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Bs 970 standard pdf

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BS - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In addition this standard now only applies to stainless steels when ill. the form of forgings. BS Part 3 pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The preparation of this British Standard was entrusted by the Iron and Steel. suppliers of BS specifications in round bar, flat bar and steel plate. BS steel steel standards such as BS EN , BS EN and BS EN

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The preparation of this British Standard was entrusted by the Iron and Steel . This Part of BS has been prepared under the direction of the Iron and Steel. Important Notes: 1) BS has been generally superseded by European based standards Notes on European Standards 2) All information on. 12 Billets (other than stainless steel) for forging: standard mass per Standards Policy Committee and is identical with BS Part 1:

When range is specified 0. Thank you for interesting in our services. See also3. DvT U.. Amol Kulkarni. More From Senthil Kumar Ganesan. Available as hot rolled, normalised, Cold drawn or turned.

Similarly it may be i1f'cessar: For example See 1. J Number of grain size tests 1: Number of hardenahiltty 2 Subject to i.. J [Hill diameter steels. TIle nUITtber of tests shall be agreed between th..

This test shall be carried out to i in accordance with BS J.. It is not possible to convert values from onE' type of irrtpact test to the other. In cases of dispute It shall be sensitized by IIt'dl. If either value satisfies the value of the yield strengt E"'I iV Le specified h. Considerable caution should be exercised when converting from one hardness scale to another and in cases of dispute thp BrineH hardness test shall be used If specified an A bend test piece shall be prepared and tested in accordance with BS JtJ ball and a load of kg..

These are for guidance only. Either one or other of the following tests shall be carried out.. The vaJu.. The average value of tIle results obtained for three notches shall conform to the relevant requirements of the ITtaterial specificaticlH..

BS 970 steels

Graphs for the comparison of the various given in annex A.. So may be used One individual value may be belovl the specified value TIle document supplied shall state t.. He shall be at liberty to inspect the manufacture at arLY stage and to witness the required tests.. Values not conrorrrung to the speCIfIed requirements. Ul lel. Should any of the retests fail. Tile releva.. Failing this. If required by the order. If this marking is required it shall be stated the enquiry and order see also NOTE 2.

Since the analysis of the steel necessary to attain the specified: TIle chemical cornpositiorL and rnecharlical properties shall be as given in tame 4. BS For requirements section U20 max Specific requirements for steels for suface hardening by rutnumg shall be as given in table 6.

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Categor-y 1 steels shou. L V'--' '-'. Attention is drawn to tne advantages or specnying hardenability requirements for a. A '-"'!. If water hardening is not an option because of distortion.!.. Part 1 t.. CT'j Ii co. J LI' BS I Par't! OJ 00 Ctl I""""'i cv: I en C-. Section 4 G'. J oaoooooc C''l 0 00 '!

Auetenirizing temperature tsars and I Forgings and bars for machlnlng billets for forging INormalized.. JU VI orv: Ulh VUl1J.. Ileal lCealJu.. Preheat treatment temperature I Austenit Section 4 BSI IJ Shall also be stress relieved at a temperature not pxceeding 0. Hardening Category I Ii Is 91 I..

I I II Part 1 i i J Ii 10 01 "".. Dar Tolerances shall be in accorda Closer tolerances and the supplier Sizes other than those in BS may be available.. Inay be agreed between the purchaser Billets for forging shall be supplied in accordance witll table Billets and bars for forging shall be straight to wu. Btllets Nommal sizeO across flats O7.

O I LUV 1.

970 standard pdf bs

BS BS! I ne-!

I riats. I Permrtted for hot rolled I'ouTI D1 Ul. C' Af Hr. S mm rnm I Permitted vartatton.. I Size in. Part 1 Annex A Hardenabtlity curves for case.. The values to be used are those specified in table 7 case-hardening steels. I I "'i.. II Iii. II yi. II ! II II. II Ll. Ifi I.. I Lil-t-l.

Ll Ll i. T' --' BS Part 1 iOO': I Ii II Distance 20 iI iI '- L.. I IIII! Iii i i!

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I I"" I. I I Fi I' I I"'L. I I ''tJ 1. I T I 1' I' L ['I.. I Iii'. I ['".

I LJr-1 i 'iti.. J 4UI o: I 11 13 15 I I iTT-or! I I I I 1 I I -1 f""'Ooo. W I I 1'1 "'tr. I r--T" " I". I iii Ii! I T-rI I I.. I III!! J f"-' I I -r T-1 1. II1 Elements other than aluminium can be used to obtain these properties. Rimmed steels are normally restricted to a carbon conterlt of less tl-lan 0.

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Steel for forgings and drop forgings are required to be killed. Killed steels ca.. Deoxidants are only added to these steels to control the: Generally silicon killed steel shall contain 0.

Jfft "' It't10 i nn.. London BS BS Part 1 BS F--art 1 LISl: J8jor T'.:! L materials rerr I Sio'Pual and J1t. LHJH o. It is incorporated by Royal Charter. Contact the Information Department at Chiswick: In response to orders for international Orders for all BS!. Revisions r British Standards are updated by amendment or revision. European and international standards through its Library.

Copyright Copyright subsists in all BSI publications Sales Department at Chiswick: Available annealed. Supplied as black round or square bar and bright round or square, and hexagons. Used for gears axles and high strength studs. Supplied as rolled, annealed and hardened and tempered. Supplied as black round or square bar and bright round or square, and hexagons BS M 13 EN36 A high quality nickel chromium case hardening steel.

970 pdf bs standard

Can be hardened to provide hard surface with a strong tough core. Used for high duty gears and shafts. Supplied in as-rolled condition in black square and round bar and bright round. Provide good tough core strength with a hard nitrided surface for wear resistance. Supplied in as-rolled, annealed and hardened and tempered condition in black square and round bar.

Typical applications include cutlery, surgical instruments, fasteners, valves, spindles and shafts. Supplied heat treated with a high tensile strength. BS Ferritic. Low Strength but good ductility. Used food processing and catering S15 equipment and automotive trim,car exhaust systems etc.

BS 970 Part 3 1991.pdf

Readily formed and welded,used mainly in domestic, dairy and decorative appliances general purpose grade for corrosion resistant applications.

This grade is the most widely used of all stainless steels. Its chemical composition,provide the best all-round performance S. It has excellent low temperature properties.

Lower Carbon grades S15 and less have improved weldability. It offers high resistance to corrosion. Generally machined components and pipe fittings. This grade is almost as popular as the grade the increased M o content makes the steel more suitable for resisting pitting and crevice then Grade.

Grade Titanium stabilized, which offers improved welding properties. Pocesses good resistance to scaling at high temperatures. For continuous high temperature service in the range oC. The values below are not comprehensive and must be used with extreme care.

The strength values e. In the tables below the relevant sections are often thin and so the strength values are maximum values. Please refer to the relevant standards for important work..

The number represents the manganese content x to Free cutting steels. The second and third number indicate the sulphur content x Silicon M anganese valve steels to Stainless and heat resisting steels to Alloy Steels b The fourth symbol is a letter code. A The steel is supplied to a chemical compostion determine by analysis of the batch sample. H The steel is supplied to a hardenability specification M The steel is supplied to a M echanical Property specification.

S The steel is a stainless steel c The fifth and sixth symbol is a number is the actual mean carbon content x In addition to the above coding a condition coding may be applied. This is used in conjunction with a limiting section designation. Aust 58A 1. Aust 1. Valve 16M A32 1. M art 1. M art 27 M 31 3. M art C A40 1. M art 36A M 13 3. Fer 1. Valve Stainless Steels