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Results 1 - 48 of [PDF] Heather's Gift by Lora Leigh. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Heather's Gift. Marly's Choice. Men of August (Series). Book 1. Lora Leigh Author () of August (Series). Book 2. Lora Leigh Author (). cover image of Heather's Gift . Heather's Gift (Men of August) [Lora Leigh, Summer Roberts] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will.

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Heather's Gift book. Read 75 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Book 3 in the Men Of August series. Will she bring the gift of accep. Leigh, Lora - Men of August 03 - Heather's Gift Lora Leigh - Legacies 03 - Savage Legacy Lora Leigh - SEALS 03 - Reno's Chance. Heather's Gift (Men of August, Book 3) Publisher: Ellora's Cave Lora Leigh online, books to read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to.

Dec 27, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. The August brothers really needed psychological counseling and I did feel sorry for the abuse that was inflicted to them. Marly's Choice Paperback. If you like this type of book you will enjoy this story. His worries about the other women's feelings about sharing with his brothers, was more sensitive not sexually though-he is more aggressive in bed than Brock was than the other August men. As part of the team assigned to the protection of the August family, she had taken her job seriously. Heather James is assigned to guard Sam and over time they grow to love one another.

Original Title. Men of August 3. Sam August , Heather March. United States of America. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Heather's Gift , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 07, Shawna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Of course, this is only my interpretation, not literal quotes. Okay, so why did I still rate it 4 stars? View all 46 comments. Feb 10, Daisiemae rated it really liked it Recommends it for: If I could give this book 3.

I didn't like this book as well as Sarah's Seduction. Once again, I think the August Brothers are alpha, sexy and very tortured heroes. Sam August has demons in his closet he has yet to deal with. He has blocked out the abuse he and his brothers endured and is p If I could give this book 3.

Heather's Gift

He has blocked out the abuse he and his brothers endured and is protected by the August family. I liked Sam. I didn't doubt his feelings for Heather, and I even liked that he wasn't convinced that sharing Heather would not have a negative outcome. His worries about the other women's feelings about sharing with his brothers, was more sensitive not sexually though-he is more aggressive in bed than Brock was than the other August men.

But, of course what the August men want, they get Heather is assigned to protect Sam. She is drawn to him in many ways. She has to take incentive several times to establish a relationship with him, even though she does not want to be shared with the others.

Her love for him was evident, but something about them bothered me. I don't think the sex was a hot in this book. I just don't think they connected as well as Sarah and Brock.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading this book. It is not one of my favorites by Lora, but well worth the read. I am looking forward to reading the outcome of the August men. Feb 12, Zeek rated it it was ok Shelves: Yet, I couldnt seem to stop reading them. I liked the heroine, Heather- strong, feisty, but not obnoxiously so. Major angst with Sam, the hero, and I thought, once LL got around to delineating some of the heretofore only hinted at torture that they endured as kids at the hand of their … stepfather was it?

Not sure. The kentucky fried family connections kinda got lost on me. Either way, it became a better book than the others. And, what with all the shenanigans and polyamorphous goings ons distracting me, I was a tad surprised with who the big bad ended up to be- although it might have also been due to the fact that I lost track of what all was going on as it was spread across the three books. Big Love! View 1 comment. As Heather's Gift begins, readers who have not read Marly's Choice and Sarah's Seduction will probably be disappointed in this story before the end of Chapter 1.

For those who've read the series in proper sequence, it's understood that the August brothers use sex to express their love and trust for one another and for the women in their lives. There are very complex psychological facets to this series.

With the introduction of Heather March, Lora Leigh gives us another alpha female and pairs her As Heather's Gift begins, readers who have not read Marly's Choice and Sarah's Seduction will probably be disappointed in this story before the end of Chapter 1.

Sam is an alpha male whose twin brother, Brock, and older brother, Cade, don't perceive as an alpha. They have spent their adult lives trying to protect Sam from memories his own mind has blocked. But Heather loves Sam and sees that he can never be at peace until he has remembered and faced the demons.

While she's trying to get closer to Sam, he's pushing her away. He's trying to protect her from a stalker who is intent on destroying Sam and the woman he loves.

When Sarah's ex-husband is murdered, the investigation results in the August brothers confronting their history.

When the stalker is revealed, it's a shocker, but not. Heather's Gift does offer us a satisfying ending, but not. All the conflicts are resolved, all the bad guys caught, all the demons laid to rest Dec 27, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another amazing book from Lora Leigh. I'm in awe of the woman.

Sam is the most damaged and is experiencing nightmares of his horrific past and having flashbacks of what happened to him and his brothers. He has fallen in love with Heather, who is part of a security company hired to protect the August men and their women from the murderer who is trying to harm them.

Trying to keep a happy face whilst having a darkness inside him that was beginning to unravel his sanity. I have enjoyed this series but there were just a few things that bothered me.

The sex scenes are.. Well, the, reading increases your knowledge saying certainly applied to me here!!!!

Heather's Gift (Men of August, #3) by Lora Leigh

There are some issues about the 3 men that I found kind of weird — The scenarios of having to share the woman they love with each other or not, having to totally dominate their women, who must at all times be ready for them regardless if they feel like it or not — they have no say in it, even going as far as choosing the clothes they must wear!!

How does this help the men overcome their sexual problems and nightmares I have no idea. Now, I have no problem with two men saying or feeling that, but two brothers!!!!! That was a bit disappointing for me. The conclusion ends with the identity of the attacker, which really really surprised me.

You will have to read this book and the previous two as well, to find out — I promise that you will be as stunned as I was. Never for a moment did I ever suspected the person. A real twister ending. So, would I recommend this series???? If you want some more than good, hot, sexy men and well-written scorching sex scenes, that leave you wanting more, an innovative and interesting plot with lots of suspense too, then YES!!

Book Description: Book 3 in the Men Of August series Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will she break the bonds that have been forged through the fires of hell? Apr 27, Perla rated it liked it. Ummm it was alright. Idk it seemed like the more I tried to understand the August brothers, the more I gawked at how ridiculous the plot was getting. My fave characters were Brock, Sarah and Obvi Sam. The rest were just mediocre Didn't fall for them.

And then when we found out who the stalker was I felt absolutely dumb! I should of known who the bad guy was. Like c'mon. Gotta give Lora some extra points for surprising me there I did pity Sam tho, like the poor thing was broken. And he tried rest Ummm it was alright. And he tried restraining himself from getting with Heather only because he believed he was a monster himself.

Sounds kind of confusing and let me tell you the book was much worse. Now I'm not saying it was horrible or that I hated this Erotica. But I'm starting to detest the idea of characters hiding from their problems, instead of facing them Ik it's a cliche. But there's always a limit. Thank God the book wasn't that Long even tho I did take a rlly long time to finish because if I heard Sammy boy or Cade complain and whine about their nightmares and never facing them I might of just started pulling my hair.

Oh and I wished that Heather's Sis "Tara"? Or at least had her own story to tell, because I was starting to like her. In the end I didn't fall for this book, at all! When it comes down to the series tho The sex was hot at first but then it got sort of repetitive, but I didn't get annoyed from it Oct 09, Darcy rated it really liked it Shelves: I was so looking forward to this book mostly because with it I thought we would find out just what happened to the brothers all those years ago and the book delivered.

Things weren't just spelled out at the beginning, rather were dolled out in nuggets through out the book until when you had the whole story you are very impressed that the brothers are as sane as they are, their sharing is the least of the issues they should have. I also think these books have a different take in the whole menage r I was so looking forward to this book mostly because with it I thought we would find out just what happened to the brothers all those years ago and the book delivered.

I also think these books have a different take in the whole menage relationship, one that I really like. The woman in question feels a great love for just one man, but is seduced by all of them and have the other women to talk to when her fears sneak out.

Those scenes between all 3 women were great as Marly and Sarah really explained things to Heather and why they are ok with things. I also think that Heather was such a strong woman that it really made things harder for her to accept.

Sam and Heather's attraction to each other was so visible it almost seemed like another character. I loved that Heather did not just give in, but shoveled his load of crap right back at him when he was full of it. I was very surprised by who the bad buy ended up being, it was someone that I didn't expect. I am glad to see that while there are still scars all around everyone ends up happy. As an FYI this book is not for the faint of heart.

Heathers lora pdf leigh gift

Oct 18, Camille-Dhark Nytmhare rated it really liked it Shelves: I love a woman who calls a man on his BS. In Heather's Gift there is lots of sexual teasing and lots of self pleasure. The stalker really up the antics and the story becomes a real erotic thriller. Sam we find out is the most psychologically damaged of the brothers. Sam seems to be a different character than he was in the previous stories.

Where he was the prankster in previous books. He is I love a woman who calls a man on his BS. He is more subdued in this novel. He is beginning to have flashbacks that are affecting his ability to cope. He runs away a lot refusing to talk about the flashbacks that he can't make sense of. Heather is a virginal lover who wants to finish what was started with Sam years ago.

She is a kick ass heroine and is a great match for Sam. I loved Heather for her insightfulness. There are instances in the book where she gives Sam his dignity and pride which he so desparately needs.

This book is much more emotionally tortuous than previous books in the series. But this is a fantasy so I just went with the program. There were many action scenes and tense moments. The book had a fantastic ending that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

Mar 18, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: These August brothers are nuts!! I first read Marley's choice and was shocked. But it was only Marley and the three brothers. Then I convinced myself to give Sara's seduction a chance. That one was even harder because now it was Marley and Sara sharing the August men.

✅ Kindle Book Collection Download Heathers Gift Men Of August Book 3 By Lora Leigh Pdf Djvu Fb2

Well hell, I thought might as well read Heather's gift. Now I'm invested in this crazy series. Could the 6 of them make it work? There was a point I thought that Sam was going to opt out. It was a lot of tug and pull between these two. I was under the impression Sam needed more than Heather could give him.

But when they finally got underway he was no different than any other alpha man who wanted to have heathers submission. The ending fit this series perfectly.

If you can wrap your mind around the crazy sharing of their women this is a good series. It really has that shock factor.

Gift pdf leigh heathers lora

Jan 02, Jessie rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this series. It may not be the same for some others. And the brothers women aren't weak, easily manipulated women either. But once they see it in a w I loved this series.

But once they see it in a whole new light, it is acceptable to them. There is also some suspense in this series. Nov 06, Ann has a dirty mouth rated it liked it. Well, I read the whole thing and I still don't get how sharing women with your brothers heals emotional abuse.

I have two sisters rather than two brothers and I don't believe we have ever successfully shared a bag of skittles. That being said, this strange series amused the hell out of me. I admire that Leigh really committed in her quest to break every boundary of logic, political correctness and good taste to keep me entertained. Aug 29, April rated it liked it Shelves: I really liked the story but hated the continued sharing!!

I skimmed over those parts a pretended they did not happen. I like a happy ending to stay happy! I would not condone my man having sex with my sister in law!! No way no how. Other than that it was a good read. Finally finishing the story arc and giving each brother a love of his own. She was adamant that she would not indulge in the sexual lifestyle they were notorious for.

That made her off limits for him. Sam was getting restless. Everyone was worried about him. He was a man on the edge remembering parts of the horrific past, and getting ready to blow.

Brock and Cade knew the only thing that would save him now was if Heather gave in to the feelings she had for Sam. When they confronted her, she couldn't believe they were trying to cover up the past camouflaging it with sex. Although she didn't agree with their tactics, she understood their protective instincts, but she felt he would be better off knowing everything that happened during that dark time.

Sam and Heather tried to stay clear of each other, but the explosive passion between them was all consuming. Heather was tired of fighting her feelings, and knew what that meant as she took her place in the family. That was catalyst that caused the madman to escalate the attempts against Sam.

It was a race against time to see if they could stop the threat against the August family before it was too late. What a great series! Incredibly erotic encounters intertwined with the conclusion to the suspense filled nightmare Cade, Brock, and Sam had lived with for years.

The two prior books hinted at some of the torture the boys endured, but this installment explained it all in more detail. Sam is by far the most traumatized by the past events, and it literally took the love of Heather to help heal his damaged heart. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I didn't read the first book one but read the second one. That is why I got this book. I found it interesting.

If you can let go of your ideas of what is socially right and wrong this book shows a different way of life. All the people who are complaining the women in this book are treated badly and have no will of their own obviously didn't read or didn't want to admit that they in fact do have a choice.

In fact the book clearly states the women set the limits and can say "NO" when they want. It is also stated many times that they have times when they are off limits most likely when they are in menses.

You really have to read the second book to get a good idea of the charters. A lot of the other complaints are nullified if you know what has happened before.

I didn't give it 5 stars as it is not one of the best books I have ever read, but it was worth what I paid for it, because I really wanted to find out what had happened to everyone. If you like this type of book you will enjoy this story. It is a good read. First I would like to start off by saying that I do not have a problem with a menage themed book. They can be tastefully written, sexy and erotic among consenting adults. However this series was plain disturbing.

The August brothers really needed psychological counseling and I did feel sorry for the abuse that was inflicted to them. The women while I'll admit they fought to understand the need to share they eventually gave in after their first taste of having all three brothers at once and accepted it. I couldn't see the soul deep love these men and women claimed they had for one another.

In my opinion it was pure lust, sexual attraction and the desire to have sex with any of the brothers and their partners whenever and where ever they wanted even if the 'significant other' wasn't present. And to me that was what was most disturbing. The men didn't show respect to these women, telling them not only will you have me but also my brothers so accept it because I'll never let you go. And the women seemed to become warped in the mind. It would have been nice for one of the women to say no, stick to their guns and get the man she supposedly loved some help.

I thought Heather was going to but nope she gave in as well. The series just wasn't for me I'll just admit up front, this series wasn't among my favorites, but this might well have been the best of the lot. I still don't fully understand the compulsion to share, but am finally able to accept it. Sam, the hero, was by far the most compelling of the August brothers. His journey to find some semblance of peace was heartbreaking at times, annoying at others.

But it makes him the best of the lot to me. Heather, the heroine, has been the only female in the whole series that makes a serious attempt to get to the bottom of the whole story. And for that reason alone, she's got my vote for favorite heroine. The culmination of the saga of the August brothers was wrapped up well for me, with all three couples as happy as can be expected, given their circumstances.

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