Quantitative aptitude with quicker methods pdf

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In this website we provide few shortcut Methods on Quantitative Aptitude and solution for the Quantitative Aptitude math shortcut tricks for faster mathematical. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks - PDF. Download. Topics: 1. How much %. Shyam's income is less than that of Ram's income? Method I. By using formula. Aptitude Shortcut - Aptitude Shortcut How easy would it be if we knew a shortcut for every problem. provide faster, easier ways to add, subtract, multiply, divide, aptitude and reasoning. shortcut method for quantitative aptitude in bank exam . Backup Software · PDF Printer · Free PDF converter · Free Backup software.

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Find the list of Important Aptitude shortcuts PDF for upcoming Bank Exams Quantitative Aptitude Check below for Aptitude Shortcuts PDF: Mind Trick for Quadratic Equations · Aptitude Shortcut Methods in PDF Part-II. I have started Quantitative Aptitude preparation series. I will try to .. shortcut techniques and reasoning shortcut techniques in PDF FORMAT. Quantitative Aptitude Formulas & Shortcut Tricks Free PDF Download. 4 · Facebook Point to remember for faster Calculation. 1 = %. 1 /2= 50%.

The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and you can do this only by using shortcut tricks. Chinmaya Acharya December 3, at 9: We at Math-Shortcut-Tricks. You can also like our facebook page to get more frequent updates. A also..

If you know anything else rather than this please do share with us.

Your little help will help others. Please visit this page to get updates on more Math Shortcut Tricks.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Methods PDF-tricks to Solve Download | Business

You can also like our facebook page to get more frequent updates. Also, you can send us messages on facebook. Kindly can anyone told me,which kind of apptitude question in corporated world like cts, tcs, ibm, wipro, etc?

Sir,This site is very useful for me. My id is jeevitha gmail. Plz provide the bank exam tricks and materials. Also provide the details about bank job.. All bank exam tricks and materials are in www. Dear Admin, I am very thankful to your website which provide proper guidance for banking preparation aspirants. Provided information is in very clear and precise manner that can understand very easily.

Aptitude pdf quicker quantitative with methods

These helped me a lot for bank examinations. Again thank you very much….

Gud mrng sir , i am having an doubt , i am studying final year in Engineering, since i am searching for a job in software field,once i complete my studies , since apptitude plays an important role , since i dont know how to prepare ,where to concentrate, and what sort of preparation should i need to take , which concepts i needed to study , help me out. First thank you to this website. Because, this site very very help to me. I will work in government job.

Quantitative Aptitude Formulas & Shortcut Tricks Free PDF Download

Thank you for all studing students. A man has purchases a cow Rs. Awesome content! Hats off to you guys who do so much for the various exam aspirants. Really appreciate your efforts. Thank you. H ow to prepare your Quantitative Aptitude. September 10, at August 29, at 1: September 3, at 4: April 25, at October 9, at 1: Priya says: December 8, at 6: Admin says: Narayan says: December 18, at Bhush says: January 12, at 2: January 19, at 7: It really helps… Thankyou so much.

Kavitha says: January 20, at 1: Loved it… Very helpful.

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January 21, at Ankita says: May 5, at 9: Anupam Mukherjee says: February 15, at 7: Would like to get more number of problem in my mail id. Raja sundari says: July 22, at 8: Kamal says: February 25, at Sumeet says: March 3, at 7: Mohamedsipli says: May 14, at May 29, at 5: Suraj kumar says: June 5, at 6: Sujay Ganguly says: June 12, at 9: July 4, at 3: July 6, at 6: July 20, at 3: But to learn basics you need to refer some good books.

Although these methods are good to increase your scores after you learn all the basics. For every chapter let it time distance. Refer to my earlier post to find this book online.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Methods

Read my http: I found a nice book Quicker Maths. Finding and skipping long and difficult is a skill.

Even in questions set of http: There are questions of high difficulty level. Try to solve more questions of each chapter. Read my earlier post to learn more about beat books for bank exams preparations. Solve question of every type whichever you face.

This trick can be used in profit http: Take an example. A man bought 18 oranges for rupees and sold 12 oranges for rupees. He saved 6 oranges while he sold 12 oranges. You can 't solve and more questions in 2 hours. Calculated profit percentage.

How to Score High Marks this. Lets take Rs. Like Share 7. Get list of book for specialist officers exam. So I suggest you to buy all three books stated above to get success in highly competitive IBPS exams.

Cost Price- The price at which an article is purchased is known as cost price C. Selling Price -The price at which the article is sold is known as selling price S.

Aptitude methods quicker pdf with quantitative

When selling price is greater than cost price then profit And when cost price is greater than selling price then loss. Profit and loss questions are very easy to solve. Following formulae should be kept in mind while solving profit loss questions in bank exams.

However, if it is negative then overall we have a loss. A man purchases a certain no. He mixes them together and sells them at p a rupee then his gain or loss.

Always Remember: Discount is deducted from Marked Price.

Aptitude pdf quicker methods quantitative with

So, Discount is always calculated on MP and. Weighted Average: The average between two sets of numbers is closer to the set with more numbers.

With quantitative quicker pdf aptitude methods

This is nearer to 25 since more batsmen scored 25 runs.