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SAP FICO Configuration Material - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. SAP FICO Configuration Material. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, www. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. SAP is founded in by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Hector, and Plattner & Tchira. Configuration of FICO Modules. Confidential. Page 2. FI.: Finance. CO.

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In this book you will find out the configuration processes in detail with full of steps, information covered for each area and you will find the. A Ware Welcome To You All! We are really excited to offer the complete SAP FICO Configuration pack to the SAP community. This was a much- awaited pack . sap-fico-configuration-guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Search inside document. Drew Kline. Cash Journel General data at the client level, Company code segment,Sales area segment. The SAP system enables you to monitor your internal orders throughout their entire life-cycle. To Display title of particular Screens.

Confidential Page 6. Confidential Page N O Confidential Page M 0 Confidential Page E Confidential Page M' 2'! B Confidential Page M Confidential Page C 9. H 2 Confidential Page C0 Confidential Page It facilitates coordination. You can determine variances by comparing actual data with plan data.

Configuration sap pdf fico

The data flow between the two components takes place on a regular basis. Over view of Controlling Owner of the document: These variance calculations enable you to control business flows. This involves recording both the consumption of production factors and the services provided by an organization. The costs incurred by your organization should be transparent. This enables you to check the profitability of individual functional areas and provide decision-making data for management.

SAP FICO Configuration Material

This requires that all costs be assigned according to their source. The SAP system enables you to monitor your internal orders throughout their entire life-cycle.

It can be used for: Dividing your company up into profit centers allows you to analyze areas of responsibility and to delegate responsibility to decentralized units. It guarantees you access at all times to a complete. The distinguishing characteristic of this form is its use of cost and revenue elements.

H ' 4 Confidential Page It provides you with a profitability report that is permanently reconciled with financial accounting. The information system provides reports for both standard and specialized analysis purposes. E' 2 I E - Confidential Page F- IF: JJ- K K. K Confidential Page T Confidential Page TT 44K 44K 7 T.

Standard toolbar: Title Bar: To Display title of particular Screens. Application toolbar shows you which functions are available in the current application.

Fico configuration pdf sap

Command field: Status bar: The status bar displays information on the current system status, for example, warningsor error messages. FI-Financial Accounting: Financial Accounting FI: Management and representation of all accounting data,All business transactions are recorded according to the document principle, which provides an unbroken audit trail from the financial statements to the individual documents.

Open and integrated data flow,Data flow between Financial Accounting and the other components of the SAP System is ensured by automatic updates. Data is available in real time within Financial Accounting. Postings made in the subledgers always generate a corresponding posting in the general ledger. Preparation of operational information to assist strategic decision-making within the organization. Integration of Financial Accounting with other components: All accounting-relevant transactions made in Logistics LO or Human Resources HR components are posted real-time to Financial Accounting by means of automatic account determination.

This data can also be passed on to Controlling CO. This ensures that logistical goods movements such as goods receipts and goods issues are exactly reflected in the value-based updates in accounting.

Integration within Financial Accounting: This ensures that the subledgers are always reconciled with the general ledger. When using SAP you can use two menu paths: SAP Easy Access: When you log on to SAP the first screen and menu path you are presented with is the user menu, where end users doing their daily activities.

Below is the IMG Display.

SAP FICO Configurations - MJU

Accounts Fundamentals: Accountancy is the art of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers. The communication is generally in the form of Financial Statements that show in money terms. Accounts are categorized in to 1. Nominal account, 2. Real account and 3. Personal account.

Debit expense or losses, Credit incomes and gains Ex: Debit what comes in,Credit what goes out. Customers, Vendors etc.

Fico pdf sap configuration

Debit the receiver and Credit the giver. Case Study: Commence Business with Capital: Case Company Background: Enterprise Structure: A commercially, organizationally, and technically self-contained unit within an SAP System.

Clients have their own master records and set of tables. The client is the highest level in the SAP System hierarchy. Specifications that you make, or data that you enter at this level are valid for all company codes and for all other organizational structures.

You therefore only need to make these specifications, or enter this data once. This ensures that the data is consistent.

SAP FICO Configuration Guide

Users must enter a client key when they log on to the SAP System. This defines the client in which they wish to work.

Fico pdf sap configuration

All the entries you make are saved per client.. The SAP System is delivered with the clients and - these clients already contain default settings. A company can include one or more company code. Company represents Corporate or Group of menu company codes. Click Save e. Click Enter for Transport Request. Required only if enabled in your system Otherwise ignore this line Transport, we will discuss detail in the latter Session. Click Exit. Now we will Define Company Code.

Fiscal Year: Usually a period of twelve months for which a company regularly creates financial statements and checks inventories. To assign business transactions to different periods, you have to define a fiscal year with posting periods. Fiscal Year Variant: Fiscal Year variant defines the number of posting periods and special periods.


Special Periods: Special posting periods that subdivide the last regular posting period for closing operations. Irrespective of how you have defined your fiscal year, you can also use special periods. Special periods subdivide the year-end closing period. They therefore merely divide the last posting period into several closing periods. This enables you to create several supplementary financial statements. If you do not need 12 posting periods, you can use the posting periods that are not required as special periods.

A fiscal year is divided into posting periods. Each posting period is defined by a start and a finish date. Before you can post documents, you must define posting periods, which in turn define the fiscal year. Opening and closong Posting periods You define posting periods in your fiscal year variants. You can open and close these posting periods for posting.

Financial Accounting-Financial accounting global setting-Fiscal year-Assign. Click at the bottom of the screen b. Type k4. Next Define Posting Period Varient: General Ledger Accounting Configuration 2.

Chart of Accounts: You can use the same chart of accounts for all company codes. If the company codes all have the same requirements for the chart of accounts set up, assign all of the individual company codes to the same chart of accounts. This could be the case if all company codes are in the same country. In addition to the operating chart of accounts, you can use two additional charts of accounts. If the individual company codes need different charts of accounts, you can assign up to two charts of accounts in addition to the operating chart of accounts.

This could be the case if company codes lie in multiple countries. The use of different charts of accounts has no effect on the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. When creating the balance sheet or the profit and loss statement, you can choose whether to balance the company codes which use different charts of accounts together or separately.

Charts of accounts can have three different functions in the system: Operating chart of accounts: