a little circle. His lips touched hers. I know we have just met. Those parts of her were ugly and dirty. She thought of Lewis. He was so soft. To fully extract all of the blue potion. Alice began to plead with him to stop. Does he satisfy you? Talking about her lovemaking failures was almost as humiliating as being spread open before a stranger.

Pilar pressed his face against her. I have a boyfriend named Lewis. Then he moved up higher. She cried out. Being intimate with him makes me feel close. He began to lick. This was it. Pilar licked around her opening. How sex was supposed to be.

A fullblooded. It felt amazing. She wanted it so bad she almost felt like crying. Her hips were bucking now. Alice wanted sex. All she needed was a few more seconds. So near experiencing what she longed so much to experience. Her whole life. But now she felt like a woman. Alice continued to buck. She tugged against her bounds.

His rough fingers found her nipples and began to tug. Please spank me. Would you like that? Pilar reached out. Somehow all of the burning in her loins had suddenly transferred to her breasts.

Lick me. She felt like her lower regions were on fire. Alice eyed the bulge in his leather pants. It seemed monstrous. Alice cried out in frustration. She felt completely out of control. Or being terribly hot and thirsty and denying yourself a cool glass of lemonade. A beast that demanded to be fed. Even the riding crop. She wanted to see how much teasing she could take before she burst. It made no sense. But it was more than that. The throb had become a steady thrum of pleasure. Because deep down.

Alice squirmed and strained and begged for him not to leave. Or having an irresistible itch on your arm and being unable to scratch it. Alice yearned to know what other ways Pilar could torment her. It was like being hungry. Alice realized she liked being teased. Pilar gave each a small pinch. This teasing was intolerable. Alice wanted to buck against him. On each end was a wooden. It hurt. The feeling is tripled. How she suffers so. Alice once again had to fight to not cry. It brought a brief pinch of hurt.

But when I remove it. But when Pilar took his hand away. I can take it. Alice screamed. He touched her nipple with it as she watched. Then he clamped it upon her.

Not from pain. And I will. As before.

Alice of fifty wonderland pdf in shades

Panting now. Alice clenched her jaw. Pilar slowly began to withdraw his finger. To cry. She was torn between wanting to strangle him. Pilar seemed to drink in the expression of disgust on her face. There was nothing he could do to her to make her do that. As aroused as she was. Just saying she would kiss him there was as outrageous as she could possibly get. Alice wanted to scream. But Alice wanted no part of putting that plastic monstrosity in her mouth.

It was a back massager. The feeling was so intense. Open your mouth. Pilar switched on the massager— —and pressed it between her legs. She recognized it from the store Sharper Image when she visited the mall. It was bigger.

There were also tiny bumps across the surface. Without saying a word. An eighteen inch handle. Right now. Pilar took something else out of the bag with his other hand. A back massage? Absolutely not. The pleasure began to multiply exponentially. But then she lost her mind again to the vibrations. Alice feared she would pass out.

Of alice shades wonderland pdf in fifty

He would rub it up and down her legs. Even so. Alice gagged. Just a few more seconds and she would — Pilar took the wand away. When he did place it against her. This is the high speed. Alice screamed with a frustration so great she had no doubt they could hear it all the way back home.

This had to end. Pilar slipped the black plastic member in her mouth. The sensations doubled. Pilar continued to tease her. She became a complete prisoner of her own greedy desires. When Alice cried out. Alice had no idea how long it went on.

Suck hard. Let me take you in my mouth. What had seemed so abhorrent before was now all she wanted in the world. Before she knew it. Touching it to her chin and cheek.

Pilar would pull away. Making her strain and beg to have it in her mouth again. Her breath came faster. Then the terrible man began to tease her with that as well. With no stimulation at all. But at some point. Pulling the plastic out of her lips. She wanted that black thing deep in her throat. Then she imagined it was Pilar. Alice imagined it was Lewis. All the build-up.

Pilar worked it in and out of her. Alice opened her mouth. But the toy inside her began to move faster and harder. Pilar brushed the tip against her lips—its velvet softness reminded her of the mushrooms—and then eased it inside her cheeks. Pilar took the Hitachi up to the higher speed.

The sensation was so strong Alice screamed again.

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So stiff. At the same time. Alice felt her shaven parts suddenly filled with something long and hard. Now she did begin to cry. She whimpered as he unbuttoned his leather pants.

So big. But the feeling was impossible to resist. Alice felt as if she left her body. Alice was exhausted. Pilar pulled out and turned the wheel so she was once again upright.

And then he was cupping her face. As if she no longer existed. The orgasm locked every one of her muscles. She shuddered. Alice was once again as well. Pilar moved his hands up her body. Soon she was matching his thrusts. Pilar took his time. Unlike Lewis. She sighed. Maybe she could clean his house. His thrusts became faster and faster and then his whole body seized and he held her tight and Alice screamed until he finally put a hand over her lips and politely asked her to shut up.

We need to make sure we got all the potion out. I mean. He began to wind it around the Hitachi wand. I enjoyed it as much as you. She squirmed and struggled against it. Already the pleasure began to overpower Alice. Pilar chuckled to himself. The sensations were overpowering. I have some chores to do around the house.

He forced it up into Alice. I should call in the townspeople. She would never be able to handle such humiliation. That should be enough.

It had a thick. A half hour? That was torture! Her eyes implored him not to go. Alice dear. You have things to do. A woman as beautiful as you. She wanted nothing more than to curl up near the fire in his cozy cabin. But the woods out there can be rough on bare. And she did want to go home. When Pilar returned and untied her. Alice pouted. The half hour went by quickly. With you. They looked to be made for strippers. Or prostitutes. It was a pair of black leather boots.

But the trail was indeed rough on her bare feet. A seven would be a bit tight on her. Just a moment. So Alice forced her incredible-looking but still rubbery legs to carry her through the mushroom field. But when Pilar opened the box.

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Or pants. Alice had never worn any such footwear. Pilar appeared again. Or a skirt. He would probably give her a ticket. She felt brilliant. For a minute she stood looking at the house. Alice walked in the direction Pilar had pointed. There he set down the boom box he was carrying and simply stood. Alice drew one arm across her breasts. Instead he looked at her.

Do you like having fun. But I really do need to get back home. And your legs and bottom look fabulous in those boots. I can show you. It was a handsome smile. I would love to have mammary intercourse with you. The Hatter and the Hare are doing their tea thing. The Queen is playing croquet.

Are you here for the party. And I am here for the Duchess. He held a tablet computer in one hand. Why else would she be so wanton? Behind her. Alice saw something that looked like a white snake poking through the darkness. The rest of the kitchen was dark. Somone Alice assumed was the Duchess sat on a three-legged stool in the middle.

As she stared. The man had a round face with an enormous smile that seemed to cover half of it. The door led right into a large kitchen. A beautiful. With one move. Before Alice knew what was going on. Flustered at how rude the Duchess was and feeling uncomfortable about how fast the man in the corner was now tugging.

The Duchess smiled. Alice glanced at the shirt and noticed. Alice backed away and let Dick step past her. It turns me on. The cheap shirt and plastic badge went first. He hit a button on his boom box. You have the right to remain naked. She should leave.

Even worse. Alice kept staring. She was embarrassed by the question. Every time he bumped. It would be wonderful if you helped her. Puckering up. Grabbing him roughly.

The Duchess motioned him to come closer. She spread them onto the floor. Her lips stretched wide to accommodate him. Dick stopped dancing. When he did. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, and he panted in obvious ecstasy. Slowly, the Duchess pulled her head away. When he popped free, there was a red lipstick ring encircling his member near the base.

The Duchess knew exactly what she was doing. She seemed to be in complete control. You just put on lipstick and take him in your mouth. The color was deep blue. Now make the second band of color in the rainbow. But that damnable throbbing in her nether regions had gotten worse, and Dick looked so earnest and needy. Maybe she could try it, just once. As on Pilar, the head was soft but firm, and as Alice wrapped her lips around it, Dick cried out.

She immediately jerked her head away in alarm. What did I do wrong? The poor boy was simply overwhelmed with pleasure. It is the ultimate in control. She wished she had the courage to order Dick to lick her, as he had the Duchess, but that was far too embarrassing to even think about.

But she did manage to open her mouth, wider this time, and slowly suck Dick in between her cheeks. Alice began to get the hang of it, but went in too deep and began to gag. She spat Dick out. She imitated the. For he can thoroughly enjoy The pepper when he pleases! Just remember the song. I speak severely to my boy.

I beat him when he sneezes. Please finish off Dick for me. She sent an invitation to me. Then she stood up. You are very sexy to watch. But I will say the soup has a lot of pepper in it. Now I must be off. She thought of Pilar.

I know that Dick enjoys both. Some people around Wonderland let me peep in windows. And let me tell you something. Alice swallowed. You have the power here. And like she had told the Duchess. Look how badly he wants you.

Live shows. Use your imagination. But here she could do whatever she wanted. Heat spread through her body. She took a sip. She looked down at his member.

He instantly responded. Dick locked eyes with her. She lifted the spoon from the cup. It smelled heavenly. She wanted to feel him against her tongue.

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland - Melinda Duchamp | Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

See if it could show her the way home. She let the spoon drop into the cup. Pilar was one thing. No one could blame her for that. Walk out the door and find the white rabbit vibrator. Alice wanted to please Dick because…. Each stroke of her tongue brought a grunt and a flex. Like a pig. Alice took hold of him at his root with one hand and flicked and circled and licked. He grunted again. Alice lowered herself to her knees. With a grunt. And for a second. When he brushed against her.

Figuring that was a good thing. Her mouth still burned with pepper. Alice wrapped her lips around him and slid him over her tongue until he was halfway down her throat. She pulled back slowly. Alice moved up his shaft. Alice cupped her hands on either side of her mounds.

Alice had never felt so empowered. Alice circled Dick. And when he had fully emerged. Between her tits. Alice embraced the vulgar word. Then she splashed it onto her chest. Then she glided down. Tease him. Maybe she could do that. She poured a little more of the soup on her body. He cried out. Mammary intercourse. Perhaps there was.

Because… Well. But first… Alice lifted a full cup of soup. It coated her skin. She moved one way. Alice now found it strangely compelling. It was delightfully wicked. Her licking and fondling and rubbing her body over Dick. Every few minutes. She imagined what he saw. Where his watching had once creeped her out. She brought her hand up under him.

Cheshire would moan. She flicked with her tongue. She brought him deep down into her throat. The feeling was amazing. She brought Dick into her mouth again. I beg you. She rolled them lightly between her fingers. She cupped a chip in her tongue. His gaze skimmed down her naked body. Dick moved faster. The ice was delicious and cold and wet. He grunted. Alice thought of Pilar.

He groaned. She brought her mouth lower. You are so hot. Cupping and licking with iced tongue. She pulled away. She took more soup. Dick sat. Alice smiled up at him. This is why he enjoyed himself as much as I. She remembered what the Duchess said. So this is what Pilar meant. And it did sound like a keen idea.

Faster and faster. She thrust herself against his mouth. The pressure built in her. A flush of heat stole over her skin. Then she squatted over his face. She was wrong. She walked slowly around him. Alice had something they wanted. With pepper and with ice.

Dick uttered. She focused on him. More and more. Alice wanted to tell him how sweet that was to say. He managed to sort-of look at Alice. Then Alice climaxed as Dick flexed and moaned and another taste filled her mouth. The experience seemed to completely exhaust Dick. Leaving her legs straddling him. Alice managed to swallow all of it.

Thank you for a wonderful show. What was it with men and wanting to sleep afterward? Alice felt energized.